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“Barbaric !” – Guan Eng on Taman Medan protesters

Umno Selangor leaders are “barbaric” to force a church to take down its cross, said Lim Guan Eng in his press statement on April 20 – see below.

Papa Dapster called the protest, which he alleged was led by Umno Selangor against the Taman Medan church, a “disgraceful act of barbarism”.

The following day, in her tweet on April 21, Mama Dapster also alludes to the extremists.

Hannah Yeoh declared that the “lack of respect for another person’s religious belief” is “EXTREMISM!”  She’s talking about the Taman Medan G50, and not about Alvin Tan of whom there is no mention in her Twitter timeline.

So, according to the Dapster family, the 50-odd Malay demonstrators in Taman Medan are disgraceful, barbaric, extremist, intolerant and an embarrassment to humanity.

van geyzel Taman Medan

Komen pembaca di blog Lim Kit Siang
Reader’s comment in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Kg Buah Pala

“Send in the bulldozers now”

Back in 2009, the DAP’s supporters had zero sympathy for the Indian villagers of Kampung Buah Pala who were being forcibly evicted by Penang crony developers.

The Dapsters spewed the most callous and racist remarks without the least trace of empathy for those affected.

See the reader comments – “Send in the bulldozers now”, “Let the bulldozers come in. Throw them all out!”, “let them live by the roadside” – made in Lim Kit Siang’s blog about those “stupid people” (see screenshot below) living in Kg Buah Pala.

Reader's comment in Lim Kit Siang's blog on Kg Buah Pala
Reader’s comment in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Kg Buah Pala

The law on illegal structures and lawful building use must be obeyed, no?

A commenter tanjong8 commented in Kit Siang’s blog on 6 Aug 2009 @ 9:41 pm:

“As a people’s govenment, the Penang government is acting and governing in the people’s interest. Hence, all decisions shall be seen to be fair and acceptable to the people.”

Reader’s comment in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Kg Buah Pala

In the eyes of the DAP supporters, demolishing Kampung Buah Pala was in the best interest of the people.

Similarly, the government is only acting in the the best interest of the people when it enforces the law with regard to proper permits for houses of worship. After all, aren’t the evangelical churches mushrooming in Jerusubang illegal?

Bring in the bulldozers
Reader’s comment in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Kg Buah Pala

“Show them what the law is like” – Dapsters sendiri yang kata dulu

Datuk Abdullah Abu Bakar (pix below) only wishes to ascertain whether the ‘Community of Praise’ society is registered as a religious organization and whether their building has got a permit to operate as a church.

Abdullah Abu Bakar

Dapsters speaking up in 2009 wanted the Kg Buah Pala Indians to be shown “what the law is like” – see screenshot above. “Typical squatters in Penang, so so typical” should be given no quarter, the Dapsters cried.

In Taman Medan, nobody brought in any bulldozers. And unlike the spate of church demolitions in China, the cross on the ‘Community of Praise‘ building was removed by the pastor and his flock themselves without any violence.

Reader’s comment in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Kg Buah Pala

Yeah, very civilized of the Dapsters to ask that Indian squatters be thrown out – “let them live by the roadside” (see screenshot above)

Civilization and uncivilized behaviour

The Chinese diaspora in Malaysia are fond of boasting that our motherland has a 5,000-year-old civilization.

Today, there are almost as many Christians in China as there are members of the Communist Party.

Beijing, the seat of this much vaunted 5,000-year-old civilization, once again feels threatened by the burgeoning number of evangelical Christians – the modern-day equivalent of “barbarians at the gate”.

Jerusalem in China for God’s new Chosen People

Beijing and the provincial authorities in China are very now concerned about the march of Christian triumphalism in their country.

Henan is the province thought to have the most number of Christians overall while Zhejiang is the province believed to have the highest percentage of Christians.

The city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang is dubbed the Chinese “Jerusalem”.

East China Zhejiang

Removing public displays of the cross

In just the last year alone, some 400 churches mostly in Zhejiang were either compelled to remove their crosses or had their buildings demolished.

Xia Baolong is the communist party secretary of Zhejiang. Xia is an important ally of President Xi Jinping. He is overseeing the policy to contain the rapid spread of evangelical Christianity.


On 28 April 2014, Wenzhou authorities tore down the 180-foot spire of Sanjiang Church (photos above) saying it violated zoning regulations – see New York Times report.

“’As Christianity becomes stronger, it jostles up against other religions,’ said Mayfair Yang, a professor at the of California, Santa Barbara, who has done field work on religious land conflicts in Wenzhou.” – ‘Church-State clash in China coalesces around a toppled spire‘ (NYT, 29 May 2014)

The NYT reported said officials were quoted as saying that “Sanjiang Church was built without proper zoning, taking up five times the 20,000 square feet allowed by its permits and sitting on land zoned for agricultural use.”

BELOW: Action against other churches

Wenzhou authorities remove the cross of a 'Chinese Jerusalem' church in Dongyang on 30 May 2014
Wenzhou authorities remove the cross of a ‘Chinese Jerusalem’ church in Dongyang on 30 May 2014
Wenzhou remove a cross from a 'Chinese Jerusalem' church in Guantou on 11 June 2014
Wenzhou remove a cross from a ‘Chinese Jerusalem’ church in Guantou on 11 June 2014

History of anti-Christianity movements in China

The Boxer Rebellion which started from Shandong – see map above – was a popular uprising against Christian zealots and missionaries. “By late 1899 the Boxers were openly attacking Chinese Christians and Western missionaries”, said Encyclopædia Britannica, and they “killed suspected Chinese Christians on sight”.

Angry Chinese rebels stormed through the countryside burning churches, according to the timeline. On 14 June 1900, thousands descended on Beijing and torched the city’s churches. On 9 July 1900, the Governor of Shanxi executed 44 foreign missionary families, including children.

Altogether 32,000 Chinese Christian converts were killed in the conflict. “Christian missionary activities helped provoke the Boxers”, explained Encyclopædia Britannica.

The locals refused to tolerate the disrespect shown by these born again Christians towards Chinese cultural sensitivities and whose “aggressive proselytizing” had brought instability and social tensions” to China.

The imperial army of the Qing Dynasty battle to recover the city of Nanjing
The imperial army of the Qing Dynasty battle to recover the city of Nanjing – 1864

A destructive cult of “peace-loving” troublemakers

The Boxer Rebellion was not the first instance of mob justice against Chinese Christians who were viewed as troublemakers. Some decades earlier, a trouble-making Christian convert had led the violent Taiping Rebellion (1850-64) which claimed an estimated 20 million lives.

Hong Xiuquan preached the doctrine of Father, Son and Holy Spirit but he additionally believed himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. His messiah complex prompted his belief that he was “sent to reform China”, said the Encyclopædia Britannica entry on the Taiping Rebellion.

The revolt was a “radical political and religious upheaval”. In 1851 following the success of his rebel army, Hong declared that he had received the mandate from heaven to establish the Heavenly Kingdom of Peace (tai ping tian guo) with himself as king.


On 19 March 1853, Hong’s army took the ancient city of Nanjing in Jiangsu province – see China map above. The victorious Christian general was “carried into Nanjing on a golden palanquin wearing a yellow robe” (see

More than a century ago, creepy Christians already had delusions of grandeur after having successfully exploited the 3Gs – Gold, Glory & Gospel.

For a meek and mild, small minority, those born again Christians sure caused a lot of mayhem in China.


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25 thoughts on ““Barbaric !” – Guan Eng on Taman Medan protesters

  1. wakakakakka. HA sure has a way of bringing up China’s history to cast the Christians as devils or setan.

    You forgot to bring up atrocities during the time of the Crusades?

    So that Datuk Abdullah is Saladin, Al-Bagdadi, The Grand Mufti of Mecca or one of the Communist China’s provincial Communist Chief?

    And the IGP is the Enforcer for ………………?

    1. It’s not only the Malays who are suspicious and distrustful of the evangelistas. Lots and lots of Chinese are.

      It just that in Malaysia, the evangelistas so happen to be Chinese.

      This historical perspective is important to highlight. The majority of the Chinese as a race do not approve of the activities of the evangelistas. And the Chinese authorities – presently and in the past – take very stern action against evangelical Christians.

      Hence it is a merely convenient spin for the J-Star to characterize the Taman Medan protesters as racist.

      The Japanese saw the Christians as an existential threat as well. In 1638, they decimated the Japanese Christians in Nagasaki. All in all, 37,000 Japanese of the Shimabara peninsula were either killed, burned or executed in the siege of their Christian garrison by the forces of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

      Thus unlike South Korea, Japan today does not have an evangelista problem.

      1. The Jesuits who give absolute allegiance to the Vatican were well settled in China and had rigorous exchanges with the Confucian and Buddhist intellectuals on the subject of reality and human nature and morality. The redeeming power of Jesus as the sacrificial lamb of God over human sinfulness, and the dualist ideology of human nature in trinitarian church doctrine were points of conflict with the organic cosmological unity in the classical Chinese understanding of creation:

        “Jesuits Celebrate 450 Years Of Controversy”

        Half a millennium after Ignatius Loyola, the Jesuit order still seem to be everywhere and into everything from Alaska to Zaire. Jesuits man the microphones of Vatican Radio, the telescopes at the Vatican Observatory, seismographs at Boston College and the lecterns at nearly 1,500 high schools and colleges around the world, where a million and a half students are taught in such languages as Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Swahili, Marathi, Mandarin, Hindi and Pidgin.
        Suspicion of the order lingers – even in the Oxford English Dictionary, which gives the definition of “Jesuit: 1. A member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order founded by Ignatius Loyola. * 2. A dissembling person, a prevaricator.”

        The Catholic Church viz. a viz. the Jesuit Order is also a dependable partner of the Lesbian and Gay Rights movement:

        “How to be a Gay Jesuit”

    2. well thank you dandy for added information. atrocities during the crusade where blood flows to the extent of one’s knee when the crusader ransacked Jerusalem from the muslims.

      contrary to what happened when saladin liberate the city and give safe passage to Christian people. even until now those Europeans view saladin as the embodiment of chivalry, something considered a theory during that time.

      1. “Victory is by changing the hearts of your opponents by gentleness and kindness.”
        – Salahuddin al-Ayyubi, Kurdish general; born in Tikrit, Iraq.

  2. isunya mudah saja kak Helen. kalaulah rumah ibadat tu dapat kelulusan pihak yang berkenaan, tak mungkin la orang melayu ‘barbarik’ macam saya ni akan marah.

    dahla langgar undang-undang. lepas tu salahkan orang yang tak puas hati dengan dia sebab langgar undang-undang. dan yang lagi lucu dari PM, KM Pulau Pinang ataupun Hannah Yeoh tak sebut langsung pasal ketidakpatuhan pada prosedur ubahsuai premis kepada rumah ibadat.

    bayangkan penggubal undang-undang mengajar orang ramai untuk persetankan saja undang-undang yang ada. lepas tu nak kenakan undang-undang pada orang yang memprotes.

    kalau orang memprotes dikenakan tindakan undang-undang, maka pihak gereja juga wajar dikenakan tindakan sama di bawah Akta Hasutan sebab menyebabkan perbalahan kaum dan agama. barulah adil.

    nampaknya pihak evangelis semakin hari semakin kuat cengkamannya dari segi sokongan sama ada dari golongan atasan dan menengah. puak melayu liberal mungkin boleh dapat sikit habuan sekiranya mereka berkuasa satu hari nanti.

    individu seperti wardina boleh dilantik sebagai timbalan menteri agama (menteri Hannah yeoh la sapa lagi.) untuk mempromosikan toleransi dan kesamarataan antara agama.

    1. re: “dan yang lagi lucu dari PM … tak sebut langsung pasal ketidakpatuhan pada prosedur ubahsuai premis kepada rumah ibadat”

      Lagi hilang lah sokong orang Melayu terhadapnya. Masih tak sedar-sedar lagi.

      1. Helen,

        Najib making it worse. The right thing to do is investigate. Only then he should open his mouth.

      2. Macam mana nak sedar ,while his “apples” is being polish mata tertutup rapat , fikiran melayang-layang bagaikan di syurga .

  3. Helen really needs to have a dinner date with Hannah and the rest of the so called “evil Evangelistas” and trash their issues out over a bottle of red. She might learn to be not so bitter and actually enjoy life. Take it easy Helen.

      1. You’re so right Helen, typical Hannah always craving for something… so technically her stomach can work better than her.

  4. Ramainya dah dipengaruhi oleh ideologi komunisma, isis, Mahathirisma, Taliban, Wahhabi dan Takfiri.

    Ramai jugak yang inginkan hukum Hudud.

    Ramai suka pancung kepala orang macam Orang Jepun dahulu dan ramai juga yang suka tengok perempuan dan LGBT dibaling batu sahingga mati macam binatang. Sesetengah tu ingin sangat nak tolak LBGT dari Menara berkembar Petronas kat KLCC.

    Agaknya mungkin ini caranya dapat kurangkan populasi orang Melayu yang ada sekarang supaya populasi kaum lain dapat meningkat tak? Kalau tak mati pon, ramai yang jadi OKU.

    Kesian tengok HA dan ramai pengampunya mati kerana dibalingkan batu oleh Pak Hadi, Jakim dan Mufti-mufti.

    Tak boleh main tembak sahaja ker? Kan lebih perikemanusian.

    Dulu-dulu tak ada senapang. Pedang jer dan batu merata-rata kat tanah Arab.

    Cara Hukuman dahulu tak kan tak berubah mengikut zaman. Kita tengok anjing, kucing, monyet disebelih manusia pun kesian kat binatang. Ni kan nyawa manusia dan mungkin melibatkan keluarga, kawan, office mate, geng teh tarik, rakan sekolah, kolej, universiti, parti, tupperware parti, Cosway atau Amway geng, pemblog dan dsbnya.

  5. Being fair to all, but in this case the legal issue and logicness should matters. Something is not done legally should be deemed and seen illegal.

    Even every surau (sub-mosque) must have permit and subject to regulation, but why every rumah kedai can be converted to church with no permit except just to give notice to the Excos after it begin operating.

    Where is the logic in this.

    1. The shoplot churches are legal.

      Small churches with no standalone structure are just required to submit notification to the State government, regardless the state is BN or PR held. Religious house of worship may it be temple or churches has to obtain special permit/license only if they wish to construct their own building. It the norm such application could take up to more than 10 years before approval or non-approval is made known. For the record, most applications are rejected.

      Many churches abandon the idea of building their own structure out of financial and bureaucratic constraints (contrary to what many here may think, most churches are not rich) Shoplots are the viable alternatives.

      Do suraus have special perks, monetary or otherwise from the Govt? I don’t know. The more rigid guidelines imposed on suraus could very well just be the regulation of sanctioned sermon material to be disseminated to its followers. It’s just a guess.

  6. “Mouths full of cursing and bitterness, ruin and misery in their paths, way of peace they have not known, no fear of God before their eyes” (Romans)

  7. PM bila nak guna Akta Hasutan keatas Mamakutty, NGOs, Brutus, Gunting Dalam Lipatan, ISMA, PERKASA dan pengampu mereka?

    Semboyan dah dituipkan hari ni di Kit Kat Kelab dan perancangan perang sudah dibuat oleh puak Mahathirists.

    Tak kan, nak tunggu jatuh tersungkur dan menemani Anwar kat Sg Buloh , baru nak berperang?

    Kuasa mutlak ada kat tangan PM dan bukannya kat Mahathirists atau rakyat atau institusi seperti Mahkamah, Raja-raja dll.lagi. Ni hasil sumbangan pemerintahan Mamakutty 22 tahun dahulu.

    Tunjukkan kehebatan kuasa mu sebagai pendekar Bangsawan Bugis Melayu sekarang sebelum terlewat.

    Sekarang dah jelas ramai penyangak Melayu nak ambil tampuk kuasa semula kerana iri hati, bongkak dan meneruskan dinasti Mahathirisma secara memberontak.

    Dah Derhaka namanya kepada Agama, Bangsa dan Negara Melayu.

  8. But LGE’s City Council removing the gates at Goddess of Mercy is not barbaric. It is mercy

    PENANG Island City Council (MBPP) has come under fire for tearing down the fence of the iconic Goddess of Mercy Temple at night.

    Temple board of trustees chairman Datuk Seri Khoo Keat Siew decried the council’s failure to give the temple notice of the action.

    “We are greatly disappointed that the council took action at night,” said a visibly upset Khoo at a press conference.

    “This is an act of bad faith. They should not have behaved in such a manner.

    So city is not barbaric. Kak Helen you should highlight this.

  9. “He looked very angry”, pastor says of Datuk Abdullah”

    To be fair, I thought IGP’s brother to be rather soft-spoken judging from Switch TV interview; he doesn’t seems to be an “angry type of person”.

    1. Sigh. The Christians in Malaysia are better at manipulating the media. Slick.

      That’s why the Malays (i.e. Muslims) feel that they’re being pushed with their back against the wall.

      And then when the Malays retaliate, they’re immediately called Nazis (extremist, barbaric, violent, etc).

      1. The Christians in Malaysia are “better educated”? More computer-literate? More Internet-savvy? More “globalised”?

        It must be the education system that is the primary reason for this, don’t you think?

        But, then, how can the media be “manipulated” if the media owners, editors, journalists and reporters are also well educated, computer-literate, Internet-savvy and “globalised”?

        Or are you saying that they aren’t?

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