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Guns pointed, knife in the back

1. The tireless Tun fired yet another salvo today.

2. And it gets muddier. Zam’s latest blog, ‘Lawyer wants Mahathir to conspire with convict to oust Najib’. See,

Previously Zamkata: “Tentunya bila PR menang Anwar Ibrahim akan dibebaskan seperti Mahathir membebaskan 21 orang tahanan ISA sebaik sahaja menjadi Perdana Menteri…”

3. Wheels are turning within wheels. The hottest rumour doing the rounds presently – ‘Khalid Ibrahim Dijangka Jadi MB Selangor Semula‘ (SuaraTV, 17 April 2015)

4. Another spoke got put in wheel when Najib’s recent past caught up with him. Today (18 April 2015) is the second anniversary of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between BN and Hindraf.

Hindraf insists that the MoU is a “legally binding document” and today kicked off their campaign ‘Honour the MoU’. (Personally though, I’m not sure that an MoU is enforceable.)

Yesterday Hindraf national N. Ganesan sent a letter to Najib and Tengku Adnan to remind them of “their contract obligations per the MoU agreement”. Hindraf says that Najib’s failure to honour the terms constitute “a breach of contract”.

Read, Hindraf letter to the PM on his undelivered promise of “socio-economic interventions that [will] produce permanent and comprehensive solutions for the marginalized and poor Indians”.

5. The Najib administration has moreover to deal with an element which did not trouble the previous governments – the ultra sneakiness of the current opposition.


There is this Malaysiakini subscriber who uses the handle ‘Umno Portal’.

Below is a screenshot of his comment on a Malaysiakini news article headlined ‘Daim: Umno’s support for PM may be superficial’ (10 April 2015) where he proclaims “We in Umno …”, i.e. he is projecting himself as a member of the Malay party.

Click to enlarge

However, only a day earlier on 9 April 2015, this same individual had left a curious comment on Malaysiakini article ‘PM expected to respond to Dr M on TV tonight’.

In his comment (screenshot below), ‘Umno Portal’ mentions, “We will see the beginning of the end of Najib starting tonight. My red wine is ready in front of the TV.”

Now tell me, which real Malay Muslim who is a member of Umno will openly admit to drinking?


Observe how these pro-opposition operatives work while posturing as an Umno man or a Muslim or a pribumi (e.g. Dandy).

In the Malaysiakini article today ‘Why I believe Najib will eventually step down’, the kononnya ‘Umno Portal’ left three consecutive comments, saying also, “I bet u Najib will be forced to step down & the beating will be worst than Pak Lah. CHANGE WE MUST.!”

“Change” is the DAP motto lah.

Do you believe that this ‘Umno Portal’ guy is really a BN party member or is he a DAP cybertrooper?

Some people will do anything

Ref. ‘Wanita Cina menyamar sebagai Muslimah dengan niat menipu‘ – siap pakai tudung labuh dan jubah sekali.

Don’t forget too ‘AkuMelayu-tapi ABU jugak’ – screenshot below – who doesn’t know that the correct salutation for Allah is subhanahu wa ta’ala (s.w.t.) and not salallahu alaihi wassalam (s.a.w.)

What kind of people are they – these imposters?

I’ve found that most of the provocation and masquerade is carried out by the pro-opposition evangelical Christians, aided and abetted by the mesra-gereja Malays who pride themselves on their popularity among the Bangsar Malaysia crowd.

Tun did not have to deal with evangelistas during his time.

Crafty chameleons

Hannah black tudung litup

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh in tudung litup

Heaven forbid that DAP succeed in grabbing Putrajaya

The evangelistas are hard at work.

Auta Impian Sarawak boleh berjaya jika BN lalai‘ (The Unspinners, 12 Dec 2014)

BELOW: DAP Serdang evangelista MP Ong Kian Ming and young volunteers carrying a big bottle to provide J-Juice holy water to the interior of Sarawak

Ong Kian Ming Sarawak

tutup TMI

Tolong tutup TMI

How to deal with this kind of people?

See, ‘The Malaysian Insider has done it again!‘ in Rocky’s blog today.

The Malaysian Insider somehow chose to twist some of the words in their reporting dated 17 April. May Allah SWT guide us all to do the right things.” – Abdul Wahid Omar, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department

Just shut down TMI, pls!

The crux of the issue is whether Najib Razak as chairman of the BN is able to deal with the dajjals.

This is not the way


This is not the way

tionglai najib

This is not the way

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib's ear

Real role of the MCA

If BN loses GE14, then DAP will be sitting pretty in Putrajaya. So if we don’t want the DAP to rule Malaysia with Anwar as their puppet figurehead (see Kit Siang’s ‘Freeing Anwar Ibrahim from Sungai Buloh prison must be top agenda of the “Save Malaysia” Grand Coalition post-BN and post-PR‘) , then the BN has gotta be saved.

But firstly the ruling party has to be saved from the enemies within who are masquerading as setiakawan walhal mereka sebenarnya api dalam sekam.

The barrage by Tun against Najib is the open threat.

While fending off the visible challenges, Najib must not be complacent with regard to internal threats. MCA and its Nest of Evangelistas media are only helping the DAP be stronger and do better.

BELOW: Bintang Lima


Don’t take your eye off the ball

Umno mustn’t lose sight of the bottomline, which is that the DAP cannot be further empowered, whether inadvertently or otherwise.

Deal with the dajjal.

Najib and Tun must consider what’s best for the continued survival of the BN, their bitter feud notwithstanding.

Keeping guns trained on each other, they’re actually giving free rein to the opposition forces – on the Pakatan bench and under the BN umbrella – to “move from strength to strength”.

Hannah Yeoh strength to strength


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19 thoughts on “Guns pointed, knife in the back

  1. DAP & MCA ; “Ying &Yang” ?
    One goal , different prone of attack ( pincer movement ) .

  2. We have to be careful here and not be too gullible.

    If Najib is weak, then for the opposition that is fantastic news. If Tun and Najib are going for each other’s throat, thats good news. It can only help my causes come PRU14. The game plan will be to try to drag this on and on for as long as possible. They may seem to want Najib to go just like Tun but what they are really after is a weakened Najib facing PRU14. If the saga ends too soon and someone else replaces Najib, then he will have enough time to undo all the damages and that is bad news for me.

    Already Kit Siang said that he willing to work with Tun for his save Malaysia unity government. He is not being stupid or being patriotic here. When you see Save Malaysia see “Save DAP”. Kit Siang is first and foremost interested to save DAP. He wants to ensure that DAP retain as many seats as possible from PRU13 and not see DAP losing too many seats due to problems with PAS and PR. He knows that the damage has already been done and the way back is very unlikely. PR is history. PASMA cannot replace PAS. It simply has no ground support.

    1. Tun is the most influential man in the country.

      Najib is the most powerful man in Malaysia – not because he’s Najib (personally) but because of the positions he holds – the Umno president has great control over his party and the PM wields a big stick because power is concentrated in the hands of the chief executive.

      If Si Polan was Umno president and PM, he would be as powerful too. With Tun however, it’s personal to holder. His influence is due to the force of his personality.

      Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a former PM too but he’s not influential.

      The battle between Tun Most Influential and DS Most Powerful is bad news for BN, as you say.

      But Tun won’t back off and Najib won’t back down. So how?

      1. re ,”So how?”,

        DS Najib patut “tanya” pada dirinya kalau beliau benar-benar yakin mendapat sokongan padu majority rakyat Malaysia ( bukan hanya ahli UMNO/BN ) utk memenangi GE 14 , sebagai rakyat negara ini kami akan setia berdiri bersama-sana DS .
        Demi kepentingan genarasi-genarasi yg mendatang .

        Andai kata ramalan Tun Mahadhir tepat ?

        Saya agak sceptic , kalau di kaji macam mana DS Najib “handle”
        Selangar pada GE 13 ,”a bleak prospect for the future indeed”.

        As they say “tepuk dada tanya selera”.

        1. Adakah TS Muhyiddin/Zahid/Hisham yakin mendapat sokongan padu majoriti rakyat?

          Kalau Ah Jib Gor yang main gendang Cina dan yang hantar anak lelakinya ke Beijing untuk belajar Mandarin pun ditolak bulat-bulat oleh masyarakat Cina, apakan daya pemimpin-pemimpin Umno yang lain?

          Bukannya TS Muhyiddin/Zahid/Hisham akan dapat menghalang tsunami Cina daripada melanda pun. Bila orang Cina dah benci, maka perkasam diseluk sampai ke pangkal lengan.

          Tepuk dada tanya selera … kena tukar selera / tukar angin, yakni ubah strategi politik.

          Saya tidak sealiran dengan pendapat Tun dalam beberapa perkara.

          Tun tidak setuju Najib saman media. Bagi saya, PM harus saman, jangan tak saman.

          Tun kata penahanan pengarang Malaysian Insider memberi kesan kepada hak kebebasan akhbar, kononnya kita jadi “police state”. Bagi saya, KDN harus tutup saje TMI tu.

          1. Siapapun yang ambil alih akan ditolak orang Cina. Tak kira Muhyiddin ke, Hisham ke. Mereka sekarang sedang enak dibuai ombak kemenangan besar para PRU 13 leaps. DAP dah naik tocang. MCA/ Gerakan dah jadi mini DAP.

            Siapapun yang akan ganti tidak bolih mengulangi kesilapan besar Najib yang mati mati cuba untuk mendapat sokongan Cina walaupun dengan terang ditolak. Najib sekarang ibarat yang dicari tak dapat, yang dikendong keciciran.

            Orang Cina masih tolak dan orang Melayu dah mula meluat. Itu sebab Tun ramal Umno/BN akan kalah.

            Satu cara saje mengajar orang orang Cina sekarang ini. Tsunami Cina ditukar pada Tsunami Melayu! Umno dan Pas mesti berkerjasama. Kita tengok kalau orang Cina masih berani macam sekarang. Sekarang pun DAP dah mula goyang bila PAS buat hal.

            Saya lebih suka kalau Ku Li diberi peluang kali ini. Pas akan lebeh mudah berkerjasama kerana Ku Li anak Kelantan. Hisyam DPM.

            1. Albi,

              Saya fikir Ku Li bukan lah calon terbaik untuk PM.

              Apa perlu UMNO buat?

              Mulakan dengan beri penerangan. Contohnya hutang negara. Rmai atau hampir semua ingat jumlah hutang RM700 billion hutang adalah hutang Kerajaan Persekutuan.

              Saya beritahu seorang rajkan saya yg sebenarnya itu hutang yg meliputi semua hutang kerajaan , sektor swasta dan aorang asing.

              TAK BOLEHKAH Menteri penerangan beri penerangsn secaraterperinci tentang perkara ini dlam siran berita perdana di TV1, TV2, TV3, TV7, TV9.

              Pilihan pada pemimpin UMNO adalah mudah. Minta Naji
              ib berundur. Atau mereka semua hilang jawatan pada pilihanraya akan datang,

              Saya faham maslah mereka. Sukar untuk minta Najib letak jawatan bila orang yg paling senior selepas Najib(Muhyiddin) tak beri sebarang “hint” untuk sedia ambil alih.

              Masa orang minta Pak Lah letak jawatan, Najib beri gambaran dia setuju ambila lih.


              Pncapaian apa?

            2. Saya setuju Ku Li diberi peluang jadi PM. Ku Li juga telah menunjukkan kehebatan semasa menjadi menteri cabinet.

              Kaji legesi Ku Li semasa jadi menteri yang boleh dilihat sehingga kini! Bersetuju juga Ku Li mudah diterima oleh ahli ahli PAS!

              Cuma tidak bersetuju, awuuuuu jadi DPM!

              Sememangnya orang Johor tidak boleh diketepikan dalam hairaki tertinggi kepimpinan Malaysia. Tapi biarlah Muhyiddin Yassin.

              Ku Li juga boleh berkerjasama dengan Muhyiddin!

              1. There’s a another reason why I support Ku Li apart from his vast experience and credentials.

                It was said that when Tun first took over from Tun Hussin as PM he had promised to take Ku Li as his DPM. But that didn’t happen. It was said that Tun actually broke his promise. That’s why Ku Li decided to take him on in the 1987 Umno elections. But he and Tun Musa lost.

                It seems to me like this successorship issue is like a curse for Tun. He has to rectify it once and for all.

  3. “3. Wheels are turning within wheels. The hottest rumour doing the rounds presently…”

    Hadi denies such plan according to The Star report.

      1. Helen,

        Tun despite being ridiculed, insulted for his indian origin background(deemed as lower class) is actually a merciful leader. That alone is hallmark of a great leader.

        As the head of government, Tun could have been more ruthless. I remember when several Sabah Christian leader in anticipation of BN and UMNO’s collapsed switched allegiance at 11th hour just before general election.

        It was a nasty thing to do , tantamount to backstabbing. What these leaders forgot is that a knife can cut both ways. And muuch to their surprise , their prediction fell flat on their face. BN prevailed.

        Tun , being backstabbed, could have been vengeful. He could easily punished them . I would imagine Guan eng had he given power( Thanks God he is not PM) would have locked them into ISA.

        But Tun did not do that.


        Najib is playing a dangerous game. That is underestimating Malays aspiration. UMNO leaders in General assembly had been reminding audience( or Najib specifically) that wishing future Chinese support is like wishing for rain on arid desert.

        But Najib still does not get it. In fact he irritates the very core Malay supporters on the fact that Dr M lost in 1969 due to lack of Chinese support. What he ignored is that he has given almost everything to Chinese demands but yet they rejected him totally.

        THE REALITY IS THAT Chinese support for BN is over. They will not support BN again. They will attend Hari Raya function and eat with gusto. They will take picture with PM. They love to visit Istana Negara. But they will not vote BN .

        While I am concern with Tun’s remark on Najib, I too must admit that Tun is expressing what Malays think.

        Malays love UMNO but they hate Najib. And Nazir too.

        Come next election they may throw UMNO out to spite Najib. Why? Because they feel Najib despite losing almost entire Chinese support STILL loves Chinese more than Malays.

        UMNO is plain lucky as PAS in a mess and Malay support for PKR almost gone.

        Why cant Najib lowers his ego by taking advices from well grounded Malay leaders like Mohd Hassan , MB of Negri Sembilan or Ehsanuddin, MP of Kota Tinggi.

  4. Problem is Najib is acting like a PRESIDENT rather than a PRIME MINISTER.

    Do he really confident the 3 UMNO ordinary members will really vote for BN in GE14?

    Representative doesn’t reflect the true position of leaders. They can give and carry leaders on shoulder for the sake of ‘joyness’ but when GE14 all the I LOVE PM will be turned to WE LOVE PR sorry PM! your days are OVER!

  5. ‘…….Bila orang Cina dah benci, maka perkasam diseluk sampai ke pangkal lengan……,

    Selepas PRU ke 13, fenomena Cina tidak menyokong BN tidak lagi menjadi kegelisahan saya.

    Ada rahmat di sebalik keputusan kurang elok BN dalam PRU ini. BN boleh menang tanpa undi Cina!.

    Jagalah Melayu, bumiputera yang lain, India dan bangsa bangsa minoriti dengan baik, In Shaa Allah kemenangan akan diperolehi!

    Apa yang membimbangkan saya ialah Melayu Melayu ‘bangang’ yang tidak dapat melihat kelebihan ini!

    Mereka boleh mentadbir negara tercinta ini tanpa sokongan Cina!

    Cuma saya agak tersenyum bila Helen menggunakan bunga bahasa ‘menyeluk perkasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.’

    Helen tentu tahu, perkasam ialah sejenis makanan yang telah dijeruk lama. Terlebih lama dijeruk, maka akan muncul lah ulat ulat!

    Alangkah lucunya kalau lengang lengang orang orang Cina dipenuhi oleh ulat ulat!

    He,,he.,he saya mentafsirkannya mengikut makna yang tersurat!

    Maksud yang tersirat pula ialah perasaan benci yang melampau tanpa kerasionalan tidak akan menguntungkan sesiapa.

    Jangan lupa benci adalah penyakit jiwa yang kronik. Jangan biarkan perasaan ini bersarang di dalam hati!

  6. najib is a pm ‘syok sendiri’….dia lupa last year tsunami……now it is repeating…….this time around……all his balaci, his balls polisher…..’we support najib’ thing…….

    dia ni gila legacy……semua mau 1 malaysia…….nasi lemak 1malaysia, kedai 1malaysia, susu 1malaysia…….tapi ok la……..yang tak ok ni 1mdb……..khazanah dah ada, pnb dah ada……tapi tak boleh tambah 1malaysia……so mati2 dia nak jugak, jadi kena create 1mdb……

    this reminds me of the story waktu kecik dulu…….punya la suka org tepuk tangan…..tapi tak sedar yang seluar/baju kertas dia dah koyak rabak……not similar, but exactly……

  7. ‘Now tell me, which real Malay Muslim who is a member of Umno will openly admit to drinking?’

    Sama la kes macam postings DAP Mesir dan Jordan bagai yang berlakon Melayu/Muslim! Sneaky!

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