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J-Star reporter @ Taman Medan: “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?”

Reporters are supposed to be neutral and objective. In the Nest of Evangelistas, however, some of them clearly take sides, and are confrontational and provocative instead.

The J-Star reporter Nicholas Cheng came close to being attacked by the group of angry demonstrators at the Taman Medan church in Petaling Jaya.

BELOW: The Taman Medan church that put up a cross


Poor Christian reporter … having to live among the “intolerant” and “mindless”

I’m hardly surprised that Nicholas feared being beaten up, given his Dapster attitude. After all, he describes “the kind of Malaysia we live in [as] intolerant, mindless and sometimes unlivable”.

Nicholas furthermore characterized the Taman Medan protesters as possessing “sheer stupidity”.

sheer stupidity Nicholas Cheng

“the sheer stupidity of those protesting” – Nicholas Cheng, J-Star reporter

intolerant Nicholas Cheng

His mocking putdown is typically one of a piece with the J-Star seniors who believe that certain communities in the country – i.e. those who voted to retain the status quo, are “stupid” – and those who fail to meet the paper’s ‘Moderation’ standards must be morons and “race-obsessed ignoramuses“.

See also, Wong Chun Wai: “I really feel pity for this pathetic lot”

I’m not really surprised either to learn that Nicholas is a Christian. After all, like I’ve said many times before, the EvangeliSTAR editorial floor is teeming with Christians.

See ‘Reporter saves colleague from anti-church protesters‘ (FMT, 20 April 2015)

Screenshot by FMT

“How will a cross turn your son into a Christian?”

According to the J-Star reporter’s own account of events shared in Facebook, there were only two journos covering the anti-cross protest – himself and a woman colleague from Sinar Harian.

Nicholas said in his FB posting (see screen capture above) that the protestors were angry because he had asked them the following questions:

  • “What authority do you have to tell someone else to not have a church here?”
  • “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?”
  • “How will a cross turn your son into a Christian?”

Nicholas complained that the enraged Malays grabbed him by the shirt and spoke to him “in a threatening manner”. He even feared that they would beat him up or do worse.

Sneaky Star pulls ‘urban’ tsunami trick again

Taman Medan is a predominantly Malay area but The J-Star would like its readers to believe that the Muslim residents there have “mixed feelings” about the church.

The vehemence of the anti-cricifix protest and its accompanying social media storm suggest on the contrary that many, many more Malays are feeling angry rather than sanguine about the new shoplot church popping up.


The MCA paper’s gambit is quite like how its editors had once been such eager beavers earnestly insisting that GE13 was an “urban” tsunami rather than a Chinese one.

Here and now, the Nest of Evangelistas is in denial that the Taman Medan Malays are disturbed and even outraged by the cross on the church. The J-Star prefers to peddle an alternative story that the residents are merely ambivalent.

Kalau tak putar, mereka bukan evangelista

I’m going to compare between the online copy of the J-Star news and video footage by its Internet TV and demonstrate to you the sneakiness of the EvangeliSTAR.

First, let’s examine the written article copy featuring interviews with Taman Medan residents (screenshot below) with regard to the cross on the shoplot church building. The J-Star report  yesterday is headlined ‘Taman Medan residents have mixed views on church‘.

Click to enlarge


Four residents were quoted and their remarks featured in the J-Star report, as per the order below:

(1) Rosnah Mohd Yusof said – according to The J-Star – that she had no problem with the church operating there and that faith was a personal thing. “Everyone has their own beliefs and who are we to deny someone from practising their own religion.”

(2) Mat Tahir Abdul Rahman also pointed out that Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious country, said The J-Star. “As long as they don’t disturb anyone, then I don’t see a problem. Those who are strong in their faith wouldn’t feel challenged by the sight of a cross.”

(3) Juraida Jaffar told The J-Star that most Muslim residents objected to the church. “We are afraid that our people will be influenced by their teachings. This is a Muslim area and the church doesn’t belong here. We strongly object to the church being here.”

She added that they would continue to demonstrate against the church if it continued operating there, said The J-Star.

(4) Asmadi Sulaiman said that the residents had objected to the church as it had started operating without informing anyone of its intentions, according to The J-Star.

“Most of the residents here are Muslims, so their views have to be taken into account.”

Asmadi said he personally had no problems with the church, according to The J-Star. However, he objects those who tried to propagate their religion through children. “My child who is only eight once brought home a pamphlet propagating another religion. I am really against that.”

Taman Medan anti-church protest

“No problem” smoke and mirrors

A total of four residents were quoted by The J-Star for its story by Rashvinjeet S. Bedi. In summary, according to the MCA newspaper, the Taman Medan residents had said:

(1) No problem, said Rosnah, 50, who is a manager at a fast food outlet

(2) No problem, said Mat Tahir, 60, who is a van driver

(3) Strongly object, said Juraida, 48, who is a housewife

(4) No problem but don’t evangelize the children, said Asmadi, 37 (occupation not stated)

Three out of the four Malay residents quoted by the J-Star apparently said they have “no problem” with the church and its cross in their neighbourhood. All is good.

That’s how the MCA-owned paper chose to deliberately frame the situation for its readers – “no problem lah with the church and its cross” – despite the mini pandemonium which broke out at the venue.

Now let’s turn our attention to the 4-minute 40-seconds video below.

Video edited by J-Star but you can still catch fragments of the reporter’s leading questions

Chronological order in which the interviewees appeared in this J-Star Internet-TV clip

(1) Juraida – “memang bantah sekuat-kuatnya lah”

(2) Rosnah – “Tak ada apa-apa masalah”

(3) Zarin – “kita tak paham sangat” … “Bagi saya tak ada masalah”

(4) Richard – “This is very uncalled for”

(5) Asmadi – “benda ini membangkitkab kemarahan orang yang dekat sini” … “Mesti you kena bagitau” … “Masalah you terus buat”

(6) Vimala: “Kita tak ada masalah” [This Indian woman is referring to the practice of her religion – presumably Hinduism – which has not been disturbed]

(7) Mat Tahir: “Kalau dia punya orang dia saja, dia nak mempraktikkan agama dia, tak ada masalah lah.”

(8) Jalil: “Minta diturunkan dengan segera.”

(Transcript of the video footage can be read at the bottom of this page.)

Datuk Abdullah Abu Bakar

Soooo vely sneaky, J-Star musang berbulu ayam

Comparing the ‘print’ version with the broadcast version

The J-Star report has been tweaked into pro-Christian propaganda, i.e. positive outlook on the church. A close comparison between the two versions – Rashvinjeet’s written copy and Nicholas’ broadcast reporting – shows where the paper has been a sly fox.

To recap, the ‘print’ copy of the story features four interviewees while leaving out another four (the Chinese man, the Indian woman and two Malay men) who appeared in the video.

The J-Star (written) report uploaded online starts with positive quotes from these two residents, Rosnah and Mat Tahir, who both ostensibly said “No problem” with regard to having the church around – well, at least according to the MCA Gubnting dalam Lipatan punya cerita lah.

The video footage places Mat Tahir as the seventh person to be interviewed. Yet the ‘print’ article bumps him up to No.2 in sequence, i.e. the second interviewee to be quoted. Your guess is as good as mine as to why.

Mat Tahir

Missing bits (I)

Mat Tahir, after some prodding from the broadcast journalist (Nicholas) mentioned that he does not mind the presence of the church. Nonetheless his response contained several caveats which the print journalist (Rashvinjeet) conveniently omitted when he wrote his story.

Mat Tahir had said, “Jangan kacau orang lain. Jangan dia kempen orang lain untuk masuk dia. Maksud kalau dia kempen orang Islam untuk masuk ke Kristian, itu satu salah lah juga. Kalau dia punya orang dia saja, dia nak mempraktikkan agama dia, tak ada masalah lah.”

The upshot is that Mat Tahir may be agreeable to the church but only on condition that the Christians do not attempt to proselytize to the Malays. The J-Star article failed to mention this salient caveat.


Missing bits (II)

The part where Asmadi said, “Jadi benda ini [penubuhan gereja] membangkitkan kemarahan orang yang dekat sini” is not mentioned in the J-Star ‘print’ copy.

On the other hand, the article quotes him as saying he personally had no problems with the church. This part [“tak ada masalah”] of his statement is not shown/missing from the video footage uploaded to the J-Star‘s Internet TV.

Mahu turunkan salib

Shaping reader perception

The divergences between broadcast (film) and print versions detailed above are subtle but it is nonetheless the editor’s prerogative as to how he wishes to cast his narrative of the event.

If Utusan is constantly accused as being biased towards Umno and the Malay Muslims, then it is equally not amiss for us to claim that the J-Star is biased towards DAP and the Chinese Christians.

Out of a total of eight interviews – there may be more or others that ended up on the cutting room floor (we don’t know) – but in any case, the J-Star article employing its editorial discretion only drew on four.


Nevertheless, what’s striking and without any doubt is the J-Star‘s pro-Christian framing. The two excerpts with which the reporter/editor chose to lead off the story are:

Rosnah: (i) no problem with the church operating there, (ii) faith was a personal thing, (iii) who are we to deny someone from practising their own religion

Mat Tahir: (i) Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious country [missing from the video], (ii) no problem if they don’t disturb anyone, (iii) Those who are strong in their faith wouldn’t feel challenged by the sight of a cross

Words nicely wrapped in the Bangsa Malaysia package and tied with a Malaysian Firster ribbon.

What’s the intended impression on the J-Star reader? He reads this article and the first paragraphs convey to him – three out of four Malays have “no problem” with the church.


ABOVE: It was the MALAYS who took part in the pro-Palestine rally

J-Star worthy of Goebbels Award

Some of you may recall a similar sleight of hand in the J-Star‘s coverage of the anti-Israel rally at Dataran Merdeka last August.

The MCA paper reporting on the event had titled their news report, ‘Malaysians of all faiths and races gather to condemn Israel’s actions’ which is far from the truth. It was the Malays and the Muslims mostly who bothered to turn up to stand with Gaza – see my previous article where I’ve compiled dozens of photos of the crowd which was a sea of Malay faces.

“What was glaring was the lack of support from non-Malays”, reported eyewitness Nuraina Samad, the former NST managing editor who’s a prominent blogger.

BELOW: The J-Star was brazenly bluffing when it claimed that Malaysians of “all faiths and races” had gathered to support the Palestinians. It was the MUSLIMS who participated mainly


J-Star deserves trophy for being so tricky

Apart from the MCA paper’s sneaky misrepresentation in the very first paragraph that “Malaysians of various faiths and races braved the sweltering heat at Dataran Merdeka” to support the Palestinians, the Nest of Evangelistas also gave the (false) impression that a lot of non-Muslims attended.

Clearly the Stand With Gaza rally had comprised mostly Muslim groups. Video here, see for yourself.

Yet strangely, the J-Star reporter did NOT interview any Muslim group for his story. Instead the very first person the paper interviewed was a representative from the Council of Churches Malaysia’s youth wing! Talk about chutzpah in claiming undeserved credit.

The J-Star Gaza report on the rally totalled 13 paragraphs. Four out of the 13 paragraphs were devoted to what this Christian chap had to say, despite that fact that the rally participants were almost all Muslims – screenshot of the J-Star page below.

And to rub salt into the Muslim wound, the Council of Churches rep going by the un-Malaysian sounding name of ‘Desonny Tuzan’ was prominently highlighted as early as the fourth paragraph of the story.

The deliberately distorted picture painted by the J-Star is for the purpose of elevating the Christians and downgrading the role of the Muslims. The pattern is too obvious to miss. Likewise the paper’s coverage of the protest against the Taman Medan church.

Let’s now compare with how the Malay press reported the anti-church protest.

Click to enlarge

J-Star‘s transparent Christian agenda

It’s notable that the J-Star’s main interviewees for the story cited above is 60-year-old van driver who is not particularly articulate and did not speak in English as well as a 48-year-old housewife and a 50-year-old manager at a fast food outlet.

Meanwhile the Sinar Harian article when the story first broke quoted Datuk Prof. Abdullah Abu Bakar, Datuk Mat Sah Abu Anas and former Petaling Jaya Selatan Wanita Umno chief Munaliza Hamzah. The Sinar Harian interviewees expressed their views much more strongly than did the J-Star interviewees.

Datuk Mat Sah was quoted by SH as saying, “tolonglah turunkan lambang salib di bangunan itu, hormatlah majoriti komuniti Islam di sini” while Datuk Abdullah said, “pihak mereka juga disarankan untuk menjaga sensitiviti penduduk di sini”. The Wanita Umno (Puan Munaliza) said, “kami berpendapat tak ada keperluan lambang salib dipacakkan di sini”.

The two sets of interviewees – speaking to The J-Star and Sinar Harian – provided a different and contrasting tone.

Rakyat Post photo
Photo credit: Rakyat Post

Sack the MCA!

A glance at the some of the related J-Star headlines following up on the Taman Medan brouhaha will reveal the MCA’s backstabbing agenda clear as daylight.

MCA is more DAP than the DAP in going on a warpath over this issue.

The opposition slant of the J-Star stories below only goes to prove conclusively what I’ve been saying all along – that the MCA paper is a Nest of Evangelistas.


(1) Juraida Jaffar: “Kita orang memang sebulat suara memang tak setuju lah church dibuat dekat situ. Memang sebab sini kawasan majoriti Melayu dan India kan. Memang dia orang tak kan setuju. Sebab mungkin ia akan buat macam, ya lah, sekarang ini banyak orang kata pengaruh-pengaruh yang orang kata banyak agama Islam ini dia lari daripada landasan, kan, jadi saya takut anak Melayu kita terikut (cut – editing by The J-Star). Yang mungkin orang yang tak kuat iman itu, mungkin dia terpesong kan. Jadi kita memang tak mau lah, memang orang kata memang bantah sekuat-kuatnya lah. Memang tak dibenarkan the church letak sini.

(2) Rosnah Mohd Yusof: “Itu hati masing-masing lah, kan. Kalau benda tu kalau letak di mana-mana pun kalau hati itu kita nak pergi pun sama aje kan. Tak ada apa-apa masalah, bagi makcik lah. Tak tau lah orang lain kan.”

(3) Zarin Hashim: “Tak tau nak cakap lah benda ni. Pasal kita tak paham sangat kan. Kalau saya satu orang cakap boleh, orang lain cakap tak boleh pun tak guna juga. Bagi saya tak ada masalah.”

(4) Richard Gan: “This is very uncalled for. Sadly lah I believe ah this is not the way we should live lah our society lah. This is not the way.”

(5) Asmadi Sulaiman: “Sebab benda ini sekarang ini macam ini tau. Kita majoriti penduduk kat sini Islam, dan yang India ada lah tapi tak ramai lah, kan. Majoriti Muslim.

Okay, jadi benda ni, you boleh letak sana pun, you tak ada announcement tau. Haar, takde. Sama ada penduduk sini majoriti ada Kristian ke, bersetuju atau tidak, tak ada.

Jadi benda ini membangkitkan kemarahan orang yang dekat sini ya. Sebab biasanya kita walaupun you nak dirikan kuil atau masjid pun, kita akan buat announcement dulu. Sekarang ni tak ada. Mesti you kena bagitau, kena dia bagi announcement dulu. Ini sekarang takde. Masalah you terus buat.

Penduduk kat sini you tengok sekarang majoriti apa, ugama apa kan. Macam sini Singh sendiri pun kat belakang ada buat. Tapi ada announcement. [Lokasi] Dekat Seri Manja. [Kuil] besar juga tapi ada announcement.

Orang tak bantah sebab you bagi tahu dulu – setuju atau tidak, kan. Kita tengok majoriti macam mana, penduduk.”

(6) M. Vimala: “Kita tak ada masalah lah. Semua ada sembahyang kan. Kita tak ada masalah. Tapi dia punya masalah, dia buat apa pun tak tahu. Kenapa dia nak gaduh, kenapa dia buat itu macam, halau, tak tau lah. Kita tak ada masalah lah. Kita semua sembahyang juga, tak ada masalah.”

(7) Mat Tahir Abdul Rahman: “Kalau buat gereja situ, dia punya ugama, dia punya hal lah masing-masing kan. Ugama masing-masing. Kalau dia tak ganggu orang lain punya ugama, tak ada masalah, bagi saya lah.

“Kalau kita kuat pegang agama, takkan lah memesong. Kalau Islam, dia pegang agama Islam sendiri, dia tak akan memesong lah ugama dia. Kalau dia betul-betul berpegang kepada agama Islam sendiri, walaupun gereja di sebelah dia pun, dia tak akan kacau. Betul tak? Bagi pendapat saya dari segi agama Islam lah. Dia tak akan kacau.

“Kita ugama masing-masing, bebas lah kan. Jangan kacau orang lain. Jangan dia kempen orang lain untuk masuk dia. Maksud kalau dia kempen orang Islam untuk masuk ke Kristian, itu satu salah lah juga. Kalau dia punya orang dia saja, dia nak mempraktikkan agama dia, tak ada masalah lah.”

(8) Jalil Abdullah: “Ada orang komplen lah. Ada orang tak mau agama letak palang salib itu. Tak mau itu saja. Minta diturunkan dengan segera. Semalam turun dengan segera lah. Tak ada kecoh apa-apa pun. Tapi pihak polis apapun semalam polis pun ramai.”


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79 thoughts on “J-Star reporter @ Taman Medan: “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?”

  1. By admitting his line of questioning was “sarcastic”, he just failed the very fundamental requirement of a journalist which is impartiality. If I were his editors, I’d reprimand him.

    He described the “sheer stupidity” of the protestors. What about his colossal stupidity, asking such questions to an inflamed crowd? Lucky for him there was that female journo who saved his butt.

    He has the same attitude as these DAPsters. They think they can go on instigating and needling the Malays, and bristle with outrage when kena wallop. If they keep it up, one fine day they’ll realise they’ve run out of Jannahs to save their asses.

    1. Irma,

      You’re right.

      A reporter doesn’t do his job by asking in a sarcastic tone.

      The J-Star news room is full of Nicholas clones but much, much more virulent models. This is what I’ve been telling this for aeons. But it’s difficult to get those outside the journo fraternity to realise and see what I see of the big picture.

      I repeat: The provocation is coming from the evangelical Christians with a strong Dapster streak. They’re vicious. Just look at all the derogatory snubs against the Malays and the Muslims in Nicholas’ Facebook entry.

      re: “If they keep it up, one fine day they’ll realise they’ve run out of Jannahs to save their asses.”

      The Nicholas Chengs and his fellow Scissorati deserve whatever is coming to them. However before they get can their just desserts, they’d have set our country on fire first.

      1. He’s unrepentant…see what he says…
        I asked them, what authority do you have to tell someone else to not have a church here? Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land? How will a cross turn your son into a Christian.

        These are sensible questions but of course, some people can’t be swayed with rational thinking. This angered the group and many became confrontational, grabbing my shirt and speaking to me in a threatening manner.

        1. Jawapan ini telah saya masukkan dalam ruangan komenter blog Helen Ang, ‘The only things missing is…..
          Saya rasa perlu masukkan komen ini dan ruang komentar di sini. Saya harap Helen Ang mengizinkannya!

          ‘……..I asked them, what authority do you have to tell someone else to not have a church here? Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land? How will a cross turn your son into a Christian……’

          Nichlos adalah salah seorang manusia yang tidak layak menjadi warganegara Malaysia kerana tidak faham sensiviti bangsa dan agama lain di Malaysia!

          Betulkan kalau saya silap, Kawasan ini majority Melayu Islam. Mungkin ada dua tiga kerat mereka yang beragama Kristian tinggal di situ. Saya yakin banyak gereja yang berdekatan , kalau mereka hendak ‘solat’

          Kenapa mesti hendak dirikan di situ juga? Letak lagi lambang agama besar besaran! ‘Mati’ ke ( pinjam kata TDM ) kalau tidak didirikan gereja di situ?

          Oleh yang demikin adalah menjadi, ‘authority’ penduduk di situ membantah kewujudan gereja di kawasan tersebut. Golongan ini masih degil untuk mendirikannya juga. Bukankah perbuatan ini, ‘jahat dan busuk hati’ namanya!

          Lagi pun telah terbukti bangunan itu bangunan kedai dan tidak ada kebenaran pun untuk menjadikannya gereja di situ!

          Nichlos perlu pergi sekolah dan belajar sejarah! Tidak salah kalau Melayu Islam menganggap Malaysia dan Indonesia Negara Islam kerana rumpun bangsa ini paling awal mendiami kawasan kepulauan Nusantara dan mendirikan kerajaan!

          Mereka beragama Islam. Malah TDM pernah mengumumkan dalam Parlimen bahawa Malaysia Negara Islam. Ketika itu tidak ada siapa pun yang berbunyi membantah nya.

          Jadi siapalah Nichlos budak hingusan yang baru berumur setahun jagung untuk pertikaian kan itu dan ini!

          Kalau Nichlos warganegara yang prihatin, tentu dia tahu bahawa Melayu Islam Malaysia amat sensitive dengan lambang lambang agama lain yang sengaja ditayang tayangkan di hadapan mata mereka!

          ‘Right or wrong, it is their sensitivity’ Pespect it!

          Ada komentar mengatakan kenapa tidak protest terhadap lambang lambang agama lain?

          Jawapannya mudah, mereka menggunakan lambang lambang agama mereka ‘secara biasa biasa’ saja dan tidak terdapat unsur provokasi secara tersurat atau tersirat!

          Jadi tuduhan Melayu Islam tidak toleren terhadap agama agama lain adalah TIDAK BENAR sama sekali!

          Jangan pertikaikan kenapa Indonesia (lebih 90% Islam) dan Sabah Sarawak tidak menentang perkara ini tetapi Semenanjung Malaysia menentang pula.

          Pada saya kalau mereka tidak menentangnya itu hak mereka. Begitu juga kalau Melayu Islam di sini menentangnya itu hak kami.

          Jadi kalau kita hendak hidup aman damai, hormatilah hak dan sensitivity orang lain. Bukan MATI pun kalau kita menghormatinya malah tidak sekuman pun menghakis hak dan sensitivy kamu!

          1. Dapster, no cure.

            He’s the product of nurturing in the environment of that Nest.

    2. If you’re stupid, please shut your fucking mouth. Non-Muslims are free to practise their religions. What right do the protesters have to demand the church to remove the cross? You should have asked the question, why are these protesters so uncivilized? Don’t they know that non-Muslims are allowed to profess their religions? Who should be responsible for the outrage shown by those uncivilized monkeys? It’s the government. You speak just like an UMNO running dog. I mean literally you are a dog who keeps running and wagging your tail

      1. Dear Stupid Irma,
        I wonder what will happen if one ustaz decided to built a mosque in the middle of “Kampung Baru Cina”?? Do you think those orang “Kampung Baru Cina ” just clap their hand and say welcome??

      2. Hey dude, in a democracy, majority rules, minority drools!

        The protesters are only exercising their democratic rights.
        Just like the Bersih rally people who believe they have the right
        to do their protests.

        What makes the protesters uncivilized? Do you mean to say that
        just because they are protesting against a provocative religious symbol they are being uncivilized?

        Don’t you know you can’t proselytize to muslims in selangor?

        Why should ‘anybody’ be responsible for the acts of the demonstrators? Who are your implying? And why should these demonstrators be referred to as monkeys? This is what you see them as. This is what you are.

        Keep running and wagging YOUR tail!

        1. ya, good 1. majority rule. lets see sarawakian natives say what if they really want be majority rule

          KUCHING: The Dayak National Congress (DNC), taking a cue from the 50 protesters on Sunday at the church in Taman Medan in Petaling Jaya, warned that his people likewise would be justified in demanding that religious teachers from the peninsula in Sarawak be deported immediately.

    3. Excuse me, sarcastic or not, the 3 questions are 100 percent valid. Ya, I have studied journalism and I know only in Malaysia reporters have to ask ANGKAT KAKI or dedak questions to survive. They cant get the real facts and news, only those favourable to the government…

      Yes, who declared Malaysia as Islamic? the original religion of natives of Malaysia was Pagan, Islam came and conquer.

      SO you sensitive when you claim its a moslem majority area, we dont mind, we get out of the area, then what happen nexts?

      Moslems start moving into Christian majority area and start to proselytise and convert people through all sorts of TAQQIYA technique..

      And as for majority of commenters in this blog, it seems to me that being christian is already a crime…

      YOU people deserved to be exposed to the rest of the world

    1. What is the reason for demolition? Even if the temple was initially built on plantation land and thereafter the land was sold, it is within the rights of the new owner (whether government or individuals or corporations) to demolish them. It may sound insensitive and cruel but the rights of the new owner to enjoy the land must be respected.

  2. I think we are at a point whereby a Muslim will be able to shoot a Christian for no apparent reason at all, and Helen will write an article defending the Muslim and somehow laying all blame on the Christian. That’s how biased and unreasonable she has become.

    1. Apart from the protest, there is another issue worth to be discussed. The professionalism of IGP. One of the protestors or leader of the protest is the brother of IGP. IGP being the no. 1 police in Msia has failed to act impartially and displayed his conflict of interest. The IGP immediately absolve any wrong doings of the protestors. By right, he should recused himself and allow the investigation to be led by some other officials that have no interest in the protest.

      Despite the clear indication of conflict of interest, Helen has ignored it. Instead, she chose to train her gun on The Star reporter. The Star reporter is just a ‘small character’ compare to the IGP.

      1. The J-Star reporter is representative of his organization.

        I’ve already made it clear. There’s replicas of him aplenty in the news room. Like the Clones in Star Wars or a terracotta warrior. They’re one unit in the vast army.

        1. re: The J-Star reporter is representative of his organization.

          Ok. But is the Star ‘bigger’ than the IGP? IGP is the top cop. If he displayed such impartiality, that would reflect badly on the entire PDRM. Bear in mind PDRM is a public body that police the entire nation. No replacement at all.

          The Star is a private newspaper. Not everyone reads The Star. Lots of equivalent newspaper available in Msia. Being a private entity, The Star will definitely carry some hidden and bias agenda. Nothing strange. Like Utusan, Media Prima, Makkal Osai etc.

          Now, will you censure the IGP in your blog?

          1. re: “Now, will you censure the IGP in your blog?”

            He’s investigating the TMI editors. Good job!

          2. freedom of speech what meh? cannot handle ah? I thought this is the dream nation of free speech those human rights fanatics such as you love to see and thrive.

            why suddenly when it is against you suddenly you ask police to shutdown your opposition? i dont believe you urge IGP to act on bersih rally or reformasi or lynas issue eh?

            even with all those police and civilian punching and all sorts of vandalism. it is condone in the name of freedom of speech rite? those taman medan folks just give the taste of your own medicine. bitter are you?

            1. re: i dont believe you urge IGP to act on bersih rally or reformasi or lynas issue eh?

              How you know whether I did or didn’t?

              Anyway, I am referring to the manner of the IGP in handling the protest. I really want to know if your can see the element of conflict of interest. Obviously Helen didn’t.

              1. And how did you know igp will or will not act? You see im just replicating your prejudice. So since you are free to accuse someone. So am i to accuse you.

                You think everything happen without a reason? So just swallow this bitter freedom of speech pill.

                If you think we are backward, downward or barbaric so are we to see you as agent of provocateur, traitor, kiasu, selfish, b**tard and retarded. No more mr nice guy for you.

                We dont buy your jesus love you or najib’s delusional 1malaysia utopia.

                1. re: And how did you know igp will or will not act?

                  Get your facts right. I am talking about conflict of interest of the IGP. Not whether the IGP should act or otherwise. Guess you don’t understand how the concept applies. When a person encounter a situation that may compromise his professionalism, he should abstain from that situation.

                  One of the protester is the brother of IGP. IGP made a statement to the effect of absolving his brother by saying ‘the protest is not seditious’. He is seen as protecting his brother. The IGP is not suppose to act on the issue. He should recuse/refrain from the matter and allow someone else to take over. Luckily, the boss of IGP i.e. Home Minister and PM have contradicted the IGP and said the protest and seditious and investigation should proceed. Now, the IGP made a u-turn and said “I’m not worried if action is taken against my brother”. Why backtracked from his earlier stand?

                  1. Perhaps he stand corrected. Unlike some. Sanggup menipu. Macam ni.

                    ‘Kenyataan Presiden Majlis Perundingan Agama Buddha, Kristian, Hindu, Sikh dan Tao Malaysia (MCCBCHST), Jagir Singh mengenai isu gereja dan Perlembagaan Negara yang disiarkan dalam sebuah portal berita hari ini adalah satu trend tidak sihat.

                    Ini kerana Jagir hanya memetik Perkara 11(3) sekerat sahaja, kata pengamal undang-undang, Aidil Khalid kepada

                    Sambil menempelak perbuatan itu, Aidil berkata, Jagir secara salah dan tidak tepat membuat kenyataan berhubung peruntukan Perlembagaan Persekutuan.’


                    ‘Sama ada Jaghir Singh ini menipu, atau Malaysian Insider yang menipu menggunakan nama Jaghir Singh ini, belum dapat dipastikan siapa yang melakukannya. Tetapi, apa yang pasti, perkataan “without any approval” memang tidak wujud sama sekali dalam Perkara 11 (3) Perlembagaan.

                    Malah, Perlembagaan Persekutuan pada Perkara 3 (1) , 11 (3c) , 11 (4) dan Perkara 11 (5) jelas meletakkan syarat-syarat yang mengikat Perkara 11 (3) tersebut.’


    2. Aik? Org kristian yg pasang salib pastu salahkan org bila org islam marah? Clap clap..there show your otak

  3. Did this church obtain the approval to operate on commercial property? The news says it doesn’t have a permit but that can be misleading because churches don’t need permits to exist, but they need approvals to run.

    Or is it established as a company but operating as a church? Then there’s something amiss if that is the case.

    Either way, can the authorities please come up with a strategy and consistent plan on zoning for non-Muslim places of worship especially in the West coast and Klang Valley?


    So, that church does not have any license to operate in that building.
    Everybody got played by the evangelists.
    When Muslims question why the need of church is middle of majority Muslims, they call them stupid.
    But when the minorities question why mosque was built in non-Muslims majority area (…..*deafening silence*

  5. In the first place itu Church ke rumah kedai? Tentu ada peraturan dan undang2.Kalau gereja tak kenalah tempatnya. Carilah tempat yg bersesuaian buat gereja. Pun janganlah buat kuil merata2. Ikutlah peraturan seperti di Singapura.

    1. Masjid buat merata-rata kami tak bising pun. Kereta moto parking sampai ke tengah jalan masa solat jumaat pun kami tak kecoh

      1. Sebab islam ni agama persekutuan. Baca perlembagaan la dulu. Bila suruh carik negara lain yang suka tau melenting. Bangang nak mampus sama la dgn nama stupid kau tu.

        1. Jentayu,

          Pencerahan kamu “islam ni agama persekutuan” adalah sah untuk mempertahankan “Masjid buat merata-rata”.

          Adakah ia menghalalkan “Kereta moto parking sampai ke tengah”? Seolah-olah undang-undang trafik negara tergantung seketika (tanpa penguatkuasaan) semasa sembahyang Jumaat.

            1. re: Muslim ada merata-rata. 6.3 in every 10 Malaysians wor?!

              Agree with you. This cannot be disputed.

              My question is:

              Just because 6.3 out of 10 Msians are Muslims, does it mean that during Friday prayers traffic regulations need not be obeyed and Muslims can “Kereta moto parking sampai ke tengah”?

  6. If I was the interviewee, I would have bruised his nostrils and broken his lips and leaving him gasping for breath…his last breath….

    Tolerance is no more in the Melayu lexicon/dictionary/kamus. Melayus are boiling over many things… We don’t give a damn what the Dap led Malay Muslim monkeys a in so-called pakatan nor the moderate UMNO goon leading the nation.

    Can’t wait for GE14. Come what may, the Malay votes will not go to the Chinese christians especially.

    1. This is a comment by another barbaric monkey, sorry I mean bastard. Why do you need to resort to violence, when a reporter asks you, who authorizes you to remove the cross? When a mosque in Terengganu was demolished, did you actually question why the mosque was demolished? Shut the fuck up if you are stupid

      1. If you like using a handle/moniker like “Stupid Melayu Malaysia” and you spray ‘f’-word and employ such rough language, then why be surprised when your community is confronted with hostility?

      2. The only bastard here is you. Even bastard is more mulia than you. Actually there is no word to describe a creature like you. Go ask the church first la who give you the right to put cross and use premise as worshipping place. There is a reason the law was spelled out in the first place. But your kind love to twist the law when you bend or bulldoze them.

      3. Hey you stupid. YOU should shut the fuck are the one who is the stupidest… Haaha..calling others, old school, old methods.. macam budak. Ini lah pengikut ajaran sesat pakatoon.. looney toon.

  7. Helen Ang. You are nobody’s stooge. Do not be a running dog (a dog that runs), please

  8. Kak Helen, not that i want to curb freedom of speaking speech. This is your site.
    Obviously this guy/girl is like a cancer (anon 1.35, 1.37).
    This is the kind of retards that spoils a heathy discussion.
    This guy/girl obviously a troll who don’t have a life, can’t think and live only to provoke other people.
    These kind of people is obviously an attention whore, who crave for attention because he/she can’t have one.

  9. Here comes the “liberal” Muslim apologist….The kind that the evagelistas love…..

    A local Muslim actress and model voiced indignation today over the forced removal of a church cross by a group of Muslims in Petaling Jaya, and extended an apology on their behalf to “my Christian sisters and brothers”.

    Wardina Safiyyah, who now resides in Australia, also expressed hope that the church in Taman Medan would not take down its cross. “I hope the cross stays there. ‪#‎letthecrossstay Please don’t take it down,” the tudung-clad actress wrote on her Facebook page.

    1. Don’t play-play. Wardina Safiyyah is the Prime Minister’s consultant. She is a member of the National Unity CONSULTATIVE Council (NUCC).

  10. Haha, Stupid Melayu Malaysia @1.37. You are so correct. Helen IS nobody’s stooge! Thank you for admitting and recognising that.

  11. Are the 50 or so protestors law enforcement officials working for the MPPJ or PDRM assuming they know it is illegal?

    Whichever way you look at it, they have broken the law by taking matters into their own hands. No point pointing fingers at other directions to absolve their illegal actions. It gives a bad taste to the mouth.

    What will happen next if everyone also starts taking matters into their own hands?

    Inciting hatred, gathering without a permit, acting as law enforcers without authority is a sure recipe for disaster as trend setters for others.

    I blame the PDRM for not being firm in enforcing the law impartially and without biasness.

    If the IGP can’t enforce the laws, it’s time for him to resign.

    1. re: “Inciting hatred, gathering without a permit, acting as law enforcers without authority is a sure recipe for disaster as trend setters for others.”

      Sounds like the DAP’s bajungu (purple shirts).

      re: “I blame the PDRM for not being firm in enforcing the law impartially and without biasness.”

      Is it treason to the YDP Agong to maintain an extralegal uniformed force? Perhaps LGE should be investigated.

      Evangelist church illegal. Penang auxiliary police (bajungu) illegal. What else illegal? Ah Long, massage parlours, gambling dens …

      1. There’s something wrong with your way of rationalising one thing against another which is way beyond Mars.

        Wasn’t action already taken against those mentioned?

        Would such rationalisation absolve those 50 protestors of breaking the law?

        Anarchy starts when people like you keeps on inciting and encouraging others to do wrong even when it is clearly against the law.

        Or is there 2 sets of laws to govern in Malaysia? One for UMNO and Malays and another set of laws for the nons?

        1. Not really Dandy. It’s common knowledge that Helen has been bought over by BN. Most probably after she was arrested and charged with sedition a few years back. These are not her real views, just what she’s paid to write.

          1. re: “It’s common knowledge that Helen has been bought over by BN.”

            Oh really? If I’m bought over by the BN, then I should be cheerleading the BN administration. That means Najib & Co. Or Chua Soi Lek/LioW Tiong Lai & Co. Has my blog been cheerleading Najib & Co. or Chua Soi Lek/Liow Tiong Lai & Co.?

            re: “Most probably after she was arrested”

            I was detained in Perak – okay, you can call it “arrest” if you like – along with hundreds of other people. Among the known names – Salahuddin Ayub, Mujahid Yusof, Zuraida Kamaruddin, Dr Jeyakumar (all MPs), Jenice Lee (ex-Adun), Uncle Zorro (blogger) – the day the Pakatan state government was toppled.

            No police action was taken against all the people I’ve named above. So why should any action have been taken against lil’ ol’ me?

            Hundreds of people have been arrested/detained during all the Bersih protests as well. So what?

            re: “charged with sedition a few years back”

            I was questioned by the police, that’s true. I popped in at the police station accompanied by Surendran (then a human rights lawyer, today the PKR vice president). The visit didn’t last more than an hour.

            Hundreds of people have been questioned by police. Susan Loone of Malaysiakini and Tan Hoon Cheng of Sin Chew were questioned by police too in relation with sedition. Neither have been charged. I’ve never been charged with anything by the police either.

            If you’re going to allege that I’ve been charged with sedition, then please cite the news report saying so. But of course you can’t produce any news clipping to show this. You are a pemfitnah.

            re: “These are not her real views, just what she’s paid to write.”

            Oh, you’ve seen my bank account and paycheque, is it? You people are pemfitnah.

            And this is why I do not support Pakatan. What kind of people are you? Sneaky. Dan kalau tak bohong, tak putar belit maka tak layak lah digelar sebagai penyokong DAP.

            When I criticized Umno, nobody from Umno ever accused me of being paid by DAP.

            These are my real views all right. I find your side if the political fence most despicable. Buka mulut aje, fitnah yang keluar.

      2. Dulu penduduk pun sudah protes, sebelum mereka buat gereja, di kawasan Melayu pula ! Waktu itu Selangor di bawah kuasa siapa ? Pekakkan telinga, butakan mata Majlis Perbandaran tidak terlibat juga ? Kenapa resah penduduk di abaikan, kenapa gereja ini wujud juga ?

        Ini bukan soal penduduk yang salah. Sensitiviti agama itu masih amat penting. Jadi liberal/sekular bukan pilihan majoriti Melayu Islam Malaysia kerana ia bertentangan dengan akidah !

        Mahu salahkan penduduk Melayu ? Mahu di ungkit bumi Tanah Melayu ini milik siapa ?? Melayu bodoh tidak bertamadfun lagi atau atau jenis tidak lupa tongkang masih tidak sedarkan diri setelah menjadi rakyat Malaysia ? Maka ramai red bean menyamar menjadi stupid malay beri komen negatif ! Handal nya menyamar…..

        Wartawan cina ini mesti di caj bawah akta hasutan ! Provokasi penduduk secara kurang ajar ! Sebelum nya penduduk marah dengan cara gereja ini “menonjolkan” diri di kawasan penempatan mereka lantas di simbah minyak oleh cina muda yang mungkin di asuh, di didik bersikap “berprasangka.” Wartawan sepatut nya bersikap neutral, seperti helen katakan. Itu etika nya. Apa lagi bersikap bias!

        Agama masing-masing cara masing-masing ! Apabila fahaman mula di sebarkan kepada anak-anak muslim, apa reaksi mereka yang berpegang kuat ajaran Islam ? Di tambah lambang salib begitu besar menonjol – tidak kah ini juga provokasi kepada penduduk setempat ? Tidak perlu hormat ? Bullshit lah bila talking about respect your kejiranan (being yahudi yeoh, as helen put it!) Bermuka-muka. Saya ramai kenalan kristian, tetapi sikap murni mereka hampir selari cara Islam, tapi bukan cara gereja ini tonjolkan.

        Sepatut nya, Helen boleh rujuk Al Quran (seperti beberapa artikel sebelum ini- rujukan tepat) tentang fahaman muslim terhadap praktis agama2 yang lain untuk pemahaman hakikat kafirun jumud ini. Namun ada ayat menyatakan, jika jiran BUKAN muslim itu tidak lagi menghormati dan mula menggangu Islam, apa Allah SWT nasihatkan ? Ini lah selalu terjadi….

        Nyata nya bukan Islam akhir-akhir ini suka sangat membuat provokasi melampau. Untuk apa ? Ada kah Najib setuju ?

        1. re: “Maka ramai red bean menyamar menjadi stupid malay beri komen negatif !”

          Memang. Makhluk-makhluk yang begitu jijik.

      3. Helen,

        If people putting kangkung to the effigy of PM to mock him are deemed not insulting PM, then i am sure 50 something protesters too are not inciting hatred or violence for their objection to a cross in midst of mMslim majority area.

        1. A man may not presume himself to be a leader of leaders but must prove his premiership qualities – otherwise the crew will be without a moral compass and mutually blame one another when the ship hits the rocks.

        2. SA,

          If the protest is allowed to be set as precedent, imagine what will happen next. People can simply gather 50 or so Muslims, protest in front of any church and demand that the cross be taken down.

          Will you want this to be set as example?

      4. Helen aaang. They built a mosque right in front of an existing 100 year old church in majority christian area and everything is OK, you are the defender and apologist for islamic conquest and TAQQIYA

    2. Sorry la ndee, you are nobody to order anyone to resign or something. Just like the old school method up there by the name of Stupid something. You and ‘it’ are of the same kind. What more the are not worth even a dirt compared to the IGP. You are just a dundee who continues living here on the governmet’s virtue.

  12. Now look at this.

    A Selangor executive councillor disputed today that the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) said the church in the centre of a protest in Taman Medan was operating illegally, insisting that such permits are unnecessary in the state.

    Elizabeth Wong, who is the co-chair on the Selangor state committee on non-Islamic affairs (HESI), said MBPJ councillors confirmed at a meeting today with the Community of Praise Petaling Jaya Church representatives, advisors to her state committee and several lawmakers that the previous state committee has been allowing churches to operate in commercial premises without permits since 2008, and that churches only need to notify the committee. “This is based on the principle that Article 11 of the Federal Constitution embodies freedom of worship,” Wong said in a statement.

    It is shocking that an exco can make such outrageous statement without a regard to law and procedures in place. And she’s quoting the Federal Constitution to support her ! I think she needs to be educated in the difference between the Constitution and the law. Perhaps the law-minister wanna be Ambiga can help.

    Just because the state exco and local councillors allowed this to happen doesn’t mean it’s legal. And she’s really confused on the role of town councillors who are not law makers or enforcement officers.

    Remember how the MD Kajang officers went inside a private house to demolish a temple ? How’s a shrine in a private home can be demolished while a church in public space allowed to operate without permit?? Selangor is truly now the Evangelista’s Paradise.

    Selangor Darul Evangelista !

    1. CS,

      If you insist that what the Exco said is incorrect, please enlighten us what is the procedure or regulations required to operate a church.

      1. See mbpj response dont play deaf. There’s already a rule under local government act that worshipping premise should be registered to local government.

        1. The Exco said no permit is needed. Only notification. Who should prevail? Exco or MBPJ?

          The Exco has denied the statement of MBPJ.

          The statement by the MBPJ or Petaling Jaya City Council officer, as reported by The Star Online today, that the church was operating illegally and needed a permit, was therefore inaccurate, Wong said. – See more at:

          1. Exco main politik maa. Undang-undang kata haram dan kena mohon permit. Nak ikut sedap mulut cakap macam Singh kat majlis kafir ke atau nak ikut undang-undang?

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