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Hannah Yeoh’s miracle of crying and eating at the same time

“Boleh percayakah lagi” cakap @hannahyeoh?

Hannah Yeoh’s latest tweet today, below.

Boleh percayakah lagi 2

Boleh percayakah lagi 1


heartbreaking for Kak Wan

Hannah Yeoh cakap setiap kali dia makan, air matanya pasti akan meleleh kerana terkenang akan nasib Anwar Ibrahim di penjara. Maksudnya hilang selera lah.


Still crying when MatCend

To mamasan’s question above (“let’s see if u’ll lose any weight“) the answer is – “obviously not”.

Nope, Madame Speaker hasn’t lost any weight. So it would appear that she hasn’t lost her appetite despite all that crying.

Hannah Yeoh said on 12 Feb 2015: “Each meal I have, I think of Anwar Ibrahim’s meals in prison and my eyes well up with tears”

Photo post-February 2015

Hannah Yeoh fat gemuk

Photo pre-February 2015


really upset hannah

Hannah Yeoh really upset

Each meal Hannah has, she thinks of Rafizi, Chang Lih Kang and all the other detainees in purple garb having their meals in the lock-up.

This makes Madame Speaker really upset and causes her eyes to continually well up with tears because scores of her colleagues and hardcore Pakatan loyar burok/political operatives have been rounded up by the police.

But despite her dismay and buckets of tears each time she takes her meal, Hannah’s appetite still remains hearty. Quite amazing! God works in mysterious ways.


hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter


Her achy, breaky heart

And neither has all that heartache and heartbreak over “injured & dead children” – dunno who dunno where – diminished Hannah Yeoh’s appetite any.

She is the prototype of someone who has perfected the art of crying and eating at the same time.

Nonetheless Hannah Yeoh makes no apology indeed for any of her emotional postings online. It’s all in a day’s work lah.

emotional postings hannah


Dodgy Podgy porky and pie


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

13 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh’s miracle of crying and eating at the same time

  1. Shay shay’s ‘popo’ obviously referred to the mother side.

    Would be interesting to see how much of the ‘Malaysianess’ quality she would formulate on shay shay.

  2. The point is that there is no excuse for not being able to speak Malay if you are an elected representative.

    I am not blaming them for not being able to speak Malay as much as for not making an effort to learn and speak Malay.

    They have every chance and resources to do so and yet, they make no attempt to improve after so many years. After all, we are not talking about a bunch of teenagers living under their parents’ roof.
    – See more at:

    music to my ears…

    1. Stanza 18, Tao Te Ching:

      When people lost sight of “the way to live”, then came “codes of love and honesty”;

      “Learning” came, “charity” came, and
      Hypocrisy took charge;

      When “differences” weakened family ties, then came “benevolent” fathers and “dutiful” sons;

      And when lands were “disrupted and misgoverned”, then came ministers commended as “loyal”.

      1. This is the cosmic prescription to restore propriety and sincerity:

        By the passage of Time (through which we live);
        Man is in a state of loss;
        Except those who have Faith and act upon what is proper & right;
        And mutually enjoin one another in Truth, and in Patience and Equanimity.

        Quran: surah al-Asr (Time)

  3. Am I the only one notice that HY now resemble the person’s she always call bigmomma. I mean just look at that picture and imagine her with big hair. :)


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