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Is Najib getting new evangelical Christian consultants?

Is Najib Razak going to be patron of the Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia like how he’s patron to Saifuddin Abdullah’s Moderates group?

BELOW: Now it’s “Voices” of Peace and Harmony following in the footsteps of the EvangeliSTAR‘s Voices of Moderation Continue reading “Is Najib getting new evangelical Christian consultants?”

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Is Chun Wai being batu api over the Myanmar religious conflict?

Myanmar’s intolerant Buddhist monks are berated in Wong Chun Wai’s J-Star column today.

Against the backdrop of “ultra nationalist” and “religious extremist” groups that “always fight in the name of country, race and religion”, certain religious figures in conservative societies are able to “get away with the most demonic crimes”, writes the J-Star CEO.

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This is the kind of people they are

‘They’ have struck again, this time at Rocky’s.

A few days ago I had posted – “11 minutes was all it took for the evangelista stalking me 24/7 to leave his Wormtongue comment at Annie’s blog … . And his is the very first comment too.”

In the latest, the turnaround time was two hours (creepy comment logged in @ 11.06am) following Rocky’s Friday new article at 9.02am – which is still a pretty fast move by the evangelista stalker.

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Fear the crescent, fear the cross

At the intergovernmental meeting in Bangkok yesterday on the boat people crisis, Htin Lynn, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Myanmar director-general told off the UNHCR for politicizing his country’s internal issues.

Htin Lynn was responding to a call for Myanmar to grant citizenship to its Muslim minority – the 1.3 million Rohingya of whom many are stateless – made by the UN’s Asst. High Commissioner for Refugees (Protection). Continue reading “Fear the crescent, fear the cross”

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Long, bloody history of anti-Indian riots in Burma

Info below covering the years 1930-2007 is sourced from:

Renaud Egreteau, Burma (Myanmar) 1930-2007, Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence, [online], published on 19 October 2009, accessed 29 May 2015, URL :, ISSN 1961-9898

1930; May-June: Several anti-Indian riots exploded in Rangoon and various Burmese cities and ports following a massive Indian coolies strike which began at Rangoon’s harbour on May 8. Continue reading “Long, bloody history of anti-Indian riots in Burma”

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Sunny with a chance of Abba and Ikea meatballs

It’s raining meatballs …


The Top 5 peoples in the Western world with the best social attitude and social behaviour are the Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Finns and Canadians.

Their countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland (collectively known as Scandinavia) followed by Canada – have the highest levels of social cohesion. Continue reading “Sunny with a chance of Abba and Ikea meatballs”

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Why would an Islamic activist like Marina hate the Islamic law, asks 11 year old

Interesting question.

“Marina [Mahathir] claims to be a Muslim activist fighting for Muslim rights through an NGO called Sisters in Islam,” observes Ahmad Ali Karim, who’s 11.


This being so, why then did Marina say that she cannot live in a country where Islamic law is to be implemented?

Continue reading “Why would an Islamic activist like Marina hate the Islamic law, asks 11 year old”

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Why exodus of one million Rohingya refugees is a real possibility

The native Burmese are very hostile to the Rohingya while the Myanmar government takes a hardline position to the extent of refusing to recognize the minority Muslim group as a legitimate ethnicity.

So basically, if Malaysia and any other host country is willing to take the Rohingya, then Myanmar really wouldn’t mind exporting the whole lot of them. Continue reading “Why exodus of one million Rohingya refugees is a real possibility”


From the DAP politician who said bring on May 13

By Calvin Sankaran

This guy is a snake-tongued hypocritical politician. Look at what he said previously…
PETALING JAYA: Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy hopes that the Indonesian government will not sent back the 89 Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka who were detained in Indonesia. Continue reading “From the DAP politician who said bring on May 13”

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Penang tak nak, takut kat Rohingya phantom voters

Statement today by P. Ramasamy, Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang


[Not in our backyard]

“However, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng felt that, given the high population density in the state, the federal government should look elsewhere to place the migrants.

“Moreover, according to Lim, Penang is already having thousands of Rohingyas and other migrants, who are imposing a heavy economic toll on the state. Continue reading “Penang tak nak, takut kat Rohingya phantom voters”

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Mass graves in Perlis found of the Rohingya

No “pregnant women” in the photo below.

DAP evangelistas must be the world’s most judgmental people. They’re always sitting on their high horses and judging everybody. They even play judge and jury to convict the entire country in the court of public opinion.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh – “A nation is judged by the way we treat our migrant workers.” Continue reading “Mass graves in Perlis found of the Rohingya”

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Just where are all those pregnant women?

Have you seen pictures of them?

Malay Mail columnist cum LGBT activist Azrul Mohd Khalib wrote,

“There are malnourished, sick, pregnant and dying adults and children on those boats. Where is our compassion for our fellow human beings?” as well as “… pregnant women, children and infants to suffer and die on those fishing boats stranded and adrift for months at sea”.

Marina Mahathir too mentioned “pregnant women” and the “old and sick” on the boats.

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Harbinger of Malay tsunami in GE14

You can assume the following trend – which I’m going demonstrate – as one lesson that the BN will be taught in GE14.

1. The silent majority are sorely deprived of a platform for our voice. More than 600 out of some one thousand people are saying, ‘No’, the Rohingya should not be allowed to stay in Malaysia.

That’s what the majority (60 percent) of my poll respondents feel. Continue reading “Harbinger of Malay tsunami in GE14”

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Oh look who Najib has taken on board

Lim Kok Wing is in the PMO as “special programme coordinator” to the Prime Minister – see the Tan Sri’s purported (if we credit this Insider news report) call card.


Continue reading “Oh look who Najib has taken on board”

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We’re like Australia

Excerpt from a report in The Sydney Morning Herald on 8 Jan 2014:

“Most Australians think asylum seekers who arrive by boat are not genuine refugees and there is strong support for the Abbott government to treat boat arrivals more harshly.

“A nationwide opinion poll by UMR Research shows that 59 per cent of people think most boat arrivals are not genuine refugees.

Continue reading “We’re like Australia”

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Rancangan Malaysia ke-11: Konsultan didahulukan

Excerpt from Liew Chin Tong’s statement on the 11th Malaysia Plan:

(Liew is DAP strategist and MP for Kluang)

Pemandu given too much money

“Najib has Pemandu, Talent Corp, Teraju, UKAS (Public-Private Partnership Unit), and many other new agencies which compete for influence with EPU. In particular, Pemandu has an unjustifiably huge budget to implement the various alphabet soups like NKRAs, NKEAs.” – Liew Chin Tong

Continue reading “Rancangan Malaysia ke-11: Konsultan didahulukan”

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Koyak lah when cabinet ministers begin channeling Marina Mahathir

In the mind of the ordinary rakyat, what we call the “government” usually equals the prime minister and his cabinet.

The government however further comprises “the entire federal public service from the highest to the lowest, including of course the police force and the armed forces”, according to Tun Mohamed Suffian Hashim, the late Lord President.

Tun Suffian also stressed that the government, although powerful, must nonetheless conform to the law. Continue reading “Koyak lah when cabinet ministers begin channeling Marina Mahathir”

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Najib gomen caves in to pressure

“The Home Ministry (Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jaafar) has said that Malaysia will push back the Rohingya that have arrived in the trawlers. We are waiting to see if Najib has the gumption to stand by his government’s decision,” I posted yesterday.

Only last week (May 14), Wan Junaidi was quoted by Reuters as saying, “I don’t see why we are under pressure. We are doing what we think we should do. We have to consider what our people want to see us doing. They don’t want to see immigrants come into our country”. Continue reading “Najib gomen caves in to pressure”

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“Racism”: Palestinians and Rohingya – one difference

“[T]he totally different reactions between the plight of the Muslim Rohingyas and the mostly Muslim Palestinians or Syrians” was brought up by regular commenter AC-DC @ 2015/05/20 at 12:02 pm.

Rohingya have become a boat people like Vietnamese before them.

Vietnamese boat people were mostly ethnic Chinese. Vietnam was not their motherland. Continue reading ““Racism”: Palestinians and Rohingya – one difference”

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Council of Churches says govt “inhumane”, wants more “compassion” to be shown

The Council of Churches Malaysia is deeply concerned over the plight of the Rohingya boat people and wants the government to stop its push back of them. “It is inhumane to push their flimsy boats back into the open sea,” the Council chided.

“This only adds to the trauma of their already life-threatening situation,” Council of Churches sec-gen Rev Dr Hermen Shastri said in a statement today. Continue reading “Council of Churches says govt “inhumane”, wants more “compassion” to be shown”

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Rohingya boat people – 60 percent poll respondents don’t want them

Najib Razak will have to pay a heavy political cost on the issue of Rohingya if he chooses to disregard Malaysian public sentiment rejecting these illegal immigrants.

Regular blog commenter tebing tinggi remarked @ 2015/05/19 at 11:20 am, “I think we have enough pendatang problem, why adding more?”

Rohingya poll result Continue reading “Rohingya boat people – 60 percent poll respondents don’t want them”

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Rohingya suspected of bringing to M’sia their blood feud against Buddhists

Two headless torsos, four legs, two heads, two hands and an arm had been found in Penang among the recovered body parts of 52 murder victims last year. Among the dead, 18 were identified as Myanmar nationals.

Nine men – Bilal, Mohd Rafik, Habibullah, Mohd Rafi, Yassin, Hussain, Maung Maung, Ali and Hafiz – were charged in the Penang magistrate’s court with the killing their Buddhist countrymen.

Continue reading “Rohingya suspected of bringing to M’sia their blood feud against Buddhists”

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Leave your Prada at home, Hannah, and volunteer to cook a meal for the Rohingyas

Shamshul Anuar commented, “Hannah talks about mercy, a quality that is alien to her. Of course, mere suggestion is very easy. Try accommodating them in Selangor.”

Shamshul has a piece of advice for Madame Speaker, “Go to the shelter for Rohingyas and start cooking for them. Leave your Prada and handphone home. Maybe then you will understand what is reality”.

Continue reading “Leave your Prada at home, Hannah, and volunteer to cook a meal for the Rohingyas”

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Will Hannah Yeoh give the Rohingya work as her children’s babysitter?

They are not refugees. Half of the 25,000 boat people are Bangladeshi economic emigrants.

A refugee is defined by the dictionary as “a person who has been forced to leave his country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster”.

There is no war, earthquake or tsunami in Bangladesh. Continue reading “Will Hannah Yeoh give the Rohingya work as her children’s babysitter?”

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Last time we didn’t allow Vietnamese boat people to stay either

And neither did the Vietnamese refugees want to stay in Malaysia. They headed on to Australia and other Western countries. They were economic refugees.

Thousands of Sri Lanka Tamils too have recently sailed to Australia to seek asylum. They would rather sail a distance of roughly 5,000 nautical miles to Australia than sail to across the Palk Strait separating Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu, India which is only 35 nautical miles wide. Continue reading “Last time we didn’t allow Vietnamese boat people to stay either”

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Malays play football, Chinese play Facebook

orangkampung commented @ 2015/05/15 at 9:50 am

“Never let it be said that people can’t learn from history. Dapsters have learned their lesson. They got smart. See how they are attacking Umno and BN with their ABU and UBAH. They keep their thoughts on the Malay race itself on the quiet, although of course once in a while they do surface.

“With all the problems that Umno is facing now, you can see how fragmented the Malays are. So maybe we will not come to another May 13 if BN loses and I’m sure the Dapsters have learned how to make the Malays toe the line.”

Continue reading “Malays play football, Chinese play Facebook”

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Hannah Yeoh: BN’s “pathetic” people with their “backward thinking”

“The Malay psyche appears simple in essence and yet it is complex in fathoming. A non-Malay, who has only a superficial relationship with a Malay, can easily fall into the trap of taking the Malay for granted.” – Dr Ismail Noor and Muhammad Azaham Wahab (The Malays Par Excellence … Warts and All, p.19)

Hannah YeohJune2012
Hannah Yeoh – So pathetic uols and backward thinking

Continue reading “Hannah Yeoh: BN’s “pathetic” people with their “backward thinking””

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Do the Chinese really need to be able to speak BM?

There is a long discussion thread in my yesterday’s posting – ‘7 out of 10 Chinese see themselves as Malaysian First, claims J-Star survey‘.

Below is one reader’s opinion. Commenting @ 2015/05/12 at 6:13 pm, HH asked me to “take a calculator and work out the percentage of minority in those countries” while additionally throwing in “everybody’s favourite, Indonesia as well”. Continue reading “Do the Chinese really need to be able to speak BM?”

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7 out of 10 Chinese see themselves as Malaysian First, claims J-Star survey

So we can expect seven out of every 10 Chinese in the country to be able to speak Malaysia’s national language as their native tongue (just like the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines do their respective country’s native language) and also be willing to send their children to National School.

“Chinese” school should only cater for those three out of every 10 Chinese who view themselves by Race/Ethnicity First. The seven out of 10 Chinese who see themselves as Malaysian First must send their children to National School because vernacular school is only suitable for the Chinese Firsters. Continue reading “7 out of 10 Chinese see themselves as Malaysian First, claims J-Star survey”

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Should Salleh Said Keruak have the PM’s ear, then he must …

… advise Najib Razak to disarm, in one bold stroke, those of his ministers concealing a poisoned dagger in their hand. Purge the disloyal elements in Cabinet – there’s no other option.

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. If Najib Razak survives the present bid to oust him, he will emerge stronger and be the war general that the BN needs to fight the next general election. Continue reading “Should Salleh Said Keruak have the PM’s ear, then he must …”