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Can @hannahyeoh really see Gunung Jerai from Permatang Pauh?

Below is Hannah Yeoh’s tweet saying, “For a Subang Jaya girl like me, this place in Permatang Pauh is simply heavenly! ”

Regular commenter Calvin Sankaran said @  2015/05/05 at 3:25 pm, “I am not sure if the picture is in Permatang Pauh even”.

Another regular commenter orang kampung chipped in @ 2015/05/05 at 8:39 pm, asking “I wonder, can you see Gunung Jerai from PP?” Continue reading “Can @hannahyeoh really see Gunung Jerai from Permatang Pauh?”

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Paradise lost and the man-eat-dog clan

Hannah Yeoh’s mother is a Cantonese speaker. The Cantonese originate from Guangdong province in China. Nonetheless it appears that Hannah has renounced her Cantonese heritage as today she claims her race to now be Anak Malaysia.

Regardless. A little bit about the Cantonese in Guangdong a dozen years ago and the penjelma (“pendatang” is a forbidden word) from that province who sailed here earlier during the mass migration years.


“The extent of dog eating in China appears to vary by region, appearing to be most prevalent in Guangdong,” says independent e-newspaper Animal People.

Guangdong is also the only province known for eating cats Continue reading “Paradise lost and the man-eat-dog clan”

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Saifuddin says Umno moving further and further to the right

In his interview published yesterday in Malaysiakini, Saifuddin Abdullah cautioned that “Umno may veer further to the right if Islamist hardliners win in the PAS muktamar in June”.

Saifuddin, who is Global Movement of Moderates CEO, said Umno should live up to its of being a moderate party regardless the scepticism greeting its claim to such a credential.

Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato Continue reading “Saifuddin says Umno moving further and further to the right”