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Two magic coconuts

Ini akaun Twitter rasmi Umno yang dikendalikan oleh bahagian media di ibu pejabat parti.

Kata media Umno dalam tweetnya, “MCA yakin masyarakat Cina kembali menyokong BN di Permatang Pauh”.

Ini acara MCA untuk kempen pilihanraya kecil di Permatang Pauh. Dirakam gambar si penceramah dari depan pentas.

Untuk lihat gambar dari sudut belakang pentas bagi mengetahui berapa jumlah orang Cina MCA yang hadir dan bakal menyokong BN pada hari pengundian nanti, sila layar

Front view Permatang Pauh

Bombs away!

Raja Bomoh is holding two magic coconuts in his hand. They are secret weapons – one for Umno and one for MCA.


The two BN parties are just gonna lob these ‘bombs’ to blast the DAP in the next general election.

The two coconuts will explode and miraculously blow away the opposition challenge. They’re magic, you see.


DAP GST Flag Rocket

Hancur GST

DAP fists


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11 thoughts on “Two magic coconuts

  1. Wa tatak tipu maa aa , Itu kaum Cina sikalang betut-betut sutak insaf lea aa .
    Semua mata sikalang nampak bilu maa aa .tatak melah lagi lea aa .

  2. It is now a battle between the forces of light versus the forces of darkness. Every soul must take account of himself or herself.

  3. Im sick of this yakin2 thing by bn and mca. You want to talk about merit? Better start from yourself mca by delivering seats given to you. Your performance for the past 10 years has sucks really. And yet the PM still give face by appointing 2 fed ministership. I dont know which one is more of a loser. Mca or najib himself.

  4. But then again if the Cina come out and support BN in PP, then they are being very sneaky smart. If PP were to fall to BN, this is mid-term. It’s not going to affect the status quo in Parliament. But to PP, it may make a lot of difference since most likely the PM will lavish them with development spending in the hope that BN can keep them happy enough so they will continue to vote BN in PRU14.

    1. In contrary, i see PP as a tricky by election even for PR. Aside from your analysis, the lesser majority or even worst an upset by BN will spell out the end of anwar and family. Or at least reduce their influence and grip in Malaysian politic. Pakatan is still in need of a binding force in the form of anwar. This is not some ali ah chong or muthu contesting for the seat. It is anwar’s proxy itself on their turf.

      1. But there are quite a few PR people who actually believe that PR is not all about Anwar and if PR loses, they maybe better at consolidating their position to win PRU14. I have almost given up that Umno will ever evaluate their position and change their strategies to win over the Malay and other voters. PR on the other hand is young, quite multiracial and still idealistic enough to push their agenda through.

        I may not agree with their ideologies but even I can see how the real youth (the twenty-somethings) may find PKR attractive.

        1. Your analysis is correct.

          BN is losing the war of perception very badly.

          Umno is being suckered and slapped silly left and right by the MCA whose propaganda machine is contributing to the DAP’s popularity.

          1. An indication of the intellectual capacities and capabilities in BN, perhaps?

            Maybe it is the “under the tempurung” types against the digital literati, with the latter being better clued in to the short attention spans of young Malaysians who live their lives on the social media.

            One of the unintended consequences of “globalisation” and the “democratisation” of the Internet?

            Unlimited broadband bandwidth and universal Internet access will benefit the Opposition more unless the troglodytes in BN get their act together.

            Which, for BN, will be a Sisyphean labour of sorts!

            1. On this I have to agree with you. The BN is indeed losing badly to the federal opposition who have better capacity and capability in cyber warfare.

              And most definitely Pakatan are better clued in – much better (DAP’s Rara has 11k Twitter followers) – than their BN counterparts. It doesn’t help that the biggest media conglomerate is owned by MCA but covertly favouring the DAP Christians.

              BN is not getting their act together and it is, like you say, a labour of Sisyphus to roll the boulder uphill. The big rock is just gonna roll back and roll over and squash BN. Tun can see this. That’s why he is hitting the panic button.

  5. Helen,

    apabila MCA kata mereka yakin akan sesuatu… tidakkah kenyataan itu amat meloyakan?

    saya percaya ini bukan kali pertama keyakinan MCA telah terbukti sebaliknya.

    akan tetapi, apa pula kata PM Najib terhadap keyakinan MCA ini?

    kalau sayalah kan, saya cuma akan kata kepada MCA…..

    ” and so, you said you have the confident…but as for me I can only say that I want to believe you…..”!

    can i?

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