9 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh feels sorry for MIC and Gerakan Youth

  1. MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP are all there just to make up the numbers in BN to make it look like a multi-racial party against Pakatan Rakyat.

    And when voting in an area has split Malay votes between UMNO and PAS, their role then comes in to tilt it in favour of UMNO.

    That goes to for the various Cabinet positions and Ministers. Also called Window Dressing to make it look nice.

    And all these started when Mamakutty set up UMNO Baru and wanted to be the next Indian Kerala King.

    Don’t you know that?

    1. Well at least they never hide behind Microsoft Excel in their party elections. DAP blamed Microsoft Excel for not being able to reflect the “multiracial composition” of the Malaysian Malaysia “democratic” party which strives on “meritocracy”. Plus, is that Zairil Khir “Johari” actually shares 50% of genetic make-up with the late UMNO Tan Sri? Should Pwincess ask Dyana Sofya for pointers? Or are they going to blame another computer software as well?

      Lastly, Tun Dr. M always contest in his home state and never aspire to be an instant Malacca Tokong in Penang you know. Kesian orang Penang, had to cari pemain import to lead the state.


  2. Today Elizabeth Wong after consultation with Henna Yeo rebutted that any permit is needed to set up a church in a shop house.

    For that matter, according to their logic you can set up any tokong kuil temple shrine or any facility for worshipping of any kind at any place you like without the need for any form of governmental approval because it’s part of your constitutional right under the heading of freedom of religion.

    These people had turned residential houses into manufacturing facilities for printing and producing booklets pamphlets posters CDs DVDs and other forms of media materials to be distributed and disseminated to general public regardless of race or religion or gender or age, for the purpose of spreading their religion.

    Foreigners were engaged for all these activities too.

    Taman Medan was not an isolated case but then again, weren’t the Selangor Malays that gave power to people like Yeo and Wong? Inviting them to buka puasa sama sama cooking bubur lambuk sama sama saying mudah mudahan cik yeo encik ong etc dapat hidayah bla bla bla?

    There’s no limit to these people’s stupidity.

  3. If you followed Tan Keng Liang on twitter, you would actually agree with Hannah’s tweet

    I think Malaysia deserves to be led by a raced based/racist party like UMNO, as a large chunk of the population are not ready or mature enough for a true democracy. A sad reflection on Malaysians but a true one. Corruption, economic mismanagement and social justice are all overlooked and accepted as long as the ruling party remains Islamic. This is why most Malaysians with the ability to do so are leaving the country, and I don’t blame them one bit.

    RIP Malaysia. There really is no future left for you.

      1. Tak cukup modai boleh cari NGO sponsor tambang, lari ikut Danok lepas tu tuntuk Suaka.

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