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Fourth Floor head boy

KJ snorts

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Hannah Yeoh on Twitter- At DUMC for the launch of Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria's book by @Khairykj 2014-09-03 23-19-51

His Girl Friday

Regina Lee
Regina Lee

Astro AWANI on Twitter- Saya tidak kisah jika pekerja saya penyokong Pakatan Rakyat

And his doppelganger … one is Khairy, one is a Bangladeshi

Khairy Jamaluddin Bangladeshi



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7 thoughts on “Fourth Floor head boy

  1. Well, he’s got more substance and credibility that’ll a failed journalist who’s bitter at life and is butt fuck ugly.

  2. Wow, spitting image! Maybe like Hindu movie, they were twins separated at birth.

    All these Najib brown nosers don’t seem to comprehend that there’s nothing wrong for anyone to criticize the PM. What Tun and all the critics are questioning are the same issues we rakyat want answers to. I’ve always supported the BN but I’ve been very disturbed reading about 1MDB, stepson and his Ali Baba sidekick, etc. And watching JJ’s burial on tv, I was blinded by a white handbag encrusted with bling.

    Saying Tun also had financial excesses during his term is living in the past. There was never a threat that UMNO and the BN were tottering. If those Pakatan clowns had shown any promise these past 7 years, I might have voted for them to teach Najib, KJ etc a lesson in humility.

    But sadly…

    Any third option?

    1. Are we to happily accept that Tun had “financial excesses during his term” is living in the past and that the past shouldn’t be revisited?

      Doesn’t what happened in the past have a bearing on what is happening now?

      Using your logic, if we fast forward to 2020 or 2050 or whatever, we can also accept that PM Najib also had alleged “financial excesses”, but that they shouldn’t be revisited?

      What a load of codswallop!

      1. This is strange, the rithmatist and co are all attacking The Tun..and being suddenly silent about Rosmah stories ( and her husband scandals etc).

        What the Anom 12.36 means i guess two wongs doesnt make one yeke….slogan for today: banana banana..( minion song!)

        Beside Tun’s problem has all been explain for the public in the past. As he wrote in his blog: If in doubt all are free to re-examine/ re-open the cases during his tenure – An example of a Dominant Male Leader Answer.

        Najib only able to answer on written paper ( short one) to the parliament re 1MDB. No soklan mulut you…isy isy

        1. Really?

          What about the travails of MAS?

          What about the first round of IPPs and Tenaga Nasional?

          Where was Tun when 1MDB was set up? Did he go on record with his criticisms then? Or is he “whacking” now when others have already done the digging and the spadework?

          Let’s not forget that Tun was in power for quite a number of years.

          How long has Najib been the Numero Uno?

          Isn’t it a bit premature to start comparing track records?

          Like comparing Malaysia with Singapore.

          Now, thereby hangs a tale…..


  3. Miss Helen..
    Regarding this guy, i bet you have read what Annie has written in her blog -wink wink. I guess she need to grow up more ( in maturity). Really saddened me to think someone’s choice for a PM/ leader falls on being handsome or not. come the Bangladesh guy is more prettier and lighter in colour than KJ eh?If in India, I bet the dowry for marrying the Bangladeshi guy must be higher than KJ. Oh and Annie might have a difficult choice now to choose her dream leader…hehehe

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