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MCA more DAP than DAP in Taman Medan church cross controversy

Has MCA ever shown even an iota of interest to try and understand why the cross is making Malays so uncomfortable?

Can the MCA comprehend in the slightest why the Malays are angry over the attempted robbery of kalimah Allah and the aggressive Christianization push?

If MCA is in effect really representing the Malay voters – you know, the people who pangkah dacing on their ballot paper – then shouldn’t MCA give some consideration to Muslim sentiments?

Do the wakil-wakil MCA bother to turun padang to talk to their Malay constituents as almost all of them are holding office in Malay-majority areas?

The answer to the questions above is apparently No- No- No- and- No.

MCA ship jumpers

Chauvinistic to the core

MCA’s responses are getting to be too predictable.

The Chinese party wants BN to take action against former Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno Wanita chief Munaliza Hamzah (photo below) for her role in the protest against a shoplot church in Taman Medan.

It also wants an immediate police investigation into the demo by about 50 Malays.

Munalisa Hamzah


Ti Lian Ker


Thuggish, brutish, extremist protesters

“We cannot allow 50 persons to take the law into their own hands by criminal intimidation, threats etc which is what this incident amounts to.”

“I called upon IGP to investigate this travesty immediately irrespective of whether the perpetrators are from Umno, PAS or PKR.”

“All thuggish, brutish actions or crude or rude statements against the spirit of BN policies and practices must be stopped immediately if BN wants to survive the next GE collectively and not only one party wins at the expense of others. Otherwise BN will soon disintegrate and extremism and not moderation will rule the day.”

Ti Lian Ker, MCA religious harmony bureau chairman

Marco Yap

Islamization pushing Malaysia into extremism

“We are gravely concerned that indiscriminate Islamization had gradually pushed the nation into extremism…”

“In the meantime, 50 Malay residents in Taman Medan protested in-front of a new church in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya and forced the congregation to remove its cross which they said ‘would challenge Islam’.

“This is a worrying trend as religious intervention is increasingly felt, all the way down into people’s, including the non-Muslims’ daily lives.” – Marco Yap, MCA publicity bureau deputy chairman

Ong Chong Swen

Ong Chong Swen

Threats by protesters rude and uncivilized

“… the very actions and threat by the protesters are rude and unconstitutional and only exposes their lack of self-confidence towards their own faith.

“A person’s attachment and devotion to a particular religion start from the heart and soul and will be impossible to be influenced or shaken so easily just by way of looking into a sign.” – Ong Chong Swen, Wanita MCA vice chairman


J-Star tail wagging MCA dog

As we’re all aware, the MCA-owned media is a Nest of Evangelistas.

Now it looks like the Chinese party is also behaving like the EvangeliSTAR in its reactions to issues besetting the evangelical Christians vs fundamentalist Muslims of late.

The fact is MCA politicians have managed to become Yang Berhormats only due to the votes mainly from Umno Malays. Yet these Chinese YBs seem to have forgotten that they’re representing an electorate comprising mostly Malay, Indian dan lain-lain, insofar as actual electoral support goes.

And why is MCA attacking Umno leaders instead of fighting the DAP?

Hannah Yeoh religious harmony rep from MCA

BELOW: The J-Star editors tweeted Hannah Yeoh’s appointment as Selangor Speaker a grand total of 10 times over a period of 24 hours on the newspaper’s official Twitter

The J-Star‘s Twitter account has 523,000 followers

Making 10 tweets in a single day means the Hannah star-turn news blurbed in the @staronline timeline reaches five million screen views (10 x 523,000). Why is the MCA-owned media promoting the DAP evangelistas tahap gila gaban?

MCA should just be sacked from the BN!



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35 thoughts on “MCA more DAP than DAP in Taman Medan church cross controversy

  1. MCA is irrelevant anymore. No matter what it says or shouts nobody hears them at all except that it will damage BN’s reputation further,which is actually MCA’s ulterior motive. They are now a history. Too bad we have a dumb Pee Emm who is just too dumb to see this.

  2. MCA macamlah perangai Najib ketika cuba memikat hati pengundi Cina sebelum PRU 13! Macam macam dilakukan dan dijanjikan untuk menambat hati pengundi Cina.

    Bawa Psy penyanyi Korea lagi ke PP untuk menghiburkan Cina PP dan sekitar!

    Tersenyum simpul dan tersengeh sengehlah Najib bila lihat ramainya orang Cina yang hadir.

    Bila keputusan piliharaya diumumkan, lebih 90% Cina mengundi DAP!

    Sekarang MCA pula mengulangi perangai Najib. Kini kerana terlalu kebulurkan undi Cina, MCA berperangai lebih DAP daripada DAP.

    Lihatlah nanti keputusan PRU 14, mungkin lebih 95% Cina undi DAP! Melayu yang baik hati juga yang mengundi MCA!

    Kalau Najib cerdik, biarkan MCA bertanding di kawasan majority Cina. Berkuburlah 7 Eleven dan muncul lah zero zero untuk MCA!

    Kalau MCA wakil kawasan saya, sorrylah saya hendak keluar mengundi mereka!

    1. Norlin,

      That is the price that UMNO must pay for its willingness to carry “biawak hidup” and ability to be backstabbed non stop by MCA.

      For reason known to UMNO, Najib and Majlis Tertinggi, they seem to be able to take any slanders or backstabbing from MCA.

      Those who protest do no represent UMNO. They maybe UMNO members just like we cant execute DAP if one of its useless MPs like Theresa KOK insulted Najib and Datin Rosmah through her Chinese New Year videos.

      AS FOR MALAY ELECTORATE, it is time to send these useless MCA packing. If UMNO is so happy to put MCA to contest in Malay majority area, please do not vote for BN.

  3. “We are gravely concerned that indiscriminate Islamization had gradually pushed the nation into extremism…”

    We should get him to explain wtf he means by “indiscriminate Islamization”?

  4. if DS Najib or his advisors is/are reading this, what are you guys going to do about it?.

    this has happened too many times lah where these christian evangelistas provoke the muslims and islam and then they hide behind religious freedom and act of extremism. the case where the provocateurs blaming the victims.

    these christian evangelistas act of provocation by intentionaly putting the cross up in an illegal location or building of worship is just plain stupid and inviting anger to the majority community. Are there not enough churches around this area for them to congregate?.

    to these christian evangelistas let be warned, don’t start something which in the end you can’t finish. stop the lies, deceits and provocations and most of all stop inciting religious hatred among us peace loving malaysians.

    it’s these kind of provocations and deceits that breeds extremism.

    1. Muslims should stick together and petitioned their representatives to do something constructive, like what Switzerland did when they ban the minaret or what Padua did when they banned the construction of mosque in their city. See those are countries that worship freedom.

  5. Islamization pushing Malaysia into extremism??? so let CHRISTIMIZATION, put all crosses everywhere no matter where even in Men’s?

    1. Orang demo elok2 kata thuggish? Yang serang polis tu kira kebebasan bersuara dan berkumpul dan berdemo? MCA? Komen sikit boleh? Ti Lian Ker?

      1. Ironic isn’t it? When the Muslim protest peacefully, they are accused as thugs but when the Pakatoons run wild in KL and march in the middle of the city, they have all the rights.

        Lawyers claims the church have the right to display the cross, funny, they did not ask if the church have permits under the law.

        1. For some reason, the Christians and Dapsters are being very emotive over this incident. Look at the avalanche of stories by The J-Star in just the last 24 hours alone.

          Fifty protesters and many of them middle-aged women in tudung is not an intimidating demo.

          Yet the Christians’ overwrought response is like as if they’re General Custer drawing a line in the sand.

          1. Yes not immotive… and they managed to get the church to take down the cross. How would you like your altar in your home to be taken down if some riff raffs come to your front door & tell you so…

            1. ‘How would you like your altar in your home to be taken down if some riff raffs come to your front door & tell you so…’

              Lu punya lumah sama ke dengan premis kedai yang tidak sepatutnya dijadikan rumah ibadat apatah lagi tanpa permit nak display itu salib? Cakap boleh ikut undang2 skit tak blader??

    2. Look at what’s happening in the world atm. People are terrified of the Muslims, not the Christians. Truly a religion of peace.

      1. muslim in non-muslim majority country does not provoke the majority unless being provoked. except for a few dumb head who thinks suicide bombing the civilian equals to one way ticket to heaven. but then again, no effort to shake the existing fabric of society been done.

        look towards south, and you can see how submissive the malay muslim community to the current administration. even more loyal towards dynasty lee compared to kiasu chinese.

        this is the opposite of what you evangelical lots have been doing lately since your kiasu party bearer gain a foothold in malaysia.

        you expect us to understand your human rights and taboo subject such as the holocaust, anti semitism or nazism but you never take the time to understand ours.

        muslim in particular put his/her god at the highest pedestal in life. followed by the prophet, then only comes the rest. try to understand and respect those two and you will be at peace.

  6. PRU14-pastikan MCA bertanding di kawasan majoriti Chinese sahaja. Kita nak lihat samada MCA boleh hidup atau terus lenyap dari peta politiaak Malaysia

  7. MCA is irrelevant.
    They don’t know what they talked.
    It took only a few Chinese idiots to spark of May 13.
    MCA should learn history of May 13.
    And don’t be good at blaming others only.
    Action and reactions……..
    Prevention is better than cure !
    Peace MALAYSIA..

  8. Just wondering who are the stupid idiots still voting MCA or Gerakan or Christian parties or indian parties when they don’t seem to fit in anymore in the current Malaysian political scenario? BN would be better to be an all Malay party just like PAS which is an all Islamic party?

    BN don’t need the votes of all those Chinese, Indian, Buddhists, Taiosts, Christian, Bahais, Sikhs, people who eat babi, dogs, cats, monkeys etc. cos they just don’t fit in the party dream of a supremasists party?

    Just reminded me of Mamakutty and Ali Rustam downfall at previous elections. And still thinking they were right. Kerana mulut, badan binasa.

    I guess many of those giving such ideas will never last long in the final political news scene cos they are not standing in elections and do not know reality.

    Supremacists thinking have a general trend eg. first go after the Christians, then the Buddhists and Taiosts then all the Chinese as a group, then the Hindus and Sikhs then all the Indians, then theSabahans, then the Sarawakians.

    It’s all a big big camouflage to hide their inner contempt of others who just are not like them. Guess they were born out of wedlock or troubled families and inherited genes from Hitler, Communists or even Satan.

    Wake up from your utopia supremacists dream. The world do not need another world war.

    1. go talk that to omama n the gang. the last time I check, the US are the supremacist with the largest army and state of the art weapon to vanquish any foe. so logically speaking, those western supremacist were the one who need war badly or else arm business would go bad.

      unless they decided to adopt the ‘Purge’ film method then it’ll be a different story. either you with us or against us.

      the ‘supremacist’ you talk about here just want everything to stay as it is. not let dumb head like you change something that does not warrant a change. do any ‘supremacist’ here come straight to your face and force you to change your name from dandy to mohamad danial or trade atheism for islam in the expense of your life?

      if not you better go back to school and relearn the word supremacist cause clearly your vocabulary is… what’s that word : HORRIBLE.

  9. To summarize ,MCA is actually DAP with different labelled , didn’t we aware of it’s all this years .
    They played their cards well , UMNO tak nampak ,tapi jelas .

    Kesian UMNO.

      1. UMNO………HMMMMMPH.
        BAGI sana BERI SINI.
        Investment of no return.never learn the Chinese Tsunami.
        Now inviting for Malay tsunami ,

  10. It is OK , for now.

    Payback time is next GE… more najib to give you candies and sweets.

    You need to earn it…. MCA good riddance to unwanted fats toxins…

    This time MELAYU tak akan lupa.
    And Ah Jib Gorr… go go go far out and don’t ever come back

  11. Helen, you have not clearly explained why the 50 protestors feel offended or threatened by a cross on the wall of the shoplot church.

    Fair is fair and what could come after this are demands that officially approved churches will have to bring down their cross, Buddhist temples their Buddha images and Dharma wheels, Hindu temples their statues and images of their various dieties and so forth.

    The Swiss referendum to ban the construction of more minarets at mosques may have been democratic but it was unfair and unjust to a minority, many of whom are Swiss citizens.

    This is a perfect example of democracy resulting in the tyranny of the majority over the minority, with no protection for the minority’s civil rights. Do we want that to happen in Malaysia?

    Anyway, a very unlikely guy – i.e. the Home Minister must has come out against the protestors, so he must also be in the Pakatan camp.

    “Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today said that the protest against a church in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya yesterday was indeed seditious, contradicting the views of the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) who had earlier cleared the protesters of any crime.”

    At te end of the day, fair must be fair. As long as the church’s members do not try to convert Muslims, I see nothing wrong in having a cross on the wall of the church.

    If they violate that ruling, then it would be justified for the authorities to prosecute those responsible.

    Sometimes I feel that you go too far in your opposition to the evangelists. You may have justified reasons to be upset with some of the personalities or groups in The Star, the DAP, MCA and some evangelists but you should be careful not to go so far as to condemn Christians in general for the wrong committed by some of them.

    1. re: “Helen, you have not clearly explained why the 50 protestors feel offended or threatened by a cross on the wall of the shoplot church.”

      Next posting, coming up.

    2. re: As long as the church’s members do not try to convert Muslims, I see nothing wrong in having a cross on the wall of the church. If they violate that ruling, then it would be justified for the authorities to prosecute those responsible.

      You have stated the law clearly. Propagation is illegal. Display cross on the wall of a church is not. Where else to display a cross if not on a church?

      Some quarters tried to equate the sight of seeing a cross as capable of weakening their Islamic faith. If the protest is allowed to be set as a precedent, we will see many more churches being compelled to take down the cross from their building.

      The requirements are:

      1. 50 Muslims to gather and protest;
      2. Give the reason ‘Lambang Salib mencabar Islam’.
      3. The IGP will absolve the protesters of any wrongdoing.

  12. “Has MCA ever shown even an iota of interest to try and understand why the cross is making Malays so uncomfortable?”

    Because they are uneducated, thuggish, childish and are fragile in their faith. No story here accept that we now can officially say some Malays are beyond unreasonable.

  13. Did you note that none of the so-called alternative media and even the some MSM did not report that the church has no permit to operate and only recently set up in the area which is predominantly Maly and Indian.

    1. Nest of Evangelistas

      Have you noticed that a disproportionate number of reporters in the English media are Christian?

    2. cs,

      What is the basis of the protestors when they demanded that the cross be taken down? Correct me if I am wrong. The basis was that the cross will affect their Islamic faith.

      Now, let us assume another church has proper permit to operate in a Malay/Indian majority area. Another group of 50 Muslims protested and claimed that the sight of the cross will weaken their Islamic faith. Should the church concede this time?

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