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Uh-oh! Another cannonball in Tun’s arsenal

Impressively “big fast results” have been achieved by the very “talented and capable” Pemandu and is attracting world attention, Najib Razak revealed.

NST Flying Colours Najib front page

Najib Razak yesterday patted Pemandu heartily on the back for its “flying colours” performance.

The prime minister’s speech, where he revealed that Pemandu’s GTP and ETP have met and even exceeded their goals, was highlighted on the April 29 front page of the Umno-owned NST – see above.

BELOW: Najib holding up the “flying colours” Pemandu report card, flanked by Muhyiddin and Idris Jala who is the Pemandu CEO

Najib Idris Jala


High speed Pemandu gets results – Big and Fast

Kata Najib dalam ucapan beliau kelmarin:

“Sayugia dijelaskan bahawa, warga Pemandu terdiri daripada gabungan bakat dan kebolehan daripada GLC, pihak swasta dan pegawai kerajaan. Hasilnya, dalam tempoh hanya lima tahun, pelaksanaan metodologi Big Fast Results di dalam GTP dan ETP oleh Pemandu bagi mentransformasi Malaysia, turut berjaya menarik perhatian dunia.”

Here is Najib saying one thing and Dr Mahathir saying quite another thing only a short while ago on the same topic. Just like 1MDB, the subject of Pemandu is once more a clash of opinions between the two men.

BELOW: As the Dapsters love to chant, “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”; Khairy, for one, believes Pemandu consultants deserve to be paid the best money

Twitter - Khairykj- @imokman Realistically

Subcontracting government function to consultants

1Malaysia acronyms

Pemandu = Performance Management & Delivery Unit / GREAT = Government Regional Electronic Advancement Transformation / MKRAs = Ministerial Key Result Areas / NKRAs = National Key Result Areas / NKEAs = National Key Economic Areas / GTP = Government Transformation Programme / ETP = Economic Transformation Programme / KPI = Key Performance Indicator / SCORE = SMEs Competitive Rating for Enhancement / SPAD = Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat / SPAN = Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara / SQEM = Standard Quality Education Malaysia / GEMS = Graduate Employability Management Scheme / BGF = Business Growth Fund / TAF = Technology Acquisition Fund / AFFIRM  = Awareness, Faculty, Finance, Infrastructure, Research and Marketing / ICU = Implementation Coordination Unit

In Najib’s own words, the role of Pemandu (which is parked in his PM’s Dept) is …

… “Ertinya, secara keseluruhan, Pemandu ialah sebuah unit yang mengawasi KPI dan piawai kerja menteri, kementerian juga agensi-agensi kerajaan berkaitan.”

BELOW: The bubbly (“champagne”) bikini bod Farah Intan was a Pemandu Senior Analyst tasked to prepare the KPI of our police force


Tun’s view of Pemandu

In a recent Che Det posting on 20 April 2015, Tun blogged that soon upon assuming the premiership, Najib “began to recruit his own 4th floor boys plus a number of British personnel to advise him on how to run the country”.

(But then again, do recall that Tun is the prime minister who once instituted a maverick policy of ‘Buy British Last’.)

BELOW: Pemandu’s big budget and big-salaried staff

Pemandu quarter billion

Taking over the wheel from Pak Lah

“They also used foreign consultants costing more than 7 billion ringgit,” added Tun, and suggesting that the Najib administration’s reliance on British advisers indicated our current PM “did not seem to believe in the Malaysian capacity to develop the country”.

Tun said Najib chose to ignore the trusty Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and other government departments and instead preferred to set up a new agency, Pemandu, to Power Point our development plan.

BELOW: Idris Jala and his trusty Power Point

Minister Idris Jala named most influential policymaker

BN losing the civil service vote

Tun highlighted how Pemandu is headed by a non-civil servant and that the salaries of Pemandu personnel “far exceed” what is paid to civil servants.

He believed that this move to create Pemandu made the civil servants “very unhappy”.

The civil servants are very unhappy because “their services, their expertise and experience are no longer needed” despite their immense past contribution in taking Malaysia from a developing country to a middle-income nation, said our ex-premier of 22 years.

Noting how the civil service had always been loyal to the BN government previously, Tun worries that many of them now no longer care to support the political establishment. “Some even join the opposition after retirement and stood as candidates in elections,” he pointed out.

Tun has dissected one of the reasons for BN losing support during the last election from its traditional vote bank. So if Najib is willing to act constructively on Tun’s postmortem, then perhaps BN will be able to recover some of these lost civil servant votes.

Twitter - etp_roadmap- We would like to apologize ... 2014-01-06 14-18-17


Baik mandi bunga

The admin (consultant) for the ETP Twitter account @etp_roadmap made a Freudian slip in referring to Najib as “former prime minister” in his/her tweet on 6 Jan 2014 – see below.

No heads – as far as the public are aware – were made to roll for this hex (or what the Chinese call bawa ‘suey’) that was cast on the PM by his very expensive ETP advisor.

I reckon that Najib’s streak of bad luck can be traced back to this most unfortunate episode as its catalyst. With advisors like these, who needs enemies?

To turn his fortunes around, Najib ought to tolak bala by returning the favour and making the ETP culprit his “FORMER” consultant.


One Malaysia vs Malaysian First – what’s the difference?

Tun observed that as a result of the overarching role given to Pemandu, certain government policies, including affirmative action for Bumiputera, were changed.

And aside from his disapproval of BR1M, Tun is also sceptical of 1Malaysia overall.

Tun Sinar Hariam BR1M

“Without saying so in so many words, he [Najib] had adopted the Malaysian Malaysia slogan of the opposition, only calling it One Malaysia instead”, Tun rebuked.

  • BR1M = Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia … seven million households and individuals
  • Klinik 1Malaysia … 307 clinics
  • KR1M = Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia … 161 outlets but some Chinese shopkeepers have been profiteering from buying in bulk, then reselling, the 1Malaysia brand items to their own customers at a higher price
  • KIR1M = Kedai Ikan Rakyat 1Malaysia
  • MR1M = Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia
  • BB1M = Baucar Buku 1Malaysia
  • BL1M = Bantuan Lesen 1Malaysia
  • BS1M = Beg Sekolah 1 Malaysia
  • BP1M = Bantuan Biasiswa Pengajian 1Malaysia
  • PR1MA = Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia


Datuk investigated by anti-corruption agency for CBT

  • 1AZAM

Khazanah kata – Words to enrich your Malay vocabu1ary ~ inclusive “berketerangkuman”, sustainable “mampan” ~

“A former minister’s political secretary is being investigated for alleged misappropriation of funds from the 1Azam welfare programme for the poor.” – See news article @

“Sources said the 54-year-old Datuk was detained on Friday at about 5pm in Putrajaya, and taken to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission headquarters for questioning.

“MACC director of investigations Datuk Mustafar Ali confirmed the arrest and investigations related to 1Azam which is under the Woman, Family and Community Development Ministry.”

The media learned that the MACC had seized 10 luxury vehicles – including a Toyota Alphard, Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Camry and Golf GTI – in connection with the investigation and purportedly belonging to the suspect

Urm, so what happened to the case? Loopholes in implementation should be plugged so that the rakyat do not lose confidence in the ‘driver’ and the negative perception does not linger.

BELOW: The Ngeh-Nga DAP evangelista warlords in Perak react to 1Malaysia

1Malaysia DAP
Dunno why lah DAP people perpetually pessimistic

Err, Tun is not convinced …

… despite the pages (p.1) and pages (p.2) and pages (pp.10-17) and pages (p.18) and pages (p.B3-B5) in the NST yesterday that were devoted to telling readers what a roaring success the Pemandu GTP and ETP have been.

Will the Pemandu report yesterday on its “big” and “fast” successes be able to make Tun desist from his relentless attacks through persuading the older man that Najib is coping fine?

Najib revealed that with Pemandu in the driver’s seat, Malaysia’s per capita income increased from USD7,059 in 2009 to USD10,426 in 2014.

Tun, on the other hand, has mentioned Brunei and Saudi Arabia as two examples of countries with high GDP per capita (at USD41,833 and USD25,401 respectively). Nonetheless, he does not consider either of these countries to be developed states, i.e. countries with R&D pushing technological innovation and possessing intellectual capital as well as a skilled workforce, e.g. Proton automotive engineers and technicians.

Therefore Tun is questioning whether Najib and his Pemandu driver are really drawing a workable blueprint. Does Najib wanna listen to Tun or listen to his coterie of consultants?

Najib: “Pelaksanaan ETP sedang membuahkan hasil yang positif”

According to Najib’s side of the story, he created Pemandu with the express purpose of driving Malaysia speedier to its destination of becoming a “high income advanced economy” by 2020 or even earlier, Insya Allah.

However, Tun – the man who coined Malaysia’s “vision twenty-twenty” catchphrase – himself does not believe that this lofty ambition can be achieved as yet. And certainly not by the target date, which is only a mere five years into the future.

Najib disagrees: “Alhamdulillah, segala pelaksanaan GTP dan ETP terus bergerak ke hadapan di atas landasan yang telah direncanakan dan sedang membuahkan hasil yang positif.”

Below are the 12 NKEA sectors as listed by Pemandu

12 National Key Economic Areas

Pemandu claims credit for helping create 1.8 million new jobs

Najib: “Di bawah ETP pula, dalam kesalinghubungan dunia yang semakin meningkat, penting bagi kita untuk membina ekonomi yang lebih kukuh dan berdaya tahan. Ini dilaksanakan melalui 12 Bidang Ekonomi Utama Negara atau NKEA”.

Ooooh, another canggih polysyllabic word for your BM vocab collection ~ “kesalinghubungan” (interconnectivity) ~

In this, the two men are a study in contrasts. Tun’s style is to use simple words. Take for example, the title of his 20 July 2009 article which is ‘Kaki dalam kasut‘.

It does make you wonder. In their battle royale, which is more convincing – Tun’s earthiness in delivering the message or Najib’s sophistication because we’ve evolved to live in an environment that requires composite words to explain the increasingly complex world.

Pemandu has claimed that “since the launch of the ETP in 2010, a total of 1.8 million new jobs have been created with 1.5 million employment opportunities within the NKEA universe”.

Waaah, Pemandu pandai claim credit ya.

Kerja Pemandu

What connection between job creation and existence of Pemandu NKEA steering committee?

Tun could likely be asking the following questions to help us make sense of Pemandu as he’s done to help explain the workings of 1MDB to the layman.

Is it justified for Pemandu to stake the claim that most of the jobs created since 2010 is owing to its ETP programme?

Say if Najib had not come to power and created Pemandu under his watch, would our country’s workforce – under the traditional direction of the five-year Malaysia Plans formulated by the EPU – have experienced a similar natural expansion in any case?

Tun has been asking probing questions about 1MDB. If only his queries can be answered satisfactorily, then I’m sure he’ll stop badgering Najib. Likewise with this Pemandu issue.

BELOW: What Pemandu calls “Exhibit 1.4” (they watched too much LA Law?)

NKEA Pemandu

Najib, in his ‘Flying Colours’ speech endorsed the Pemandu claim, saying, “1.5 juta pekerjaan baru telah diwujudkan setakat 2014 dalam sektor-sektor NKEA sejak 2010′.

The Statistics Department has collated the data on the Malaysian labour market participation rate among the working age population – see below.

www_statistics_gov_my_dosm_uploads_files_3_Time Series_Labour_1982-2013_TABLE13

Are Pemandu’s claims a little extravagant?

In 2013, there were 13,210,000 persons in the work force, including employers, compared to 10,897,300 in 2009. The time interval saw an expansion of 2,312,700 workers or 2.3 million new jobs.

To recap, Pemandu-ETP claims that it is thanks to them that 1.8 million new jobs have been created.

Any purported correlation, nonetheless, appears to be very stretched. What quantifiable input has Pemandu furnished to the dozen sectors which it has conveniently designated as NKEA to assist them in adding value and widening opportunities?


Last week’s teaser from Tun and more to come

And will Pemandu specify what category of jobs it specially created in the NKEAs? I’m asking only one simple question. Other ordinary folks have a few more questions on Pemandu. It looks like our curiosity is being piqued.

Tun who is always ahead of the curve must have examined the Pemandu annual report already. As it is, he wrote his article (parts of which I quoted above) a full week ago and preceding yesterday’s release of the report card.

He has probably carried out his own inimitable inspection of the Pemandu vehicle already and will be sharing with us more of the audit and his critical view on Pemandu’s role.

In other words, it’s more than reasonable to expect Tun to step up the tempo.


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18 thoughts on “Uh-oh! Another cannonball in Tun’s arsenal

  1. Najib as PM plays politics over the people. Mahathir as PM works through politics for the people.

  2. turut berjaya menarik perhatian dunia.”

    tapi tidak dapat menarik perhatian RAKYAT MALAYSIA terutama DR M.

    1.8 million jobs and why are University Graduates and non gradutes still jobless???? escpecially BUMIPUTRA!

  3. Mamakutty has a disease with symptoms called iri hati, cemburu, hasad dengki, sakit mata, cari pasal, saya sahaja yang betul, cara saya sahaja, projek saya, crony saya, kontrak saya, saya lebih Melayu, saya lebih Islam, saya darah 100% Melayu, Malaysia lingkup tanpa saya, itu hak saya, bukan saya yang pilih etc.

    No wonder he’s called a Recalcitrant.

    A better word to describe him would be GODZILA.

  4. Pemandu folks are just collecting numbers and reporting them. If good, they take credit. If bad, they will blame the ministries or jabatan for not implementing. In the process of doing these clerical duties, they collectively pocketed millions in remuneration.

  5. Hi , helen,
    Saya rasa tak ramai rakyat malaysia yang berminat nak tengok taklimat syok sendiri oleh Najib , dia boleh bercerita yang sedap-sedap realitinya sampai hari ini dah 6 tahun memerintah tak nampak pun satu hasil yang berimpak tinggi saya masih lagi mengunakan hasil hasil tinggalan Tun M , ada lah program Brim dan lain lain pemberian yang hanya sifat sementara untuk populis . saya bukan anti establishment tapi saya dah rasa muak dengan cara nak lagak macam kita ini sebuah negara taraf dunia maju . Hei PM stop dreaming . wake up and please step aside .

  6. Apakata kita minta Auditor Gen to audit Pemandu mabuk punya spending, the KPIs, outcomes etc. Is it really worthwhile ?

  7. Imho, the main difference between TDM and PM is in how they each measure success. For TDM, the nation is truly successfully developed when we research, develop and utilize products that we can claim as our own. Proton was to be one such success story. But somewhere along the way, the national pride was not fully instilled or developed hence so many Malaysians are so in love with anything imported.

    The PM on the other hand embodies the current youthful ideology that equates wealth with success. You drive a Ferrari, wear Armani and the most expansive watch and shoes and bags, you must be successful. Nobody seems to care that that person is effectively unemployed and only successful in spending wealth accumulated by his parents.

    So, in this I’m with TDM.

    1. Tun is taking his show on the road and news is that the next one will be held in Ipoh ,)

      He’s connecting with the ground in a way that is difficult for Najib’s people to either emulate or replicate.

      I believe Pemandu will be soon added to Tun’s laundry list of issues.

      1. Helen,

        Here Najib did it again. and he still does not get it. All these announcements mean nothing to rakyat mainly because they cant feel the benefits.

        Najib loves the big words. ETP, Blue Ocean strategies. But at end of the day, he and his government were saved by humble folks like makcik makciks , meaning malay people.

        Idris is not a politician. As such, he could not be bothered with rakyat reaction. Why on earth entrust him with PEMANDU. And why create another channel that simply does the same function. What happen to EPU.

        Why reward these contract staff with salaries that exceeds of Ketu a Setiausaha. is that not demeaning?

        It shows character. It shows Najib does not aprreciate the Malay ability. Just like Nazir, he looks down on Malays. Due to upbringing where he engaged with Mat Salleh at tender age(due to studying in England), Najib never realise how Malays feel.

        He loses touch with reality. YEt when he wants to contest in election, he choses Pekan. why not contest in Subang Jaya or Pandan. Let us see how he fares in constituents full of “Malaysians”.

        Mahathir is right,Najib got to go.

      2. Quran: surah al-Kahfi verses 46-49:

        Wealth and sons are only allurements of the life of this world: But the things that endure are good deeds, which are best in the sight of your Lord, as spiritual merit and best as the foundation for hopes.

        One Day (at The Judgement) We shall remove the mountains, and you will witness the earth levelled out, and We shall gather them, all together, nor shall We leave out anyone.

        And they will be brought forth before your Lord in ranks: “Now have you come to Us just as We created you at first: “Aye, you thought We would never fulfill the appointment with you for this meeting?”

        And the Report (of Deeds) will be placed before you; and you will see the sinful in great terror because of what is recorded therein; and they will say, “Ah! woe to us! What Book is this? It leaves out nothing small or great, but takes full account!” They will find all that they had done, opened before them: And none will your Lord treat with injustice!

    2. What new technologies has Proton pioneered and brought to market before other car manufacturers did so?

      We are talking about companies like BMW, Daimler-Benz, Audi, GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover and even Tesla.

      And how does “national pride” come into the picture? Like, for example, like deciding whether to travel on MAS or one of the Gulf airlines that have newer aircraft, cheaper fares, better service and more route choices?

      “National pride” can be awfully seductive when you are not spending your owned hard-earned Ringgit!

  8. DAP dan LKS pun sokong Mamakutty menjatuhkan PM demi slogan baru “Save Malaysia”. Sokong pulak Ku Li seorang pemimpin tua, lemah dan lembut jadi PM. Anehnya, apasal tak sokong Mooheedeen atau Hisham atau Zahid atau Shafie?

    DAP tu parti evengelista nak mengkristiankan Mamakutty dan Ku Li ke?

    Kenapa tak sokong Anwar dibebaskan dan jadi PM?

    Kenapa tak sokong Hadi jadi PM atau anak sendiri jadi PM?

    Semakin tua, semakin nyanyoklah mereka.

    Kenapa orang Sabah dan Sarawak tak minta jawatan PM tu? Kan semua parti kat Semenanjong sekarang bergantung penuh dengan mereka untuk tubuhkan kerajaan selepas setiap PRU?

    Bodoh betul pemimpin Sabah dan Sarawak!

  9. Ms H. I do not know where they dug up this guy from. In November 2014 in Bloomberg, he loudly said ‘ In 2015, a GDP of 5%-6% for Malaysia is no problem’. Just a few days ago, the same guy said ‘ Poverty has been wiped out in Malaysia.’ We Malaysians are not stupid only polite and courteous.

  10. Proton?


    What new technologies has Proton pioneered that other car manufacturers (e.g. BMW, Honda, Toyota or Volkswagen) haven’t already introduced?

    From the time Proton was set up, what market shares has it gained in the Asean countries?

    Is Proton a technological and marketing tour de force?

    I think not!

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