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Dear Tun, an open letter

Need to amputate MCA before the Chinese party causes BN to lose election

Dear Tun,

I share your fear of BN losing the coming election. If BN loses, it is the DAP that will come to power. My worry about the DAP is what they do to people. I view the evangelical party as Bintang Lima. History has shown me what the Bintang Tiga did.

You yourself have highlighted how in the previous Pakatan state government of Perak, it was the DAP that controlled the PAS Menteri Besar. Similarly the DAP will control a Malay/bumiputera Prime Minister if Pakatan succeeds in seizing Putrajaya.

You’ve said many times before that the DAP is hellbent on wresting political power from Umno. The fight now is DAP versus Umno – the No.2 and No.1 parties respectively in Parliament.

The then Perak MB Nizar flanked by DAP evangelista warlords Ngeh and Nga

Although DAP is smaller than Umno, nonetheless Chinese are far more aggressive than Malays.

  • The population of Selangor is 1,504,200 Chinese and 3,069,700 Malays, according to the projection for year 2014 by the Statistics Department.

Although the total Chinese living in the state is only half that of Malays yet Selangor Chinese do not behave like they’re a minority in the face of Selangor Malays who are double their number.

  • The population of Kuala Lumpur is 665,600 Chinese and 694,600 Malays. Chinese are slightly outnumbered by Malays in our capital city but it is the Chinese who own KL.
  • The population of Penang is 684,700 Chinese and 684,500 Malays. When Chinese and Malays are equal in number, the Chinese dominate thoroughly.

Hence Umno must not be complacent just because it has bigger numbers. Size does not matter.

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya
DAP’s Hannah, PKR’s Elizabeth and MCA’s ex-Adun for 3 terms in Subang Jaya, Lee Hwa Beng

ABOVE: Christians all

In a showdown between Umno and DAP, the MCA will side with DAP.

This is the same impetus as PAS moving closer to Umno and distancing itself from Pakatan. MCA also is moving closer to DAP and distancing itself from BN.

The coming together increasingly of PAS and Umno is because their supporters speak the same language, belong to the same religion and share more or less the same worldview.

The coming together increasingly of MCA and DAP is because their supporters speak the same language, belong to the same ethnicity and share more or less the same worldview.

MCA is transmogrifying into the DAP. It is talking and acting more and more like its fellow Chinese party every day.

Although a BN component, MCA is adopting policies and positions that are aligned to the opposition. It’s just like how PAS is adopting policies and positions that are more and more aligned to the ruling party, a latest example being Hadi Awang’s support for POTA.

Chinese youth are politically active while Malay youth are politically apathetic

Dear Tun,

You believe DAP totally rejects the concept of sharing with other races, unless the Chinese can dominate in politics like they dominate in the economy. There is a chance that your concern over Chinese political dominance will soon become a reality, Tun.

You feel that “Umno dah pecah dah”. Well, the same goes for the BN in the peninsula. The old Alliance compact is broken too.

You had warned that this would happen when you campaigned in Gelang Patah for Ghani Othman. Your prediction has come to pass – the ‘kongsi kuasa’ konsep of the Perikatan is dead.

The Chinese electorate decreed this outcome when they voted en bloc for the opposition in GE13.


You oughtn’t be sentimental, Tun. The old MCA of Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Siew Sin and Ling Liong Sik’s eras is long gone. Just as you say Umno culture has changed, so has MCA ubah as well.

MCA hanya tinggal jasad dalam BN. Jiwanya sudah lama melayang. Jangan pula Umno nak pikul biawak hidup.

It claims to have one million members but I’m convinced that the majority of the MCA dormant membership voted opposition. They will do likewise in GE14 because they aspire for a Chinese-dominated government to rule and only DAP can deliver on this hope.

I fear that MCA will be one of the causes for BN losing.

The tsunami on 5 May 2013 wiped out the MCA in all the Chinese-majority areas. There is no way the Chinese electorate will return to the party anytime in the near future. If anything, Chinese sentiment against the MCA has hardened even further.

The Chinese are no longer meaningfully represented by “7-Eleven” MCA in the federal legislative assembly and DUNs. And MCA in the BN most certainly does not represent the Chinese voice.

Click to enlarge table


Giving Malay-majority seats to the MCA to contest is as good as handing over these constituencies to the opposition gift-wrapped and tied with a bow. MCA will lose every single one in GE14 because the party is emphatically rejected by pro-establishment Malays.

In the past, Umno supporters voted MCA because the Chinese party stood on the dacing symbol. Today however, Malays no longer consider MCA as having BN interests at heart.

Instead Malays see the Chinese as inveterate gamblers who are willing to go for ‘All or Nothing’. By swinging 90 percent to DAP-Pakatan, the Chinese have chosen not to hedge their bets. It is a complete withdrawal of support from the BN.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib's ear

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and his deputy Wee Ka Siong are hugely unpopular among the Chinese.

MCA leaders are unable to play a stabilizing role in maintaining harmonious race relations except provide the photo ops of tossing yee sang during Chinese New Year with their Umno counterparts.

The appointment of Liow, Wee and their associates as ministers has not legitimized the BN as a “multiracial” coalition in the eyes of the Chinese.

Having MCA politicians lend their pasty faces to the BN multicultural facade in the peninsula is just window dressing. There is no substance to this superficial display.

Najib, the head of the Cabinet, is still treated by the Chinese with the same contempt that Tunku was by the Chinese despite the latter bowing to their demands, for example in 1969 commuting the death sentence of 11 subversives who had killed a Malay prison warden.

Dear Tun, you have cautioned that religious conflict might break out in our country.

We have lived through Sino-Malay acrimony for the better part of a century and survived the May 13 race riots. It is Christian-Muslim animosity that is the present powder keg with the potential of exploding.

Please note that DAP is under the thumb of an evangelical Christian-inclined leadership.

A next eruption of violence is likely due to religion than race. As an indication, hudud and kalimah Allah are fought over with greater ferocity than the dispute over Chinese schools.

Recently the government amended the Sedition Act to clamp down on incitement that “appears to be promoting feeling of ill will, hostility or hatred between persons or groups of persons on the ground of religion“.

This ‘religion’ clause is something new. Previously the Sedition Act only covered inciting hatred on the grounds of race and class.

If the Malays are feeling besieged and prompting Umno to stiffen the Sedition Act, it is because they feel that their religion is under siege.

Most of the provocation against Islam comes from Christian extremists. It is a worldwide trend and the pattern is identical in Malaysia.

The Star and its bintang lima logo

The MCA media is Gunting dalam Lipatan and operated by a Nest of Evangelistas. Do recall that under your watch, The Star newspaper was suspended in October 1987 for fomenting racial tensions.

MCA must be viewed as complicit in the actions of its sneaky Star Media Group. It is this MCA press that is far more influential over public opinion than the seven MCA Parliamentarians sitting in the Dewan Rakyat.

The MCA media is in fact quite unhinged in its pro-DAP bias. The skewed Star editors tweeted 10 times, over the span of 24 hours, the appointment of Hannah Yeoh as Selangor Speaker.

tionglai najib
Najib accosted by Star CEO Wong Chun Wai

Malays remain divided in their political loyalties. Nonetheless the equation is shifting. It is no longer the Chinese who tip the scale with their votes. We know the Chinese voted 90 percent for ABU. They have already inflicted the maximum damage that is within their capacity to exert.

It is PAS that is the new kingmaker. Hence there is no reason to have to tolerate MCA’s treachery and The Star‘s backstabbing anymore. Chinese voters cannot erode the standing of the BN any further than evidenced by the GE13 results where they did their worst.

On the contrary, BN will be able to recover lost ground if Umno were to take back the Malay-majority seats from the MCA. And this is what Umno must do.

And Umno clearly must neutralize The Star too.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Ang


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34 thoughts on “Dear Tun, an open letter

  1. What do you expect the Mamakutty to do?

    He is not even a Ketua Bahagian in UMNO. get real.

    He may need help at his age to even change diapers frequently.

    Guess birds of the same feathers flock together.

    Karma is awaiting him and his flock of foxes.

    1. Dandy,

      Anda masih ‘buta’ dengan kelebihan yang ada pada TDM!

      Senjata tajam beliau ialah ‘his big mouth’. Bila dia membuka mulutnya, ramai yang terketar ketar bermandi peluh dingin!

      Lihatlah reaksi Najib dengan ‘tembakan’ TDM kepadanya. Kata mendapat sokongan semua MP, senator, ketua bahagian dan entah siapa siapa lagi. Tapi kenapa kelihatan amat gelisah dengan serangan ini.

      Sedangkan TDM tiada sesiapa yang menyokongnya. Dia seolah olah berjuang bersendirian. Malah semua media terutama arus perdana juga menyerangnya pada setiap penjuru.

      Cuma rakyat biasa yang menyokongnya. Saya membuat kesimpulan ini kerana kebanyakan respon terhadap ‘peperangan’ Najib versus Mahathir, sokongan tidak berbelah bagi kepada TDM!

      1. Norlin,

        Tun is just one outspoken Malaysian just like you and me. But that is where the similarity stops. Tun , being the prime Minister for 22 years, is a much respected figure.

        He is hated, respected, adored and vilified at same breaths. But he did deliver as the Prime Minister. UMNO better make sure Tun on its side. The last time someone in UMNO hierarchy of importance said nasty things to Tun, UMNO lost Kedah.

        Najib is no doubt much vilified by DAP , no thanks to Anwar or PAS. Najib is calm but perhaps too calm bordering indifference and weakness. It is time to flex muscle to send signal that he does not tolerate rudeness and slandering. It is not enough sending legal letter to Ngor the communist. It is time to arrest the guy for mocking Rosmah non stop.

        Najib is plain lucky as Malays view his father favourably. At age off 22, he was chosen to represent UMNO. He has been contesting in Pekan, a largely Malay area. But his perspective is not that pleasing to UMNO or Malays.

        Malays cant forget how Nazir insulted the memory of his own father by referring that DEB is “bastardized”. And Malays still angry at Najib for still including MCA, the deadwood, into Cabinet when MCA themselves voted for DAP in last election.

        AS FOR TUN, may I humbly remind that attacking Najib non stop may turn to be the very thing that Tun wants to avoid: THE COLLAPSE OF UMNO.

        The truth is that UMNO is the only party that stand between DAP and its ambition of taking over Malaysia. The demise of UMNO is tantamount to dissolution of Osmani empire. Only after the collapse of the empire that the Arabs realised they were taken for a ride by British.

        Let us not make the same mistake. Let us hope both PM and his predecessor, Tun tone down a bit. Both must lower their ego. Najib must realise part of Tun’s comment are valid. And Tun for Allah’s sake by meeting Sirul’s mother gave the very impression that he does not trust Malaysian judiciary, a judiciary of a sovereign nation that one he himself led.

        Let us hope both will seek peace.

        OR ELSE be prepared to live under the thumb of Yahudi DAP. And both Tun and Najib will be thrown to jail.

    2. Helo dandy,
      you in species apa ni , masih tidoq ka , U pi kaji habis habis ini Tun punya back ground , U jangan masuk ini blog la bikin semak , dengan U punya no qualities remarks.

    3. Dandy the Nanny blustering again like an ostracized ostrich with oversized eggs under her bare bottom.

  2. What we shud worry more is the upcoming pemilihan pas…and especially the one who is entrusted to count the vote…

  3. Great analysis on so easy to win the 8 seats for GE-14, adinda Ms Helen
    without MCA who gets to challenge so many other Chinese majority seats.

    Yes PAS grassroots who do not vote BN will contribute, by staying away,
    ( PASs ABUDaK? )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Haji Mohd Zin,

      Let us all get real. A Malay based party( like UMNO, PAS) must earn Malay votes to remain relevant. Similarly a Chinese based party( like DAP, MCA, Gerakan) must earn Chinese votes to claim representing Chinese community.

      So far UMNO, PAS can claim to represent Malays. And DAP on Chinese community. BUT MCA? MCA won largely on Malay areas. Yet, its members proudly voted for DAP.

      So why must UMNO babysit MCA anymore? Let MCA contest in Chinese areas only. Let Mr President of MCA face DAP Chairman. Let give the choice to Chinese community.

      But more importantly, it will send signal to Chinese community that they are not indispensable. That MCA must work hard to earn Chinese vote. Let MCA proudly winning Chinese areas.

      Let us push MCA to tell the reality to Chinese. Let MCA counter DAP. If MCA refuses to do so, no worry. MCA will be wiped out.

  4. Totally agree with you Helen.

    The only way to counter this is for the Malays to truly unite and show their strength. Its because they are divided that they weak and can be trampled with so easily. Perkasa and Isma cannot do what Umno-Pas unity can do. There’s no need for PAS to join BN. Just ensure that they don’t contest each other for the same seat. That will be more than enough! This will ensure that the Malays will get enough seats to form any government at State or federal level. That will scare the Chinese to their senses.

    This is to be done quickly. The evangelistas are doing too much damage already. The risk for muslim-christains riot is growing by the day.

  5. Basically there is a pole shift happening in the Malaysian body politic whereby political forces are realigning along a religio-racial versus secular axis.

    Besides which you said in your very insightful analysis, also TMI quoted Lim Kit Siang thus:-

    “In fact, the hudud plot of the Umno UG conspirators has the potential not only to destroy both coalitions, but also the nation or bring about a realignment of political forces in the country.”

    What is also happening is a shakeout amongst Malaysian political parties which have been parts of Malaysia’s unique coalition political landscape.

    Many people rhetorically speak of Malaysia having to have a “two party” system, when in fact Malaysia is unique in that it has a 17 party system, including 13 parties in the BN, three in Pakatan and the PSM.

    Just as mergers and acquisitions take place in respective industries as they mature and consolidate, the same is happening in Malaysia’s political landscape right now, especially in Peninsular Malaysia.

    The only significant parties left in Peninsular Malaysia today are UMNO, DAP, PKR and PAS, and with PAS tending towards cooperation with UMNO on religious grounds, the political landscape is shifting towards an UMNO-PAS versus a DAP-PKR axis.

    And with the PKR Grassroots Club objecting to the party’s leader’s decision not to support PAS on hudud, the landscape could consolidate further towards an UMNO-PAS versus DAP axis, which would be a Muslim versus non-Muslim axis,as PKR splits into a Muslim and pro-Muslim mmebers who align with UMNO-PAS whilst a more secular inclined members within PKR who align with the DAP or the PSM, whilst DAP and PSM will collaborate more closely.

    “Club president Johari Musa told Bernama that the recent decision by PKR leaders to reject the tabling of the bill appeared to challenge the credibility of the party’s grassroots, who are Muslims.”

    1. Unity government:
      What TMI does not want to admit is for a UG, Sdr IT
      the best option for the nation and the Chinese with DAP joining BN in Putrajaya.

      YB Lim Srs been boringly repeating the need for UG, only mentioning the insensible partners so far. Time is running out before DAP is totally marginalised to Penang and by GE-15 will lose power to in-sya-allah the fastest procreation Malay majority.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

      1. TMI is a sneaky, seditious publication. The gomen should shut it down.

        DAP will never be truly Malaysian – kepimpinan tertinggi parti itu masih berkiblatkan Tasmania dan Taiwan.

  6. The “clash of civilizations” playing out in Malaysia? A tad alarmist, don’t you think?

    But that’s your cause celebre, isn’t it?

    Because you have never met a Christian that you didn’t like. Why not admit that upfront?

    Let’s not deceive ourselves that Malaysia will escape scot-free if interracial and interreligious violence breaks out in the country.

    Times have changed. The world won’t stand for people being beastly to each other because of race and religion. And, sooner or later, the instigators of such developments will be exposed and brought to justice.

    The government knows this very well. It knows just how far it can push the envelope before external parties intervene.

    As a side note, let me point out that there is not an awful lot of sympathy in the world for Islam, especially an Islam of the more militant variety. All the huffing, puffing and braggadocio doesn’t conceal this fact.

    Is Tun Dr Mahathir being unduly alarmist?

    Is he opening old wounds by talking about “kow tow-ing” to Singapore? Which part of Singapore’s sovereignty doesn’t he understand?

    At the end of the day, the rakyat will decide who they want to represent them in the State Assemblies and in Parliament. I think that they are more intelligent than to be swayed by atavistic emotions.

    1. ‘The government knows this very well. It knows just how far it can push the envelope before external parties intervene.’

      ABU all the way huh? You seriously believe the gomen wants to do that to its people? Really? WOW!

      ‘Is Tun Dr Mahathir being unduly alarmist?’

      He was right, we are never a colony of Singapura and should never act like one.

      ‘Which part of Singapore’s sovereignty doesn’t he understand?’

      Surely, you for one, are very clear about di mana bumi di bijak, di situ langit dijunjung, kan?

  7. It will be stupid if the chairman of Barisan Nasional is to put MCA candidates in Malay majority areas.

    The Malays will definitely votes for BARISAN candidates.

    What if these MCA candidates,who won by token of Malay votes, “LOMPAT TO DAP” ?.
    BARISAN May have their majority reduced.

    Like it or not, votes may be on racial lines.

    Therefore it’s best that UMNO candidate be placed in Malay majority areas.

    There may get a bigger CHINESE tsunami in PRU 14.

    1. re: “There may get a bigger CHINESE tsunami in PRU 14.”

      Chinese votes more or less maxed out already. It will be a Malay tsunami.

      The J-Star
      readership is 25 percent Malay. IGunting Dalam Lipatan is influencing the urban and young Malay mind.

  8. Didn’t MCA leaders said that their party received at least one million chinese supporters within their party members? At best if UMNO still wanted MCA to remain in the party do not place their candidates in a Malay majority area.

    Quite simply MCA will have no reason to grumble or complaint if their candidates shall be place to contest in their Chinese “members” area, won’t they?

  9. the first batch of Chinese migration to Malaysia has established business contact with their mainland. following next,.. the injection of business capital resulting the Chinese controlling the countrys’ economy.. when the British ends their era they sell off all properties including factories, estates and other properties to Chinese. The Chinese emerged as the economy superpower, even the new Malaysian Government also depend on them. Over the years especially with new government policy on economic distributions their grips on Malaysian economy is slipping bit by bit. the situation becoming alarming when more and more Malays venture into almost all sectors of business, not just being their competitors but also revealing their “dirty” tactics for so long. The Chinese felt that they can no longer depend on the government. For business survival they set new direction for supporting DAP instead of BN (MCA). The tsunami all along was because of economy not races not religion and not because of the love DAP.

    The question is how the get their support?…and TDM new party…

    1. I do not want their support. I want all these china backed chinese businessmen take back all their money and leave for home. Only those willing to speak malay, live among malay and and be assimilated is welcome to stay. I rather have a poor country united rather than a high income economy nation with the unassimilated migrants dividing it.

      One more thing. Can you chinese teach your children to shut the hell up in an elevator? Pandai matematik tapi takde adap sopan lebih baik jadi calculator…..

  10. how to get back the support from the Chinese ?

    Coming GE14, MCA is only allowed to contest on Chinese majority seats, will for sure loose.The government from now must push the Chinese economy to limit. This to show them that supporting DAP is doing them more harm than good. Meanwhile MCA must play their role of mediator in solving Chinese economy crisis. After few successes than Chinese will realize that MCA is still relevant and may switch side at GE15. For typical Chinese, economy is the utmost criteria as compared to race and religion

    TDM nes’ new party will not dented UMNO much. Majority of Malays especially UMNO members felt that Chinese DAP is still a treat for now and may for many many years to come. Thus seating at the same platform with DAP will not benefit TDMs’ new party.

    MCA looks more relevant than PEKASA.

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