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Hannah contrasts Ambiga arrest with Taman Medan church protestors

Hannah Yeoh tweeted, “Clear distinction of how laws are being applied in Malaysia. @Ambiga_S vs Tmn Medan church protestors”.

Police had sought a remand order on Negara-Ku patron Ambiga Sreenevasan for her speech at the anti-GST rally yesterday. But as I’ve said, Ambiga tu kan kebal. Police failed to obtain the remand and she is freed.


Satu geng dema

Hannah is followed on Twitter by Nicholas Cheng, the J-Star Christian reporter who covered the Taman Medan G50 demo.

Calvin Sankaran commented @ 2015/04/22 at 10:14 am, “[Nicholas is] confirmed a Dapster … check out his Twitter .. Friends with all the usual Evangelistas and Pakatoon leaders”.


J-Star reporter @ Taman Medan:Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?

Hannah Ambiga

Seiya, sekata

In my previous post, I said that Ambiga is no different from a Pakatan politician.

Here’s how they talk – so glibly – and package themselves – nice wrapping (but on the outside only) – while at the same time demonizing their opponent.

Ambiga sounds very much like Hannah and vice versa. Below is a comparison between the grandstanding of Ambiga and the showboating of DAPSubangJaya aka Hannah Yeoh’s office.


PIX: Madonna (top) and Lady Gaga with and without make-up, amazing what cosmetics can do

It’s just the packaging that’s pretty

In a series of tweets (see screenshot below) on the eve of Malaysia Day, DAPSubangJaya cajoled her Jerusubang sheeple to “Let’s believe”.

Note the kind of feel-good words the evangelistas sprinkle about – “righteousness”, “integrity”, “justice”, “truth”, “fairness”, “accountability”, “transparency”, “proper administration”.

And the promises they make – “equitably 4 every stratum in society esp d marginalized”, “service of the rakyat”.

On the other hand, the words they use on the other side are negative – “bias”, “unethical”, “fraudulent practices”, “corruption”.

Next, see if you think DAPSubangJaya and Ambiga sound alike in their dispensation of J-Juice to the adoring believers.

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DAPsubangjaya let's believe

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Tanam tebu di tepi bibir

Their sugarcoating is saccharine enough to sell ice to the Eskimos.

Ambiga cakap (sounding like Hannah and vice versa):

  • “I believe in fighting for all Malaysians who are marginalised and downtrodden.”
  • “I believe in cherishing fellow Malaysians and embracing them in all their diversity.”
  • “I read our federal constitution and see our shared values and how we are united.”
  • “I call them my brothers and sisters.”
  • “I believe in celebrating our rich and diverse history and being proud of it. I value every bit of the blood, sweat and tears of all those who have made this nation great.”
  • “My vision is to see all communities work together to continue to build Malaysia.”
  • “I see the best in all because we are all creations of the Almighty.”
  • “I believe in a multiracial community and multi-religious harmony.”

Waaah, kata-kata Ambiga cukup menyedapkan telinga. Namun apa yang manis di bibir itu hanya sekadar pencuci mulut untuk disuapkan kepada ‘kanak-kanak’ (kelompok kambing biri-biri).


But the truth is contrary

Well, the Hindraf demography are the “marginalised and downtrodden” but they certainly don’t see Ambiga as “fighting” for them. They view her as a moral fraud.

The Dapster evangelistas do not “embrace diversity”. They try to sledgehammer everyone into their Anak Bangsar mould. If you don’t fit their template, they call you a bunch of “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

They “read our federal constitution” but fail to understand Article 3 that says Islam is the religion of the federation.

double face“Brothers and sisters” slide like honey off the evangelistas’ sugary tongue but at the same time, they spit nasty epithets such as “racists”, “extremists” and “bigots” at you from the other side of their mouth.

Do the Dapster evangelistas really “believe in celebrating our rich and diverse history and being proud of it”? I think not. Their take is that better for some stupid people to “balik kampung tanam jagung”.

Their vision is to see “change” with Umno hancur, punah ranah and DAP sitting in Putrajaya.

Ambiga proclaims that she sees “the best in all because we are all creations of the Almighty”. It sure doesn’t show in the way that she slagged Isma’s Abdullah Zaik which was buruk sangka to the max.

Ambiga says she believes in multiracialism and wants “to see peace, harmony and happiness reign in this beloved nation of ours”.

She made my toes laugh.


CARTOON ABOVE: The poor woman’s perpetually “troubled” and achy, breaky heart. May God’s peace comfort and heal her.


Soalan cepu emas

Following Ambiga’s arrest, Hannah Yeoh asks: “How much more can Malaysia take?”

‘Aku Melayu’ responds in Madame Speaker’s Twitter timeline: “Take what? The crap from you guys? Not very long I think”.

I too am convinced that patience for the evangelistas and their crap is very close to snapping. The Taman Medan incident, which Hannah had snided as a display of “extremism”, is a watershed.

If only Malaysians are a little bit more discerning, they should be able to read the signs clearly by now.

How much more can Malaysia take hannahyeoh

@hannahyeoh Take what_ The crap from you guys



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