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Checklist: Description of a BN voter

What they (Pakatan supporters) think of us

– If you voted for BN in the last general election, you must be a village idiot living in the kampung (in the eyes of the opposition follower).

– You are (in their mind) an unproductive citizen who doesn’t qualify to pay income tax.

– You’re someone who mooches on subsidies and are quite contented to live on crutches (or so they believe). village idiot

“Selling your soul for a few bread crumbs”

– You don’t have any worries (they think) because a host of facilities such as health clinics, Mara colleges and UiTM are all brought to your doorstep out there in the boondocks – see Karunagaran Rajagopal’s Facebook entry – screenshot above. .

– You’re corrupt (they’re convinced) because you’re willing to vote in other corrupt people just like yourselves.

– (They’re sure that) you’ve sold your soul for a few bread crumbs.

– (They reckon) the concept of democracy is alien to you.

– (They see you as) an individual who lacks integrity.

– You think nothing of the rule of law and do not support for there to be any check and balance (going by their allegations).

To the Pakatan supporter, the description above fits you (Dear Reader) and me (The Blogmaster).

village idiot

The screenshot above describing the typical BN voter is provided by Facebooker Karunagaran Rajagopal and can be read @

J-Star editors think along the same line too, except that they’re subtler in their indirect communication and sneakier with words – pandai baling batu sorok tangan. Read ‘The Star thinks Malays are stupid


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30 thoughts on “Checklist: Description of a BN voter

  1. Good Morning MS Helen, please allow me to go off topic:..

    “MCA says to ignore Alvin Tan ridiculing the Azan”, the Muslim call for prayers…. And for other tribes, different rules is it Ti Lian Ker?
    Sedap mulut, otak penuh najis

    You see, Islam and Malays can be trampled, stepped on, ridiculed and shred to pieces and all MCA and other liberal minded citizens can smilingly say it is a one-off incident, No need to make a mountain out of a molehill. And the Muslim and Melayus have to “sabar, sabar, sabar..” thats what the goon leaders in BN will say. Similarly the case of throwing a pig’s head, blood into surau some time ago……

    Please tell me how can Melayus/Muslim smile and be liberal about it. If it was about love they why is it full of hatred…..

    At any rate, MCA would be dead by next GE and if ever there would be a BN cabinet, MCA ministership would be by courtesy and invitation of the goon leading the pack

    1. Muslims are overly sensitive and violent in many instances. So what if Alvin makes fun of Islam? How does that impact on your daily life? Are you that small minded to think that God needs defending? Alvin just needs to be ignored and he will eventually go quiet. If Malays are so influenced by what a troll like Alvin says about their precious faith, then maybe they are not very bright.

      Now I hear that the MCMC wants Google to block his youtube account. The fact that your sensitivities can be trampled on so easily makes me glad that I am not part of your religion.

      Christ is mocked a hell of a lot more than Muhammad or any other deity/prophet, especially in the West. We don’t see Christians worldwide resorting to murder and anarchy in response to this. Muslims should learn to not get so sensitive about what others say and just worry about their own lives and their own salvation.I am pretty sure that’s what God wants for you guys.

  2. So, their own perception or what has been drummed into them by opposition propaganda?

    Either way, considering UMNO is the major recipient of BN votes and who mostly lives in the rural villages, citing MARA and UiTM, you can guess who they are trying to offend and provoke, not to forget the name of the guy who wrote that up also becomes a factor, no matter what. Wouldn’t be surprised if that kind of names are the other commenters as well.

    Well, this is why UMNO will continue to get more of those votes. Because no matter what those people pretend to think they are, we can see through their actions and words towards us that the other side will act even worse if they ever win. Don’t care any more what they whine and grumble about, the other side is all lies and propaganda, and full of vile intent and bad thoughts for the rest of us. Not to mention they think too highly of themselves. Seriously, these guys probably want, or claim they want Anwar Ibrahim to lead the country after spouting all that crap about democracy, integrity, rule of law, competency, accountability, transparency, anti corruption, bla bla bla.

  3. They want Rafizi “Friar Tuck” Ramli to be their Prime Minister.

    Friar Tuck… Hehehe! If you know what I mean.


  4. Karunagaran Rajagopal is not wrong in saying that that rural (and lower income urban) people are less concerned about issues such as democracy, integrity, transparency, check and balance, rule of law, etc.

    As I have said many times before, for such people their economic survival is top priority, whilst the issues mentioned above take a lower priority.

    This is to be expected and there is nothing wrong with it and politicians who understand this and address their concerns will win their support. Lee Kuan Yew, Thaksin Shinawatra, Hitler, Mussolini, Soeharto, and many others recognised this fact and addressed or promised to address the such people’s concerns through various kinds of populist policies and they won.

    Likewise, there are those within UMNO who understanding this know that rising costs of living coupled with the effects of the GST will be highly unpopular amongst their core constituency which will very likely result in UMNO/BN losing the next elections.

    If you observe them carefully, you will notice that most politicians, political NGOs, journalists and other commentors who condemn such people as “stupid”, etc. are themselves relatively comfortable economically, many having come from comfortably well off middle class families. So with their basic needs satisfied, they can go on to prioritise such issues which for rural and lower income people are a luxury to give much time too when they have other bigger and more immediate concerns.

    If the Pakatan wants to win over such people, they will have to convince them that they can offer better solutions to their problems than the BN can instead of condemning and denouncing them.

    However, has the Pakatan shown that it has something better to ofefr them, like what has the DAP led Penang state government done to address the problem of high property prices in Penang which are beyond the reach of many.

    In short, people like Karunagaran Rajugopal are part ofthe urban, middle class elite, talking down to their less fortunate fellow Malaysians.

    Whilst I am not a BN voter, seeing the arrogant attitude of the pro-opposition and opposition elite, I have no time for the latter as well, unless they come up with credible and better solutions to offer rural and urban poor people, instead of spouting strings of neo-liberal inspired rhetoric, even if such solutions go against the grain of their neo-liberal dogma.

    It is these cocky, arrogant, urban, middle class, pro-opposition types who are the real ignorant and stupid ones, not the rural folk and urban poor.

    1. I broadly concur with you. One important point I would like to add is this. I don’t think these PR and their leaders are really into democracy, clean governance, rule of law, free speech, etc, etc.

      This is just a façade they adopt to attack the BN government. I live in Penang and the state government practices none of the high principles and virtues they preach at the national level. But when you talk to the hard core DAP & PR supporters they just don’t care and ignore these excesses – their usual response is that at least DAP not as bad as BN government.

      You see DAP opposes all increases in taxes and prices yet in Penang they increased parking, water rates, assessment rates, etc and not to mention the sky-high house prices. Do we see any complains from Penangites ? None I assure you. But for GST PR organizes rally after rally.

      1. “Do we see any complains from Penangites ? None I assure you. But for GST PR organizes rally after rally.”

        Nah, not really. Even a DAP insider like Lydia Ong has started to feel disappointed. The DAP assemblyman for Bukit Berapit (where the heck is this place?) lamented that PR has changed and “complained” that Mr Lim does not understand ethics (whoa, what a revelation). Go read the Sin Chew’s piece

        1. I would take Lydia’s comments with a pinch of salt…she’s upset with the Tokong because she was dropped as exco and ADUN. And at least in this the Tokong was right. She was hopeless and out of depth as an ADUN and exco, cannot even speak proper BM and English and made too may boo boos.

    2. Probably he has forgotten that his roots still exist in estates somewhere and is he thinking the same is true with them in the estates?.

      Many on the estates today have changed their names too like John Doraisamy…..Vickie Acimurthi…..what have you.

  5. Toll – Do you see any tolled roads in the rural areas? Do you know that in some places in the rural areas there are not even any tarred roads? So yes, I do not pay for tolls unless I travel to Penang or KL.

    Taxes – Hmm let’s see. Income tax – retired so no income tax. Land tax – if I don’t pay, I get notices then the legal letter will come, but I’m a special case since I live in the rural areas. I guess people in urban centres get kicked out of their land faster. Assessment – no, I do not pay assessment tax. So I have to dispose of my own rubbish. I mostly recycle, bio-waste into fertilizer, sell some and burn others. The people in my neighborhood collect money to pay someone to clear the roads in our area and of course there is gotong-royong.

    We don’t get subsidies. except some who get BR1M and yes we are quite contented with our lives. I must add, we have never seen our PAS state rep or our DAP MP since they were elected into office even when we had a major storm recently. In fact most of us can pass our MP at the shops and we wouldn’t know who he is.

    Unproductive – does this guy think that vegetables grow in urban centers? Does he believe that fishes are bred at urban aquariums? I guess he’s one of those urbanites who thinks that chicken and lamb are produced at Tesco and Giant?

    1. re: “In fact most of us can pass our MP at the shops and we wouldn’t know who he is.”

      Nah, don’t think he’ll be stopping by at the shops anytime soon. Wait for 2018.

    2. “Unproductive – does this guy think that vegetables grow in urban centers? Does he believe that fishes are bred at urban aquariums? I guess he’s one of those urbanites who thinks that chicken and lamb are produced at Tesco and Giant?”

      I like your sentences here. urbanites like kanugaran are the ones ignorant. he should be thankful that we are still in relative peace and not in the midst of war. if not his fiat money will not worth anything and will be crawling his ego to rural areas. although an urbanite myself, I always remind myself never to belittle the rural folks who have been supplying us fresh vegetables and livestocks so that we could continue living the urban way.

  6. We are all, some kinds of idiots whether rural or urban. From the village perspective probably due to stupidity being out-manipulated all the times. From urban side, however, cant cope with the pressure of unending rat race and constantly looking for ways to manipulate in order to stay relevant and alive.

  7. The question is how do they get to have such a perception. I believe even thought that guy is an Indian, many Chinese have the same perception. Has it always been like that before among the Chinese? Is that really the perception of the majority of Chinese all this while, just that they have never really utter it openly before? If it is not the case, then the question is what has caused that change in perception to happen? Is that the result of the opposition especially the DAP propaganda through their media, traditional and especially the new social media, this past few years?

    I am not sure what the answers are to the above questions but I think its very important that we truly understand what has really happened this past few years. The DAP propaganda machinery is very very effective especially among the young Chinese who do not read other sources.

    For e.g. I find it truly shocking that some of these young educated Chinese can still belief such rubbish that Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case is a political conspiracy. I can accept it you don’t mind Anwar being gay as a leader but I find it ridiculous for an educated person to fall for such stupid nonsense. It jus take a little bit of reading of the facts of the case to know the truth and yet they still fall for such blatant lie.

    Its human nature that if your are fed the same thing again and again it becomes the truth for you. Its sad that our politics have been operating like that for many years. To get support you have to spin and tell lies. Its even sadder that our educated young do not realise this and still fall into the trap.

    To undo the damage in perception is not easy. Just like Hannah Yeo I really pity MCA and Gerakan. To fight against this DAP propaganda machinery and regain the Chinese support is certainly no easy task. That’s why they opt for the easy way out. If you can’t beat them, join them! Be more DAP than the DAP!

    1. re: ” Just like Hannah Yeoh I really pity MCA and Gerakan. To fight against this DAP propaganda machinery and regain the Chinese support is certainly no easy task.”

      The biggest media conglomerate in Malaysia is The J-Star. (The Umno-owned Utusan has been making losses the last couple of years but The EvangeliSTAR has been reaping tons of profits and expanding their online operations even.)

      The J-Star is owned by the MCA. The DAP does not own any commercial media; it only has its party organ The Rocket.

      So why is it that the propaganda so heavily favours the DAP when it is MCA that is the owner of the country’s biggest media (newspaper, online portal, Switch.Up TV, radio stations, magazines, and that ‘Moderation’ campaign that is infiltrating university campuses)?

  8. He got it all wrong about a BN voter. I don’t see Kelantanese Trengganu or Kedahans or Ibans or Kadazans or Bajaus or Muruts voting for BN?

    A BN voter is more likely to fall into one of these fears as follows:

    1. Fearful of other Malaysians which are not of their race or religion taking over the Govt. which logically can never happen until the demography changes or Malaysians become more civil in their politiking.

    2. Fearful that all their priviledges like Govt. jobs, subsidies, scholarships, contracts, licenses etc being diluted or taken away even though some priviledges and rights are already enshrined in the Constitution.

    3. Fearful of racial and religious riots caused by sore losers in elections.

    4. Fearful of BN’s Govt revenge on them by not providing anymore development in their areas if the opposition wins.

    5. Fearful of being branded as derhaka towards agama dan bangsa.

    6. Fearful of political changes when they are already comforfortable.

    7. Fearful that the Govt. will find out they voted for the opposition in the polls and hence will be blacklisted.

    8. Fearful of more competition in education, jobs, scholarships, contracts etc when they know they are weak and less competitive.

    9. Fearful that the promises given during elections will not be given if BN loses to the opposition party.

    10. Fearful of the world if crutches are removed if Govt. changes.

    So, in conclusion, a BN voter is one who lives and vote because of fear of this and that.

    And BN will continue to rule cos the people fear their Govt. and political parties.

    1. rebut one by one to the ignorant dandy:

      1. of course. do you think the Republic of China will give way to some melayu to rise up the rank even though he might speak the same language, embraced communism or incorporating made in china mentality? or even the Majulah Singapura that used to be a malay majority area? ever heard about puppet Nizar? that is what feared by malay : a head controlled by a minority few.

      2. see no 1. puppet will be influenced and forced to do away with all the priviledges. do you think the Malays are stupid enough to understand the dapsters game?

      3. what happen is the loser turn out to be the biggest pretender. like what happened in 69 : melayu mati, balik kampong. imagine what happened when they win.

      4. the voters elected the other party. so pandai2 carik duit sendiri la. macam kerajaan Selangor bagi duit pada BN duns.

      5. didn’t guan eng said this? vote bn derhaka to Chinese community? hence more than 90% chinese votes for pakatan. you are very funny lar dandy.

      6. pakatan has failed as state government and as coalition. of course we are fearful of what will happened. everyday will quarrel endlessly.

      7. it seems you harbour ill resentment to bn voters. what kind of thug mentality are you subscribing here?

      8. the job sectors are already conquered by this one particular race. the malays are at the very end of the food chain when it comes to employment. don’t tell me bn government dictate that the private sectors must employ a certain number of malay in the organization. please enlighten if you see one.

      9. of course if bn loses it will be unable to deliver its promises. what kind of logical thinking is this? that is why it is called manifesto in the first place. unlike pakatan who once trumpeted that manifesto is not promise although they do win a state.

      10. so the meritocracy mantra is played. do you know how resent ful the singaporeans are nowadays because of the meritocracy implemented? now they want the foreigners who have been stealing jobs to go away cause it is logical for a government to put its people’s interest first

  9. Lawaknya komen si karunagaran ni, lebih kurang macam rusa baru keluar estet la plak.

    Well, if you are so besotted with “Democracy, Integrity, Rule of Law, Check and Balance” etc., please go to Taman Medan and tell that “church” not to operate there as it did not apply for nor did it obtain any permits to operate as a “church” with a cross.

    And that is only one case being exposed, maybe there are more? Maybe Azmin Ali as the Selangor MB is willing to get his hands dirty trying to root out all illegal “churches” in Selangor in the same way he got his hands dirty when clearing up rubbish with his bear hands ala-Jokowi before? karunagaran can help.


  10. Gunting today quoted unnamed Selangor gov official as saying the shoplot church was not illegal but “technically unlawful”.

    Amazing hair-splitting!

    1. The Nest used speciality hairdressing scissors for this one.

      How much do you pay for Hairdressing Scissors?

      “Somehow I got sent a catalogue full of hair supplies… which I was going to pass into the Hair Salon as it’s not for me…. BUT… I had a glance through and almost fell off my stool….

      “Matzasuki scissors…. £600 :eek:

      “Are they made of solid gold or something?!”

      “Lol you would think they were made of gold wouldn’t ya at that price.

      “If they are quality cutting, smooth with hardened blades that do not deteriorate after a couple of sharpenings, then it is well worth the money spent.”

    2. So it means I can set up my own temple in middle of Selangor State Assembly and no one can touch it since the Federal Constitution accords me the freedom of religion!!

      This is ridiculous spin by PR leaders. Why the Kajang town council officers actually forcibly went inside a house and demolished a private Hindu shrine ?

        1. Thanks Helen! Selangor has apparently planning to demolish 100 Hindu temples for being illegal. So I wonder if this special exemption is only extended to the special religion of Christianity.

          1. How are you going to demolish a shop lot without damaging the structure of the entire row of shops? Not easy.

  11. What the fellow macha said is true. Only the stupid part is not true. The rural folks are in fact, very smart not to kill the goose that lay the golden eggs.

    The rural folks need not worry so much about a lot of things.

    Their kampung sundry shops don’t charge GST.

    They ride in motorbikes, hence using less fuel.

    Their kampung with no access from water utilities, fed gov gives them Gravity Fed System or Tube Bore – so, free water.

    Their low electricity usage allows them better rate, or sometimes free, because tak bayar, also tak kena potong.

    Dirt poor school kids get food stamps in school.

    Dirt poor parents get bantuan from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

    Go to Klinik Desa, the RM1 charge also they ignore. Some more get free vaccinations and medicines.

    If they want to do agriculture business, Ministry of Rural Developments and Ministry of Agriculture gives them a lot of free stuffs like boats, fishnets, pipes, fertilizers, seeds,subsidy this, subsidy that

    Pretty much all the gov’s handouts are their safety net.

    If their children cannot get themselves out of poverty line despite the free stuffs they’re getting, like education and healthcare, the gov’s money is there for them. And they say it’s the public money because 65% of government’s income comes from GLCs’ dividends and taxes.

    So, they’re so comfortable with what they’re enjoying now. And they say the money that gov earns is really spent for them. So, why should they change?

  12. What most urbanites do not realise, there are actually two main categories of kampung residents. There are the farmers, fishermen who most urbanites believed are uneducated, waiting for handouts. Then there are those who actually forsake living in the city to live a simple life in the rural without the maddening traffic, the anonymous neighbours, and the various problems of city-living. These are the ones who go back to the clean air, the friendly faces, the almost stress-free life.

    We have internet access and sometimes better than the urbanites since lower subscriber base. This being the peninsula, most rural areas are about an hour or two away from major cities, so we can still enjoy the shopping centers and entertainment. Some who I socialise with, from the looks of them you would think they have never left the village and yet some of them have been to more places in the world than the urbanites.

    It’s not just the pensioners who are moving back but also the young. I’ve met a few Cinas who went to study in Australia and are back to in this non-urban area after the hassle of living in KL. They get along well with the locals, they do not look down on the yokels.

    To generalise and say that the rural people do not understand or care about democracy etc, that shows that the commenter is talking through his ass. We care, we are just not obsessed by it. We do our duty every election and for most of us we know how to assess the candidates and the parties involved. We know who didn’t show up to vote on major issues in Parliament. We know who promised what and did or did not deliver. We know about 1MDB, RM, jambatan bengkok. We are affected by GST and we are still waiting to see the good that will come out of it.

    But as IT Scheiss said above, the people in rural areas have different priorities. We are busy living our simple lives. We will make our stand known to our local rep when the time comes.

  13. 1. The Facebook comment only reflects his own ignorance and arrogance. Ignore.

    2. Alvin Tan – just trying to build his case as a “political refugee” to stay in the US. Again, ignore because to react only helps him.

    The urban middle class of Malaysia is a sad lot.. They are truly stuck in the middle. Not rich enough to feel happy nor poor enough to have a simpler life. Their dissatisfaction manifested in complaining and hating everything but never realising a lot of their shortcomings are of their own doing.

    Such a toxic & negative mindset and all on display in social media …

    That’s why with these 2 young punks, all they want is attention. The best punishment is to ignore them or just make a statement vis-a-vis Alvin to the US immigration which is “You can keep him if you want, he’s of no use to us”. Don’t make him seem so important.

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