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Hannah and her hotel room




Bishop Ng Moon Hin, president of Bible Society of Malaysia

Ng Moon Hin Bersih

Hannah hotel room



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16 thoughts on “Hannah and her hotel room

  1. HY seems to have a wicked sense of humor. That tweet pic – that’s one small spray of water, kinda looked like a stream of pee.

  2. Where are the expensive consultants that UMNO paid billions for publicity. Still drunk from their 1st month salary?

    1. Of course they are not drunk. They are kept very very busy by TDM. In case you don’t know, that’s Umno’s biggest enemy today, not the PKR or DAP.

      It takes a whole team of idiots, uh I mean consultants, to drum up strategies like getting TV3 to go on and on about jambatan bengkok or get some nobody to question TDM’s son’s wealth.

      1. They’re also the ones (using various pseudonyms) writing those nasty, kurang ajar Letters to the Editor badmouthing Tun, I strongly suspect.

  3. ‘Tentunya kita menunggu badan-badan seperti Bersih, COMANGO, Negara-ku, #KitaLawan, Lawyers For Liberty dan SAMM contohnya untuk membuat kenyataan menyokong sepenuh hati hak untuk berdemo dan bersuara seperti yang ditunjukkan 50 ‘flash mob’ daripada Taman Medan tersebut dan mengutuk sebarang usaha untuk menafikan hak berdemo kumpulan tersebut yang dipelihara dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia seperti yang dibuat oleh kumpulan pesara kerajaan G25, Majlis Peguam, Majlis Gereja, ahli-ahli politik dan beberapa personaliti tempatan!’

  4. Ambiga buat-buat lupa pulak.

    “I have asked myself what have Malaysians done to deserve this? What have we done to deserve such stifling of our freedoms?” she asked in a forum at the Asean People’s Conference at Wisma MCA in Kuala Lumpur today.

    “We are quite peace-loving. So, what is it?”

    – See more at:

    Sapa suruh demo sana. Demo sini. Provoke sana. Provoke sini. Padan Muka!

    1. Ambiga (mother of all religions) weren’t you going to liberate the church to anoint same-sex marriages?

  5. I am very sad that the Church is too busy attending to opposition politics that I am so pissed off that I have not gone to church in years.

    I went to one service in Malacca (Steadhaus) and all in the preacher talked was the bullying of Christians due to the Allah issue. Yes, politics in front of the Chinese tourists – who were busy clicking away.

    I am now more like a Christian Murtad. I don’t want to spend my Sundays listening to a ceramah, in fact I dont even go to ceramah by BN or Pakatan anyway.

        1. Two years before that I ponteng church and go once a quarter. Lepas itu bila the Bersih rubbish started, i ponteng terus including ponteng Christmas and Easter.

  6. I think that is why so many Pakatan MPs did not attend the debating/voting sessions at Dewan Rakyat regarding POTA. Most of them were abroad, not well, have other things to do and one idiot Pakatan MP even claimed have no information about POTA being tabled. I think they purposely did that by not attending the session allowing POTA to be passed into law, so that they can use POTA as another boogeyman to scare and trick their stupid supporters that this country and the government are oppressive, jahat, zalim dan sebagainya. Nak main wayang lagi la tu. Nak naikkan kemarahan org dgn demo tak habis2.

    Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas. Hati-hati.


    P.S. The hotel sprayed water? Why so small one? Maybe somebody sprayed holy water to convert all those protestors down there.

    1. re: “Maybe somebody sprayed holy water to convert all those protestors down there.”

      The protesters down there kena tear gas while Her Holiness Hannah is up in the hotel room watching the baptism of water.

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