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DAP in charge of all

‘Melayu Lama’ is currently trending in my blog. See screen capture of my blog stats for 16 April 2015, i.e. today, on Melayu Lama’s piece. The reason for a spike in accessing the article is due to it being discussed somewhere in Facebook.

Coincidentally, I had hosted this particular write-up by the Malay blogger – see caricature of him (below) – exactly two years ago on 16 April 2013. So it’s a walk down memory lane on a second ‘anniversary’.



DAP steering the Pakatan U-boat

With the benefit of hindsight, we can re-examine Melayu Lama’s suggested strategy.

He advised that for Umno to engage PAS and PKR is clearly a waste of time. “They’re not the ones determining the course for Pakatan and nor are they wearing the pants in that trio,” he blogged. Ref.

A couple of years down the road and in the wake of GE13, we can see for ourselves that it is indeed the DAP that is calling the shots in Pakatan. Hence the flip-flop and dilution/modification of PAS’s hudud and amending of the party’s ‘Islamic State’ aspiration to  {{ UBAH into }}  the ‘Negara Kebajikan’ manifesto.

BELOW: Begitu licik sekali … even the DAP hornbill mascot is wearing tudung


Umno as Big Brother must shoulder the responsibility

My forecast is that the PAS ulama leadership will recover the reins in party at their next muktamar and in the process routing the Anwarinas.

I also foresee PAS inching towards cooperation with Umno but not going all the way by joining BN. It doesn’t look like Najib Razak will deliver Hadi’s hudud in the next Parliament session. This will pour cold water on the PAS-Umno flirtation.

Blogger ‘Melayu Lama’ said that it is Umno which needs to take on DAP because the Chinese party is the Pakatan anchor.

It’s patently clear that MCA and Gerakan as well as MIC is not up to the task of fighting the DAP.

As a measure of DAP’s popularity among the non-Malays, the party now has 6 Indian MPs (counting Karpal’s sons) compared to the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) which has four. And as a warning on the precarious position of the ruling party come GE14, beware that MCA and its media and machinery will likely sharpen the scissors to inflict a more lethal stab to the BN’s back.

woman roasting puppy alive

woman roasting puppy alive 1

Crossing the line to bring down BN

According to Melayu Lama, there are no ethical boundaries that the mismatched opposition ménage à trois will be reluctant to cross. As long as BN can be toppled, Pakatan is willing to do anything because they have “way too much of an axe to grind”.

“Pakatan rules by mob and thugs and when we let lawlessness prevail in anyway for whatever circumstances we are no better than thugs ourselves”, added Melayu Lama.

He reminded that with power at their disposal, Pakatan will surely find a way to conveniently legalize those means which will help enable them to achieve the desired ends.

We’ve already seen how the DAP bulldozed new rules through in order to enforce their will. Mandating that the Selangor opposition chief must be PAC chairman is one instance of the DAP sneaky coercion masked as good practice.

BAWAH: Hannah Yeoh menggunakan kuasa Speakernya

Hannah pemangku Pengerusi PAC

Practitioners of the Orwellian black arts

When Umno Selangor Aduns are able to circumvent the compulsory PAC legislation, the DAP shifts the Dewan goalposts without batting an eyelid.

“They have an axe to grind and they will chop off heads, even if it is illegal to do so they will conveniently make it legal,” warned Melayu Lama metaphorically (or then again, maybe it’s not merely a figure of speech).

But anyhow, trust these slick spinmasters of the art of propaganda to later claim – most blithely – that it is all done in the interest of democracy and justice.

“If they have all those means at their disposal as a tool to wrestle power do you think they won’t keep those tools to maintain power?” (Of course they will!)

It has been proven that not only will Pakatan utilize any existing “draconian” laws without qualms, they will intensify its use. Observe how some Pakatan public figures have been clamouring for Tun to be charged under the Sedition Act and for the hand of “thieving” Umno politicians to be chopped off.

BELOW: DAP’s Serdang evangelista MP Ong Kian Ming goes a step further – he supports hudud because he wants adulterers to be castrated “esp those who can be seen on video”

Ong Kian Ming cut off dicks

“Love-love-love” tak lekang dari bibir tapi tengok jer perangai

Two years ago, Melayu Lama highlighted how the DAP people have held that “everything is Umno’s and by extension the Malays’ fault” because they’ve lost their sense of right and wrong ever since they tasted power so spectacularly.

He gave a hypothetical example of how the DAP idols “can rob banks and kill bank security guards in the process right in front of them [party supporters] and their missing sense of logic will tell them it’s OK because the bank has something to do with BN and the guards are relatives of Umno members”.

“DAP is preaching so much hate and saying it’s alright to commit wrongs just to get Umno (the Malays) out of power,” says Melayu Lama, adding how “a lot of those lopsided, ‘we can do no wrong’ type of postings’ are inundating the pro-DAP boards and online forums.


Segregated ethno-religious silos

This problem of polarization is compounded when “Malays in general hardly debate in the English discussions and the DAP Chinese hardly debate in Malay discussions”.

Hence only DAP-conformist narratives will reverberate in their own isolated echo chamber. Like Mao’s Red Guards, the DAP cybertroopers constantly patrolling online will not permit room for dissenting views or counter opinions.

“They are preaching way too much hate and they must be stopped!” urged Melayu Lama.

Program Adun Muda

It’s “DAP for all” now

Some commenters on this blog have remarked on how proactive the DAP movers and shakers are.

It was the DAP after all that guided the “PAS for All” soft sell advertizing.

Now that the public relations exercise to hoodwink non-Malays and non-Muslims has flopped due to the hudud crisis, the March-to-Putrajaya is shifting tack to promote “DAP for All” as the alternative to con the Malay and Muslim electorate … reaching all the way to Egypt and Jordan.

There’s no doubt that DAP is in charge.

Thus the kind of Dapster behaviour filtering into the public domain is a symptom of the DAP successfully seizing greater control of the people’s mindset.




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24 thoughts on “DAP in charge of all

  1. Good analysis. Give us an insight of the Nazi shaped the faultlines to seize power.

      1. ah least i found a female equivalent to Ridhuan Tee; Helen Ang is more tulin than ridhuan tee. We wonder if Helen ANg is actually related to a BN krony family

    1. “Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in the increase of wealth and children – the similitude of a rainfall which causes plants to grow which pleases the farmers but they eventually dry up and you see it turn yellow; finally it turns to debris. And (know that) in the Hereafter there will be severe punishment and also forgiveness from Allah and His blessings. Then what is the life of this world other than the enjoyment of delusory pleasures?
      Seek earnestly forgiveness from your Lord and a Paradise whose width spans the heavens and the earth, prepared for those who believe in God on High and His messengers. That is the bounty of Allah which He gives to whom He wills, and the Lord is the possessor of great bounty.”

      Quran: chapter “Iron”: 20-21

  2. RE:

    “Pakatan rules by mob and thugs and when we let lawlessness prevail in anyway for whatever circumstances we are no better than thugs ourselves”, added Melayu Lama.

    “They have an axe to grind and they will chop off heads, even if it is illegal to do so they will conveniently make it legal,” warned Melayu Lama metaphorically (or then again, maybe it’s not merely a figure of speech).

    But anyhow, trust these slick spinmasters of the art of propaganda to later claim – most blithely – that it is all done in the interest of democracy and justice.

    “If they have all those means at their disposal as a tool to wrestle power do you think they won’t keep those tools to maintain power?”

    They practice political expedience in high places that is at ground level called plain hypocrisy!

    If in their CEC election process which is the innermost workings of the DAP party they have demonstrated themselves to be unprincipled even oppressive like the Maoism they adore, now infused with Christian Zionism, we have a political mutation that is neither civilational Chinese in essence nor is it imbued with the altruistic practices of Jesus the Messiah – more like some species of economic predation and potential warmongers.

    It’s allied with the hubris of “political correctness” which the cultural marxists in America love to spout.


  3. Helen Ang ni tak guna betul. Dandy bagi dia naik darah bersama pengampunya yang meningkatkan jumlah hits kat blog dia orang pun tak dikenang tetapi dia pi pulak puji Melayu Lama.

    Macam PM kita , Melayu Baru yang tak dikenang tetapi yang Mamat blog ni kenangkan ialah Melayu Lama yang juga Penyangak Melayu iaitu Mamakutty. Mamakutty ni dah terberak dalam pampers tau tak?

    Kalau hina PM bermaksud hina Sultan dan Raja-Raja Melayu jugak sekarang. Dah dekat nak jadi Penderhaka kepada Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.

    Bila PM nak guna Akta Hasutan ni? Jangan tidur semacam Tun Dol. Kali ni, Mamakutty dah terperangkap dalam permainan beliau sendiri kerana ego dan ketamakkannya.

    In politics it is survival of the strongest. Leaving your enemies alive will someday see him/her come back some other day when you are weak.

    Anwar menunggu kat Sg Buloh dan rindukan teman sejagat.

      1. This Dandy always talks about pampers, nothing else but pampers.

        Berak dalam pampers, tukar pampers, pakai pampers…etc..

        I suspect this Dandy ‘guy’ is actually a shemale.

        1. Dandy dulu awal-awal mengaku dia bumiputra dari Borneo, walaupun tahap bahasa kebangsaan dia tahap tongkang dan longkang, dia ada hati nak menipu kita semua kata dia bawa suara bumiputra Borneo! Kesian…sikit2 nak menipu puak ni!

          1. They are sesumpah. Suka menyamar.

            Remember the Malaysiakini commenter who claimed to be ‘Aku Melayu-tetapi ABU jugak’ and how he wrote “Allah saw” instead of “swt”.

            So jijik with these imposters, esp. the one who Occupies Masjid in her tudung.


  4. Here’s the problem.
    Malays are divided into too many camps. You have the current anti Najib vs Najib and supporters for UMNO, PAS with their misusing Islam as their political tool plus ABU and ulama vs Erdogan infighting, those in PKR and DAP because they are either Anwarists or don’t belong to the former two and yet wants to make it in politics, the rest of Malay ABUs that include anarchists, liberals/moderates, anti royalists, atheists and converts, IS sympathizers, anti mamaks, indians and chinese(Malays who believe UMNO sold out Malays), people who simply are bored of BN rule ever since independence and last but not least, people who either just don’t care, sit on the fence or simply tired of all this political squabbling. And I don’t even know how Sabah and Sarawak is.

    Easy pickings for some other united determined and unscrupulous parties to manipulate and take advantage of. Because face it, even with the number of Malays, what do we really have?What can and have we been doing besides just fighting each other and stepping down on each other?Numbers don’t matter one bit if every one only cares for themselves, from the highest and most elite to the poorest.

  5. Ms H. It is no joke if the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP controls all. Their late Ruler (1959-2015) imposed the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System on to the citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. This System is also known as the Singapore Model or authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (no such thing) and has been finely tuned by the legalistic Ruler (1959-2015) for more than 2 generations supported by his Politburo. Putrajaya without understanding the Ruler’s (1959-2015) System took the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY Policies and applied these in our beloved Malaysia not taking cognizance of the Ruler’s MICRO-MANAGEMENT of the whole Singapore show. His son’s eulogy stated that he micro-managed the Istana’s flowerpots too. Our System is Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Capitalistic Characteristics. The MONEY MONEY MONEY way of doing things have now given much grieve and unhappiness. All the GLCs should be returned to the Private Sector which should be the main engine of growth. The business for ruling is Putrajaya’s only. As it is, our beloved Malaysia is now 50% Capitalist and 50% Communistic. The only such country in the World – a World’s First – our original Democracy with a Communist Central Command. Pundits call Singaporer a Rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.

    1. Ms H. Our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat were quite happy and contented from 1957 to 2003 under successive BN Governments led by the great Tunku, the redoubtable Tun Abdul Razak, the staid and solid Tun Hussein Onn and our Great Statesman and Modern Builder Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. After 2003, there was a rush of PAP cadres into KL looking for ‘low hanging fruits’ and exclusivity was practised for the very first time with the closed shop 4th Floor Boys etc.Big money became synonymous with Big power with the former being seen defying gravity and flowed to the apex of the Power Pyramid. Top chaps manning GLCs which do not belong to them with no accountability are now garnering RM 10 Millions a year as salaries which reached down to a minimum salary of RM 900 per month. But our economy remains generally the same as in 2003. In the case of the tiny Republic of Singapore, it has the highest standard of living in the World but this is bolstered by the importation of 1.2 million FTs and multi-billionaires annually. The indigenous 99.00% of the population suffer in silence at the lack of proper jobs for the locals. aged people work again, high cost of living etc. Anyone who disbelieves me is invited to look at the human aspects but not the glittering buildings etc of Singapore.
      Seeing is believing.

      1. re: “Top chaps manning GLCs which do not belong to them with no accountability are now garnering RM 10 Millions a year as salaries”

        So is the CEO of the J-Star … easily millions.

        1. Ms H. The Star is doing business with the PAP controlled media in Singapore since 2009 vide the Annual Reports. The minuscule minority of camp followers who made it rich this time has their sights on OZ the traditional home of the MCA devotees. The rest like us, the Rakyat 99.99% suffer in silence up-to-date.

      1. Chris. I know an authentic case whereby the daughter of my friend took an ASEAN scholarship to study in Singapore but had to return to Malaysia to do her tertiary degree. She now works in a KL bank. There are so many cases of disappointment with Singapore which are not reported. I know 2 doctors. One worked for a lifetime in Vancouver and returned to TTDI on his retirement. The other worked in Hong Kong and returned to Pulau Pinang in his old age. These are the facts, not bluffology. You might discover that in 2013, 2 Singaporean Ministers announced that academic qualifications are not the only criteria for jobs or promotions but hidden talents are to be included in future. I also know many Singaporeans working and living quietly in Malaysia enjoying their stress free life here.

        1. Uncle Ed, I suppose you’ve listened to the straightforward criticisms of the PAP government by the three Confucian scholars in the recording above.

          LKY made the false presumption that sky-high ministerial wages would beget “the best candidates” for public office in the marketplace of pay-for-talent enterprise, which exactly resonates with Najib’s jaundiced view of super-expensive in-house consultants to oversee his ministries.

          Many true blue Singaporeans have yet to feel the effect of the new-generation PAP’s ministerial genius, hahaha – although we’ve already paid for them.

  6. People’s in internet world seem to forgetting the silence majority who looking from outside.

    Know what’s trending outside the world’s of politics right now? That gst is not at fault but those supplier and distributer mainly Chinese who supporting DAP trying to increase the prices to gains a lot of money. They doing this and then blame the gst and government.

    This believes was reinforced by what happens this weekend. Suddenly a lot of major superstore reducing the goods prices down to 20%. All because mydin (people’s view as Malay superstore) promoting they will never imposed GST to consumers.

    Now, do this analysis take this trend into consideration? No.

    Do you suppose this trend and situation of DAP is an enemy to the Malay will change soon? No.

    How long DAP can hoodwink the Malay who supporting them under the banner of PR. For starters they now loosing the support from PAS hard-core.

    I think this is why they need a new islamic religious face in their DAP cycles. That is why They make a move of reaching their arms to middle east. At least a picture of look like supporters will do. The same picture of them having dinner in the Malay households.

    DAP need a new facelift to change the image of an enemy of a Malay. Otherwise whatever they doings right now as be seeing as trying to manipulate the Malay in order to sizes the putrajaya.

    After all, after GE13,.the Malay presumed that it is the Chinese aka DAP who turn their back from the Malay to Lord over them. And 2. Years gone by and this theories proved truer by the attitude of PR especially DAP & PKR.

    :{ sarah

  7. Oh my goodness. I feel so honoured to be featured in Helen’s blog again. :D

    Have not been blogging much and have been utilizing the social media platforms of late.

    But seriously, the battle is really between Umno and Dap as the two are the ones wearing the pants in their coalitions/pacts

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