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Killing natives around the world

The pulpit in church was still decorated with a Christmas banner that said ‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men’.

Love-love-love was in the air. On the floor were the dead bodies of Native American women and children shot to pieces by the white, Christian soldiers.

It was the Dec 29 massacre of the Sioux Lakato tribe at Wounded Knee Creek.

Wounded Knee Creek massacre

Creek Mary's Blood


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4 thoughts on “Killing natives around the world

  1. And they are called Americans today, how wonderful.

    In Malaysia, the natives are stilled called Orang Asli, Ibans, Kadazanz, Muruts, Orang Laut etc. And most of them still live like before in jungles, forests, by the sea etc.

    And the invaders of their land were the Malays, Chinese, Indians etc .

  2. The Chief Bigfoot story exemplifies the dangers of fear. Unfounded fear included.

    Hope this serves as a reminder to those who hold the power of supremacy in their respective countries to take a humble lesson out of history.

    Ahem, killing/shutting down others simply to quell one’s personal sensitivity or fear is never the answer.


  3. Dandung and the 1st commentor,

    ..before the immigrants came in their boats, there were already malay rulers and governments. check your historical facts and dates. and from hongkong to guangzhao, are they considered immigrants? do not sleep during hstory lessons, although you cannot understand the words sepatah harrem.

    Also read about the kedah ancient government thousands of years ago..

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