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Pmtg Pauh bukti umum tidak percayakan fitnah liwat – Hannah Yeoh

Wan Azizah menang seraya berjaya kekalkan bahagian/segmen undi yang diperolehi sebelum ini oleh Anwar meskipun majoriti menyusut (dikemaskini berdasarkan keputusan kiraan rasmi). 

Peratusan sokongan terhadap kedua-dua parti kekal status quo.

  • PKR – 30,316 undi
  • BN – 21,475 undi

Pengundi Cina tetap memberi sokongan mantap serta tahap maksimum kepada Pakatan.

Saya tak faham apa yang pengundi mahu sebenarnya.

Apa yang terlintas di benak para penyokong Pakatan, terutamanya yang duduk Kajang dan Permatang Pauh?

Wan Azizah

Ding dong ding dong

P44: Permatang Pauh

  • April 1995 – si suami
  • Nov 1999 – si isteri
  • Mac 2004 – si isteri
  • Mac 2008 – si isteri
  • Ogos 2008 – si suami
  • Mei 2013 – si suami
  • Mei 2015 – si isteri

Ding dong ding dong … Kajang-Permatang Pauh-Segambut-Segambut-Segambut-Permatang Pauh-Kajang …

Ding dong ding dong … DUN Selangor-Parlimen-DUN Selangor-Parlimen …




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18 thoughts on “Pmtg Pauh bukti umum tidak percayakan fitnah liwat – Hannah Yeoh

  1. sentimen
    sementara orang cina undi untuk dapat kuasa politik
    melayu undi kerana sentimen gst 1mdb
    dalam keadaan org melayu tidak sedar mereka sedang melucutkan kuasa politik mereka perlahan2
    lee kuan yew ambil masa 30 tahun ubah singapore drp kampung melayu kepada republik kecil cina
    30 tahun yg sama juga dari masa sekarang tanah melayu berubah kuasa politik sepenuhnya

  2. Nah, it just shows that now ABU trumps everything. Sodomy, hudud, water crisis, whatever. The people who voted Pakatan past 2 GEs will keep voting Pakatan no matter what. I don’t believe that Hannah Yeoh doesn’t believe Anwar is guilty. Somebody could ask her and badger her with evidence, confessions, court case results but I guess they would be ignored.

    DAP is handling PAS roughly because of hudud but that’s only because they want to show who will call the shots when they succeed with ABU. That’s also probably why Wan Azizah waves the fan all the time like some Chinese woman, but that’s just my guess. Is carrying fans around really a Chinese thing?

  3. Suddenly I had a vision of Dandy running around naked with a Kipas Cina trying to shield his birdy ala the naked games of Penang to the tune of Imagine Dragon’s Top of the World and Queen’s We Will Rock You.

  4. Emotional rules over being rational. Pengundi Permatang Pauh yang mengundi PKR sanggup hidup dalam ketinggalan pembangunan sekeliling dibanding dengan pembangunan ekonomi yang di perolehi oleh pengundi di Pulau Pinang.

    Apalah yang boleh di buat oleh Azizah di Peematang Pauh setelah apa yang dilihat di Kajang?.

    What to do……..stupidity exhalt reality…..follow the bigots DAPsters and loomed hatred.

    Nasiblah Melayu PKR yang bangang dan sanggup di tipu oleh puak keristian evangelist. Bila dah kena batang hidung di layan macam sial je oleh Dapsters ini di Pulau Pinang pun masih tak belajar2 lagi dan sanggup di perkudakan lagi.

    Some people never learn, espe’sial’ly the Melayu that are in PKR.

    1. permatang pauh people must be very proud of themselves. Tonight, the permatang pauh people can go to sleep with the feeling of pride, for being in the forefront of the fight against corruption, for good governance, for the betterment of the country.


  5. Ahmad Mazlan = Sebab kalah senang jawab jer. Tsunami GST! Kena tunggu 3 tahun baru nampak kebaikkan.

    Zaid = 0 markah prestasi kat Permatang Pauh.

    Hisham = + 1/2 markah prestasi kat Rompin.

    Mooheedeen = -2 markah prestasi kat dua-dua tempat.

    PM = Sumpah tak tahu menahu. Tunggu PMO jawab dan AG atau PDRM buat siasatan dahulu.

    Mahafiraun/Mamakutty = Anwar tu bersalah kempen kat penjara Sg, Buloh. Pegawai penjara dan Banduan bagi tau saya secara sulit. Tsunami penerima BR1M. Rakyat Malaysia tak faham GST. Adakah aku kisah siapa menang atau kalah kalau tak libatkan dinasti aku.

    HA = Evengelista pengaruh Melayu undi Allah mereka. Hannah tu tipu pakai tudung dan orang Melayu ingatkan dia calon BN. Agama Islam dan orang Melayu akan hilang didunia lepas ni.

    KJ = Menunggu durian runtuh.

    Mukhriz = Papa! Papa ! Papa! Anak tak berdaya dah!.

  6. Well, what’s done is done. Pretty much of emotional vote. Especially after GST. BN should have see this coming. See the sheeple in City Harvest Church . Still refuse to believe that pastor Kong Hee with to forgive God, cheating them of their so his wife could living the life of that Hollywood star. Like this video, either you cheat or be cheated. Some laugh for today’s disappointments

  7. The message is clear in the Pilihanraya-kecil at Rompin and at Permatang Pauh.

    Very substantial reduced majority for UMNO/BN in Rompin means that UMNO/BN supporters are now beginning to be fed-up with the UMNO/BN supreme leaders’ antics.

    However, in Permatang Pauh despite suffering a reduced majority of a ‘recycled’ Pakatan candidate (Wan Azizah), nonetheless she had won the seat very convincingly.

    More and more people are rejecting UMNO/BN by the day.

    Thus, it is NOT the DSAI liwat issue.., it is not the lack of the local development issue in Permatang Pauh.., it is neither the representation of the ‘recycled’ candidate (Wan Azizah) issue. It is not even the issue of a very qualified (Quantity Surveyor) and locally born & bred of the UMNO/BN candidate in Permatang Pauh.

    It is actually the arrogance and insolence of (especially) most the UMNO leaders of the current plight and the impending future issues that the rakyat has to face.., which most of those UMNO leaders are so oblivious of.

    BR1M has definitely NOT won the peoples’ (low-income) heart at all.., for UMNO/BN.

    GST has been introduced NOT at the right time or during a suitable economic condition.., that now when school children who pay for their prepaid phone top-up cost.., that even they can feel the economic pinch of GST directly affecting them as consumers.

    1MDB is becoming to be the biggest thorn in the UMNO leaders ass if not pulled out and extricated now.., that it shall form into such a huge, putrid abcess for the party.., as well as being an economic ‘disease’ and disaster for the nation in the near future.

    In this regard, Tun Dr. Mahathir has been quite correct on all counts of those 3 issues as mentioned above.

    Thus.., shall Dato’ Seri Najib still seek counsel from his foolish and incompetent advisors.., as well as from his super-lavish and over-opulent wife..?

    If that is the case, then the end of UMNO/BN’s glorious ruling days.., is drawing much closer. Be advised.

    1. Helen,

      This is my analysis on Permatang Pauh.

      It is malay Majority area. And it is Anwar’s fort. So, it is very tough for UMNO to win.

      The Chinese has already abandon BN in last PRU13. The by election yesterday is another proof of Chinese political inclination. So please do not waste time thinking UMNO or BN will get Chinese votes anymore.

      What Tun said has significant effect. Tun’s open rejection of Najib is bad for UMNO. It is up for Muhyidin to take up the challenge to take over. It will be difficult for Najib to be replaced if Muhyidin does not open his mouth and shows signal that leadership of Najib is putting UMNO into death knell.

      many outside UMNO want blood. they do not care about bad PR’s service. They do not care about scandals in PR. they do not care if rafizi churns out nonsense. They want UMNO to be buried.

      So far, their dreams of taking over power and creating Lim dynasty faces one and only stumbling block: UMNO.

      UMNO needs to be buried. And najib makes it worse. He fails to connect with malays.

      The image that najib is showing is irritating the malays. The attitude of “biarlah apa orang nak kata” show you do not care.

      AS FOR MALAYS, they too change. many simply do not want to hear advices that with UMNO gone, the political power held by Malays too will be “gone with the Wind”.


      1. UMNO members MUST reject Najib now.., as suggested by Dr. Mahathir.., before it is too late for any form of DAMAGE CONTROL for the ruling party.

        Otherwise.., all must be prepared for a non-Malay (DAP) led government in the next General Elections for the nation.

        Plain and Simple.

  8. Why people are so evil ?why everyone around them just walk by. No need to mention where it is right? Even if it’s a Vietnam Facebook, you can guess the country ://

    1. Helen please remove this. This video is disturbing and does not contribute to the discussion here.

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