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Duke expressway Myvi accident: Repulsive politician’s revolting posturing

Hannah Yeoh hopes that no one will use the two children for “cheap publicity”. She says the girls have to be “protected”.

Hannah hodoh ugly

hypocritehannahThe family of the road accident victims are seeking justice for the two surviving young girls whose parents died in the car crash.

And here is Madame Crocodile Tears lecturing the family of the deceased driver of the Pajero for going public.

A fine one Hannah Yeoh is to talk about “publisiti murahan” – see her grandstanding tweet below.

Cheap publicity

Puhleez lah. Just look at Hannah’s own track record. After all, she’s the one who infamously exploited her own daughter Shay Adora barely a week after the infant was born.

And today we have Hannah pontificating that the two Malay girls whose parents perished in the unfortunate road crash need to be protected.

But has Hannah protected her own children from the public eye? The answer is no. She thrust them into the eye of the storm over the Race categorization of their birth certificate which was a fiasco.

Hannah Yeoh – The one who almost got away

Two daughters, two different races

Hannah’s got one daughter who is recorded as ‘Chinese’ and another daughter who is recorded as ‘Indian’ by the National Registration Department even though both are full-blood siblings.

No other young offspring of any Malaysian politician has been exploited to the extent of Hannah’s children. We’re not even told their names. For example, the public only knows Khairy’s kids by their nicknames Puma and Cougar.

On the other hand, we do know that Hannah’s children are called Shay Adora and Kayleigh Imani.

And here is Hannah having the gall to lecture family members of the couple involved in the Duke Expressway fatal accident on how to behave. This publicity-hungry evangelista politician is too much!

And what a freak too.


She once tweeted that “attending 3 funerals in a week did something good to [her] soul”.

Three dead people in coffins and all the navel-gazing Hannah could tweet about was her me-me-me Christian soul getting good nourishment from the funerals. Grotesque, really grotesque.

Attending 3 funerals hannahyeoh

Look at how Hannah’s party DAP exploited Teoh Beng Hock’s fiancee and young son, dragging them to speak at political ceramahs and election mega rallies.

BELOW: Kit Siang holding Teoh Jr, and Beng Hock’s sister and son at his grave

TBH grave

TBH son

Kit Siang Er Jia


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27 thoughts on “Duke expressway Myvi accident: Repulsive politician’s revolting posturing

      1. Ingatkan orang yang selalu susah hati mesti makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah.

        And Hannah’s heart is always “troubled” over other folks and “heartache” and “heartbreak“. But her appetite remains as hearty as ever.


  1. Ms H. When I was younger than all those prancing SingaporeanTrojan Horse devotees, I was offered the best seat for a Chinaman in the Selangor State Exco and also the post of Deputy Minister of Finance based on the safest Federal seat.

    After much soul-searching and the advice of my reliable advisers, I turned down the 2 offers down because I realised I was not suitable for the job of being a hypocrite.

    I am extremely happy now as I now realise I have made the right decisions.

    1. Uncle Ed,

      All around the world, politicians consistently rank as the least trusted among the professions in all public opinion polls.

      Only in DAP Land and its capital Jerusubang do the sheeple believe their political leaders are trustworthy and truthful.

      Lucky for the Jerusubang politicians, they have their rabid and feral wolf packs to growl and maul DAP critics.

      But at the same time, while the DAP politicians are touted as whiter than snow, their sheeple flock do not believe that there is even one honest man in Umno, a party of 3.5 million members.


    2. “Prancing Singaporean Trojan Horse devotees”? My, my – that’s a choice turn of phrase. I didn’t know that a Trojan Horse could prance, if I remember my Greek history right.

      And how ironic, when the Malaysian and Singapore PMs are having their bilateral meeting this week in Singapore.

      Among the topics expected to be discussed at this leaders’ retreat are the proposed high-speed rail link between KL and Singapore, the co-location of the Malaysian and Singapore CIQs at the two land crossings and a possible third link between Johor and Singapore.

      Singapore’s MFA said that PM Najib “will be accompanied by a high-level delegation comprising several Malaysian Cabinet Ministers and senior officials” (report in the TODAY paper).

      1. He’s talking about the prancing of its devotees lah! Wooden horses never pranced around neither in Troy nor wherever, hehehe

        1. Shooting from the hip again, are we? How very typical!

          Look at the context in which the “prancing Singaporean Trojan Horse devotees” is used?

          First, how does he know that there are “devotees” outside of religions?

          Second, can he prove that they have been “infected” by the “Singaporean Trojan Horse Syndrome”?

          Third, why use the word “prancing”? Why not “capering” or “cavorting” or the words “Bacchanalian abandon”?

          Fourth, how did the alleged “Trojan Horse” slip under the radar of the ever-vigilant authorities?

          Can you baca and faham any or all of the above?


  2. Talk about cheap publicity this woman is a thick skinned hypocrite .

    If you wanna say something how bout just “‘Our sympathy and condolences”‘

    No need to tokok tambah anything else.

    Plain to see this dumb broads glory for attention yet her dumbness prevails

    1. Belum apa2 dia dah ambush for low down/class publicity. Seeking justice? tentulah, polis buat siasatan. Ada org kata ini kes bunuh. Saya pula kata tidak. Remaja ni lari laju bukan nak membunuh. Lari laju salah, kalau dipengaruhi arak atau dadah itu salah.

  3. Why is UMNO giving out advice to the FMC club?

    I read the page but the link is now broken. Managed to screen capture the search result. You can read from the cache excerpt the club is expressing gratitude to UMNO for advising them.

    1. Why are you stupid enough to believe cheap and false publicity from an overnight car facebook club. Probably you should check their authenticity before jumping on the umno bashing bandwagon. Doesnt the broken link rings a bell?


        1. My comment is a question, not an accusation. Party apologists like you ought to get a grip on yourself. These constant knee jerk reactions whenever your party name appears in a less than favorable light is so galling.

        2. If the FMC fb page is now deactivated, you have no way of knowing the statement was fake either. Your guess is as good as mine. So get off your high horse.

  4. The Nazi mind was creative in its destruction of individual freedom and rights, took pleasure in death, thrilled in its obedience to authoritarian leader and party, which served as substitutes for mediocre achievements elsewhere.

    1. Much like ISIS, eh?

      Or is that unmentionable and “verboten” (since the Nazi context was raised?

      Isn’t the ISIS self-proclaimed “Caliph” an authoritarian leader? By beheading and forcibly converting “infidels”, isn’t ISIS and it’s offshoots destroying “individual freedom and rights”?

      But don’t expect Helen to write about ISIS. To her it is the bull in the china shop that can be ignored because there are other more convenient punching bags closer at hand…..

      1. re: “But don’t expect Helen to write about ISIS.”

        You write more than enough on ISIS. Don’t wanna crowd your space.

        1. This fella is so obsessed with isis. As if he/she is trying to associate isis member with normal practising muslims.

          Instead of looking fault to muslims, maybe mr/ms rithmatist should hold the US accountable. The isis was nowhere when saddam was around. And now that the US has gain foothold in iraq, instead of the democracy, freedom and liberty promised to the gullible iraqis, they got isis instead.

          Looks like more reason to stay now that a supervillain has arrived, the hero must stay to ‘save’ the day! So that people like rithmatist can continue cheering for them and despise the supervillain at the same time.

          1. Quote: This fella is so obsessed with isis. As if he/she is trying to associate isis member with normal practising muslims.

            Aha, another dismal attempt at mind reading? Keep going. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

            1. Aiyoo bradah. There is a thing which you call read between the line. Dont need mind reading also can understand one.

              1. Why are these anti-gomen types so dense? They seem to lack basic comprehension.

  5. No. You should ease your umnophobic disorder better. You’re the one jumping in delight whenever some headlines paints umno in a bad light. There’s already a rebuttal:

    Perhaps next time you should clarify who is this umno person this facebook club is referring to. Or at least which arm. Is it ketua pemuda? Ketua cawangan? Bahagian? Or ahli biasa? I am not born yesterday to know the intention of umnophobic such as you. Putting a ‘question’ is just part of the game to play safe whenever you got it wrong. And in this incident, well, your umnophobic really shows.

  6. Umnophobic? Hardly. You exalt them too high but then can’t blame you. Old habits die hard.

    While on that, is there something you know that I don’t, that are legit grounds to be fearful for? Just saying.

  7. Cmonlah you all! At the end of the day, lets forget the politicians and talk about the two little orphans. Lets contribute financially to help them, no matter how small..that will be a zillion times better than what jurusubang hannah tweeted. Someone plz find out the bank account no. that we can bank in some donation for the kids and post it here…

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