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Wong Chun Wai on Taman Medan: Ignorant, prejudiced bigots

Wong Chun Wai’s column today in The J-Star is titled, ‘No room for intolerance‘. I’ve excerpted parts of his article below and reproduced the paragraphs in red italics.

My own comments on Chun Wai’s views follow.

Wong Chun Wai (WCW): “Like most Christians in this country, I am sad rather than angry over the protest staged by about 50 people demanding the removal of a cross at a church in Taman Medan in Selangor.”

Helen Ang (HA): Like Hannah Yeoh’s staged sorrow …


Hannah Yeoh my eyes well up with tears

WCW: “In fact, if some of the protesters have their way, they would want the church to leave the area because of its predominantly Muslim population.”

HA: Some of the Taman Medan residents also said there are Hindu and Sikh temples in the vicinity. Why have they not protested against the temples but are protesting against this church?

WCW: “This flawed argument feeds on the fears of these people, and we are not even sure if they actually represent the views of the majority as they claimed.”

HA: Why are these people fearful of Christians and not of Buddhists who are a bigger group?

Do the anti-cross protesters “actually represent the views of the majority”? So ingenuous of Chun Wai. After all, his paper’s report featured four Malay interviewees – three of whom were quoted in the Star Online article as saying they have no problem with the presence of the church.

WCW: “The demonstration may well be the work of some local politicians.”

HA: Now Chun Wai sounds like Guan Eng who said in his April 20 press statement that Umno Selangor leaders were the culprits guilty of “the barbaric act”. Guan Eng also added:

“This disgraceful act of barbarism by the extremist Selangor Umno-led protesters against a church in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya, has made news around the world.”

WCW: “But it is clear enough that some of the remarks made at that demonstration last Sunday seem to stem from ignorance, prejudice and even plain bigotry.”

HA: It is clear enough that The J-Star is at the forefront in calling the protesters names.

WCW: “They include the claim that the sight of a cross in a Muslim area challenged Islam and could influence the young.”

HA: Taman Medan is in Petaling Jaya. The DUMC (Damansara Utama Methodist Church) controversy also occurred in Petaling Jaya. Is Chun Wai willing to categorically deny that there was no proselytization by the DUMC of young Malays?

WCW: “It was revealed later that their fears were unfounded, or rather false, as the developer, the Selangor State Development Corporation, confirmed that the majority of bookings were by the Malays.”

HA: To borrow the line from Tun, show us the money.

Where is the accounting for the Taman Keramat-Jelatek Datum condo project? Were the booking fees paid up or was it just a claim made by The J-Star, like how its pro-Christian soul sister TMI makes all kinds of imaginary and extravagant claims?

WCW: “Although it is wrong to play the racial card, we must acknowledge that the fears of the urbanites being pushed aside by development in their own areas are real.”

The Christians play the religion card too – “We’re only a 9 percent minority” and always persecuted.

WCW: “Still, incidents like these, which smack of racism, have left many Malaysians, especially non-Malays, wondering about the state of affairs in this country.”

HA: The J-Star is telling many Malaysians, especially non-Malays, that the state of affairs in this country smacks of racism and that the non-Malaysian Firsters are the racists.

WCW: “We love this country, like the rest of our brothers and sisters, regardless of their race and religion. Malaysia remains our country and our only home.”

HA: I thought Chun Wai “loves London”. That’s what he states in his Twitter profile – see below.

As for the rest of his kumbayah-love family, sister Hannah Yeoh had wanted to UBAH and make Tasmania, Australia her home. Sadly, her application for Permanent Residence was rejected.

Wong Chun Wai (chunwai09) on Twitter

WCW: “There is nowhere else to go. Just because we are of ethnic Chinese and Indian origin does not mean we can just pack our bags and head to China and India, as some ignorant ones think.”

HA: Relatives of the J-Star editors did not pack their bags for China or India. They had headed to the Christian white countries.

WCW: “Our hearts bleed when such incidents happen.”

HA: A little earlier I said that Chun Wai sounded like Papa Dapster. Here he sounds like Mama Dapster with her achy, breaky heart.


hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter

WCW: “Worse, despite the inflammatory racial remarks made at Taman Keramat, no one has been arrested or charged over that incident so far.”

HA: EvangeliSTAR, MCA and DAP are all on the same page in desiring the Malay protestors to be charged under sedition.

WCW: “Can cynical Malaysians be blamed if they assume that no one would be arrested or charged over the Taman Medan protest as well?”

HA: EvangeliSTAR, MCA and DAP are all on the same page in desiring the Muslim protestors to be charged under sedition.


WCW: “We salute the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Cabinet for their strong stand against what had taken place.”

HA: We congratulate Chun Wai for getting the ear of the Prime Minister.

WCW: “Our politicians, as well as some individuals and groups, should stop harping on the wrong belief that Malays and Islam are under siege in our country.”

HA: Your evangelista politicians, as well as some individuals and groups, should stop harping on the wrong belief that Chinese and Christians are besieged and persecuted in our country.

WCW: “The statistics themselves already prove that this is not possible. The Malays are the substantive majority, and their fertility rate is such that their numbers are growing.”

HA: The statistics themselves already prove how strong the small minority are. The Malays are the substantive majority and yet only one out of the Top 10 billionaires in Malaysia is a Malay compared to eight Chinese super duper rich tycoons.

WCW: “In contrast, both the Chinese and the Indian communities are shrinking.”

HA: There are only 2.8 million ethnic Chinese living in Indonesia who account for 1.2 percent of the population. Yet how rich and powerful they are. A Chinese Christian Ahok is the governor of Jakarta.

WCW: “As for religion, Islam is firmly entrenched as the religion of the country, even as the freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Constitution.”

HA: Yes, Islam is firmly entrenched despite all of the DAP and The J-Star‘s efforts in promoting the concept of separation of State and Mimbar.

WCW: “The official statistics reveal that Muslims constitute 60.4% of the population, Buddhist (19.2%), Christian (9.1%) …”

HA: Quite amazing how the 60.4 percent can be so spooked by the 9.1 percent. What is the secret of your success, pray tell?

WCW: “It is unfortunate that so many issues today are still seen through racial and religious perspectives.”

HA: You have the Malaysian CHINESE Association (MCA) representing – kononnya – the community of Anak Malaysia (“no Chinese, only Malaysians” – says Anak Malaysia Hannah). You have the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in all the states and even a joint Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce. You have Chinese schools. You have everything Chinese-Chinese-Chinese.

You have DAP leaders saying that any Chinese who votes for the BN is a traitor to his community. And you ask why so many issues today are still seen through racial and religious perspectives?

WCW: “Those who are prepared to point out the flaws in some of the extreme arguments of their own communities are often condemned.”

HA: Not only condemned but character assassinated. Guess who conducts vicious smear campaigns against those who are prepared to point out the flaws in some of the extreme arguments of their own communities?

WCW: “And many just remain silent.”

HA: Given the kind of harassment against those who repudiate the DAP evangelista ideology, how many among the 90 percent Chinese will dare to speak up?

WCW: “But talk of moderation would remain hollow if we are not able to take the internal pressures.”

HA: Mirror.

WCW: “Our conscience requires us to speak up against those who cannot draw the line between right and wrong.”

And those who conveniently blur the line between loyalty and backstabbing.

WCW: “How can we remain silent when something that is so fundamentally wrong happens in front of our eyes?”

HA: The scissors is aimed at the back. So tak nampak, kot.


WCW: “Coming back to Taman Medan, the argument that a place of worship belonging to a minority cannot be set up in a Muslim-majority area is deeply flawed.”

Get your society properly registered as a religious organization first. And don’t have the city council citing one law and the state exco saying a different thing.

WCW: “Everyone is entitled to profess and practise his faith freely. That is clearly defined in our Federal Constitution.”

HA: Please tell Alvin Tan to stop provoking those who want to profess the Muslim faith without being mocked by his stunts.

WCW: “No one should tell Muslims to pray elsewhere in areas with more Muslims, for example. That would surely be unacceptable. The protesters in Taman Medan obviously never thought of this angle.”

HA: At the same time, can the minorities think (of the angle) of being better citizens?

WCW: “What has happened in Taman Medan should open the eyes, the ears and most importantly, the hearts of all Malaysians on the predicament faced by Christians in this country.”

HA: Like I’ve been saying, the MCA-owned media is a Nest of Evangelistas. The J-Star does not show the same concern for the predicament faced by Hindus.

WCW: “The traditional churches, with all their architectural grandeur, are relics of the past. These were churches built during the British colonial days and they cannot accommodate many of the new Christians who have their own denominations.”

HA: The traditional churches are mainline Christianity (Catholics, Anglicans, etc). The new Christians indeed have their own new denominations such as City Harvest and other Gospel of Prosperity cults.

WCW: “Today, Christians have to fight bureaucracy, mostly at council level, and other obstacles, just to set up a church where they can pray and worship the God they believe in.”

HA: The bureaucratic process would be considerably eased if the Christians stopped calling their God ‘Allah’.

WCW: “But the incident has certainly put this relatively unknown Tamil language church located in a shoplot in the national spotlight.”

HA: Previously the Kampung Medan clash between Malays and Indians that cost the lives of a score of residents was on account of Race. Now the Malays and Indians of Taman Medan are in conflict over Religion. Kampung Medan, where the race riot unfolded in 2001, is only a short distance from the Taman Medan shoplot where the present Beacon of Hope Community of Praise church is newly located.

WCW: “The future of the church is not clear. Obviously, the congregation does not want any controversy or conflict with the local community. That is not the Christian way.”

HA: The Christian way is supposedly to turn the other cheek. Yet the Christians shouting in the media and social media are slapping the G50 with all kinds of nasty labels. Where is the love?

WCW: “The fact that they were quick to take down the cross, as demanded by the protesters, shows that they are peacemakers in line with the teachings of their faith. But the action itself must have broken their hearts.”

HA: Learn from Hannah. Her perpetually broken heart mends very quickly.


hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter

WCW: “We all need to understand the religions of fellow Malaysians. We must not be suspicious of each other because there is beauty in all religions.”

HA: Okay but don’t learn how to recite the azan like sex blogger Alvin and then perform it bare-chested.

WCW: “No religion teaches bad things. We need to emphasise on the common values such as compassion, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, mutual respect and acceptance.”

HA: Also follow the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not steal. This means thou shalt not covet what belongs to thine neighbour, i.e. the ‘Allah’ word.

WCW: “It is dangerously selfish of anyone, especially small time politicians, to use race and religion to win votes.”

HA: I don’t hear the J-Star ever telling off the small-mind evangelista politicians – who use tudung, hashtag #sahur, sloganeering “Insya Allah” / “Amar makruf nahi mungkar” and mispronouncing ayat-ayat Quranthat it is dangerously selfish of them to use Islam to win Malay votes.

WCW: “And when such personalities spew racist and religious rhetoric freely, without the fear of facing the wrath of the law, it only emboldens the extremists to continue what they are doing. And others will join in believing they have the superior right to do so.”

HA: Not only that but these personalities who trade in the religious coin also get tweeted 10 times in the @staronline Twitter timeline over the span of 24 hours when they are elected to political high office.

WCW: “Those on the receiving end will assume, rightly or wrongly, that there are different sets of laws for different people, or worse, different communities.”

HA: Or different media treatment for different sets of politicians.

WCW: “Our leaders must understand they represent all Malaysians. A government of one faith or one race has no legitimacy in multi-racial Malaysia.”

HA: MCA leaders must remember that they represent all Malaysians, including the Malays who are the majority in their constituencies. From their rants over this Taman Medan issue, it appears the MCA leaders have forgotten that their Parliament and DUN wards are multi-religious with the majority being Muslim.

WCW: “Any political party that assumes it does not need the support of other races is simply arrogant. Such a belief is surely a recipe for disaster at the polls.”

HA: And MCA is guaranteed to lose all the seats it contests in the next election. The BN war room had better take this very seriously.

Sack the backstabbing party already!


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28 thoughts on “Wong Chun Wai on Taman Medan: Ignorant, prejudiced bigots

  1. The majority of Chinese are afraid of Islamist radicalism and the majority of Malays are wary of Christian Zionism. Every time warmongers in the name of religion blaze their bloody trails, the men and women of faith suffer.

  2. Jade Emperor,

    STAR, NST and unfortunately Najib too made it as if the Malays in Tmn Medan are the unreasonable people.

    Malays are portrayed as “takut bayang-bayang”. Many ask whether a cross can shake your belief in Islam. That is a simplistic view.

    What Najib should do is investigate. What make these people protested last week. What exactly happened there?

    The real issue is that Malays there feel that as the premise is a business premise, it should not have a religious symbol. It is not a church.

    1. Minta izin mencelah.

      What Shamshul says is true. I’m not a Muslim so they can’t pull that “begitu rapuh iman” / takut “pada bayang” sleight with me.

      But as I’ve outlined factually and objectively, it is indeed rational to be wary of the cross and what it represents.

      1. Helen,

        It is a simple and straight forward case. It is a business premise, not a religious house.

        It becomes complicated as Najib , instead of solving the problem , is magnifying the problem by supporting the very people who disobey the law

        STAR manipulates the issue by portraying the Christians as being victimized by Malays(meaning Muslims) in Tmn Medan. And stupid politicians jumped into conclusion.

        Why not investigate first.

        1. Najib already investigation. Let the police do the job. Irrespective of what the protesters felt, they cannot take the law into their own hands. The reason for their protest is not on the legality of the church. It is the display of the cross. They left the church after the cross is taken down. They didn’t return for further protest thereafter to demand the entire church to be closed down. Even the state government has stated that no permit is needed. Notification is enough. As far as the law is concerned, the church has done no wrong. Correct me if wrong.

          Ultimately, you have to ask this question. If the protest is allowed to be made as a precedent, any group of 50 Muslims can protest at any church in the future demanding the cross to be taken down.

          Do you want such precedent?

          re: But as I’ve outlined factually and objectively, it is indeed rational to be wary of the cross and what it represents.

          Agree with you Helen. But how do you translate such wariness into action? Do you gather 50 people to protest? Or do you keep it to yourself and respect the rights of the church to display the cross?

  3. Samada utk menjajah , mengawal , memanipulasi , menghancurkan (
    huru-harakan ) atau “menundukan” sebuah negara beberapa “points of vulnerability” harus di kenal pasti antaranya ;

    Economically ,militarily.culturally ,ideology , …… (terutama negara pelbagai agama dan bangsa spt Malaysia ) .

    Doctrine yg di perkenalan kepada “barat”oleh Zbigneiv Brezinski
    seorang “social architect” , hasil “kera tangannya” spt “colour revolution”di serata dunia ( “bersih”di Malaysia) , mempoak-peranda
    negara-negara di Asia barat , utara Afrika dan timur Eropah.

    Apa yg berlaku di Taman Medan bukan hanya masalah setempat tetapi implikasinya adalah global , mungkinkah terdapat “tangan-tangan gaib” yg terlibat ( foreign power) .

    Pantai barat Semenanjung Tanah Melayu , Sabah dan Serawak is a
    “prize worth fighting for”.

    Menariknya isu ini berlarutan dan cara ianya di “spin” bersamaan dgn
    masa masyuarat Asean yg sedang berlangsung dan bakal di hadiri beberapa ketua kerajaan .

    Lagi “kecut perut” DS Najib dibuatnya?

  4. Ini bukan takut soal dengan bayang-bayang atau rapuh nya iman sesaorang itu Cik Helen yang dibimbangkan adalah berulang nya
    kes saperti di Penang di Jalan Petani bagi sesiapa nak mengamalkan budaya atau agama masing-masing tak menjadi masaalah tetapi ganguan-ganguan yang boleh mengugat keharmonian setempat sedangkan kita tahu ada yang tak senang dengan laungan Azan yang dibangkitkan oleh se tengah pihak kebelangkang ini walaupun seketika dulu semasa penemuan dengan Ketua Menteri sekarang diawal beliau memegang tampok kuasa dan jawapan dari beliau tidak dihentikan(teruskan).

    1. re: “Ini bukan takut soal dengan bayang-bayang atau rapuhnya iman sesaorang itu”

      Media dan evangelis pandai putar-belit, so diorang pusing (spin) serta merekayasa yang bukan-bukan.

    2. re: Ini bukan takut soal dengan bayang-bayang atau rapuh nya iman sesaorang itu

      Bukan Islam dikatakan tidak memahami ‘kebimbangan’ penduduk Islam di kawasan tersebut kerana mereka tidak diletakkan di bawah situasi sedemikian.

      Beberapa tokoh Islam telah mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa sekiranya anda berasa tergugat hanya dengan memandang simbol salib, keimanan anda adalah rapuh. Rujuk kenyataan Mufti Perlis dan Jakim.

  5. “HA: Also follow the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not steal. This means thou shalt not covet what belongs to thine neighbour, i.e. the ‘Allah’ word”

    Helen has truly lost it. Stay away from the bad place, Helen.

    1. From The Ten Commandments:
      “And God spoke all these words, saying, I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

      You shall have no other gods before me.
      You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.
      You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.”

      The Christians call God on High Yahweh”

      1. I think YAHWEH in Hebrew acronym standing for “I am whom I am”; Hence, God cannot be described, and so by implication can only be known from his works. Hence, battle over words no basis in bible.

        1. Yes, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. warned us against delving into the Essence of the Most High – ALLAH; created intelligence has no bearing in the Transcendent Immutable, Who is other than “things” existing within space-time dimensions, that have a beginning and an end. The Prophet taught us instead to contemplate and emulate, as far as humanly possible the qualities imbued in the 99 beautiful names of the Lord Creator ALLAH.

          Jalaluddin Rumi on the Divine Names:

          “Just as a person is in relation to you as a father
          and in relation to another either as son or brother —
          So the names of Allah in their manifestations have relations:
          He is from the viewpoint of the infidel, the Authoritarian (qahar);
          but from our viewpoint, the Merciful.
          [Divan e-Kebir]

          With humans, the name of things is by its outward appearance;
          with the Creator, the name of each thing is its inward reality.
          In the eye of Moses, the name of his rod was “staff”;
          In the sight of the Creator, its name was “dragon.”
          In brief, that which we are ultimately,
          is our real name with Allah.
          [Mathnawi I:1239-40, 1244]

          Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

  6. The real racial bigots are The Star,WCW,MCA,DAP. Here are the examples;

    1. They never commented/condemned about Alvin the sex blogger recent insult to Islam or any of his insults in the past

    2. They never commented/condemned the throwing of pig head in a mosque in Penang a few months ago.

    It is just unfortunate we have a dumb and clueless PM who is trying to show he is moderate by asking the police to probe this incident but he never uttered a single word of the incidences above.

  7. What can we all do except voice our displeasure and worries via blogs? After all, the extremist moderate Wong Chun Wai has the full backing of our high priest of moderation, the PM himself. WCW can say anything he likes without fear of official sanction.

    I’m no religious bigot but I can see what the evangelistas are doing. Those who deny this are simply blind or deliberately choose to be blind. Continued provocation can lead to something none of us ordinary Malaysians want.

    The clamour against building Muslim houses of worship in Sabah and Sarawak have not received the same attention as this Taman Medan protest. Instead, Christian leaders in Sabah and Sarawak have come out in full support of the Taman Medan “church”.

    What does this say about the policisation of religion and those who partake of this political strategy?

    1. re: The clamour against building Muslim houses of worship in Sabah and Sarawak have not received the same attention as this Taman Medan protest.

      Why compare with the building of masjid with the display of cross? The protesters are demanding the removal of the cross. Not the closure of the church. It will be more relevant if you can show cases of masjid in Sabah/Sarawak being denied from displaying Islamic symbols.

      1. To show that muslims have it worse in christian majority areas and the christian star paper didn’t report it?

        Muslims suffer worse fate under non-muslim rule.

        1. Quote: Muslims suffer more under non-Muslim rule.

          I’ve often heard this before.

          Naturally I am curious how you define ‘suffer’. Are you talking about mere unfavorable/unfair and sometimes hostile perceptions toward Muslims in general (eg. alienation, suspicions, being called terrorists) or are we talking about the real kind of persecution where Muslims are thrown in jail for their faith or lynched for say, owning a Quran?

        2. If there is really such case, Malay media like Utusan and BH will surely report it. So, is there any case of a mosque in Christian majority area being compelled to remove Islamic symbols (eg. crescent and star)?

  8. -Good parody. I like the thou shall not steal.

    -While problem is real in that government allocations for religious places is limited and so churches cannot be set up easily, the churches’ expansion by numbers is also based on a misreading of the bible, as it was in the case of Western expansion, as well as the setting up of state of Israel, and one should be careful of violating laws, particularly in less affluent or more sensitive areas.

    -Setting up the house of the LORD within he walls of our heart is a more difficult task which the church has shied away from and at which it not been too successful, and hence cannot see God in the stranger.

    -Good fight!

    1. Is Hannah Yeoh pregnant again or has she regained her hearty appetite after the trauma Anwar’s prison meals?


  9. So, when is the Islamic Caliphate or Christiandom going to be establish first in Malaysia, then Nusantara, then Asean, then Asia then the world?

    It may take many many years to have a single belief in religion to solve all the opposing religionists critics and beliefs. Maybe as they say “Till Kingdom comes”.

    It sure won’t happen tomorrow or day after and many of those currently still living is sure dead by then just as billions of our human ancestors when the Earth was created billions of years ago which is a fact scientically proven and not just according to the timeline as mention by any religious books.

    If there is anyone to blame for all these religious problems, blame it all on the Greeks and Egyptians and later the Arabs where it all started long long time ago.

    Why blame the Malays, Chinese, Indians, natives who are just by-products of what was created by all those Mahafirauns long ago?

  10. Thanks Helen for those answers. Two things that you missed :-

    1. Only evangelist sakit hati. What about those G50 muslims, others and me ? Tidak sakit hati ? Alvin stunts – if he was in Malaysia, I don’t think he will survive long. Not the muslims here, but remember the IS millitary ? They’re making bombs too ! Don’t you think they don’t dare to do it ? (read their messages..) I don’t support them either. They are against the real jihad in Islam. Its wrong, definitely.

    2. Wong Chun Wai speaks on behalf of minority evangelist. I dont think majority of other christians will agree with him. What about the buddhists and hindus or any other believers that know Melayu Islam very well ? Are they making fun of Malays like Lim Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh, Alvin Tan and Chun Wai himself ? For the past decades, Melayu and Christians and Buddhists and Hindus and other believers created no conflicts. Only a few years’ back, the conflicts started when Dap succeeded in engaging churh to be in their politics, playing with religion and race sentiments. Then later joined by MCA and Gerakan tha made things worst. Further worsen by Anwar Ibrahim and that sorts of PKR moves in conquering political stance. Whoever believed in them…

    To those other rasional non muslims, we are happy being together. Please do not sell yourselves to the constructed prejudice. It brings us to nowhere except blood and tears. Spread your loves in the proper manners and respect each other.

    Note : Books Exhibition in KL – one booth that do the same stunts. Respect the well being, the law, the permit, everything was in order.

    Is it difficult to do so? To build mosques, need to adhere to the regulations too. Why that “haram” church (no documents being approved by) so special ? Why is Chun Wai, self portraits moderate, sounds like extremist ? Talam dua muka…

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