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Why I prefer BN

1. Latest news from the motherland – the government of China is accused by Chinese evangelistas of carrying out religious persecution and human rights abuse on the scale of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Many pastors and church leaders have been thrown in jail. See China Aid 2014 report titled ‘The Year of “Persecution and Endurance‘. ~ Evangelistas are freaking out the Chinese government alright.

2. Last year alone, Chinese authorities demolished an estimated 100 church buildings and forcibly removed 1,000 crosses, see report on 25 April 2015. ~ Evangelistas are really freaking out the Chinese government.

China church riot police

PIX ABOVE (still grab from video): The black-helmeted riot police are on one side of the Salvation Church gate and the congregation faithful on the other

3. In Wenzhou, the city known as the ‘Jerusalem of China’, hundreds of riot police tried to storm the gates of the Salvation Church in Pingyang county, Zhejiang province, reported CNN on 16 Sept 2014 – CNN video HERE.

Riot police failed to gain entry into the church that night due to the interference of a church defender who had to be rushed away by ambulance after a blow to the head fractured his skull, said the CNN report. A few weeks later, police returned with more reinforcements and succeeded in tearing down the church cross.

~ Sending SWAT teams and hundreds of riot police to a church shows that the evangelistas are really, really freaking out the Chinese government.

4. Generally, the evangelistas are freaking out the larger Chinese community with their “cult activities”, “illegal structures”, “house churches” and “political dissent”, hence the crackdown.

Recall the cult murder at McDonald’s – Christians who kill “evil” people

NYT evil cults

5. The authorities are real worried about Christianity’s super rapid growth, especially as the number of Chinese Christians will soon overtake the China Communist Party membership. A Purdue University professor has estimated that Christians in China will exceed the total of those in the USA by 2030 (a mere 15 years down the road).

6. Beijing also suppresses the Buddhists in Tibet and the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang but neither religious groups freak out the Chinese the way evangelical Christians do.


ABOVE: FMS Enactment 1899 – “Christian Chinese shall not be deemed to be of Chinese nationality”

7. In Tanah Melayu back at the turn of the previous century, Christians of Chinese ethnicity were not acknowledged by the powers-that-be as China nationals. Or in simpler words, fellow Chinese in those times could not see Christian converts as being ‘real’ Chinese.

BELOW: The Secretary for Chinese Affairs Enactments of 1899, Federated Malay States


8. MCA and Gerakan do not play religion (either Christian or Islam) politics. You did not see Ng Yen Yen or Chew Mei Fun or any of the other past nor present Wanita MCA chiefs wear tudung.

(a) MCA had evangelista Lee Hwa Beng who was a three-term Adun in Subang Jaya but he was sacked by the party post-GE13; Lee pictured below with Hannah, Guan Eng and Kit Siang.

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya

Former MCA three-term Subang Jaya Adun Datuk Lee Hwa Beng and KitSiang


thestar_com_my ignoramus


(b) The nest of Evangelistas – in two separate J-Star editorials on 17 Aug 2014 and 31 Aug 2014 – slammed those Malaysians whom the editors call “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” – see screenshots of the EvangeliSTAR pages above.

YeoBeeYinTudungMug9. It is usually the DAP evangelistas who accuse other people of being racists, extremists and bigots.

It is also their politicians who pull sneaky stunts like Occupy Masjid, hashtag #sahur, “Insya Allah”, kacau periuk kosong di surau, “Be My Protector“, “all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord” and other chameleon tricks.

ABOVE: DAP evangelista Adun Yeo Bee Yin who is YB Damansara Utama

YB Yeo, like her fellow Yeoh Speaker Hannah, is willing to put on tudung but at the same time, she mocks Muslims as “Allah’s soldiers”.

Yeo Bee Yin’s press statement on the ‘Allah’ issue was shared 3,112 times on Facebook by FMT readers (see below). She said:

“This must be a happy time for those of you who think you have won a war for Allah.”

“Congratulations! You have won your holy war. Go celebrate.”

10. In China, the evangelical Christians called themselves “peaceful” but their Taiping (big peace) movement was a violent rebellion that took an estimated 20 million lives over a period of 14 years, according to Encyclopædia Britannica.

The Boxer uprising in China saw the rebels “openly attacking Chinese Christians and Western missionaries”. According to Britannica, “in Beijing the Boxers burned churches and foreign residences and killed suspected Chinese Christians on sight”. The rebellion which spanned a year resulted in an estimated 100,000 or more deaths.

Wenzhou cross

ABOVE: Zhejiang authorities use a crane to remove a church cross in Wenzhou, the Jerusalem of China while riot police stand guard


The Chinese have a long history of conflict with the Christian converts within their midst and find them creepy.

Creepiness aside, the Chinese realise too how extreme the fanatical evangelista leaders can be.

huan dap run by fanatics christian

huan dap fanatics christian party

Sooooo very, very sneaky

The Jerusubang elements in the DAP are exhibiting signs of Christian triumphalism and supremism.

And their sneakiness and that of their psywar operatives is simply too much to bear.

BELOW: A commenter goes by the name of ‘AkuMelayu-tetapi ABU jugak’ but says “Allah saw” (sic) – it is correctly Allah s.w.t. – while another one calling himself “Umno portal” and passing himself off as an Umno member admits to drinking red wine

These pro-opposition operatives brazenly masquerade as Malays. There is no boundary to the kind of things they’re willing to do for political gain.

Viciousness and ruthlessness are scary enough but coupled with such sneakiness, then the BN had better be afraid of the DAP.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim


“Puak-puak anti-Islam” is how Ismaweb senior editor Razali Zakaria describes the DAP evangelista leaders. “Puak rasis” is Ismaweb editor Mohd Firdaus Salleh Hudin‘s opinion of the DAP evangelical leadership.

Ustaz Shaharuzzaman Bistamam, who is Isma’s comparative religion bureau unit chief, tells off the DAP evangelista leaders: “Tetapi jika hati mereka masih penuh dengan kebencian dan hasad dengki kepada orang Islam, jangan bercakap perihal solidariti kepada umat Islam”.

The Isma leadership generally believes that DAP is anti Malay and anti Islam. Yet the DAP are the loudest and most enthusiastic in proclaiming love for their Muslim “brothers and sisters”.

I prefer BN because I find the love-love-love DAP – which is today controlled by the evangelical Christians – just too creepy for words.


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37 thoughts on “Why I prefer BN

  1. Well, then – why not comment on how China regards Islam and treats Muslims?

    Surely the plight of the Uighurs in Xinjiang should be highlighted also, shouldn’t it?

    Or maybe you have a selective view of things.

    Like amnesia about the Uighurs.

    1. China demolished 100 churches and removed 1,000 crosses.

      I’ve not heard of 100 mosques demolished or 1,000 suraus being interfered with.

  2. All religious and racists parties, NGOs, leaders, politicians etc are just too creepy when they use it as a base for their politiking.

    They are just tools to control, manipulate, hyponitize and lead dumb stupid humans to follow them to achieve their political ambitions.

    Wouldn’t it be better to be lead by a leader who promotes unity, compassion, justice, wealth for everybody?

    It sure takes a principled and honourable man/woman to believe in such ideals.

    Have anyone seen any Malaysian yet of this calibre?

    1. Dandy,
      re ,Have you seen any Malaysian yet of this calibre ?.

      Are you suggesting that you are the one ?.

      1. Definitely not!

        There are definitely more interesting things to do in life than engage in all these games fooling and hypnotising people’s minds. Making people become more racists or become religious bigots isn’t the mark of a good man/woman. It’s pure simple evil in the pursuit of self Power, Glory and Wealth.

        And what do they gain at the end after gaining the people’s blind trust and faith and misery after that?

        Retribution for such people always comes one day or another, sooner or later.

        The same people who supported them will be always the same ones to topple and end their Power, Glory and Wealth. Such is the cycle that has befallen many.

        The most nobles and live a good life until death are those who can know right from wrong, kind hearted than evil, sincerity than hypocrisy, love than hate, sensibility than madness, innocent than guilty, wisdom than fools, piousness than make believe.

        There are just too many uncivilised people than civilised ones among Malaysians.

        All in the pursuit of wealth, glory and power.

        1. re: “There are definitely more interesting things to do in life”

          Unfortunately not for poor Dandy who lurks 24/7 in Helen’s blog, Annie’s blog, Jai’s blog and other political forums. Get a life, Dandy!

          re: “engage in all these games fooling and hypnotising people’s minds”

          So many Pakciks fooled by Hannah’s tudung-wearing game. Dah lah tujuh tahun bertudung dan berkunjung ke masjid tapi masih belum dikurniakan hidayah, kesian.


          re: “Making people become more racists or become religious bigots isn’t the mark of a good man/woman.”



          A Dapster, like his icon, never ever tires of accusing others. Even the weather can be accused by them of being racist! And may God have mercy on the MIC and Umno racist troops.


          re: “It’s pure simple evil in the pursuit of self Power, Glory and Wealth.

          Aaaah, power. So happy for those who get it. Tweeted 10 times in the J-Star Twitter timeline in a span of a mere 24 hours.

          And with power comes the elaborate, impressive costume too.


          But when the power is BN’s, they’re wicked. Only DAP evangelista MPs are good and pure of heart.


          re: “And what do they gain at the end after gaining the people’s blind trust and faith and misery after that?”

          A fat pension for the rest of their lives.


          re: “Retribution for such people always comes one day or another, sooner or later.”

          Amen to that. You watch. It’ll be sooner than you think.

          re: “The most nobles and live a good life until death are those who can know right from wrong, kind hearted than evil, sincerity than hypocrisy, love than hate, sensibility than madness, innocent than guilty, wisdom than fools, piousness than make believe.”


          God bless brother Dandy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

          re: “All in the pursuit of wealth, glory and power.”



          1. Dandy ni memang lucu macam badut. Apa je yg dikomennya akan terkena balik ke muka dia. Hanya badut je mampu buat macam tu.

          2. Wow. HA really really knows how to twists and turn. Replying and justifying every line and sentence of what Dandy writes.

            Is there not even a slight pinch to feel guilty in your consciense that perhaps you are over doing some things until it sounds so ridiculous?

            Why the U-turn suddenly in saying supporting BN when your altruistic ambition in the first place was to have an Islamic Caliphate?

            1. re: “Wow. HA really really knows how to twist and turn.”

              While you’re at it, why don’t you call me racist, extremist, bigot and hater as well?

              re: “Replying and justifying every line and sentence of what Dandy writes.”

              I’m not made in the mould of the stoic Najib Razak who maintains an eloquent silence despite all the slander and abuse you people throw at him.

              You wanna do your smear campaign on me in my blog, I shall certainly rebut you (although you can get away with your dirty tactics against me in other blogs).

              re: “Is there not even a slight pinch to feel guilty in your consciense that perhaps you are over doing some things until it sounds so ridiculous?”

              Didn’t I confidently forecast that Dandy will be making his third comment on this thread? You’re fulling my prediction. Is there not even a slight pinch on your kiasu dirty Dapster soul that perhaps you are overdoing some things until you sound so recognizably ridiculous all over political blogosphere?

              re: “Why the U-turn suddenly in saying supporting BN when your altruistic ambition in the first place was to have an Islamic Caliphate?”

              (a) What sudden U-turn? I voted BN so that means I support BN lah. See my posting on election day 5 May 2013. Look who’s twisting and turning – typical Dapster.


              (b) re: “your altruistic ambition in the first place was to have an Islamic Caliphate?”

              Wrong again, you little twister-turner-Dapster. It is your boss Lim Guan Eng aka Umar ‘Lim’ Abdul Aziz who wanted to emulate the Islamic Caliphate and amar makruf nahi mungkar in his state, Penang.

              If I wanted an Islamic Caliphate, I’d have to borrow Hannah Yeoh’s tudung to wear and get a Twitter account so that I can tweet #sahur and learn Arabic like “Insya Allah”, “Alhamdulillah” and other phrases that your party people like to use.

        2. The DAP inter-faith apologists YBs Dato Dr Mujahid & Khalid Samad doing not bad, Sdr Dandy
          Their inter-faith baby however will in-sya-allah be thrown out with the bath water huhu at the June PAS Muktamar.

          Haji M Zin
          Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Dendam Mao kpd kristian ialah kerana ia menjadi alat Western yang paling MURAh untuk meruntuhkan previous China.

    Seleps perang Candu British mendapati:-
    Adalah mustahil untuk menCANDUkan 1 billion manusia.
    Langkah paling mudah ialah mencandukan pemikiran dan mewujudkan Perang Taiping rebellion.

    Perang Candu
    Taiping Rebellion
    Boxer Rebellion (Menteri Jepun dibunuh)
    Sino Japanese war

    Mao hate religion era.

    New Evangelina (banana Skin lina)

  4. Good things come in threes. Dandy, who really needs to get a life, left his comments here @ 4.48pm and 7.09pm (two hour intervals).

    Expect his next comment at 9pm.

    Note that Dandy was the second person to comment on this page, barely 45 minutes after I uploaded my post.

    1. Dandy appears to be the alter ego of Anwar who went broke politicizing for Glory, Power and Wealth but bungled his self-initiatives from poking his head in the wrong niches.

  5. Hannah Yeoh bawah ada cuci,badan ada cucu kalau tak ada cuci mana boleh masuk masjid.Kalau benar2 dalam Islam orang bukan Islam tak boleh masuk masjid sebab mereka najis..

  6. I love China. I love Mao. I hate the evangelistas. They are the true coolies of the west. I would love to see another Tiean An Mein with Evangalistas under tank tracks.

    God bring back Mao Tze Dung. The Chinese suffered worse than the Jews under imperial western forces selling paying them with opium. It was a form of slavery that would make the African American experience look like a Salvation Army Christmas Camp.

    China is a world leader because they are pragmatic even if sometimes extreme. But how do you crowd control a billion and half people of very diverse backgrounds?

    Bring the Barisan troops out and lets all join them in poohing on the Hannah Yeoh’s and their churches. make Christmas a crime unless it is being practiced and observed by the regular Christians.

    I love Hannah Yeoh (cooked, barbecued, whipped with a little ice cream on the top just boiled or sun dried). I love her whole church to death (literally)

    1. grkumar. I love the real India and the Indians. I was a refugee in this vast land which is rich in everything that has to do with ancient civilization. The Indians were friendly, kind and hospitable. This I never forget !

    2. Gkumar,

      Another researched essay?

      Makes you wish you were born in China during Mao’s cultural revolution eh? All the slaughtering of intellects and scholars would result in no one questioning your ‘informed’ pieces. What a bliss.

      1. you would know. Clearly a man without intellect to have survived Mao’ purges against intellectuals. Keep coming.

    3. grkumar. I was 11 years old when I used to travel with just a bearer in tow from Santa Cruz (Bombay International Airport) by commuter train to Churchgate, Bombay and wandered around the streets especially looking for American comics near the Eros Cinema and the Prince of Wales Museum or in Byculla. It was great while it lasted. There were many Indians then.

  7. To me this is one of the biggest irony in life. Among the great religions of the world, Christianity actually emphasises quite a lot on love. Whoever does not love, does not know God, because God is Love (John 4:8). Christian Mysticism also revolves around the idea of God as Love. It can be said that Christianity places Love as one of its highest principle.

    Yet the behaviour of these evangelistas is anything but love. Somehow they manage to distort this beautiful idea of Love in the most morbid of ways.

    There is something else that is at play here and I suspect it has something to do with the sense of superiority that they have of themselves.

    These people firmly believe that there is only one way to salvation and it must be through Christ. There is simply no other way. Having accepted Christ, they feel special. God himself have chosen them. And as long as they can justify their actions in the name of love, they somehow feel justified in doing some these unsavoury things.

    I am doing all these because I want to save you. And I want save you because I love you. So I may hurt you, I may cheat you, I may trick you, but its all because I love you!

    1. The Christians have been misled for so long a time by the proclamations of Paul and posthumously his patron, Emperor Constantine’s 4th century decree.


      1. Oh really Chris? Talk about selective evidence. You seem to know a lot more than the 2 billion Christians and the thousands of brilliant Christian scholars that have studied the religion and its history in detail over the centuries. Must come from the Zakir Naik school of bs.

  8. Ms H, grkumar is correct. Christianity was tried out on India, China and Africa in the 19th Century as a form of opium to mollify the natives. Evangelism did not work in these places because of fierce local resistance. As we can see in Hong Kong today, the Ramsbotham Hongkees were submissive and docile throughout British rule. But now under the rightful and legal aegis of the Chinese Government, these umbrellas types make all sorts of ‘democratic’ demands. Most of them have their second abode secured and they speak good English.

    1. More than 1,000 Mexicans have been leaving the Catholic Church every day over the last decade, making up some 4 million fallen-away Catholics between 2000 and 2010 …

      “But there is nothing to lament about the growing insignificance of the Catholic Church in the lives of millions of Catholics. Religions that harm people, that stagnate progress, and keep human beings in a state of mindless obedience to make-believe ideas of theism can die out in several possible ways. One is through reform: bringing religions in line with emerging contemporary secular norms and values, such as the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, can delay the death of a faith by making it less obsolete, but simultaneously helps to chip away at its power to control the lives of its adherents.”

      1. Then it ought to be good news for the human race. Everyone can have their cake and eat it. Crutches on demand without obligation. It is reassuring to know no matter how Christianity has evolved (according to your excerpt) to stay relevant, they have not taken the easy route of compulsion as their stratagem.

        1. If you are hinting about our current Muslim plight, the Quran says explicitly that there is no compulsion in religion – truth must stand clear from error. The Wahhabi Islamists have corrupted the religion of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. – and Muslims not conforming to their beliefs are dying at their hands.

          But it is also incorrect to think that Christian denominational wars have not been fought. You may want to research the history of Roman Catholic vs Protestant disputations and wars. And the banishment of the Ebionites and Nestorians during the reign of Constantine’s religious edict.

          1. I am well aware of Christianity’s bloody past.

            My comment is a response to an article excerpt posted by another commentator which talked about the ever evolving strategy adopted by the Christian church to stay relevant with times.

  9. So you prefer uncontrollable inflation, mismanagement of funds and rampant corruption? Fair enough then, I would prefer BN as well if I supported all these wrongdoings.

    1. What makes you think that uncontrollable inflation, mismanagement of funds and rampant corruption will not be worse under a Pakatan government?

      1. Look at Penang. So many new taxes like bed taxes, higher assessment and new parking zones. New water prices.

        All the sale of public land.

        So that is definition of good governance?

        Another, why is Kit Siang so eager to form a unity government with UMNO? What has Kit Siang done that DAP can apply to be a BN compound?

        So in the end everyone becomes BN and is forgiven. I don’t buy such logic.

        1. One question: where are the accounts for the 20 sen levy on plastic bags collected by the Penang government for charitable purposes?
          That is since 2010.
          Kak Helen, aren’t you curious?

      2. Look at the no. of scandals/cases being investigated or prosecuted under the PR states. Have you seen any to the scale of 1MDB?

        1. When the Anwar + DAP camps wanted to oust TS Khalid from his Menteri Besar post, they alleged that he was a big crook. (Actually, our ex-MB should sue them for all the slander they cast at him and I hope he does).

          Those DAP + PKR supporters, nonetheless, truly believed all the allegations levelled by some of the DAP & PKR plotters against Khalid and that is why they were so adamant that he must be replaced with Wan Azizah via the Kajang Move.

          This only goes to show that a large number of Pakatan supporters belonging to the Anwar-DAP camp are convinced that the Khalid administration was scandal-ridden and corrupt, and hence had no reservations in supporting the forced removal of Khalid from office.

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