MUTAKHIR: Permatang Pauh: Anai-anai, bukan semut (dikemaskini)

Gambar-gambar sekitar Permatang Pauh

MCA berjaya menarik sokongan golongan warga emas dan OKU.

PRK P.44, Suhaimi Hj Sabudin, MCA -MJ1_2639 PRK P.44, Suhaimi Hj Sabudin, MCA -MJ1_2631

PRK P.44, Suhaimi Hj Sabudin, MCA -MJ1_2630

Gambar dengan ehsan KL Chronicle
Gambar dengan ehsan KL Chronicle
Gambar dengan ehsan RMF7
Gambar dengan ehsan RMF7

Coretan asal

Mengikut laporan The Straits Times (sebuah akhbar Singapura), Anwar Ibrahim telah memperolehi 95 peratus undi pemilih Cina, 70 peratus India dan 48 peratus Melayu di kawasan Parlimen Permatang Pauh dalam pilihanraya yang lepas.

Fuyoh, bukan setakat sokongan 90 peratus Cina bagi pembangkang dalam PRU13 sepertimana yang sering digembar-gemburkan tetapi sampai tahap 95 peratus tu!

Saya kira blogger rmf7 terkhilaf apabila beliau mengatakan kempen MCA di Permatang Pauh “seperti semut hitam di atas batu di malam gelap”.

Sebenarnya MCA itu anai-anai yang makan kayu merosakkan tiang BN. Nanti habis lah lantai dan dinding rumah dikorek serangga perosak ini.

rmf7 MCA


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6 thoughts on “MUTAKHIR: Permatang Pauh: Anai-anai, bukan semut (dikemaskini)

  1. Your pictures are full of Chinese. Really?
    Look at these albums from LGE’s ceramahs and Permatang Pauh..

    Majlis Makan Malam PRK Permatang Pauh:

    Majlis Makan Malam PRK Permatang Pauh – Demi Demokrasi, Tegak Keadilan, Bantah GST

    Posted by Lim Guan Eng on Monday, May 4, 2015

    Especially this

    And this album
    Ceramah Perdana Pentas Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat

    Pay attention to this photo

    Now who is right? Your BN photos or the Pakatan photos.
    Tonight we shall see.

    1. Mulan,

      MCA will get the votes of Chinese over 70, those who are up to travelling to the polling centres today and queuing up.

      These are the loyal ones who registered as life members when Tan Cheng Lock was party president.

      The J-Star however will continue to spin that the Chinese votes have returned to BN in the same way they were so earnest that a Chinese tsunami did not happen in 2013.

      A scissors is as lethal as a knife and the Scissorati are more dangerous than Dapster gangsters.

      1. In my limited experience (limited to helping out at the last PRU) I would agree with Helen that most of the Cina who are over 60-70 would rather vote for BN. One old man said these young kids they think short term. He voted for BN since he really believed that in the long run a BN government would do better in maintaining the harmony of the country.

  2. We are all know that the Anwarinas in PAS is actually a deliberate and conscious strategy by Anwar to infiltrate PAS. It has been going on for quite a while already and is quite successful at the higher levels of the organisation. So much so they form the majority of AJK PAS Pusat. At the ground root levels, it’s a bit questionable. (Actually there are also Anwarinas in UMNO but it’s not so obvious).

    It seems to me this gunting dalam lipatan that MCA has become is perhaps something similar. Is there a similar strategy by the DAP to infiltrate MCA? So that in case there is a swing against DAP for whatever reason, it doesn’t really matter much. It looks like J-Star is already gone. Where else in the organisation have they managed to infiltrate?

    Or perhaps even the DAP itself is actually infiltrated by a bigger Christian organisation.

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