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“Extremism!” screams Hannah Yeoh on Taman Medan church brouhaha

Hannah And that's extremism!

BELOW: Nicholas Cheng, The J-Star‘s Christian reporter who covered the story

There are “only 9 percent” Christians in the Malaysian population but there are so (too) many of them in the DAP leadership and EvangeliSTAR newsroom.

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46 thoughts on ““Extremism!” screams Hannah Yeoh on Taman Medan church brouhaha

  1. It’s certainly about permit and the big red cross.

    If it’s a church then by all means put up your cross. But it’s a shop house. It’s not an approved place of worship, nor a church. The MBPJ had confirmed that.

    Even if it’s a place of worship, such as the Chinese Temple in Kampung Tembioh in Kota Tinggi, you cannot anyhow erect something for worshipping without approval. Not even when that ‘something ‘ was a 36’ high Sam Tai Chi costing well over half a million ringgit. Extremism? The temple has existed in the midst of the riverside Malay kampung for more than five decades.

    Look, the Chinese have turned thousands of different locations into places for various kind of illegal activities disguised as worshipping places. It could be amongst the terrace houses in your neighbourhood, under some big trees road junctions or unused government lands. They are used for collecting alms for unknown activities, as illegal cult activities unrelated to Buddhism or Taoism or even condemned by the Buddhist and Taoist Authorities , as gambling dens, as centres of kongsi gelaps, as disguised to cheat women and children for money or human trafficking, or simply set up by conmen before putting up advertisements in Chinese Newspapers luring gullible people for cheating activities.

    Even the Indians, too, used kuils for gang activities and as disguise to collect protection money.

    And look, too, that the Malays being the majority in Peninsular have been more than forgiving and accommodating to all these nonsense. So please don’t cry foul in the name of freedom of religion. it’s populist in the most irresponsible form to say the least to allow foolish people to fool themselves with ‘religion’ of their own creation.

    It’s true that the red cross would not convert a Muslim. But would it strengthen a Christian’s belief? If it would, then it must have some kind of miracle power? If it wouldn’t, why put it up at a prominent place of a shophouse not approved for use as a church facing the main road ?

    If it’s not for provocation, what was that for?

    1. Very well, if one wants to talk about the real order of respect or one’s respectability, with all due respect pls observe or respect all standing or existing rules first before you indulge in anything. Pls use some brain.

    2. Correct. How come DAP all this while is shouting from the rooftops about CAT, accountability, proper governance and all those “right stuff” and now suddenly when it was exposed that the “church” did not have permits to operate, Hannah “Soalan mulut” Yeoh immediately wanted to deflect the improper conduct by negatively labelling others as “extremists”?

      I guess that’s why DAP and some people in the Selangor State Government in the past was so elegantly silent about that DUMC case and quickly shifted the blame on the ex-PAS Exco and JAIS when they raided DUMC. Got permit ah?

      As usual PKR is shouting about human rights and PAS is still rudderless about the whole thing. These evangelistas like to provoke others and when people react, they started to roll on the ground crying victim.

      Beware of the Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.


    3. The Cross is the central emblem of the Christian faith.

      But don’t take my word for it. Go ask any of your Christian friends (if you have any, that is).

      It seems that the MBPJ and the Selangor state government see this matter differently.

      Can we now expect legal proceedings all the way up to the Federal Court?

      And there’s plenty of loose talk about “provocation”. It makes you wonder just who are the “provocateurs” and “provocatees” (if I might coin a word).

      In any case, asking good sense to prevail seems to be a forlorn cause.

      1. Gereja tu haram. Nak display salib tu pun tak ada permit. Tapi tak pa asalkan minoriti happy, Muslims kena pejamkan mata saja!

    4. HaNaNah has a right to scream given she is loud speaker. But her days are numbered. U know, Hadi n khalid met in indonesia recently. Once khalid be MB again, hananah can pencen lah.

  2. Just look at the behaviour of the so-called peaceful Christian Chinese….despicable!
    Terbaru, perbuatan seorang wanita menggunakan nama Connie Chong yang memuat naik gambar majlis kematian Najib sambil dikelilingi beberapa sami buddha yang menjalankan kerja-kerja upacara kematian mengikut adat kaum Cina.

    Sehingga laporan ini dibuat, lebih 14 ribu pengguna facebook sudah melayari laman terbabit.

    1. Oh, no….not you again!

      I am waiting for your rebuttal to my “codswallop” comment in another thread in this blog.

      I am also curious about your definition of the word “despicable”.

      Why not use words like “abhorrent”, “hateful” or “contemptible”?

      Or roll out the big “S” word – as in “seditious”.

      Linguistic clarity is is a much-desired quality.


      1. And how does your ridiculous frivolity relate to the man’s factual misgivings about the comic disparagement of the prime minister?

        1. Who was disparaging the PM?

          Oh, wait – is it Tun Dr M?

          So, his “disparagements” are ok, but others are not?

          Strange logic, this!

          1. No, lah…he’s backing down. And seeking excuses to do so.

            Doesn’t have a leg to stand on, since he’s been bested in a logical debate.

            It’s par for the course for bullying parvenu-types!

              1. Cease and desist, for methinks yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look (with apologies to The Bard).

                Of course, there are no “lean and hungry” types in Umno and the rest of the BN. On the contrary, they all look well-fed, smug and self-satisfied.

                And, of course, there are no “knaves” in Umno etc.

                Perish the thought!

                1. Hahaha….given up, have you?

                  What happened to the impeccable logic of your forceful and reasoned arguments?

                  And let’s not forget that clowns do hold up mirrors to the face of humanity … can look that up, if you are so inclined.

  3. re, The Malays being the majority ,has been more forgiving and accommodating to all this nonsense’s .

    I am tired to be a Malay .

  4. Ms H. But these folks could not penetrate into the PAP leadership of Singapore ! Does this tell us something ? Are they being used ?

  5. pandai madam speaker ni taichi. padahal memang ada peruntukan dalam akta 133 yang mana premis yang diubahsuai tempat ibadat mesti dilesenkan dan patuh pada syarat yang PBT tetapkan.

    pada dia asalkan geng2 kristian evangelis dia yang buat semuanya betul walaupun langgar undang2 sedia ada. mana tak kaduk naik junjung puak2 ni.

    speaker sendiri bagi green light. kalau ada orang halang, tuduh je mereka tu ekstremis. modus operandi dia sama je. tapi ada jugak melayu bodoh macam panel NUCC yang sanggup jadik burung kakatua pada madam speaker.

    harap kak Helen boleh juga highlight melayu2 tak sedar diri macam wardina dalam post2 yang akan datang.

  6. The Pagan Origins of the Cross

    “That which is now called the Christian cross was originally no Christian emblem at all, but was the mystic Tau of the Chaldeans and Egyptians — the true original form of the letter T — the initial of the name of Tammuz […] That mystic Tau was marked in baptism on the foreheads of those initiated in the Mysteries, and was used in every variety of way as a most sacred symbol. […] The Vestal virgins of Pagan Rome wore it suspended from their necklaces, as the Catholic nuns do now. The Egyptians did the same […] There is hardly a Pagan tribe where the cross has not been found. The cross was worshipped by the Pagan Celts long before the incarnation and death of Christ.”

      1. I have done the reading as you advised, but what is your point? How is the CROSS symbol analogical to the proper name “ALLAH” in terms of their significance to Trinitarian Christianity and to Unitarian Islam, respectively?

  7. ‘…….it’s about lack for respect for another person’s religious belief…..’

    Ini lah yang dikatakan ‘bontot cerek mengata bontot kuali hitam!

    Ada kah Hannah Yeoh merasakan hanya kepercayaan orang beragama Kristian sahaja yang berhak untuk dihormati?

    Bagaimana pula dengan hak dan sensitivity umat dan agama Islam?

    Dalam satu nafas. tahu pun bangunan gereja itu tidak mendapat permit pihak yang berkuasa untuk beroperasi sebagai gereja!

    Umat Kristian seperti Hannah Yeoh adalah umat yang memberi malu kepada ajaran Kristian. Saya yakin agama Kristian juga mewajibkan umatnya mematuhi ajaran agama dan undang undang Negara!

    Pelik bagaimana Melayu boleh mengundi Hannah Yeoh di Subang Jaya. Saya yakin ada Melayu ‘bangang’ yang mengundi wanita ini!

    1. Harap Melayu tu dah semakin sedar dengan insiden gereja haram salib takdak permit kat premis rumah kedai di Taman Medan!

      Tengok macam mana bila depa dapat kuasa, depa akan buat ikut suka!

  8. Why place a church in a malay/muslim majority area like Taman Medan unless there is an ulterior motive? It just doesn’t make sense. The protesters did the right thing.

    The JStar reporter’s questions to the protesters were provocative and doesn’t speak of good journalism ethics.

    And worst still the dumb Pee Emm who has been suffering “period pain” to comment on many other more important issues decides to issue a statement despite frolicking in Kazakhstan with his new in-laws.

    1. Don’t think there’s any ulterior motive. Taman Medan is a malay area. Usually Malay area does not command as much in rental or sales price especially if in the vicinity of malay reserved land. Subang Jaya used to be attractive for the churches to set up but the prices have skyrocketed. And also Taman Medan is quite accessible.

      Of course, if they can get a few more supporters in the area, so much the better.

  9. Typical Evangelist Dapsters hypocrite, anarchist, gangsterism attitude.Start something which is against the law then scream and shout when people react with another law breaking act.

  10. Jeritan “extremists” HY telah disambut di Sarawak.

    “The Dayak National Congress (DNC), taking a cue from the 50 protesters on Sunday at the church in Taman Medan in Petaling Jaya, warned that his people likewise would be justified in demanding that religious teachers from the peninsula in Sarawak be deported immediately.”

    Of course, that seems like shooting themselves in the foot. Are there enough non-Muslim teachers to cover the whole of Sarawak?

    1. takpa la OK depa dah mula sombong. Dulu masa cikgu kurang, orang semenanjung kena paksa pergi mengajar kat Sarawak. Depa pun tak hingin sebenarnya, tapi dah kerana tugas. Tapi lani Sarawak dah maju. Dah ramai anak bangsa jadi Cikgu dah mula juah, riak, takabur. Takpa hantar balik semua anak semenanjung. Keluarga depa pun rindu kat depa!

      1. I’m looking at this from a different angle. I don’t believe that the bumis of Sarawak are racially or religiously inclined. They are into the us vs semenanjung but I’ve not heard of us vs Muslims before, especially since a lot of families have multi-religions. I’m saying that that statement sounds more like Dapster-speak.

      2. Religious teachers, or is that teachers of religion?

        Will they be missed?

        I would guess that teachers of English, Maths, Science, ICT – the “hard stuff” would be more in demand and more beneficial to students in East Malaysia.

        You know, that old-fangled notion of educating these students to make their way in a hard sciences & ICT-driven world where being merely good isn’t good enough.

        Of course, that wouldn’t have crossed your mind now, would it?

          1. I try my best.

            It’s a quality you should try and emulate instead of carping and whingeing about the “unfairness” of it all – competition, globalisation, meritocracy….well, you get the drift.

            Or don’t you?

            I love taking the mickey out of responders like you. The transparency of their agendas is so obvious.

  11. The crusader is alive, well and waiting for the final onslaught on Taman Medan, Jurusalem.

  12. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Extremism? I thought Hannah Yeoh supports Freedom of Speech and Freedom of expression :)

    She supports Eric Paulsen and LKS when they rudely questioned the Khutbah Jumaat.

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