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Ambiga: Why are we allowing Isma to attack the Chinese?

Ambiga arrested, to be detained overnight‘ (Malaysiakini, 1 May 2015)

Below is the photo of human rights advocate Ambiga Sreenevasan taken a little earlier outside the Dang Wang police station while waiting to be called by the Investigating Officer (IO). She is flanked by Liberty Lawyers Eric Paulsen and Latheefa Koya.

Ambiga is wearing a ‘Negara-ku’ T-shirt with the slogan “Kembalikan negaraku”. She is the patron of Negara-ku, a movement that claims to be defending the federal constitution.

Ambiga Paulsen Latheefa

Ambiga Negaraku

(Above is Ambiga wearing the same “Kembalikan negaraku” T-shirt, only in a different colour.)

Ambiga mahu Malaysia “dikembalikan” kepada konsep dia

What does she mean by “Kembalikan negaraku”? What will be the shape of Malaysia that must be returned in order to please her?

In Ambiga country, hudud is an offence against the Malaysian constitution. “The constitution is secular,” she insisted.

She also asked, “How does hudud accord with the Global Movement of Moderates?” See video recording where she was speaker at a forum titled ‘Hudud – A Nation at Crossroads’ on 17 May 2014.

Di negara Ambiga, hudud adalah haram

Ambiga considers hudud to be an “extreme form of punishment”. In fact, the most extreme.

She questioned whether hudud would change the basic structure of the constitution or in legal jargon, whether the hudud bill “offends” the constitution. Anything that offends the constitution is ultra vires.

Addressing the forum audience at Wisma MCA – this is last year –  Ambiga reminded them, “And better not say because you’re non-Muslims you can’t speak”.

“Isma has already come up with a statement to say they want hudud to apply to everybody else. The minute they did that, it’s open for all of us to speak,” said Ambiga (see video above @ 1:19:00).

All the things that Ambiga said at the forum were not much different from what Eric Paulsen tweeted a couple of months ago. But while Eric was remanded and investigated by the police for his tweets on hudud – this is the second time following an earlier remand over his controversial Jakim tweet – Ambiga had escaped police scrutiny.


Gerakan “Kembalikan Negara-ku”

“Why are we allowing people like Isma to come out … to divide the nation, to attack the Chinese?” asked Ambiga (see video above @ 1:26:00).

“And by the way, when they [Isma] attack a whole community, they disrespect the federal constitution. Why? Because you’re citizens. They have no right to attack communities who are citizens, asking ‘Where did you come from? You don’t deserve to be here’. They have no right to do that.”

For the record, Isma president Abdullah Zaik is facing a sedition charge for his characterization of the Chinese as intrusive pendatang.

Hannah Ambiga

Ambiga with Hannah Yeoh and Gobind Singh

The Brahmin who is untouchable

Just like there’s little possibility of Eric Paulsen dialing back his strident views on Islam, including hudud and sex on camels, likewise Ambiga will not be cutting back on her public appearances to speak on the same topic (hudud, not sex on camels).

PSM sec-gen Arutchelvan was investigated under sedition last February for his remarks on Anwar’s Sodomy II verdict but Ambiga was not questioned by police despite saying almost the same things as Arul did about the court judgment.

We know that Eric Paulsen and Ambiga think along the same lines with regard to hudud and the only difference being that Eric goes in and out the police station like passing through a revolving door whereas Ambiga has not been called up… that is until her history-making arrest last night.

Ambiga is being detained overnight for questioning over the short speech (“few words”) she gave at the anti-GST rally yesterday.

Nonetheless, Ambiga’s arrest for participating in the rally is only a minor matter compared to the remand of Eric and Arul and the sedition charge against Isma’s Abdullah Zaik. But at least it does not now seem that she is so impervious to police action.

There’s no reason to treat Ambiga any different from a loud Pakatan politician.

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Ambiga masuk bakul, Ambiga angkat sendiri

Ambiga Sreenevasan said:

[Abdullah Zaik] believes in fighting for one race and one religion against enemies who are not there. I believe in fighting for all Malaysians who are marginalised and downtrodden.

Clapping Smiley

Ambiga said:

“[Abdullah Zaik] reads our federal constitution and sees how we can be divided. I read our federal constitution and see our shared values and how we are united.”

“He thinks it is fine to call fellow citizens ‘trespassers’ and other such ‘choice’ words, I call them my brothers and sisters.”

Clapping Smiley

Ambiga described her vision in comparison to Abdullah Zaik’s:

“I believe in celebrating our rich and diverse history and being proud of it. I value every bit of the blood, sweat and tears of all those who have made this nation great.

“His vision is to see one community as being above all others; my vision is to see all communities work together to continue to build Malaysia.”

Clapping Smiley

Ambiga said of herself in contrast to Abdullah Zaik:

“He sees the worst in some of his fellow human beings, I see the best in all because we are all creations of the Almighty.”

Clapping Smiley

Abdullah Zaik doa

Ambiga explained why she shies away from walking with Abdullah Zaik:

“I will not walk with him because his path will never meet my path.  He and I do not share the same vision or destination.

“He speaks of racial and religious superiority, I believe in a multiracial community and multi-religious harmony.”

Clapping Smiley

Ambiga concluded her grandstanding against Abdullah Zaik by issuing (such a navel-gazing Firster) invitation:

“Should he ever choose to work with us, laugh with us, cry with us and to help all, he is welcome to walk with me and the millions of Malaysians who want to see peace, harmony and happiness reign in this beloved nation of ours.”

Clapping Smiley

Actually folks, if you must know, Abdullah Zaik really thinks that Ambiga is a “talam dua muka”.

And you know what, he is 101 percent right.


Ambiga: Why are we allowing Isma to attack the Chinese?


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35 thoughts on “Ambiga: Why are we allowing Isma to attack the Chinese?

  1. Yup. And she proudly said that she represent Malaysian when in fact, hudud is being supported by majority muslim in Malaysia.

  2. Ambiga your intention not really help all Malaysians ur intention for DAP.And also to topple the Malay Muslim ruler in Malaysia.Allah knows every intention of your action and in your heart.Remember that.

  3. A pretentious celebrity with little or no substance to her arguments as always. If the constitution is secular then Hudud surely has a place in Malaysia. Hudud is a religious prescription, just as legitimately as the proscription on the use of contraception by other religions. Both of these are against the principles of “human rights” in the eyes of some, whilst others realise the futility of the very liberal highly political interpretation given to the term “human rights” by the Ambigas of this world. And unless we get rid of them they will continue to stifle and interfere with legitimate debate about the rights and causes of humans all over the world.

    The constitution is secular. But what is meant by secularism is not understood by the likes of Ambiga.

    Relevantly they are the Dang Wangi police station. (Dang pronounced Dung meaning pooh, Wangi (or scent) is an appropriate interpretation of how the Ambigas of this world deal with any sweet situation. They put shit all over it thus Dang Wangi.

  4. This is a country disarrayed fundamentally by a factionalized education system.

  5. ISMA is full of what most people of the Books would called Satans.

    They and their Great Satan leader come in different disguises to divide rational thinking Malaysians by race and religion. Just look at his face and you know he’s a devil/satan in disguise. He is just not what we called civilised and honourable people.

    Whether Ambiga is called a hypocrite or not, whether she is pro-opposition or not or whether she is another BN lackey in disguise is not the main concern of most rational Malaysians.

    Who are actually destroying the country and it’s citizens?

    Most of these zealots and Satans were indoctrinated during the time of the Mahafiraun reign thru agencies like the BTN, closed door ceramahs in institutions and teachings of Wahhabism and Takfiris overseas and locally.

    They would all need to be sent for re-indoctrination by East Malaysians in Sabah (since Sarawak took the easy way out by just banning such people) to learn how to live among people of diverse race and beliefs in peace and harmony.

    Abdullah Zaik nick should be Abdullah Taik.

    Those who support his ideology such as HA are not surprising. They worship Greek mytological Gods like Helen of Troy anyway.

      1. Helen,

        One hallmark of a great leadership is decisiveness. At height of the 2nd world war, Britain could have taken an easier path. It could have agreed to German’s request for armistice. Bear in mind that whole of Europe were already invaded by Hitler’s forces.

        Britain was practically fighting alone as it was the only European power not subjugated by Germany. But Churchill did not submit to Hitler’s pressure. The rest is history.

        Similar greatness was shown when Malaysia faced Currency problem due to Soros’s manipulation. Dr Mahathir decided to take bull by its horn. He admitted he did not know the source of the problem. He admitted learning about the problem. He was ridiculed when he introduced a weird prescription. The rest is history.

        Another leader goes all out to get rid of irritating illegal logging. Adenam Satem even told off many high ranking Semenanjung officers to get out of Sarawak of they refuse to work hard. Suddenly, the almost impossible rampant illegal logging is seen as very easy to tackle.

        REFUSAL TO BE FIRM is a sign of weakness. Refusal to punish those flouting the law is manifestation of insecurity. Why there is no begging in Singapore while Malaysia is flooded with those foreigners begging. BECAUSE we refuse to act.

        Similatly, Ambiga has flouted the law. Yet UMNO led government is scare to act.

      2. Re: why allow ISMA to attack Chinese?

        Chinese don’t need a tanggachi to sound out for help. But if there’s really a need to keep voicing out, ask those 08 04 36 360 or whatever out there to stop living out of criminal activities surviving on extortion human trafficking drug trafficking etc preying on Chinese businesses. Now, that’s attack on Chinese in the real sense.

        ISMA did not susahkan Cina cari makan. People of ‘that kind’ menyusahkan masyrakat and non productive and sucking on the society like parasite. This is not a place where they can rape on any one tourist or otherwise and hang their victims on a tree, as much as they want it to be. Human parasite.

        Btw, great satan being great would not appear in horrible imagery like the side view of someone in the picture in Helen’s article above (you know who when you look at the picture).

        Great satan also would not be victimised by moral self righteous pigs quietly. ISMA and the fifty odd Malays in Taman Medan are not great satan.

        Great satan are those who constantly demonised easy preys who have little means to defend themselves, calling names as they like and as it pleases them, calling them bigots morons satan whatever, in the same time telling the whole world how morally righteous they are, going around the country to show how religious tolerant they are.

        Also the ugly one with horrible side view please don’t need to be proud thinking that you have those support. They are just treating you like a somehow deformed looking person to do charity to.

        Pig don’t know itself fat. Tuna sing.

    1. Dandy,

      I believe you are propagating “Satanic” words where ever you go .
      Satan’s never had ,good word’s .

      1. A demon is one who thinks feels and acts like he is above the rest – and institutionalizes his racial chauvinism into a religion.

  6. Ambiga, why are you allowing the Chinese-ie; Alvin,The Penang MP who made negative remarks on Friday sermons etc to attack the muslims? Why are you not condemning them? Is it because your interpretation of human rights means muslims/malays are not included?

  7. People who are indoctrinated with Hudud as a cure all for all crimes and an objective of creating an Islamic State in Malaysia will never be able achieve their aims via the current democratic system and election system as per the Constitution. It will only lead to a breakup of the country and it’s people just as what is happening in Sudan, Nigeria, Turkey etc

    Unlike most Arab and West Asian countries and Brunei recently which practices a blend of Monarchy and autocratic rule behind a facade of democratic rule, even in an almost 100% of Islamic faithfuls, most of them ended up in civil wars with news of sectarian killings almost on a daily basis except for Brunei whiich has just started it’s journey towards the Club of Doom. Why is this so?

    Of couse we can also allude all these troubles to the works of the Jews, Great Satan of USA, Illuminattis, Christian right wingers etc. but if that is the real cause, then most of their citizens are dumnos who fight among themselves for what?

    In Malaysia’s case, it has included the Chinese, DAPs, Communists, unislamic and now Islamic PAS whenever the season changes and recently the Christians of all denominations in the march towards forming a truly amazing happy Islamic State.

    What is the actual percentage of Semenanjung Chinese or Indians being Christians compared to the East Malaysians Christians population? Even in DAP, what actually is the percentage of Christians compared to the overall membership? Is it even believable that DAP is ruled by Chinese and Indian Christians and the rest non-Christians just support them in their march towards Christendom? And finally, the fact that Sabah and Sarawak being part of a nationstate Malaysia being majority Christians would surely seek to secede if Malaysia is turned into an Islamic Nation. The maths just does not add up towards getting all the votes necessary to change the Constitution and thus making it an Islamic State. More so, if anyone dreams of a Christendom or Hindu kingdom for Malaysia. The old days of Tanah Melayu being once a Animistic then Buddhist then Hindu then Islamic Kingdoms are over with the current demography of Malaysia’s population.

    Mavericks like Alvin, namewee etc exists in all races and religious believers. Are they truly representatives of their race and religion? What about mavericks like Abdullah Taik, Ibrahim Ali, HA etc? Are they also truly representatives of their race and religion also? Aren’t all of them living in their own make believe world? Luckily for Malaysia, they have not graduated yet to become like ISIS, ISIL, Talibans, Boko Harams, Ku Klux Klan, Zionists etc. If they have, as some followers have recently, Malaysian police would definitely lock them up since they are a real threat to the peace and stability of a Nation. So far, those mavericks are just blowing hot air to serve who? As the saying goes “Only God/Allah knows”.

    1. Those pushing the evangelical Christian agenda are the kind of people for whom fitnah is second nature. You are the champs of putar belit.

      Before this – only recently – Minister Wahid Omar complained that TMI twisted his words. Prior to that Dr Maza Mufti Perlis complained that TMI misrepresented him. Now it’s Minister Ismail Sabri, ‘TMI salah petik kenyataan saya’ @

      Can a small group control the masses? The answer is yes. It’s called oligarchy.

      The British with a few thousand colonial white officers controlled the teeming masses on the Indian sub-continent – a very big area as the country had not yet been partitioned into India-Pakistan-Bangladesh at the time of the British Raj.

      Apartheid in South Africa saw the white minority having control over the blacks.

      Israel is a dot in a sea of Arabs and Muslims. All the countries coloured green in the map below have got Muslim majorities.


      1. Actually, the little “dot” of Israel seems to be holding it’s own pretty ok in “a sea of Arabs and Muslims”.

        We don’t see desperate Israelis trying to migrate to Europe by the hundreds unlike, say, the desperate folk from Libya etc who wash up on the shores of Mediterranean Europe – a point I made in another thread.

        And Saudi Arabia and the stalwarts of the Sunni Muslim world seem to be more paranoid about Shi’ite Iran than they are about the Palestinians.

        The US, of course, has a policy of maintaining Israel’s quantitative and qualitative advantages over any combination of Arab and Muslim states. Not that these states are much bothered anyway!

        1. There will be Jews emigrating (out) from Israel once Iran gets her nuclear bomb.

          1. In the mean time Israel is doing a pretty decent job, don’t you think?

            The Palestinians are riven by factionalism and internal discords. Saudi Arabia and a Gulf coalition is actively confronting the Iranian proxies in Yemen. ISIS is running amok in Syria and parts of Iraq. Refugees are flooding in droves to Europe.

            And Iran will be shut down before it gets the bomb. The US, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey will not tolerate an Iran with nuclear arms.

            Realpolitik, remember?

            1. re: “And Iran will be shut down before it gets the bomb.”

              How will Iran be shut down and who is going to shut Iran down?

              1. Well, for starters….the US. Especially if the next President is a Republican.

                It doesn’t take much to take out Iran’s banking system, to begin with. Just suspend SWIFT’s facilities with Iranian banks. Next step – cut Iran off from the US Dollar, Euro and Yen financial markets. Third step – blockade the Straits of Hormuz and Iranian ports.

                You see how it goes, don’t you?

                  1. Ah, maybe you need a crash course in US politics!

                    Obama may not jive with the Israeli PM. But he has gone on record to commit the US to the defence of Israel.

                    Bibi has a tremendous and influential support base in the US Republican Party.

                    It could well be that the next US President will be a “hawkish” Republican.

                    It’s ironic, isn’t it, that a pro-Israel US should be called upon to keep the peace in the South China Sea vis-à-vis an expansionist China? Where Malaysia is also involved as both claimant and the current Asean chair?

                    The sharp end of realpolitik again!

                    1. re: “Ah, maybe you need a crash course in US politics!”

                      Ah, maybe you’re not as clever as you think you are. But one thing is evident. You seem to believe the readers commenting here are katak bawah tempurung or at least not as up to speed as you are.

                      re: “Obama may not jive with the Israeli PM. But he has gone on record to commit the US to the defence of Israel.”

                      The White House instructed the U.S. military to halt the transfer of Hellfire missiles requested by Israel at the height of Operation Protective Edge. The Pentagon had to directly supply weapons to Israel without White House knowledge. See,

                      re: “Bibi has a tremendous and influential support base in the US Republican Party.”

                      Yes, well, the fundamentalist Republicans are Christian Zionists.

                      re: “It could well be that the next US President will be a ‘hawkish’ Republican.”

                      If so, Jerusubang will celebrate with outdoor party, free-flowing beer and fireworks.

                      re: “It’s ironic, isn’t it, that a pro-Israel US should be called upon to keep the peace in the South China Sea vis-à-vis an expansionist China? Where Malaysia is also involved as both claimant and the current Asean chair?”

                      Let Washington and Beijing balance each other out.

                      re: “The sharp end of realpolitik again!”

                      ISIS sure keeps you happy and occupied with your reading.

    2. When you all talk about harmony, brotherhood of man, yadda, yadda, I’m reminded of the joke about the stereotypical beauty queen contestant who proclaims she desires “World Peace”.

      To continue from my earlier comment, yes, a minority religion can overtake a majority religion if the proselytizers are sneaky enough.

      It happened in South Korea which today is a Christian majority country – 29% Christians, 23% Buddhists. See,

      It happened in Nigeria, see pie chart and graph for the figures.



      As to who is leading the DAP and how, the ‘UBAH’ or change since the Lee Lam Thye era is quite evident.

      Can the huge numbers of people be induced to be irrational? Of course. Look at Boko Haram. DAP has perfected the Politics of Hate and the incitement of hatred among their target groups. Their hatred for Umno has clouded their judgement.

      This is a Malaysiakini headline ‘Isn’t there a single honest man left in Umno?’ today @

      There are 3.5 million members in Umno. Yet for the Dapsters, Umno does not have a single honest man. When you can think like that, what does it say for the judgment of the Chinese community?

      People like you, Dandy, are poison. It is your venom that has made the Chinese ABU-ABU-ABU.

      1. And your point is…..?

        It seems to me that there are any number of parties criticizing Muslims and Islam in the West.

        If you insist on portraying evangelical Christianity as being “seditious”, there are many in the West who would describe Islam in similarly derogatory terms.

        Why don’t you talk about the divides in the Muslim world? Like Iran versus Saudi Arabia, Shiites versus Sunnis, the situation in Yemen, the waves of Muslim refugees washing up on the shores of Mediterranean Europe, for instance?

        But you won’t, but it is easy to vent your anger at domestic targets, but not at bigger international problems because you will be dismissed as the pipsqueak that you are.

        And the same goes for Isma and Perkasa.

        But, if they have the courage to demonstrate in front of the Chinese Embassy in KL, I might change my mind about them!

        1. re: “But you won’t, but it is easy to vent your anger at domestic targets, but not at bigger international problems because you will be dismissed as the pipsqueak that you are.”

          That’s okay. It’s enough for my blog that you’re incessantly venting your anger at the bigger international problems like ISIS (your obsession) and everything else wrong with the Muslim world, and sharing your views as such here.

          After all, you’re the Christian with the global outlook. I’m only the kampung-minded BN “pipsqueak” who’s living under a tempurung, and I’m obliging to live ‘down’ to your expectations of my kampung standard.

          1. Exactly right.

            I am glad that you acknowledge that you are a “kampung-minded BN ” pipsqueak” who’s living under a tempurung”. Bully for you in admitting your “kampung standard”.

            Now how about adding “narrow-minded” and “prejudiced” to the list?

            And, incidentally, you are dissing the “kampung types”.

            I should know, because several of my schoolmates back in the day were from kampungs. And they all turned out well, without any bigoted or prejudiced views, and with friends of all races and religions.

            But, then, they studied in English-medium schools in the 50s and 60s and were taught by hardworking and dedicated Malay, Chinese, Indian and Caucasian teachers.

            Seems to me that you missed the boat there, Helen!

            1. re: “And, incidentally, you are dissing the ‘kampung types’.”

              Nope, you (your kind, like former J-Star acting group editor June Wong) are the ones who believe that voters who refuse change are stupid.

              re: “But, then, they studied in English-medium schools in the 50s and 60s …”

              There you go. Your complex exalting the superiority of English is showing.

              1. Why? Are you vaunting Bahasa Malaysia against English?

                Remind me again about that the next time a Malaysian interviews for a job with Apple, Facebook, Google or IBM.

                Maybe the interviews will be conducted in Bahasa…..


                  The interviews are in Mandarin.
                  “Graduan kaum Melayu yang boleh menulis, bertutur dan membaca dalam bahasa Cina juga lebih berkemungkinan dipanggil menghadiri temu duga berbanding yang tidak mempunyai kebolehan itu,” mengikut kajian itu.

                  It is now Mandarin. The best way to prevent Malays and Indians into the Chinese workforce. Why do you think so many Malays and Indians send their kids to Chinese schools?

                  1. Read my post again.

                    I was referring to Apple, Facebook, Google and IBM.

                    What’s Mandarin got to do with it, when the debate between Helen and me is about tempurung, kampung types and “exalting the superiority of English”?

                    After all, it is the “kampung minded BN “pipsqueak” who lives under the proverbial “tempurung” who wouldn’t know about globalisation and competitiveness even if their futures depended on it.

                    Mixed metaphors, but you get the picture.

                    1. No I no from kampung. I Chinese. No eat kari, eat babi sometimes doggie.

                      So I not very klever.

                    2. That’s good….we’ve got some realities sorted out.

                      I referred to “troglodytes” in another thread, which, no doubt, Helen would be kind enough to point to.

    3. re: “People who are indoctrinated with Hudud as a cure all for all crimes and an objective of creating an Islamic State in Malaysia will never be able achieve their aims via the current democratic system and election system as per the Constitution. It will only lead to a breakup of the country and it’s people just as what is happening in Sudan, Nigeria, Turkey etc.”

      Al-Azhar University: “Islamic State Is Corrupt And A Danger To Islam.”
      The Lebanese paper The Daily Star reported that Al-Azhar’s Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam, Egypt’s highest religious authority, denounced the Islamic State as a threat to Islam and said that the group both violates Sharia law and humanitarian law: “They give an opportunity for those who seek to harm us, to destroy us and interfere in our affairs with the pretext of a call to fight terrorism (in Syria).”

      Saudi Arabia’s Highest Religious Authority: “Terrorists Like The Islamic State Is The Number One Enemy Of Islam.”
      On August 19, Al Jazeera reported that Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti, Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, the country’s top religious authority, said that terrorism is anti-Islamic and said that groups like the Islamic State which practice violence are the “number one enemy of Islam”:
      Extremist and militant ideas and terrorism which spread decay on Earth, destroying human civilisation, are not in any way part of Islam, but are enemy number one of Islam, and Muslims are their first victims.

      * * * * * * * *

      Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. warned the Muslim community about the encompassing nature of punitive justice among people:

      “If anyone seeks the office of judge among Muslims and he attains it and his justice prevails over his tyranny, he will go to Paradise; but for the judge whose tyranny prevails over his justice he will go to Hell.” (Abu-Dawood no.3568)

      The Quraish (the tribe of our beloved prophet) became very worried about the (aristocratic) Makhzumiya lady who had committed theft. They said, “Nobody can speak in her favor to the Messenger of Allah and nobody dares do so except Usama who is his favorite.” Thus Usama spoke to the Messenger of Allah about the matter, and he replied, “Do you intercede with me to violate a legal punishment of Allah?”
      Then the Prophet (s.a.w.) got up to address the people:
      “O people! The nations before you went astray because when a noble person committed theft, they used to pardon him, but if an insignificant person among them committed theft, they used to inflict the legal punishment on him. By Allah, if Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad commits theft, Muhammad will cut off her hand!” (Sahih Bukhari no. 8779)

      As for those Islamists who brand other Muslims as heretics (kafir)”

      “Three things are the basis of faith: (1) to respect one who says “There is no god but Allah” (2) do not call him kafir for any sin, (3) nor expel him from the community for any misconduct.”
      (Abu Dawud, Book of Jihad, 15:33)

      “Withhold yourselves from those who say “There is no god but Allah” – do not call them kafir. Whoever calls a reciter of “There is no god but Allah” a kafir, he is nearer to being a kafir himself.” (Tabarani, reported from Ibn Umar)

      “The best of your leaders are those whom you love and who love you, who pray for you and you pray for them. The worst of your leaders are those whom you hate and who hate you, and you send curses upon them and they send curses on you.”
      (Sahih Muslim)

      Some people asked Allah’s Messenger (saw), “Whose Islam is the best? (ie. what is true faith)?” He replied, “The person who avoids harming other people with his tongue and hands.” (Bukhari)

      Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

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