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Saifuddin says Umno moving further and further to the right

In his interview published yesterday in Malaysiakini, Saifuddin Abdullah cautioned that “Umno may veer further to the right if Islamist hardliners win in the PAS muktamar in June”.

Saifuddin, who is Global Movement of Moderates CEO, said Umno should live up to its of being a moderate party regardless the scepticism greeting its claim to such a credential.

Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

Hannah Yeoh: “No point educating racist parties”

“Outside of Umno, the idea of moderation as an approach is very well received by Malaysians. In fact, the only negative comment is whether the government is walking the talk,” Saifuddin is quoted as saying by Malaysiakini. See, ‘PAS polls can raise a more extreme Umno‘ (4 May 2015)

Is it true what Saifuddin says? i.e. Umno is backpedalling on ‘Moderation’ whereas other Malaysians who are outside Umno are giving a warm reception to the idea. True? False?



Nobody giving GMM the time of day

Saifuddin’s assertion is not borne out by supporting evidence.

His Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) has a channel on YouTube but practically nobody bothers to watch the videos uploaded by GMM – see screenshot below.

Its video titled ‘Dr Azzam Tamimi interview on Democrat Islamist‘ has got only 22 views … 23 now including my own viewing of it just now.

Double click to enlarge

GMM Channel Dr Azzam

Only a dozen YouTube views for GMM chairman Razali Ismail’s snippet

GMM uploaded a video of CEO Saifuddin Abdullah’s interview on TV3 Buletin Utama. This one got 361 views.

The third video which is a news clip of Pudin’s and GMM chairman Razali Ismail’s appearance on TV1 Warta Perdana got 12 views (+1 =13 if you count mine a few minutes ago).

Pudin’s learned views on Redelineation got 11 views.

GMM’s upload of Kembara Bumi suci got 13 views in English and 155 views in Malay.

Overall, the response to GMM on YouTube is more than pathetic. It’s jaw dropping as in bad, real bad.

GMM Channel

Each GMM Roundtable series video watched average a mere 30 times

The GMM stakeholders roundtable was uploaded to YouTube a year ago in six parts – see screenshot below.

Reception to GMM’s roundtable is eyebrow-raising, to say the least. Imagine, after all the money poured by the Prime Minister’s Department into the outfit, the GMM roundtable can only attract an average of 30 views per video.

(In comparison, the video of Tun’s Malaysian Dilemma talk got 134,220 views.)

GMM Roundtable 1

GMM Roundtable 2

GMM Roundtable 3

GMM Roundtable 4

GMM Roundtable 5

GMM Roundtable 6

GMM Corporate Video

Who’s the boss and who’s the sidekick?  {{{  SUCKER  }}}

GMM’s corporate videos – see screenshot above – fare no better, garnering a mere 100 views and 28 views respectively. Nobody cares about Pudin’s so-called moderates.

Even Pudin’s partner in moderation, the evangelista Wong Chun Wai, gave him short shrift.

Chun Wai, who sits on the GMM board of trustees, is pictured below with Pudin.

It’s not smart at all for GMM to foot the bill while Nest of Evangelistas calls the shots in their collaboration.

Saifuddin Abdullah Wong Chun Wai

chun wai saifuddin

Chinese tauke grabs photo space, Malay stooge is pushed to the fringe

See the way that J-Star‘s bodek tauke photographer took the picture above. EvangeliSTAR CEO Chun Wai is captured nicely in the shot while Pudin is almost out of frame. The two men are clearly not balanced in the photo framing – only Pudin’s head is seen compared to Chun Wai’s ample bulk.

In a Chinese-Malay partnership, the “ultra kiasu” is one greedy fella and grabs a huge chunk for himself while the Melayu is window dressing pushed to the sidelines. Below is a shot of the J-Star‘s online page as the photo appeared.

Moderation Poor Pudin

Gomen money down the drain

After all the money that has been pumped into GMM for Pudin by the Prime Minister’s Office, the man who failed to deliver is now singing the same tune as his friends the evangelistas. He’s telling everybody that Umno is right wing going on further right (kalu lagi ke kanan, maknanya fasis lah tu).

What a bad investment the GMM has proven to be.

It’s high time GMM got its funding from the profitable Star Media Group belonging to MCA rather than continue sponging on the PMO. The Prime Minister should not waste any more money on Saifuddin who’s doing such a bad job.

MCA says that extremist statements by Umno drove voters away from BN – see Rakyat Post report below. Note that MCA and DAP are on the same page.

Hannah Extremists

Hannah And that's extremism!


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14 thoughts on “Saifuddin says Umno moving further and further to the right

  1. years ago, no one bother to give attention to the term moderation. Malays and Islam are intertwined and cannot be separated. In Islam, there is no such thing as moderation. Its either you become a Muslim by practicing the fundamentals or choose to become a sinner by not practicing it. But then again, either you are sinner or not, that is between you and Allah.

    In Malaysia, Malays will always be malays. That is a fact which everyone must embrace. Do we see a Malay with keris walking on the street and welding the weapon f people refuse to respect him as a Malay? No! We have been living with each other for many years and we respect each other because that is enshrined in the Constitution, taught at school and propagated by our parents.

    When certain people begin to question the position of Malay, Islam as an official religion and the Malay Monarch as the symbol of country’s unity, we got confuse with the significant of the aforementioned fact and self-proclaimed political agenda. Worst, we got lost in our own identity where liberalism and conservatism push their agenda to win the hearts and mind of Malaysians. what will be the price? political power and hegemony.

    For once, let us be practical, look back and ask ourselves whether this is the kind of country we want to build for our children? we have more pressing issues to handle such as rising crimes and juvenile delinquency, economic stability and diminishing environmental resources. Keep the religion to ourselves and focus on general agenda which affect the masses. If may look far-fetch but this is what I feel and if we could bring this to fruition, we may see the end of offending name calling such as racist, rightist, leftist and moderates! I rest my case

  2. Moderation is malay muslims middle name. look at the peaceful co-existence of immigrants from east and west here, look at the workable kongsi kuasa formula of the Perikatan and BN so on.

    If you turn the table and assume the malays are the immigrants and the chinese are the pribumi here, do you think it would turn out the same ?? Never

    So to the Dap and evangelista cheer leaders, stop the wayang. U know nothing about moderation so stop hijack it. Go back and read history books.

  3. Saifful,

    re, We have been living with each others for many years and we respect each others because that’s enriched in the constitution ,

    The Malays are naturally acceptance and tolerance ,without , what’s being stated in the constitution ,the Malays does tolerate their new surrounding since the British first steps their foots in Malaya then ,bring along with them what we are facing now.

    Ways back ,there no constitution to protect them ,(Chinese and Indian) ,but being acceptance and tolerance in nature , we don’t hear much racial obstruction unless Malays are being seriously provoked .

    Malays are always being Malays ,that why they are being taken for granted ,for being a Malays.

    1. True that. Look at what happened at iraq. Instead of democracy and freedom the iraqis got isis as a result of US invasion.

      Those evangelist fanboys always blame the muslims but fail to see the bigger part played by superpowers who holds the biggest arm dealing contracts. Where do you think those isis fella got their arms from? Al qaeda? Taliban?

  4. We know Tun from his walking, and can’t remember any bragging by him about his walking, and certainly no claims as to whether right or left. Hence the 100, 000 views.

  5. Well, Saifuddin is widely known among the Bangsar Malaysians as a “moderate” among the UMNO leaders. But that didn’t help him at all in the 13GE when the Chinese votes caused him to lose his Temerloh seat.

    Read the article by UMCEDEL below, rather puzzling analysis by yet another PR supporter in disguise. based on my calculation the Chinese support was around 85% rather than 60% and it is exactly the same as the national average. It only goes to show that the Chinese just don’ give a s*** about his moderation agenda.

    BTW, the last para, about the Chinese still want him to service, it a joke. It aligns with my hypothesis of the Chinese’ towkay and toyboy policy where they want towkay (MCA/BN) to continue to supply them with money and support while enjoying the benefit of sleeping with toy boy Ah Beng (DAP).


    Faktor ‘ubah’ dan sokongan kuat golongan muda Cina terhadap Pakatan Rakyat (PR) merupakan faktor yang menyebabkan Barisan Nasional (BN) kalah di Parlimen Temerloh pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU13), Mei lalu.

    Menurut kaji selidik Pusat Kajian Demokrasi dan Pilihan Raya Universiti Malaya (UMCEDEL), kemenangan Pas pada parlimen tersebut didorong oleh sokongan padu masyarakat Cina terhadap parti itu dimana 60 peratus pengundi Cina memberikan undi mereka kepada parti itu.

    Namun, apa yang pelik, Pengarah UMCEDEL Prof Datuk Dr Redzuan Othman memberitahu bahawa meskipun pengundi Cina di situ menyokong PR, tetapi 65% daripada mereka masih mahu bekas ahli parlimen Temerloh, Datuk Saiffuddin Abdullah terus membawa perubahan di kawasan itu.

    1. re: “Namun, apa yang pelik, Pengarah UMCEDEL Prof Datuk Dr Redzuan Othman memberitahu bahawa meskipun pengundi Cina di situ menyokong PR, tetapi 65% daripada mereka masih mahu bekas ahli parlimen Temerloh, Datuk Saiffuddin Abdullah terus membawa perubahan di kawasan itu.”

      It’s called kiasu. Asyik dema nak untung jer. Takde sifat bertolak ansur.

      1. Apek2 dan ahso2 tua kena carik nasruddin la kalau nak mintak apa2 bantuan. Jangan salahkan spoil brat masing2 pulak. Anak2 kamu takde pun kat peti ngundi masa kamu pangkah. Hakikatnya korang anak beranak memang nak bn tumbang pun.

        Bila dah jadi macam ni ada pulak muka tak malu suruh pudin tolong.

        Yang pudin ni pulak masih live in denial. Naik tegeliat tali perut bila kata orang cina tak mau kroni, korupsi dan pentadbiran lebih baik.

        Barangkali dia tak sedar ada perkataan kowtim yang da biasa diamalkan masyarakat cina. Elok dia pegi belajar makna perkataan tu dengan lebih mendalam.

  6. Pandas originate from China
    Kangaroos mainly found in Australia
    An anaconda is found in tropical South America.
    Malays from Malaysia

    What to UBAH?

  7. Chinese originate from China.
    Indians originate from India.
    Americans originate from America.
    Africans originate from Africa.
    Singaporeans originate from Singapore.
    Malaysians originate from Malaysia.
    Javanese originate from Java.
    Bugis originate from Indonesia.
    Minangkabaus originate from Indonesia.
    Achenese originate from Indonesia.
    Kadazans, Bajaus, Muruts, Ibans etc originate from Malaysia.

    Mamaks originate from the Perlembagaan Malaysia.

    Malays originate from Nusantara Melayu.

    Sang Kancil, Malayan Tiger, Orang Utans originate from Malaysia.

    Mahafirauns originate from Egypt, Middle East, India.

  8. MODERATIOM is very subjective. To them they are the modreates, do whatever you want , drink alcohol, gamble ,womanising , homosexual makan babi ,illegal business and whatever. You dont do all these you are exremist bigots and abloodyfool.

    THEY know that they can never win without Malay support and they know that the Malays are strong Muslim so they have to change the Malays to be like them. IF possible convert them, then its easy for them to cucuk hidung as what they have done to the Chinese.

    Masaalah dia the PM is blur, he does not know what is what. Semua serah pada cartoon cartoons dia and spent billions of ringgit. We have to find a way to get rid of him. UMNO WAKE UP

    To us they are liberals, hanyut but we never kacau them if thats what you want tobe thats your bussiness but dont la kacau us.PASS WAKE UP

  9. Moderation?

    Bukankah itu cuma satu perkataan atau istilah yang cuma bermaksud kesederhanaan?

    Tidak cukupkah lagi sifat dan budaya kesederhanaan yang telah wujud sejak azali dalam masyarakat berbangsa Melayu yang dengannya lain-lain kaum mendapat manfaat?

    Apa perlunya wujud dan diteruskan GMM yang videonya pun hampir tiada siapa mahu tengok?

    Wahai PM Najib…bagaimanakah ‘kayu-ukur’ anda akan prestasi GMM ini…?

    Tidakkah sepatutnya dibubarkan saja sebab ianya tidak mendapat sokongan kecuali daripada pihak pembangkang yang menggunakan GMM untuk menambah kutukan kepada kerajaan?

    Apakah untungnya kerajaan dengan adanya GMM ini?

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