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Nations are forged in the cauldron of war

My title concept* above derives from the Blut und Eisen speech given by Prussian prime minister Otto von Bismarck to the Landtag (Parliament) when he “rejected demands for liberal reform“.

(Note: The headline is not my original turn of phrase. It’s Samuel Huntington’s.)

The relevant portion that lent Bismarck’s famous 1862 peroration its name is as follows: “… it is not by speeches and majority resolutions that the great questions of the time are decided – that was the big mistake of 1848 and 1849 – but by iron and blood”.

His country needed a war general

bloodandironBismarck was born in an aristocratic family and his “political views in the beginning of his career were those of a typical country squire” – see his profile here.

It did not take him long to realize that “being principled and tradition-bound” wouldn’t cut it in cutthroat politics. Soon enough, Bismarck’s ideas adapted instead to become “very pragmatic”.

On 17 Sept 1862, Prussia was in such a crisis that the king “seriously considered abdicating his throne“. Fortunately for Kaiser Wilhelm I, he had a war general in Bismarck – the strategist who would shortly win three wars in eight years.

Iron Chancellor‘s calculated plan of power politics

Bismarck’s Blood and Iron speech was delivered on 30 Sept 1862. Blut (blood) denotes the willingness to fight and Eisen (iron) refers to the military.

“The series of wars did not happen by accident. They were part of Bismarck’s calculated plan of power politics, aggression, and annexation. The realpolitik Bismarck defined in his famous ‘Blood and Iron’ nine years earlier had given birth to the German Empire.” – see ‘Bismarck’s Blood and Iron Speech 150 Years Later‘ (The New American, 30 Sept 2012)

Bismarck is considered to be the Father of Germany and was the Fatherland’s first chancellor – see, ‘How Otto von Bismarck forged the German Empire’ (The Global State, 23 Jan 2015).

Moral of the story: Aggressive action is demanded when “we are in exceptional circumstances“.

tionglai najib
Najib accosted by J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai

It is not by speeches that great questions are decided

The time for talk is over.

DAP jangan biadapNajib can cuba pujuk on fostering “unity” till his face turns (the BN logo) blue but it would be to no avail. He will still daily be called racist and extremist, and hurled the vilest nicknames by the biaDAPs.

MCA itself admits that 88 percent of the Chinese are with the DAP – see below. Other estimates put the figure as high as 95 percent.

MCA 88% Chinese


Sooo very sneaky, and they dare call others ‘racists’

MCA is also wringing its hands about what scumbags the DAP are.

Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie today pleaded to the DAP, “Stop twisting my words and playing racist politics” – see below.

How very typical of the DAP’s sneaky methods. The evangelistas deliberately misrepresented Heng and put up the sly billboard – see above – in Permatang Pauh crediting to the Wanita MCA chief the misquoted words, “Melayu bayar lebih GST, GST manfaatkan kita (orang Cina)”.

To put it simply, DAP are dajjal

Impossible to accept MCA’s word anymore either

If nine out of every ten Chinese are DAP supporters, then pray tell who does the MCA represent?

Dial_M_BlogTomorrow following the Permatang Pauh by-election result, you can expect the MCA to bleat that the Chinese are beginning to return to the BN. Wrong. This will not happen unless there is a change in their Hate mindset.

How did MCA allow nine of out of every ten Chinese to turn into such vitriolic BN haters? After all, the party owns the biggest media conglomerate in the country.

It is suicidal to fight a war on many fronts. In front of Umno stands the DAP army. At the back of Umno is the scissors-wielding MCA which is already beyond the control of its top leadership.

No general will want to expose the back of his army to the enemy within.

BELOW: The EvangeliSTARs wielding their pen

Stabbed by pen

Jump ship from the sinking BN Titanic

The outcome of the Rompin by-election is a clear signal of how weak the BN has become. Here is a traditional Umno heartland comprising rural Malays, Felda settlers and orang asli.

Ethnic minority voters are negligible in Rompin – the Chinese only 2.49 percent while the Indians are 1.15 percent. Hence the by-election result is a true reflection of Malay ground sentiment.

Rompin’s flagbearer Umno demography yesterday sent a clear message to the ruling party by opting to stay at home on polling day. With Malay support ebbing, the BN’s position is now so precarious that there is really no room for any weak links, particularly ones that can no longer be trusted.

MCA is a liability and internal threat. It can deliver nothing; not when the community MCA purports to represent only want to see the BN anchor party dead.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s famous last words were “Saya pantang dicabar”. If Najib wants to live up to his declaration “Pantang anak Bugis menyerah kalah”, then he should think and act like a war general. The Umno support base will accept nothing less.




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17 thoughts on “Nations are forged in the cauldron of war

  1. my prediction :

    1) umno/bn will win p/pauh by razor thin margin;

    2)the loss will spell the end of pakatan;

    3)assmin’s tenure as mb will b short-lived;

    4)change of govt in Selangor within this year;

    5)co operation between umno and pas will materialize;

    6)d sri najib will still b fighting tooth and nail to arrest the dwindling support especially amongst the malays.

    7)a cabinet reshuffle wil happen where new blood wil be infused into the cabinet.

    8)there wil be modification done to the gst so as to lessen d impact on consumers.

    pray and hope that these predictions wil come true.

      1. Minum air ketum banyak sangat ke?

        Just landed from MARS?

        Definitely a straggler from the Mahathirists army who just lost a battle with the Bugis army and trying to console his own bleeding heart.

      2. ha ha ha !

        correction , she will still be a speaker in all the churches belonging 2 her dominion .

    1. My 2 sen to your comments:

      1. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

      2. I don’t think it’ll be the end. I think they will re-evaluate and try to consolidate their position. There are quite a few smart people in there

      3. No comment

      4. Wishful on our part, I think

      5. Still in a distant future

      6. This will be quite an interesting thing to watch. Mr Clueless fighting nice against Ultron.

      7. Yay! This one I’ve been hoping for quite a while. To make it interesting, he should do a hashtag #nameyourminister. I can then tag MustaphaMohamad #PM and AnifahAman #DPM (Is that how #tag works?)

      8. I disagree with the GST. Let’s just abolish it totally. But they need the RM so I guess they’ll have to improve the system.

  2. There will be Malay tsunami in the coming GE, but only towards UMNO component party whom they looks, make no different from DAP.

    Poor turnout in Rompin is the indication of Malay rejection to current leadership ,who compromise everything for non Malay support ,neglecting the abundance .

    1. Pakcik,

      Malay tsunami sweeping Umno will usher power straight into the hands of the DAP. Look at @hannahyeoh’s tweet above.

      The Sneaky Speaker is already licking her chops slyly implying that it’s time to end the rule of a certain government because that government has lost its conscience, will kill morality and eventually cause injustices to be heaped upon the rakyat.

      Malays must reflect. Will the DAP evangelista rulers tread the path of conscience in governing the natives? Will a DAP evangelista government be exalting righteousness and brimming over with morality? Can the DAP evangelistas be just to people other than their own flock?

      1. The Malays have for too long allowed their religion to be compromised by political deviants posing as religionists.

        1. The poseurs wear tudung.

          Melayu senang dipujuk oleh munafik yang pandai bermuka-muka. Hati pula mudah cair bila berhadapan dengan wanita yang pura-pura jaga aurat.

          Cukup-cukuplah. Bukankah MAIS dah pernah hantar surat pekeliling menegah politikus bukan Islam berpolitik di ruang masjid?

          Jawatankuasa masjid itu lagi satu. Kenapa nak menjemput poseurs yang tak ambil wuduk dan tak mandi junub untuk masuk ruang suci tempat ibadah kamu?

          1. kak Helen,

            bukan politikus bukan islam saja tapi politikus apa jua. sultan tau jika bagi politikus guna masjid akan lagi berpecah belahlah orang islam dan melayu. malangnya orang2 Selangor dah pilih haiwan politik sebagai pentadbir di negeri mereka.

            pada mereka politik tak boleh dipisahkan dengan masjid atas alasan nabi Muhammad saw dulu menjadikan masjid sebagai markas politik baginda. betul la tu tapi takda pulak nabi jemput non muslim walaupun mungkin mereka mesra kepada umat islam untuk bagi ceramah atau tazkirah. jauh sekali jadikan masjid tempat untuk tabor fitnah dan hina orang islam lain.

            tapi nak buat macam mana. orang melayu lagi percaya parti isle walaupun bersekongkol dengan parti evangelis yang memang terang2 nak turuntaraf orang melayu/islam.

          2. “Cukup-cukuplah. Bukankah MAIS dah pernah hantar surat pekeliling menegah politikus bukan Islam berpolitik di ruang masjid? ”

            Evagenlista kan ingat mereka di atas MAIS. Mereka mengambil arahan dari Tuhan himself. Bukankah itu?

            OK PAS ini ditekan oleh PKR.

            Kalau PAS dibiarkan buli, baik jadi
            PAS = Persatuan Angkut Sampah
            DAP = Developers Association Penang.

  3. I amused to see the news report on the racist buntings and banners. Hardly any mention on the content or the guilty party. Had this been BN’s work, you would have seen the Krakatau bursting open and all the Pakatoons going apeshit in social media and twits about “gutter politics / racial politics” flooding the TwitterJaya lead by none other than Our Lady of Subang.

  4. Too bad for the Malays because Najib yang blur dan syok sendiri will never can do whatever post mortem.He thinks that he is the PM of a rich country and the whole world loves him. All he cares is a developed nation.Mampus lah orang MELAYU

    Kita mesti sokong TDM untuk tukarkan dia secepat mungkin Sapa akan ganti kita tak kesah. asalkan bersemangat Melayu dan rakyat jelata, tak develope sangat pun tak apa asalkan kita hidup aman

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