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Hudud: PAS tolong jawab pertanyaan Tun

Dulu PAS memetik surah al-Maa’idah 8 beserta surah an-Nisaa 135.

Ayat-ayat tersebut ditafsirkan dalam dokumen ‘Negara Islam’ PAS sebagai membawa makna “konsep keadilan dan kesaksamaan sebenar hanya dapat dilaksanakan apabila sesuatu pemerintahan melaksanakan Islam secara menyeluruh dalam segenap sistemnya“.

Ia cukup jelas bahawa maksud sedemikianlah yang disampaikan oleh kitab Al-Quran, tegas presiden PAS Hadi Awang.

Berdasarkan pemahaman alim ulama parti Islam itu, “Keadilan dan kesaksamaan akan hanya dapat dinikmati oleh penduduk Muslim dan bukan-Muslim apabila ketentuan Allah swt dilaksanakan dengan sepenuhnya“.

(Based on the above verses, justice and equality in the eyes of Islam could only be achieved if a government implements Islam in all its aspects and in its entirety. Justice and equality can only be enjoyed by the Muslim dan non-Muslim citizenry when Allah’s will is implemented in its entirety.)

Teks penuh pelan induk ‘Negara Islam’ PAS boleh dibaca @

Intipatinya hudud mesti untuk semua, tidak kira penganut Islam atau sebaliknya.

Namun hari ini Dr Mahathir mencungkil sebutir amanat Hadi yang berbunyi,

“Justeru kerana isu Negara Islam dan pelaksanaan Hudud dan Syariah menjadi punca perpecahan BA dahulu, maka PAS perlu membuat satu pengorbanan dan itihad-besar untuk tidak memasukkan persoalan Negara Islam dan pelaksanaan Hudud di peringkat Federal”.

Nyata PAS telah tunduk kepada tuntutan DAP.

Sila rujuk posting terbaru Tun @

Nampaknya apa yang disebut presiden PAS pada Januari 2003 dan apa yang disebut beliau pada Oktober 2003 adalah bercanggah.

PAS kena buli

Menyusuli kerjasama PAS dengan DAP yang dibentuk menerusi gabungan Pakatan, PAS sekali lagi mengubah pendirian parti gara-gara mengalah kepada DAP yang kuat membuli.

Flip-flop PAS sehingga takat dipertikaikan hukuman potong tangan – sama ada ia bakal dijalankan atau tidak. Kalut betul!

Tun menggesa supaya PAS berterus terang waima hudud yang dicipta kerajaan negeri Kelantan sebenarnya mengambilkira keadilan Islam ataupun semata-mata niat politik?


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15 thoughts on “Hudud: PAS tolong jawab pertanyaan Tun

  1. If Hudud is going to be implemented ,it should be for everybody under the Malaysian sun . baru ada keadilan yang saksama.

    Politically drive Hudud by PAS ,are very much in Question, of it’s really base on Quran and hadit.

  2. Bismillair Rahmanir Rahim

    Ibn al-Jawzi narrated that Amr ibn al-As carried out the punishment for wine-drinking on Abdur-Rahman son of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab when he was his governor in Egypt. Such punishments were usually carried out in the public square of the city, to serve as a lesson to the people, but instead Amr al-As punished the caliph’s in his house. When news of this abnormal inceident reached Umar, he wrote to Amr ibn al-As saying:
    “From the servant of Allah Most High, Umar the commander of the faithful to the transgressor Amr. I am amazed at you, O son of al-As at your audacity in doing other than what I told you to do. I gave you precedence over the people of Badr [the first martyrs] who are better than you, and chose you so that you would do as I instruct you. But you have betrayed me and descended to this level. The only thing I can do is to dismiss you in humiliation: Why did you flog Abdur Rahman in your house, knowing well this is against my instructions? Abdur Rahman is merely one amonst your people when it comes to the punishment offences determined by Allah. When this letter of mine reaches you, send him wearing a cloak on a mount so that he will realize how bad his action was”.
    So the son of the caliph was brought back to Madinah, the capital of the Islamic nation, where the prescribed punishment was carried out in the presence of the public.

    {narrated by Abdur-Razzaq in a lengthy report with a sahih isnad from Abdullah Ibn Umar, another son of Umar al-Khattab}

    There must be Equality before the Law in the most transparent way. Although the wrongdoer was the son of the caliph, the governor did not exempt the wrongdoer from punishment. However Caliph Umar realized that his son was given special treatment, and this upset him greatly. So he punished his governor Amr al-As, who was the conqueror of Egypt, and he meted out the punishment on his own son Abdur Rahman to straighten him out, as well as to demonstrate to the community that no one was above the dictates of the law.

    Are the PAS governors prepared to apply the rigour of the Shariah law on themselves when they write up their interpreted “hudud bill” to apply to other Muslims?

    1. re . Bismillair Rahmanir Rahim ;
      “In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the most Merciful.”

      Imam Ja’far as Sadiq stated ;
      He is Rahman to “all” His creation, whether they be “obedient” to Him or “disobedient”.
      He is Rahim to the “faithful Muslims” who do good and receive His mercy as a reward, both in this world and the next.

      Tun Mahadhir “was spot on”bila beliau menyatakan bahawa jika
      hukuman Hudud hendak dilaksanakan ia mesti lah adil utk semua dan bukan hanya utk umat islam saja .
      Jika Allah boleh belaku adil terhadap makhluk jadianNya kenapa manusia pula tidak ( lebih sudu dari kuah ) .
      Selagi manusia tidak boleh 100% membaca isi hati nurani insan yg lain, Allah telah memberi kebenaran ( free hand ) supaya bertindak seadil yg mungkin ( humanly possible ) .
      Undang-undang kanun jenayah berkaitan siasatan , pengumpulan
      bukti , pengadilan di mahkhamah dan penetapan hukuman tehadap tertuduh , walaupun boleh di tambah baik menepati ciri-
      ciri yg di tuntut dalam islam .
      Kita bukan bercerita siapa yg lebih pandai tetapi keadilan utk kedua -dua si pengadu dan si kena tuduh .
      Manusia yg keji saja memperalat agama untuk kepentingan diri .

      1. re: “Manusia yg keji saja memperalat agama untuk kepentingan diri.”

        Ada yang memperalat agama Islam manakala ada juga yang memperalat agama Kristian.

  3. “‘If Hudud is going to be implemented ,it should be for everybody under the . baru ada keadilan yang saksama.”‘

    Only Malaysian sun? What i know we only have 1 sun and goes around earh for all.

    Hey even the most populated islamic country, Indonesia uses the same so called “‘IMalaysian sun”‘ with 88% muslims there.So why are they using civil law with Aceh only under the syaria law,

    1. If I read Tun’s argument correctly, he’s saying that it is an injustice when the non-Muslim receive a lighter punishment for the same offence – say being jailed for theft – compared to the Muslim who gets his hand chopped off.

      This line has been trotted out by various quarters before but if my memory serves, it is the first time that the ex-premier has rolled up his sleeves to seriously try and stem the hudud push.

      1. Postscript:

        If an ordinary person speaks up, he might be liable to a sedition charge.

        Thus when Tun – who seems to have the ‘Immunity’ totem (c.f. the Survivor reality series) – voices something on a sensitive subject, then the mere mortals cling on to his coattails for the ride.

  4. “Justice and equality can only be enjoyed by the Muslim dan non-Muslim citizenry when Allah’s will is implemented in its entirety.”

    According to Norman Fernandez, Hadi is actually on record of saying that hudud will be extended to non-Muslims.

    From The Star April 30, 2013:-
    “On July 7, 2002, when Abdul Hadi was the Terengganu Mentri Besar, he had declared that when the time comes, hudud and qisas law would be extended to non-Muslims,” wrote Fernandez …

    1. Yup, Norman exposed how the DAP has been misleading the party’s Chinese supporters with the false claim that hudud will not affect non-Muslims.

      The evangelical leadership is really very unscrupulous.

      Btw, what do you think of my prediction that Chinese support for DAP may go up to as high as 95 percent? It’s not an entirely impossible number. Obama got that level of support from the black voters.

      1. “Btw, what do you think of my prediction that Chinese support for DAP may go up to as high as 95 percent?”

        90%, 95%- does it make a lot of difference to an election outcome? Chinese have reached the point that they will have to vote for DAP simply because they think MCA/Gerakan are no longer palatable options to them. Nothing much can be done now other than placing the blind faith on DAP.

        1. re: “90%, 95%- does it make a lot of difference to an election outcome?”

          Try the Parliament Voters Swing Simulator @|0|0|-5|5|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

          A further five percent Chinese vote shift will cost BN :) Bentong heh-heh and Labis (Chua Tee Yong’s seat), Cameron Highlands (MIC boss’s), Setiawangsa and seven other constituencies.

          re: “Chinese have reached the point that they will have to vote for DAP …”

          What I said too in my response to IT Shiess.

          re: “Nothing much can be done now other than placing the blind faith on DAP.”

          With only five percent left of Chinese who are anti-oppo, it’ll be taken to mean that ALL Chinese are anti-gomen. We’ll be lumped together in the mind of the pro-establishment crowd along with the Dapsters.

          1. DAP aside, I really wish the Chinese could see the political dynamics that are happening between the Malay-based parties. Nothing is etched in stone.

            RPK have already wrote several pieces about Anwar trying to broker a unity government between PAS, PKR and UMNO in London. That part of the story, if there’s any truth to it, is an indication how things can change 180 degree despite Chinese placing their overwhelming support behind this very loose coalition called PR.

            1. PAS-Umno unity is a distinct possibility, yes, especially if the Erdogans lose their positions.

              As I’ve said @ I believe the two parties will embark on some kind of cooperation, for starters.

              As for the Chinese, I don’t foresee any roll back from ABU-ABU-ABU.

              Do give some thought to the ‘M’ factor. Because he’s against Najib (i.e. the establishment) for the present, his lead has emboldened the Chinese who are latching on to him.

              But suppose Najib eventually gains the upper hand at the cost of ketuanan Melayu and perpaduan ummah. Where will the Chinese be then in the scheme of things?

          2. I’m sorry to have to say this, but the majority of the Chinese among my friends have no faith in Mr. Najib’s leadership for those same reasons which we conservatives have recently come to realize.

            It is doubly unfortunate that they are clinging in futility to the rotten alternative to move ahead. The Chinese are at a civilizational impasse only God on High can help to breach.

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