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Sell J-Star to DAP for one ringgit, MCA urged

Regular commenter zack suggested @ 2015/04/23 at 7:30 am: “You are right Helen. In fact MCA should sell it at nominal fee of RM1 to DAP.” Another reader albi commented @ 2015/04/23 at 11:04 am:

“Just like Hannah Yeoh I really pity MCA and Gerakan. To fight against this DAP propaganda machinery and regain the Chinese support is certainly no easy task.”

Albi is alluding to the ‘pity’ that Madame Speaker feels for Gerakan and MIC. feel very sorry for MIC hannahyeoh I feel sorry for Gerakan hannahyeoh

Why are the Chinese like that when MCA owns Malaysia’s biggest media company?

I replied to Albi and said @ 2015/04/23 at 11:58 am

“The biggest media conglomerate in Malaysia is The J-Star. (The Umno-owned Utusan has been making losses the last couple of years but The EvangeliSTAR has been reaping tons of profits and expanding their online operations even.)

“The J-Star is owned by the MCA. The DAP does not own any commercial media; it only has its party organ The Rocket.

“So why is it that the propaganda so heavily favours the DAP when it is MCA that is the owner of the country’s biggest media (newspaper, online portal, Switch.Up TV, radio stations, magazines, and that ‘Moderation’ campaign that is infiltrating university campuses)?”

Ahmad Ali Karim Ustaz Nasha

Baik dengar cakap budak dari dengar nasihat konsultan

Even an 11-year-old boy can see what The J-Star is doing. Ahmad Ali Karim (pix above) remarked @ 2015/04/22 at 10:55 pm

“Dear Aunty Helen,

“It is really sad that the Pemuda Umno can’t fight Hannah and Najib does not do anything about The Star.

BELOW: The editor of Star Online and his Dapster reporter

philipgolingaiMUG Nicholas Cheng mug

“Some of the Malays in Taman Medan are idiots”

Nicholas Cheng is the Star Online Christian reporter who covered the Taman Medan protest against the cross displayed on the church.

The following are some of the comments in #nichocheng – the J-Star reporter’s – Twitter timeline about the Taman Medan demo. His Malay and Muslim online buddies who are J-Star readers appear to be supportive of the church in this matter.

  • “Sickening. The heck do they think they’re doing? Where is the respect for other religions? -_-” .
  • “melayu kat taman medan pemikiran masih kolot. i live nearby so i know” / “some of the malays in taman medan are idiots. i live nearby so i know these kind of people exists” / “true that. these kind of people are used to live in malay majority thats why these kind of things happen” / “plus they have the “rumah setinggan” thinking. quite hard to mend their minds lol”

Read also how Pakatan followers view pro-establishment voters as “village idiots” and how the J-Star‘s then acting group editor wrote in her column that people who voted to keep the status quo are “stupid” – see ‘Checklist: Description of a BN voter.

Nicholas Cheng
J-Star reporter Nicholas Cheng

More comments from the J-Star reporter Nicholas Cheng’s Twitter timeline:

  • lana @Blxcklunx: “THIS IS SO UNFAIR. THIS IS NOT TAUGHT BY ISLAM. THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MALAY OR MUSLIMS NOWADAYS” / “they violent [sic] the rights of the minority to have their own worship house. And a discrimination tho” .
  • “buat malu je” .
  • : “so we’re not all victims. That’s a surprise”

Click to enlarge

Nicholas Cheng thread

A quarter of J-Star readers are Malay and they’re urbanites


Killing natives around the world

The massacre of Sioux Lakota tribe on 29 Dec 1890 Mary's Creek Blood

Preachers of Love

The bodies of the native Americans killed at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota were brought to a church.

The pulpit in church was still decorated with a Christmas banner that said ‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men’. On the floor of the church were the laid the women and children who had been “shot to pieces” [10-minute clip from documentary].

Thomas H. Tibbles, a reporter of Omaha World Herald who was an eyewitness to the massacre, recounted:

“Nothing I have seen in my whole… life ever affected or depressed or haunted me like the scenes I saw that night in that church. One un-wounded old woman… held a baby on her lap… I handed a cup of water to the old woman, telling her to give it to the child, who grabbed it as if parched with thirst. As she swallowed it hurriedly, I saw it gush right out again, a bloodstained stream, through a hole in her neck.

“Heartsick, I went to… find the surgeon… For a moment he stood there near the door, looking over the mass of suffering and dying women and children… The silence they kept was so complete that it was oppressive… Then to my amazement I saw that the surgeon, who I knew had served in the Civil War, attending the wounded… from the Wilderness to Appomattox, began to grow pale… ‘This is the first time I’ve seen a lot of women and children shot to pieces,’ he said. ‘I can’t stand it’….

“Out at Wounded Knee, because a storm set in, followed by a blizzard, the bodies of the slain Indians lay untouched for three days, frozen stiff from where they had fallen. Finally they were buried in a large trench dug on the battlefield itself.”


DAP in charge of all


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24 thoughts on “Sell J-Star to DAP for one ringgit, MCA urged

  1. I guess, from the hatred that spew out of their minds and mouths through twitter, facebook et al, that is exactly what they’d like to do to the Malay Muslims.

  2. J-Star RM1. Utusan RM1. NSTP, MALAY Mail 50 sen. Harakah RM 1. Sinar Harian RM 1. Harian Metro RM 1. The Sun?

    HA = 1 sen. RT = 1 sen. Mamakutty = worthless. 1MDB = RM 42 billion.

    You know business or not?

      1. “Dignity”?

        What is that?

        Buat bodoh while China throws it’s weight around the South China Sea and does massive land reclamations in the area?

        Going cap-in-hand to the US over the TPPA?

        Having the Governor of Bank Negara talk up the Ringgit?

        Telling foreign investors that we love you and we want your money?

        Yup, “dignity” all right!

  3. In today’s Singapore Straits Times:

    “Churches ‘do not need licence’….. Malaysian interfaith council responds to cross protest”

    “Malaysian top cop’s brother questioned”.

    The ST attributed both reports to The Star as part of the Asia News Network collaboration agreement.

    The paper also carried 2 reports by its own Malaysia correspondents Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani (“PAS leader won’t relent on hudud”) and Shannon Teoh (“PR tensions rise in run-up to polls”).

    Watching all the goings on in Malaysia, foreign investors must be asking themselves if this country is a place where they are welcome and where they can continue to invest and do business or whether they should route their funds to more welcoming places where there is not so much posturing and rhetoric.

    But then, who worries about investments and jobs, when there are so many other issues to make noise about?

    1. A Singaporean dick is an ice-cream to you, so do your other treacherous kinds whose wish is the destruction of this country.

      While you are licking your ice-cream, don’t forget to get the pampers from Dandy to clean up your face.

      Just because ST writes something bad about Malaysia you must be quick to suck up their dicks. Is there any surprise that Singapore smear the good name of this Country?

      Well Singapore can continue to talk bad about Malaysia. That reflects their worry about being overtaken by Malaysia in terms of economic influence. But suckers like you are really the ones to be gassed with Ridsect, not least because you call yourself Rithmatice which sounds like an insect, but because with you insects around Malaysia really don’t need an enemy.

      1. So true. Singapore has always been talking bad about Malaysia, either directly or indirectly. People like Lim Guan Eng also allegedly talked bad about Malaysia when he’s abroad. First he denied it, then he claimed it’s a private conversation after the recording was made public. And they are so many Malaysians like Lim. Pak Lah and Najib are well-known singapore arse-lickers, no real back-bone. Pak Lah and Najib should be ashamed of themselves, a teenager by the name Amos Yee has more gray cells in his skull and stronger back bones than Pak Lah and Najib’s clans combined.

        Please don’t let me start on what’s happening in Johor.


          1. Let’s see if Pwincess has the guts to spill on this!

            As for “singapore a**e-lickers(sic), why should they exercise your intellect?

            Singapore has plenty of admirers, including many in Malaysia. Including, I dare say, a fair number of VVIPs.

            I suspect what gets you riled up is that LKY took a Singapore that was turfed out of Malaysia and made into a first world hub. And, in doing so, showed Dr Mahathir, Jaffar Albar and the other “ultras” that he wasn’t intimidated by their bellicose rhetoric and threats.

            Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and Dr M is ranting away about the excesses of 1MDB. And Singapore and foreign investors are looking on in bemusement.

            That should rile you up some more!

            T. Manlius Faustus

            1. First let me use the Ridsect: psssst !! Die yet bloody insect ?

              Singapore got many admirers currently residing in Malaysia, including Tang Liang Hong, of course.

              Singapore and foreign investors looking on in bemusement, of course. One of the seaside land near causeway was offered by local cina kui to buy at few hundred millions, he would pay more for land in Singapore (now in deep shit because that purchase in Singapore had caused him huge loss). Singapore kui want to buy for one billion over, but our Friend from Tiongkok paid near to Lima billion.

              With Friends from Tiongkok, who needs poor men from Kiasuland who cannot afford? Keep your money la, talk so much. Keep the Malaysians’ CPF money too, sucker!

              Of course Kiasuland wants all investors to shun away from Malaysia, so that they can be like they used to be, ikat all durian trees, buy all chickens then sell back to Johor, buy all ang he (red prawns) from Pontian, everything they want to sapu.

              Now? Sorry la. Tiongkok lau pan are with us. You talk cock say property in islandar region oversupplied, talk all bad no good about Malaysia. What! Why every weekend Kiasuland people queue up five kilometres to come in to Malaysia? Didn’t your go choke tong said thick skin don’t go Ma Guo?

              As for LKY, tell him (after you sucked in Ridsect gas of course) that Malaysia is a free country. We have many more lower income and less educated people. We may grow slower, but that’s all right, let everyone grow together. Rich will always wants to be richer, but poor must not be allowed to become poorer.

              That’s what we believe in Malaysia, or Ma Guo to you.

              1. Good for the S’pore alhamduli’Llah got all & the water, Sdr KJ

                Just a reminder, don’t run water supply to last drop(?) YB Hannah

                KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 (Malay Mail) — The Selangor government has up to April 30th to respond to extending the cut-off date for the Master Agreement on the Selangor water supply industry restructuring said Energy, Green, Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili today.

                Haji M Zin.
                Alor Gajah DPH.

              2. Of course, the Singapore Dollar is worth ONLY 2.67 Ringgit. Forgot to mention that, did we?

                Now, what was that about GDP per capita again? Or official reserves (US$200 billion+ against US$100 billion+?

                As for Iskandar Malaysia, who are the local partners of the deep pockets Chinese developers?

                You know, the guys who are building thousands of luxury condominium apartments in Iskandar Malaysia with local authorities looking on. Or the guys who are going to reclaim a 1,000+ hectares of land from the sea to construct artificial islands.

                No smart a***d comments about any or all of the above?

                1. Singapore Dollar exchange rate is high but the value is low. Why MAS restricts remittances of SGD1500 few days ago? That’s because of the starting of exodus of valueless SGD.

                  Singapore GDP is high but the people are poor. You buy car but you don’t own it , you buy house but you don’t own it, there are more poor people in Singapore than in Malaysia, that’s a fact. You own nothing in Singapore. What’s the point of blind GDP figures?

                  As for development in Johor, don’t ask stupid questions when you don’t know the answer. If Johor allow Singaporeans to do business here then just do your business diam diam and keep your f**king mouth shut. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you la. The only ones doing this are really the Singaporeans and its government, getting so much out of Johor yet constantly bad mouthing Johor. Really shameful people.

  4. RM1??? You can’t even buy a copy of the weekday edition with that amount of money (RM1.30 for those who doesn’t read this “people’s paper” for ages).

    1. City Harvest could buy The Star. What better way to legalize all that dollars.

      Hey, REDFm could be the official Sun Ho station. Sun Ho could have a show on LI.

      Better still Hannah Banana could have a eating show on that channel – or maybe Malaysia Got Eating Talent contest.

      And you can spread the word too.

      1. Mulan,

        I am talking in terms of financial sense.

        Why would The Star want to change its existing modus operandi (irrespecitve of whether it is pro DAP or BN) unless it can make more profit? Afterall, The Star’s main objective is to maximise profit.

  5. And don’t forget to change the name from J-Star to D-Star just to make it clear and prevent any ambiguity.

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