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Deja vu

It’s the same talking points all over again.

Reading this TIME article makes you feel that history is merely re-running along an identical loop … been there, done that.

TIME Tun 2006

Not the retiring type

Magazine article above by Hannah Beech titled ‘Not the retiring type‘ (TIME, 6 Nov 2006)

There are roughly three years counting from today to the latest date in 2018 by which GE14 must be called.

Imagine the next 1,111 days if Dr M doesn’t let up. Somehow it’s hard to believe that he will.

Tun is like Energizer and Duracell combined. His batteries run forever.


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13 thoughts on “Deja vu

  1. Ms H. Since 2003, our beloved Malaysia adopted the MONEY MONEY MONEY failed Policies of the late Ruler (1959-2015) which Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System was imposed on the citizens by the Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats. This System or Singapore Model or authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (no such thing) was tailored made by the Ruler (1959-2015) because he micor-managed all the legally garnered money. Despite repression, this System has gone toxic. How to do this in a Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Capitalistic Characteristics like ours with elected digits which might become recalcitrant and lose us a lot of money ! The results of aping others without understanding their purpose are for all to see these days. It is best the Government returns all the GLCs to the private sector and stop doing business and rule over us only. As it is, we are 50% Capitalistic and 50% Communist – the one and only such country in the World.

  2. Next edition of Times Magazine 2015 headline.

    “Mahathir slayed by a Bugis Warload/Nobleman” or

    “Mahathir crushed by a Minangkabau Queen” or

    “Mahathir doomed by his past misdeeds revisited” or

    “Mahathir betrayed by his own son” or

    “Mahathir, a Malay in disguised” or

    “The final death of Mahathirisma via Sedition Act 2” or

    “Mahathir scandal, A repeat of the Clinton Monita Lewinsky” or

    “Mahathir backed by own Malaysian Soros to devalue the Ringgit” or

    “Mahathir now discovered himself Emperor without clothes” or

    “Mahathir accompanied his nemesis Anwar at Bamboo River jailhouse”.

    “Mahathir and his beauty crushed at the Greek battle of Troy deceived by a Minangkabau buffalo and her Bugis Prince”

    1. TMI exclusive
      Man who was born without a butthole

      Dandy, 45, from Malaysia is a wonder. He was born without a butthole. He has never defacated in his entire life. His body burns up all his waste materials and generating hot air which is breathes out.

  3. Hi Helen,

    Could you or anyone else help me out? Refresh my memory a bit. When Tun M called for Pak Lah to step down, didn’t we see the same things being done then as now?

    Didn’t we see allegedly overwhelming support for the Prime Minister? Didn’t we see pages and pages of photos of backbenchers and UMNO wings announcing their unwavering support to the PM? Didn’t we see two-bit politicians trying to play hero and slamming Tun M?

    Isn’t the same thing happening again?

    Or am I remembering it wrongly?

    Cuz if I”m not wrong, then Najib you better start packing.

  4. If Tun M still around its not easy to be a PM of this country if you are a crook or dump.

  5. Tun M obviously reads & UNDERSTANDS the quran, hence he have got to do what he got to do. Of course he will never chest-thumping about the quran bit unlike the self-proclaimed ularmaks type that sell quran verses cheaply to canvass votes.

    U have my full support Tun M.

    -pengundi BN pru13

  6. If the BN loses to the opposition,which they definitely will in GE14 with Najib around,there is one person to be blamed and cursed in history of BN will be none other than Najib.

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