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Paradise lost and the man-eat-dog clan

Hannah Yeoh’s mother is a Cantonese speaker. The Cantonese originate from Guangdong province in China. Nonetheless it appears that Hannah has renounced her Cantonese heritage as today she claims her race to now be Anak Malaysia.

Regardless. A little bit about the Cantonese in Guangdong a dozen years ago and the penjelma (“pendatang” is a forbidden word) from that province who sailed here earlier during the mass migration years.


“The extent of dog eating in China appears to vary by region, appearing to be most prevalent in Guangdong,” says independent e-newspaper Animal People.

Guangdong is also the only province known for eating cats, according to Animal People – see below.

Anything can be eaten as long as it moves

I admit I may be a little biased. Hearing about crispy, crunchy cockroaches fried to make a high-protein meal in Jinan, China does not upset me in the way that news about dog meat served in Guangdong does.

The Cantonese even have a euphemistic name for the dog dish; it’s called sàam luhk hèung yuhk or three six fragrant meat.

EXPLANATION: Sàam (3) and luhk (6) add up to gau (9). ‘Dog’ is pronounced gau in Cantonese, which sounds like ‘nine’; the two words ‘dog’ and ‘nine’ are homophones, i.e. words that sound the same but have different meaning. So 3+6 = 9 fragrant meat is Dog Dish.

The above obscurification additionally illustrates how some Chinese can be capable of insisting that Bak Kut Teh is not pork but “organic vegetarian” mock meat. Their extraordinary Doublespeak comes from a fudging of the normal thought process.

So, admitting my bias in favour of dog as opposed to cockroach, I must say that I find dog-eating to be a brutish practice, particularly when the dog eaters roast puppies alive or kill the dogs with blowtorch.


Also in the Cantonese province of Guangdong was this sad and extremely brutal episode that took place in Foshan city. The picture below is of a dog that had its eyes gouged out.

Scroll down if you have the stomach to look or if not, then scroll quickly past.

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Scroll down some more

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What kind of people

This is an example of the type of animal abuse that is perpetrated in Guangdong, which may not be all that surprising considering how dog over there particularly is viewed as Food instead of Friend.

Aside from having his eyes were gouged out, the male dog – that was found in the street – also had had his genitals cut off. Furthermore, his body was covered with stab wounds. The poor tortured animal died two days after he was rescued – details HERE.

Yue Yue video

One-and-a-half dozen passersby ignored a dying child

Yue Yue, the toddler in the CCTV footage above, was run over twice – by a van and a mini lorry – in a Foshan street, Guangdong province.

The two-year-old had lain on the road like a rag doll, bleeding and with her legs crushed.

Eighteen (some reports say 19) Chinese passed by – pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and motorists – without a single one of them stopping to help her. The little girl was finally helped by an elderly rubbish scavenger – a country bumpkin who has since returned to the countryside.

Yue Yue (pix below) slipped into a coma and died after a week in the hospital ICU.

Yue Yue

Protected species in danger from Chinese poachers

Some species of rhinoceros have been classed as critically endangered.

The Chinese use rhino horn as a traditional medicine. Hence it is the Chinese habit that is pushing the rhino to extinction.

The Chinese eat Tiger Penis Soup too. This is another habit of the Chinese that is endangering the tiger population.

The Chinese kill bears for their gall bladder. They keep the bears in cages on farms to be harvested.

To save and protect wildlife, the Chinese have to change their habits.


What is ‘Ubah’ to the Chinese?

The 90 percent Chinese diaspora who support the DAP are clamouring for UBAH. They want to change the government – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below.

Not that some of them mind very much changing their country. They emigrated from Guangdong, stopped over in the Malay peninsula and proceeded to Tasmania, Australia.

Those that they’re stuck here want to change the shape of this country to something that better suits their taste.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- change country

Love London, love England … and Tasmania too

One example of a bird of passage is former Miss Malaysia 1969, Puan Sri Pauline Chai. In 1980, she emigrated to Perth, Western Australia but in 1989 moved to Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

The Puan Sri now resides Hertfordshire, Greater London. “I love England and everything English,” Pauline had declared to the British newspapers.

BELOW: Chun Wai, who “loves London”, is highly critical of “right-wingers, who are self-declared champions of their races”. He says they are “narrow-minded” and only talk “gibberish”

Wong Chun Wai (chunwai09) on Twitter

Change the ‘right wingers’, ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’

Some Malays and Muslims, like those in Perkasa and Isma, are being bashed almost every day in the media controlled by the opposition (this includes the MCA-owned newspaper) as well as in the social media dominated by the Dapsters and evangelistas.

The Chinese want to force the right wingers, racists, bigots and extremists to change their nasty ways and embrace kumbayah (love-love-love).

Pity the beleaguered Malaysians who have been labelled as “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” by the J-Star editorial – not once but twice. Imagine having daily to put up with being called race-obsessed, divisive, hateful morons and portrayed to the international community as tyrannical Nazis who oppress the country’s minority.

The stupid racists must be so grateful then, I suppose, that DAP evangelistas are bringing beautiful change from Jerusubang to Permatang Pauh – a place they find “heavenly”.

Subang Jaya hannahyeoh

Madame Speaker: “For a Subang Jaya girl like me, this place in Permatang Pauh is simply heavenly!”

Assuredly the DAP-led amar makruf nahi mungkar Umar ‘Lim’ Abdul Aziz caliphate state administration is capable of turning the already heavenly Penang into a veritable paradise in the near future once they gain the Putrajaya crown.

Yesterday The Malay Mail carried a story headlined ‘Dr M’s warning: Malays doomed if Umno loses‘. Dr Mahathir was quoted by the report as saying that if BN loses the election, Malay interests and Islam will no longer be protected.

“Dr Mahathir, however, did not explain whom or what the Malays needed protection from,” added the paper.


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21 thoughts on “Paradise lost and the man-eat-dog clan

  1. Permatang Pauh heavenly? I am not sure if she has actually spend some time there or just passing by for a ceramah. I am not sure if the picture is in Permatang Pauh even.

    PP is a mess, thanks to Anwar (since his UMNO days) and Tokong. Anwar created an administrative center there full of ugly buildings which are now mostly look old and abandoned since the govt offices did not move there.

    Tokong has allowed illegal factories to mushroom all over, making the place even uglier and dirtier. Used to go to Ceruk Tok Kun for exercise but these days I don’t bother due to all the pollution and bad road condition.

    1. re: “Permatang Pauh heavenly? I am not sure if she has actually spent some time there or just passing by for a ceramah.”

      She’s a fake and a hypocrite.

      She gushes like a leaking Holy Water cooler and that why her 110k Twitter followers (but maybe they actually like it, who knows) are inundated with her “tears”, “troubled heart”, “heartache”, “heartbreaking” hyperbole. When sad, konon, she’s a Drama Queen. When happy and floating in cloud now, similarly over the top.

          1. I am not 100% certain though I have not seen such scene in PP area at least in the major population centres. I doubt this is in PP, suspect could be in Kedah which is very near to PP anyway. I recall seeing similar scene on the way to Kulim via the Butterworth Kulim Expressway.

    2. Calvin,

      You’ve made a serious allegation about the illegal factories. That is against the law . And you have accused someone in a public office. Are you now willing to back up your accusation with facts and proof or are you going to crawl back up Helens arse as usual? Either ways, enough of incitement in this blog. Time to be accountable. Will forward to the necessary authorities for their consideration.

      1. Which cave did you emerge out from, may I ask? And since when making accusations against someone in public office is a serious crime? Perhaps you could point out to the relevant laws in the Criminal Law so we the ignorant masses to learn something from your wise self?

        If it is a serious crime, then all Pakatan leaders and 99% of their supporters will be spending their rest of their miserable lives in Sg Buluh or other similar facilities courtesy of the Malaysian government.

        This accusation about illegal factories did not come from me but from the Pakatan’s own ADUN of Penanti (which is in PP). So perhaps you could contact her directly for more details and in case you want to lodge a police report or even sue her for slander against the Tokong. (see below for the link in MC)

        BTW I noted that you had run out of pseudonyms and had to resort to two-alphabets to hide your identity.


        1. re: “had to resort to two-alphabets to hide your identity”

          Or a jumble of alphabet soup.

          He’s also ‘trigger happy’ in lodging reports. Which is a foretaste of what Pakatan will do if they ever attain federal power.

          Tun in his 22 years never sued a journalist. The @cmlimguaneng threatened you print lah, you dare you print and see what I do to you (when reporters asked him questions about Rainbow).

          1. Well, he’s just following the steps of his spiritual grand father LKY in suing political rivals into bankruptcy.

            BTW, did you note that the Singapore govt has closed down the Real Singapore website even before the sedition charge is heard in the court? They are using threats to racial harmony as an excuse to shut down the website. Funnily the ever so-critical AFP also seems to buy this line rather than as an attempt to muzzle opposing voices. Had this happened in Malaysia, do you can bet you last RM that the foreign press will label Najib as the modern day Hitler.

            1. re: “you can bet you last RM that the foreign press will label Najib as the modern day Hitler”

              Najib has lost the English-language and international media. His positioning in media is quite frankly a disaster.

              I could spell out the BN’s weaknesses and where they went wrong but then again, the BN has not endeared themselves to the independent bloggers but instead alienated almost all of us.

              From what I see of blogosphere, almost all the independent blogs who are pro-establishment are at the same time critical of the current administration and the BN. Syed Akbar is one good example.

              I’ll bet Facebookers are the same. The ancien regime is beginning to lose everybody. I’m sure this is one of the factors that has galvanized Tun into action.

  2. Ms H. Your subject is definitely 100% Hainanese – looks like one too. Hainan island was the prison island for Chinese reclacitrants right up to the Ching Dynasty 1911. The first Malaysian Chinese Minister of Finance Tun Sir Col H.S Lee a Kangxi person, did a spell on the island.

    The Hainanese are not the Han Chinese which are in the majority in China. They are actually of Laotian origin. Hence, if you trace to the major political, corporate scandals etc, most of them were perpetrated by the Hainanese.

    The British brought them into the estates and mines to serve them. In those days, a large proportion of them were leftists who gave the British a big headache.

    1. Ms H. Here is one Hainanese tale for you. In the early 1970s, a Hainanese wanted to buy a bank. He said to the Boss, ‘ We Hainanese in Malaysia are the hewers of wood and drawers of water. Please give me a chance.’ He bought the bank. But the following day he committed CBT and had to return the bank. Later, I told the Boss that the richest Chinamen in the World were the Soong Family of Hainanese origin. The brother TV Soong was the Finance Minister of China and had his own Comet jet and died in Vancouver. The most famous was Soong Mei Ling who married Chiang Kai Shek. The eldest married Sun Yat-sen, the Founder of Modern China. The father was Charlie Soong a Methodist pastor.

  3. Bukan ke Australia tu heaven for Hannah Yeoh? Apa ada kat Permatang Pauh, only paddy fields and no restaurants selling sam leuk heung yuk!.

    1. Mula-mula tu memang dia sangka Ostolia tu heaven(on earth). Gatekeeper Heaven tu reject application dia.

      Sekarang ni … dah jadi Speaker, big paycheck dan dapat good ‘harvest’, dia jumpa heaven yg baru.

      Sebab tu lah sepatutnya dia kena ubah statement: “Young people, don’t lose hope. Don’t change your country, just change your heaven”.

  4. “I am not sure if the picture is in Permatang Pauh even.”

    I wonder, can you see Gunung Jerai from PP? Because that picture reminds me so much of pictures I’ve seen of Gunung Jerai. Of course I had to google Gunung Jerai images and sure enough that looks like one of those images of Gunung Jerai.

    I just love google. lols

  5. “To find Buddha, you have to see into your nature. Whoever sees his own nature is a Buddha. If you don’t realize your nature then invoking buddhas, reciting sutras, making offerings, and keeping precepts are all useless. Invoking buddhas results in good karma, reciting sutras results in a good memory, keeping precepts results in good rebirth, and making offerings results in future blessings—but no Buddha (Enlightenment).”

    – The Master Bodhidharma (c. 440 AD – 528 AD) preceptor of Shaolin Martial Arts and Mahayana Zen Meditation

    All Shaolin martial art monks are pure vegetarians.

    “Still people commit all sorts of evil deeds, claiming karma does not exist. They erroneously maintain that since everything is empty (relative and subjective), committing evil is not wrong. Such persons fall into a hell of endless darkness with no hope of deliverance. The wise hold no such conceptions.” – Bodhidharma

    Namo Amitabha!

  6. Ms H. Here is another snippet for you. In Guandong, the Hakkas (in European parlance, they are the gypsies of China because they have no provincial base but settle wherever they could after being driven from the North during the Sung Dynasty 11th Century) favour dog meat followed by the Cantonese. The Shanghainese laugh at the Cantonese for eating all sorts of animals. I think they have a point here !

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