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Tun: I asked simple questions but instead of answering Najib wants people to support him

Tun Mahathir: “Supporters of Najib must also support Jho Low who managed 1MDB money who is a friend of Najib like Daim is my friend.”

Jho Low, like Wong Chun Wai, is a Penang boy.

Jho Low Penang Mari

Jho Low has a thing for blondes it would seem

Jho Low has a thing for blondes it would seem

tionglai najib
Wong Chun Wai glad-handling the PM

Tun: “I asked Najib simple questions but instead of answering the questions he asked people to support him.”

Dear Tun, you’ve forgotten to specifically mention the MCA.



Jho Low t-shirt

Talent Corp targetting Chinese
TalentCorp – vehicle to bring Dapsters home

Jho Low is TalentCorp material, eh?

1MDB, Pemandu, TalentCorp … why the need to have all these companies created under ahjibgor’s watch and parked in the office of the Prime Minister?

Jho Low caption

Jho Low FD

Tun wants some answers, that’s all.

Collecting pledges of support ain’t answering any questions.

Najib Rani Kurup


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42 thoughts on “Tun: I asked simple questions but instead of answering Najib wants people to support him

  1. Hi helen. You are back. Yayy! I for one felt your absence in the cyberworld.
    Welcome back.

    1. I’m busy these two months. Really need to sort out my own stuff. Hence my postings will be erratic.

      But just couldn’t resist this one today.

  2. I’m just perplexed by this silence from Najib. If he is innocent then I’m sure Tun is already satisfied by now. There must be something then if Tun still isn’t satisfied with him after many meetings between him and Tun.


    1) Pandering to opposition – abolishing ISA and promise to repeal SA
    2) Cancelled NEP program for Bumiputera
    3) Najib did worse than Pak Lah in GE – Campaign style not in line with the parliamentary system in Malaysia
    4) BR1M – People shouldn’t be made to depend on government but be encouraged and guided to improve their standard of living. But Najib went on further by announcing increase in BR1M.
    5) 1MDB – Elephant in the room. Tun strongly disagree with debt as mechanism of investment. The scale of the debt can bring the country down.
    6) Family – Perceived lavishness of his wife and questionable wealth of his stepson.
    7) Altantuya – This one actually settled but maybe Tun has inside information.
    8) Insert
    9) Insert
    10) Insert

    So if opposition play these issues and play it well, BN will lose come next GE and this is what Tun doesn’t want. He is doing BN a favour here but they gang up and try to discredit him. Pity Tun. But rest assure the rakyat are with him.

    1. Ah, yes – the NEP programme.

      Why not get some highly-paid international “konsultan” to do a detailed cost-benefit analysis of whether the NEP programme actually achieved what it was/is supposed to do in terms of funds spent and benefits derived therefrom?

      Like, for instance, if it really helped Malaysia to be more internationally competitive?

      1. Look no further my friend. Just read the book by our own academic “The colour of inequality” by Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid.

        1. Ah, yes – and what about cop outs and the refusal to take responsibility for your own actions?

          It is always easier to blame someone else for your own predicament, is it not?

          Starting with the usual scapegoats…..


          Btw, one academic’s views are another academic’s topics of rebuttal.

          1. ‘one academic’s views are another academic’s topics of rebuttal.’

            Ah yesss, I can’t wait one coming out from you. Bila?

            1. Ah, ha – gotcha!

              I never claimed to be an academic, did I?

              And if one looks at the rankings of Malaysian universities compared to their global peers, one cannot be too enamoured of the research findings published (oops, I was about to write “peddled”) by the academics that populate the corridors and hallowed halls of these same Malaysian universities, can one?


    2. They can debate your list of questions except the one, Sdr One
      on anakanda Riza A Aziz which is personal.

      DS Mohd Najib will respectfully keep mum for the father and mother, DS Rosmah on their son’s success in Hollywood.

      On the other issues, who’d openly debate the brainy Dr ex-PM?
      On leading BN now, Tun Dr M as PM’d lose GE-14 because the political environment and voters needs more than 10 years ago were different compared to todays.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

      1. That’s the thing. Family should never come into picture for Najib but it did. That’s one issue which can bring him and his party down. Currently the political game in our country is more or less based on perception. And the perception of the people for his family isn’t helping him and BN.

        The big word there is if. If that’s the case then I’m sure Tun will still succeed even in current political climate because for all we know he’s got the interest of the people first.

  3. LIke the Rithmatist posted in another thread, what comments did Tun Dr Mahathir make when 1MDB was first mooted and when it was set up?

    Isn’t it a bit late in the day to blow the whistle?

    Strange – I never figured the Tun to be a “whistleblower”, given his penchant for using the OSA, ISA etc.

    As for the Skorpene subs imbroglio, I don’t recall any words of wisdom from Tun back in the day.

    Why is he having this sudden burst of “enlightenment”?

    Have his eyes “opened” only just now?

    Strange timing.

    1. Tun said he has been quiet for 4 years now (talking to Najib behind the scene), so it’s not that “his eyes have opened only just now”, to quote you.

      “I have met with him, actually they suggested that I should do this thing quietly. I have done these things quietly for the past four years, but to no effect”– starting 0:18/3:46

      1. Why “quietly”?

        Do you mean to say that the rakyat (aka the electorate) are not entitled to know about these things from the very beginning?

        Why meet “quietly” behind closed doors?

        Why not be open, transparent and upfront with your concerns – starting from four years ago?

        It is indeed touching – this current concern for the rakyat.

  4. The PM Ah Jib Gor has failed the Malay nation and cheated on all Malaysians.

  5. When you cannot answer the questions, as you cannot hide the facts that surfaced, you adopt the garnering support strategy and turn the real issue into so called personal attacks.

    I guess this SOP was created by the multi million drunken consultant that Najib hired. Such a cheap strategy that will not work.

    If he doesn’t answer now, the same questions will be brought up during the next GE by the opposition. So it’s now or never.

  6. Ms H. How near the big Government should we go ?

    Since 2004, 8 violent deaths, 2 reserved violent deaths, 2 died young of medical causes, and 4 entangled in legal process with 4 down aircraft and hundreds or deaths. Is someone trying to tell us something ?

  7. “‘I’m just perplexed by this silence from Najib”‘

    Spineless and gutless would be more appropiate.
    Najib dug his hole so deep he cant say anything to defend himself, without giving a justifiable answer to questions asked.

    He got conned by all these high profile celebs, bankers, businessman.
    This Tim Leissner of Goldman Sach and wife Kimora Simmons are another celeb couple who are BFF with Najib and Rosmah.


    In the developing world, relationships are everything.

    Two Goldman Sachs Group Inc. bankers — Tim Leissner, a photogenic German-Brazilian PhD, and Roger Ng, a well-connected Malaysian Chinese — have spent more than a decade cultivating connections with politicians and tycoons in the Asian country of Malaysia. Those relationships enabled Goldman to establish a profitable business there, winning contracts to sell $6.5 billion in bonds that ultimately led Goldman to earn hundreds of millions in profits from the deals.

  8. Helen, So let’s rock the boat
    Tun is not wrong he can has a good rest if he wish to
    we the rakyat are wrong because of choosing a bangang leader

  9. PM is on TV3 now.
    “Saya menghormati Tun …”
    “Saya terima kritikan …”

    Let’s move on to GST now.

    Najib, Najib , Najib, why la? You have a golden opportunity to clear the air, directly to the Malaysian public. And yet you dismiss TDM’s queries with just the standard “I respect him and his views”.

    You need to FIRE your advisors … seriously!

    1. :D

      I just terpanggil untuk menyibuk perihal this coliseum gladiator sport of Tun vs Ah Jib. In fact, I met up with some bloggers yesterday and gave them the same explanation.

      I really desperately need time out (which also means away from blog) to sort out some personal matters.

      Blogging has interfered with my work as well in the past but there’s always been some irresistible lure to blog like Hannah Yeoh’s astronomical pay hike, Hannah Yeoh’s scandal of blocking scores of critics on Twitter, Hannah Yeoh’s eyes welling up with tears each time she thinks about Anwar’s meals in prison …

      1. H, i never thought i’d see a day when i actually wld feel gratitude to that hannah yeoh. ;)

        but truly understand abt your needing some self-time. from time to time or whenever you feel terpanggil shd be good enough, i think. in any case, thank you for the marvellous job you’ve done so far to keep debates abt things that matter alive and on even keel.

  10. 1MDB:
    “..perlu memberi masa untuk 1MDB mencairkan aset-asetnya…”
    Is that translated to “liquidate assets”?

    But the part about allowing audit by the firm, by the Auditor General and by PAC, “siasatan rapi seberapa segera yang boleh”, okay that was reassuring. His answers to the 1MDB questions has more confidence.

    But that guy is irritating with the way he keeps asking if Najib has informed TDM about everything. I think he’s missing the point. This is not about TDM, this is about finally giving some straight answers to a lot of concerns raised over some of his acitions.

  11. FUnny though, when DAP big guns + PKR Azmin and Anwar Big Guns and Pas big gun critic and demand answers from PM , UMNO and BN were quite hardly heard anything to defend PM or one or least someone from UMNO whether ViP, MB or whatever plus BN will come out in batches and shouting KAMI SOKONG PM, etc etc but when DR M ask and demanded clarification on PM owns doing Walla!!!! WOW! out of sudden fromt he blue ocean … KAMI SOKONG PM, TOLONG KRITIC MENGIKUT SALURAN ETC ETC BARU NAMPAK TELOQ UMNO DAN KOMPONEN BN YANG LAIN yang selama ini TIDOQ??? YOU see this prove DR M knows what he’s doing. To wake up UMNO is to JERK UMNO PRESIDEN then only the rest will get JERKING effects.

  12. I’m bored. He’s putting me to sleep. I believe I know what the problem is, finally. Mr Nice Guy doesn’t have charisma.

    I am convinced that Mr Nice Guy is convinced that all is well, he is not involved in any hanky-panky, he is convinced his government is not doing any funny business. So yeah, business as usual.

    Here’s my unsolicited advice to the PM, if you want to stay as the premier, please get yourself a No. 2 who is a hard ass as well as a badass.

    1. Hahaha … bro. the rakyat should not be shortchanged lah. How to accept a wasteful blur-ass as No. 1?

  13. Ms H. Has your stern and serious Blogspot turned PORNOGRAPHIC to attract itchy folks ? Or is it intended to show us poor Rakyat how billionaires live and let live ?

      1. Ms H. I bet my bottom dollar that your Bloggers have blogged up with your latest erogenous approach to Blogging. Whilst the Tun raised sexy political subjects of the day, you made the direct approach right on to the earthy and meaty issues. Keep this up, please, otherwise life is too boring in good olde boring Malaya !

      1. Phat’s Philantropy. Sir what we are seeing are the NOVEAU RICHE AT PLAY with the Rakyat’s money ! The caviar, the champagne and the pink pussy cats ! I thought somebody resembles King Farouk of Egypt when he was young or King Bao Dai of Vietnam ? All burnt out by 50 !

        1. Really! those B*STA*DS! why don’t they practice philantropy on us with our money?

      2. An extract from Sahih Bukhary –
        “… kebajikan (hendaklah) secara berahsia sehingga tangan kirinya tidak mengetahui apa yang telah tangan kanan berikan”

    1. Strange….. I thought it was RM42 billion of debts racked up by 1MDB?

      How does this equate to RM42 billion of the rakyat’s money?

      Unless you are implying that public funds will be used to bail out 1MDB if it can’t repay the monies it has borrowed.

      That issue hasn’t been raised up to now, I think.

      Anyway, the Auditor-General is doing an audit of 1MDB.

      Let’s wait for his report before jumping to conclusions.

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