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I respectfully beg to disagree with Tun today

Dr Mahathir said today in Che Det that Najib’s leadership in Selangor was ineffective.

Actually if Muhyiddin or Zahid or Hisham had been in charge of Selangor during the last general election, the result for BN would still not have been any better.

Similar to the situation in Kota Setar in the 1969 general election, the problem is the Chinese and their anti-establishment amok. Really nothing on earth could have softened the Chinese voters.

But before we look at Selangor, biar kita ubat sikit hati Tun yang luka. He blogged today, “Sekarang ada ugutan terhadap sesiapa yang tidak menyatakan sokongan kepada Najib”.

Electoral map of Kedah state assembly seats

Kedah PRU13

Map sourced from


Kudos to Mukhriz for turning the green patches in the Kedah map above into the BN blue.

Tun’s home state Kedah was the only one under Pakatan rule that reverted to the BN in the last election.

(Note: BN also won back Perak if we compare between the elections of 2008 and 2013. However, going into GE13, Perak was already in BN hands – since 2009.)

Umno Kedah had turned in a splendid performance. The only other impressive show by BN was by Umno Sabah and PBB.

Kedah 2013


Under the leadership of Mukhriz, the 2008 DUN election result was reversed to BN’s favour in 2013.


  • BN (21)  –  Umno (19), MCA (2)
  • Pakatan (15)  –  PAS (9), PKR (4), DAP (2)

In 2013, Umno received 358,905 votes or 40.2 percent of the votes compared to PAS’s 289,194 votes or 32.4 percent of the votes.


  • BN (14)  –  Umno (12), MCA (1), Gerakan (1)
  • Pakatan (21)  –  PAS (16), PKR (4), DAP (1)
  • Independent (1)

Election data sourced from


Scary, scary story in Selangor

The stranglehold on Selangor by Pakatan is testament to their Politics of Hate that goes on 24/7.

Brainwashing the sheeple is done very thoroughly.

No other state in Malaysia is subjected to so much black propaganda. There is no Johorkini television or Pahang Times state newspaper or Kedahku multimedia compared to Selangorkini, Selangor Times and Selangorku media.

The BN states do not misuse state resources to indoctrinate the masses to the saturation level conducted by Pakatan.


Legend 2

How did this happen in only a mere decade – 2004 vs 2013 ?!

Selangor PRU13

Note: The white areas in the Selangor map above are Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya

Tun is correct to say that once Umno-BN lose the federal government, it will be impossible for Malays to recover from the catastrophe. This prognosis is indicated by how deeply Pakatan have succeeded in sinking their talons into Selangor in less than two election cycles.

BN is a pussycat compared to the malice and vindictiveness of Pakatan who are the champion of fitnah and putar-belit.

Proponents of regime change

BELOW: What the opposition supporters are capable of doing, e.g. TMI deliberately doctoring photos and publishing a totally fabricated story about the Council of Rulers as well as the Fatwa Council on top of their vicious fitnah against Mukhriz on the eve of the Umno party election

In short, we’re dealing with dajjal here.

The photo that TMI photoshopped, on top, compared with the real photo below it

It really was the Chinese tsunami

Tun should not, however, lay the blame squarely on the BN chairman by saying “kepimpinan Najib di Selangor tidak berkesan”.

The truth of the matter is that nobody in BN – with the exception of Tun himself (this is what I honestly think) – is equipped to deal with the kind of people who are pushing the Pakatan agenda.

Tun’s estimation of the Chinese electorate has always been right. He was spot on in his 1969 letter to Tunku, in his 1970 Malay Dilemma, and in his 1986 book The Challenge, published by Pelanduk.

Dr M wrote:

“When the Japanese conquered the Malay Peninsula in 1942, its inhabitants were already divided on a permanent basis into three major communities, i.e. Malays, Chinese and Indians. The three communities not only lacked unity; relations among them were so poor that they could easily become enemies.” (p.160, The Challenge)

“The defeat of the Japanese and the delay on the part of the British in sending the troops to take over power in the Malay States gave the opportunity to communist guerrillas, who were almost 100 per cent Chinese, to commit atrocities against people of various communities. For the Malays, these atrocities deepened their hatred of the Chinese. The Chinese felt the same towards the Malays.” (p.160, The Challenge)


DAP evangelistas are Bintang Lima

In his 1998 book The Way Forward, Dr M wrote:

“Signs of Malay and Chinese unhappiness with the Government and its policies were only too apparent, but the Government leaders refused to recognise them. The absence of open clashes between the Malays and Chinese was taken to mean that racial harmony existed.” (p.46, The Way Forward)

“Of course, the non-MCA Chinese made no attempt to hide their anti-Malay sentiments. Although they did not believe they could defeat the Alliance and set up a Chinese-based government, they felt that a reduction in the number of Alliance seats would undermine the political clout of the Malays.” (p.47, The Way Forward)

“The politics of the 1969 election were entirely racial. Although the top leaders in the Alliance Government were still sanguine about events, there were clear signs that the Malay-Chinese political marriage was cracking and would soon shatter on the hard rock of emotional racialism.” (p.48, The Way Forward)

The Way Forward published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London

huan dap run by fanatics christian

Anti-Islam provocation precursor to clash of civilizations

Keeping MCA as seat warmers in the BN is merely papering over the cracks. Tun made the conclusion in The Malay Dilemma that “what has often been carelessly referred to as racial harmony was in fact a negative quantity – the absence of open conflict”.

“What was taken for harmony was absence of open inter-racial strife. And absence of strife is not necessarily due to lack of desire or reason for strife. It is more frequently due to a  lack of capacity to bring about open conflict.” (page 14, The Malay Dilemma)

Today, there is a capacity to bring about that open conflict through cyber warfare and the battle of perception, both of which the BN is losing badly.

This potential conflict has become even more dangerous than before because the strife is now inter-religious.

huan dap fanatics christian party

Every seat counts because GE14 will be close

PASpenangAug2014A major change from the days of Ops Lalang is the factor of Christian evangelical politics. It is most virulent and venomous.

Realistically, what could Najib have done to preempt the Chinese tsunami? Is it possible for the behaviour of the “ABU-ABU-ABU” screaming Chinese Christians to be moderated or mitigated in any way? I don’t think so.

Rather than cry over spilled milk and the BN washout in Selangor, Tun should pay attention to what his party, quite pragmatically, can do here and now.

What Umno MUST do is take back the Malay-majority seats from MCA. There’s no room to spare for nostalgia. The risk is too great for BN to allow the MCA to burn those dozens of constituencies.


Gunting Dalam Lipatan mesti ditumpulkan

Najib has floated the possibility that if BN were to lose, it will be due to internal sabotage. The MCA-owned media has been openly promoting the DAP evangelista politicians and pushing their Jerusubang brand.

This act of The J-Star is indisputably stabbing BN in the back.

KOMAIf Najib fears that saboteurs will weaken and compromise his own side, then be afraid of the MCA. Be very afraid of the enemy within.

The tsunami could never have happened without a wink and nod from the BN Chinese party.

If Tun is truly concerned about BN losing GE14, then it is necessary for him to focus on the make-or-break factors. BN was sucker punched by the Chinese voters in the last election. BN might well be knocked out by the Christian voters in the next election.

Najib has been wearing kid gloves. Does Tun have a better strategy?


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20 thoughts on “I respectfully beg to disagree with Tun today

  1. Helen,

    The problem facing UMNO is not that dificult to be addressed. The question is whether who’s who in UMNO have guts to accept the reality.

    The political alliance immortalised by UMNO-MCA ties is dead. Let us face reality. Chinese including MCA members want UMNO to be buried. But Najib continue to ignore the sign.

    Before last election, he organised a mega dinner for Chinese. No prize for guessing why he did not bother to organise a similar dinner in Kota Sarang Semut or Pondok Labu in Malay heartland.

    After election he tried very hard to justify inclusion of MCA into Cabinet fold. He was electrified when BN won Teluk intan though the result does not really show Chinese has embraced BN again.

    Exactly that attitude is the biggest problem in UMNO. That is Najib’s over emphasizing the Chinese votes to the point he irritates the very people who defend his government: the Malays.

    Take back Kulim, Alor Gajah, Tanjung Piai, Air Itam, Kuantan, Bandar Tun Razak, Padang Serai and above all ALOR SETAR. It is sheer stupidity of UMNO to let Gerakan or MCA contest in Alor Setar. It is as good as handing the seat to PR on a silver platter.

    AS FOR UMNO, I must say “padan muka”.

    Drive through Hulu kelang. It is another Malay majority constituent about to be Malay minority. The same goes to Pandan, Ampang, Seri Serdang, Kuantan, Bangi. WHY? Because UMNO loves so much to allow constructions of houses that not many Malays can buy.

    1. “Drive through Hulu kelang….” It’s not just in KL, Kuantan and the major urban centres. It’s also happening in the hardcore Malay areas like Parit. They call it urbanization, kemajuan etc, but fail to see that all these new housing are not meant for Malays. The Malays cannot afford the new houses that are priced above their means. Imagine a RM100K housing in rural Parit when 1 acre kampung land around them goes for less than that.

      What the rural malays, and even the non-Malays, need in the rural areas in terms of kemajuan is a more active economy, that can allow the people to build up their businesses and open up more jobs for the youth so they don’t all move to overpopulate KL, not just houses.

  2. And the stupid suggestion that MUKHRIZ should resign.
    To me it is an invitation for PAS to take back KEDAH.
    UMNO need more intelligent leaders in KEDAH……. Not like that person who made the stupid suggestion !!!

    1. “UMNO need more intelligent leaders in KEDAH”
      I think you men to write Umno needs more intelligent leaders. Period. Not just in Kedah but throughout the whole country.

      I think that presently there are more than a few idiots in Putrajaya and throughout the DUNs. I want yo be proven wrong but everytime one of them opens their mouth to speak, they just confirm what I think.

  3. Ms H. There is on record that thereis an ex-MCA Selangor Exco member in cahoots with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP at every turn. My friend spied this MCA fellow carrying a huge brief case emblazoned in white…….MCA Selangor Exco member.’ going to Singapore in the First Class of the SIA on a number of occasions. Everytime he was grinning from ear to ear after being royally sent off by His Majexty’s Customs without opening his huge briefcase.

    1. “I cherish the dust from under the worn-out shoes of a true, free and loving person more than the throne of the greatest thinker of the world.”

      – Shams-e-Tabrizi, beloved teacher of Rumi

  4. The MCA-owned media has been openly promoting the DAP evangelista politicians and pushing their Jerusubang brand and Najib seems dont mind!

    1. Correction: the malays do not love Umno. The majority malays vote for Umno because it’s the devil we know and the malays do not want to be ruled by the Dap.

      Give it another 10 years, the generation that went through May13 and the communist insurgency will no longer be actively around, then Umno will be in real trouble trying to win the Malay votes with their present type of behavior.

      1. orangkampung,

        The Malays love UMNO ,(the party ) not the leader’s especially the present’s , they will come to the time , ‘marahkan nyamok kelambu dibakar’ , thank’s God there are still more sensible Malays around ,that manege UMNO still leads the collation.

        But UMNO does not LOVED the Malay .

  5. Yo H, being middle class myself who obligingly pay PCB without fail every month just to give my money to Jho Lo & Najib’s consort, it pains me every time the humble life of late Tok Guru Nik Aziz & Jose Fujica screen in my mind; how every penniless citizens of the world would dream to have such a leader with such commitment honesty and focussed for people and country like the late LKY; that NEVER happened to UMNO & BN leaders! but PRU13 undoubtedly was a game of “only in the circle” knew why some parts of state election results maps turned to more of reds than blues…. ha ha ha ha ha I was one of those moles since 1987… ha ha ha until the revival of my cavernosa to the hilt! So, stop “drying” yourself people.. enjoy life and ultimate intimacies with your partners.. enjoy promiscuity ha ha ha ha

    1. re: “the humble life of late Tok Guru Nik Aziz”

      His car, his house … not so humble lah




    1. Pak arab and their man made sectarian religions are on the verge of total collapse. [DAP], why go to mid east? Just look in the quran, no such thing as sectarian. Byk juga duit [DAP] ya jetset to mid east.

      1. Maybe they are checking out hudud over there. But they are smart, sneaky smart. They think the Malays particularly those who are studying in the mid-east can be persuaded to see that they are more sympathetic to the Muslims than Umno.

    2. ‘InsyaAllah delegasi DAP akan berada di Mesir selepas ini selepas urusan kerja di Jordan. Untuk tempoh yang tidak sekejap. Sebelum ini pimpinan Yb Lim Kit Siang, Yb Zairil, Yb Teresa dan delegasi yg lain perlu kejar ke Jordan dan hanya segelintir dari delegasi yang ke Mesir.’

      Wah cunningnye, invoke InsyaAllah segala, percaya ke kat Allah, si penulisnya, bahasa pun tunggang terbalik…

      1. Ni lagi bahasa tongkang…sudah2lah menipu dan mengadu domba wahai DAP woi!

        ‘DAP Mesir Tuan belajar quran? Bahasa yang tuan gunakan saya tak dapati ajarannya dari quran.’

        1. ‘Ziarah Mahabbah. Pimpinan DAP akan berada di Mesir untuk seketika waktu untuk ziarah mahasiswa Mesir sebelum berangkat ke Jordan untuk bersama Mahasiswa Jordan, yang tentunya lebih terbuka dan punyai intelek yang tinggi jika berbanding dengankebanyakan mahasiswa Mesir.

          DAP Mesir yakin bahawa tembok kerigidan mahasiswa Mesir akan roboh segera selepas ini. Antara simbol kerigidan terbesar mahasiswa Mesir yang pertama telah pun roboh. Ini membuatkan kami bertambah yakin.

          Anda rigid, anda terkeluar dari sunnah alam yang warna-warni ini. C’est la vie!’

          Just because hang guna bahasa Melayu sedap hang hina orang Melayu, kalau tak ikut cara DAP maka jumud, stone age, tertutup, tak moderates, intelek rendah, bodoh, kampung etc…memang nak kena DAP!

          Bahasa TONGKANG DAP orang boleh kesan la, udah-udah lah tu LKS!

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