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China’s Christian converts hard up for love


Some Chinese are converting to Christianity because they’re desperately looking for love.

An interesting commentary titled ‘Love in China‘ in The Christian Science Monitor (12 Sept 2011) introduced a book that “gives an insider’s look at the surging interest in Christianity within the world’s most populous nation”.

The book God is Red by dissident Liao Yiwu reveals how Christianity is today the largest formal religion in China and more importantly, how the influence of the Christians “extends far beyond their numbers”. (Most are evangelical.)

As I’ve discussed in my previous blog postings, the evangelistas are freaking out Beijing in the way that adherents of no other religion do.

China's Christians Practice Their Faith in Underground Churches
Photo credit: Getty Images / Kevin Frayer, filed in Beijing on 12 Oct 2014

Like their diaspora brethren of the city harvests in Singapore and Malaysia, the young evangelical Christians of China conduct their church service with glitz – note the drum set and the party balloons in the photo above.

New younger, urban Christians consider it hip to wear a cross

China suffers a spiritual crisis and the country’s native religions, from Confucianism to Taoism “are not sufficient to meet the challenges facing Chinese youth”, observes the Christian Science Monitor article.

Thus the angst-ridden Chinese lost sheep are ripe for the picking.

China's Christians Practice Their Faith in Underground Churches
Beijing underground churchgoers (Getty Images, Oct 2014)


Their God is Money

Chaotic Chinese heart desperately seeking love

The Monitor comments that Liao, in his book God is Red, writes about how in the present-day Chinese society, “people’s minds are entangled and chaotic”.

“Liao is wary, however, of the new urban Christians,” adds the Monitor commentary.

China's Christians Practice Their Faith in Underground Churches
Beijing evangelical church service – Getty Images / Photo by Kevin Frayer (Oct 2014)

Younger urban new Christians think it is hip to wear a cross

The Monitor‘s editorial board highlighted that many of China’s “new converts are highly educated and well-off professionals or retirees”, according to dissident writer Liao.

“‘They have embraced Christianity the way they do Coca-Cola or a Volkswagen – believing that a foreign faith, like foreign-made products, has a better quality. Many younger urban Christians have been throwing themselves at the feet of Jesus because it is considered hip to wear a cross and sing a foreign-sounding hymn’.”

The Monitor editors also referred to an article by Gerda Wielander in The China Journal that “looks at how officials and many Chinese are adopting Western concepts of love, or a ‘loving heart,’ as a motive for daily interactions in a society without much trust”.

Shortly after the publication of the Monitor article above, a controversy erupted in Foshan – a city in Guangdong province (where Cantonese speakers live) – that opened many eyes to the deep extent of the moral crisis suffered by China.

China church

Could it have happened anywhere else in the world?

A two-year-old girl nicknamed Yue Yue was run over by two vehicles, a van and a mini lorry. The toddler was lying on the road but 18 Chinese – either walking past or riding by on their motorcycles and three-wheeler carts – ignored her as she lay bleeding badly with her legs crushed.

The 19th passerby – a country ‘bumpkin’, i.e. migrant from the countryside to the big, bad city – stopped to render assistance. The good Samaritan was a rubbish ‘scavenger’.

That it finally took an itinerant street person (still remember that poor vagrant in Sichuan whose dog was beaten to death?) to help tells something about the nature of Foshan residents.

Footage from CCTV shows what happened.


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10 thoughts on “China’s Christian converts hard up for love

  1. izinkan saya membuat komen dalah bahasa melayu:

    Org kristian mengatakan “God so love the world”. Persoalannya adakan statement ini disebut oleh Tuhan dan ianya tertulis didalam kitab injil atau bible atau sekadar statement yg dibuat oleh penganut kristian untuk mengambarkan “kasih sayang” Tuhan tehadap semua makhluk. Kalau ini benar bermakna dunia ini tak akan kiamat kerana tuhan sangat sayang kepada dunia ini. Kenapa tuhan menjahanamkan dunai ini sebab dia sgt sayang kepada dunia ini.

    Didalam islam, kami percaya dunia ini akirnya akan hancur musnah pada hari kiamat dan semua makhluk akan dihidupkan semula di alam akhirat yg sudah pasti lebih besar dan lebih hebat dari dunia yg ada sekarang. Di sana terdapatnya syurga dan neraka. Syurga adalah tempat tinggal org2 yg beriman yg percaya kepada Tuhan sang pencipta, yg melaksanakan suruhanNya dan meninggalkan laranganNya. Tahukah kita berapa besar syurga itu? Sudah pasti Ianya jauh lebih besar dari dunia yg kita lihat sekarang dan tak tergambar oleh fikiran kita bagaimana besarnya, indahnya dan, cantiknya dan hebatnya syurga itu, dan tak tergambar juga kpd kita bagaimana seronoknya dan gembiranya penghuni-penghuni yg mendiami syurga itu. Itulah balasan kepada hamba-hambaNya yg sentiasa berbuat kebaikan semasa dunia ini sebagaimana yg di suruh oleh Tuhan mereka.

    Manakala neraka pula dicipta untuk menempatkan manusia yang tidak percaya kepada adanya sang pencipta dan tidak percaya kepada hari akhirat dan sentiasa melanggar larangan yg ditatapkan oleh Tuhan. Mereka enyembah yang lain dari Tuhan sang pencipta. Mereka juga mengatkan tuhan ada anak sedangkan dalam AlQuran jelas di sebut “don’t say trinity”. Neraka juga adalah tempat tinggal iblis dan syaitan yang sentiasa kufur kepada TuhanNya. Berapa besarkah neraka itu? Sudah pasti ianya ia jauh lebih besar dari dunia yg kita lihat ini dan sudah pasti tak tergambar oleh kita bagaimana besarnya neraka itu dan bagaimana dahasyanya dan panasnya api neraka itu. juga tak tergambar oleh kita bagaimana dahsyatnya siksaan yg diterima oleh penghuni-penghuni neraka.

    Kedua dua syurga dan neraka ini menggambarkan bagaimana hebatnya ciptaan Tuhan sang pencipta. Jadi kenapa Tuhan mesti sayang sangat kepada dunia ini sedangkan ciptaanNya yg lain juah lebih hebat dari dunia ini, bukan setakan berjuta kali ganda tetapi berbilion atau trillion kali ganda atau lebih dari itu.

    Sebab itu Tuhan tidak sebut yang Dia “sayang sangat kepada dunia ini” tetapi Tuhan menyebutkan Dia sangat suka dan sayang kepada hamba2Nya yang soleh yang sentiasa mengingatinya, menyembahnya, membuat segala yang disuruhnya dan meninggalkan yang dilarangnya. Seorg ilmua islam yang alim lagi terkenal pernah berkata “sekiranya dunia ini ditukarkan dgn sekeping roti, aku pun tidak mahu”. Jadi lihatlah bagaimana dunia ini tiada nilainya berbanding ganjaran syurga yg akan dikurniakan oleh Tuhan semasa diakhirat nanti.

    Nabi Muhammad s.a.w juga menyebutkan ganjaran bagi org yg bersolat sunat subuh adalah seperti dunia dan seisinya. Apa lagi kalau dia sembahyang fardu subuh tentulah ganjaranya berlipat kali ganda. ini adalah untuk menggambarkan bahawa Tuhan itu maha pemurah. Selagi kita melakukan amal ibadat, kita akan memperolehi ganjaran yg sangat banyak.

    Para alim ulamak ada menyebutkan bahawa saiz bumi ini sangatlah kecil jika dibandingkan dengan saiz malaikat Jibril. Saiz bumi ini hanyalah sebesar “nandek” perempuan India jika dibandingkan dengan saiz malaikat Jibril. Mungkin ramai tidak tahu akan hakikat ini.

    Begitulah jika kita terlalu sayangkan dunia ini akan memberikan masalah kepada kita nanti. Kita sangat sayangkan kereta ferari, rumah bunglow, wang di bank berbilion ringgit, bini yang cantik. Apabila kita nak mati kita akan merasa dukacita kerana terpaksa meninggalkan dunia yang kita rasa “cukup mewah” .Mungkin sebelum mati dia berkata “tinggallah ferari, tinggallah bonglow, tinggallah isteri yg jelita, tinggallah wang berbilion” akibat “terlalu cintakan dunia”. Sedangkan pada pandangan Tuhan itu semua tiada nilainya langsung. Nilai yg sebenarnya ialah hati yg bertaqwa dan amalan-amalan yg baik yang telah kita lakukan semasa didunia.

    jadi janganlah terlalu “cinta dunia” tetapi kerjakanlah amalan ygan baik untuk mendapat ganjaran syurga di akhirat nanti.


    1. Pada zaman sekarang masalah orang Islam membunuh sendiri hanya kerana satu insiden pembunuhan yang berlaku pada satu masa yang lalu sudah cukup masalahnya kepada manusia sejagat. Tambah lagi orang Islam yang senang dikeliru oleh propaganda yang menyahut keganasan terhadap ornag bukan Islam seperti di blog ni juga memburukkan keadaan.

  2. I had met some of Chinese & Japanese who converts – believe that they are enlightened- finally hate their ancestor, and feels being more than Mat Salleh.

    my advice them, other people look you are same people, nothing spectacular. – your excitement of being subset of Mat Salleh (mostly during staging speech) -not a reason to downgrade others.

    Just remember before Christian came – Asian silk road already exist more than a millennium. Hindu-Buddhist-Confucianism-Muslim – India-Arab-Nusantara-China trade each other without so much killing.

    Modified Religion from wrong Mat salleh (around 200 years) made Malaysian esp youngster fell into unnecessary trouble by complexity thought e.g to determine personal/national identity.

  3. Reminds me of my late Chinese uncle who was still unmarried in his 50s. An aunt, very active in church, encouraged him to attend her church, saying got lots of unmarried women.

    Uncle went for some months then gave up, saying all the spinsters were ugly!! In the end, he married a Buddhist woman.

    He later developed cancer and as he lay dying, said aunt began to relentlessly “witness” to him until he finally converted to Christianity, much to his wife’s chagrin. His funeral was taken over by church members. Wife just stood by helpless.

    When he was in hospital, my aunt and her posse of “prayer warriors” would visit and then, like circling sharks, check out Chinese patients, usually elderly, to show concern and then zoom in to “witness.”

    You can see these women in public hospitals on weekends. Another Chinese uncle was admitted with a heart attack. Aunt again came with gang. But this time, my uncle’s Taoist wife, having seen what had happened previously, firmly told them to quit it.

    1. “The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
      The name that can be named is not the eternal Name
      The nameless is the Origin of Heaven and Earth
      The named is the mother of myriad things
      Thus, constantly without desire, one observes its Essence
      Constantly with desire, one observes its Manifestations
      These two emerge together but differ in name
      The Unity is said to be the mystery
      Mystery of mysteries, the Door to all wonders.”

      The Tao Te Ching text, as well as with the Zhuangzi, is a fundamental text for both philosophical and religious Taoism, and strongly influenced other schools, such as Legalism, Confucianism, and Chinese Buddhism, which when first introduced into China was largely interpreted through the use of Daoist words and concepts. Many Chinese artists, including poets, painters, calligraphers, and even gardeners, have used the Dao De Jing as a source of inspiration. Its influence has also spread widely outside East Asia, and is among the most translated works in world literature.


  4. If Christianity in China (or anywhere else for that matter) is nothing more than a fad, it will become passé in no time or at least until the next big thing comes along. The PRC government does not tolerate dissent.

    Their authorities are indiscriminate when it comes to clamping down organizations and ideas, religious or otherwise, that is able to exert influence on the masses. Does not matter if it is Christianity, Islam or the Tao-Buddhist fusion called Falongung.

    1. re: “Their authorities are indiscriminate when it comes to clamping down organizations and ideas, religious or otherwise, that is able to exert influence on the masses.”

      Cults work by brainwashing the masses.

  5. While Christianity is a good, adequate model for well-being, it has been both used as well as abused, just like Taoism and Marxism and I think Chinese leadership is well aware of this.

  6. So sad that there is no enough love in JSubang.

    ” Senior citizen punches neighbour over dispute
    A 63-year-old man allegedly punched his neighbour after the latter questioned the man’s wife for throwing stones in his house compound in Subang Jaya. The senior citizen is also accused of having pushed the man and his mother on the ground during the argument. The man’s wife is also alleged to have splashed water on the neighbour’s clothes at about 8.45am on May 1. A police report has been lodged by the victim. It was learnt that the two neighbours have to date lodged some 12 reports over their disputes.”

    Aiyo. Your JSubang is so violent. Where is the love? Love thy neighbour, not MMA thy neighbour. Even the apeks are so voplent.

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