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Alahai YB Subang Jaya

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19 thoughts on “Alahai YB Subang Jaya

  1. satu tabung haji ? soalan mulut ke soalan dub#r ni, speaker ?? bodoh piang tahap gunung

      1. Zmn sekarang ni, semua info dihujung jari. Taip je. Jika busy sngt, arah PA cari info. Bodoh ke apa speaker tu? Makan je byk, otak lembap.

  2. La, innocentnya bunyi soalan. Kalau tak kenal, mesti baik sangka dan beri jawapan sebaiknya.

    Tapi mungkinkah evil lurking behind that innocent question? Entah-entah precursor untuk buat kacau seperti berikut –

    Orang macam ni jangan dilayan atau dibagi muka.

  3. Why not check out how the Landmark building in Johor Bahru was owned by TH and how they were sold eventually?

    One of the three parts of Landmark is now the Double Tree hotel.

    1. I believe the issue is why the gomen sell to 1MDB, and 1MDB then reselling to TH at sale price many times over.

      1. Yes, but that’s on 1MDB. The way I look at it, there are two main issues. One pertaining to the purchase by TH. As long as TH is purchasing at fair valuation according to their standard procedures, then that purchase is a fair deal. Let’s face it, no one would have been able to get that land for the price that it was given to 1MDB.

        The second issue is with regards to 1MDB. What the govt or in this case MoF did in giving away that land at peanuts to 1MDB is unconscionable and dishonest. By giving it away at such a heavy discount, the govt is depriving the rakyat of the benefits a real sale would have generated. And for 1MDB to turn around and sell it, undeveloped to TH is unprincipled and amoral, and since most of them are malays, I’m going to say what they did, while it made perfect sense to them in a business way, is actually profiteering without any conscience and totally unIslamic.

        And to make matters worse, 1MDB does not think that they owe the rakyat any explanation at all.

        And while I’m no fan of KJ, it is good that he made the statement that he did and Wanita, Puteri should follow suit if they know what is good for them. In fact the ministry that allegedly got their budget slash should jump on KJ’s wagon. Let’s get some serious shit done about this 1MDB, before we start singing Springsteen’s “I’ve got debts no honest man could pay”.

        1. re:
          – “giving away that land at peanuts to 1MDB is unconscionable and dishonest”

          – “for 1MDB to turn around and sell it, undeveloped to TH is unprincipled and amoral”

          And for TH to buy it?

          I love Springsteen too. For you …

            1. Thanks for The Boss vid.

              Of course there is conflict of interest if the people involved are on the board of both companies. Let’s assume they abstained from voting on the issue. If they didn’t and were part of the decision-making process, then they were unethical and were directly responsible for the predicament TH is in.

              “And for TH to buy it?”
              I want to believe it’s a straight forward deal for TH. They are making the purchase in good faith. The main justification for buying that land is that they are paying at a discount to the market valuation of about RM300m (read somewhere in the risk assessment on The Benchmark).

              Since the deal seems to have been signed, sealed and delivered, it is going to be difficult for TH to distance themselves from 1MDB so they better start explaining and justifying their actions to the depositors. The best way to reach their target group would be Forum Perdana & Lanskap on RTM1, and the talk shows on AlHijrah and Q&A on Astro Awani.

              1. Oranbgkampung

                No need Forum Perdana or astro awani.

                TH had already explained. It is a legitimate business deal. For some who are baying for blood, nothing is satisfactory until TH management is crucified.

                Even if TH is crucified, the se peple will still not vote for UMNO.

                1. You know the saying “sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit?” Well, I’ve found that’s how PR works. They throw a new one everyday and sometimes it’s questionable enough for the BN supporters to question also like the TH issue. Then they pile it on with more crap like MI’s article on “penyimpan serbu TH” (who really are just a few from their own group) or rephrase Muhyiddin’s statement.

                  They do this so well and it’s like a tag-team event between all the ABU media portals. They’ll just build on one issue and when it’s become the talk in every kedai mamak and warung kopi kampung, they’ll start on another.

                  That’s why I say TH needs to go big on their explanation to the depositors before the oppo’s poison is fully absorbed.

                  1. Agree with you about the oppo’s black propaganda through the media, including the Firster poison sneakily “spewed” (one of their favourite words from the stock vocabulary) by The J-Star.

                    Need a war general to boldly cut off the many writhing heads of the media hydra with a broad sword.

  4. Minta Hanna pakai tudung dan berwuduk sebelum ke Bangunan Tabung Haji dan daftar untuk menunaikan ibadah haji, buka akaun simpanan dan kemudian minta Tabung Haji kemukakan pencerahan kepadanya.

    Kalau ikut perasaan saya, nak mencarut terhadap mereka yang busybody dengn hal orang Islam. Want “tithe” yang dibayar kepada gereja boleh beri pencerahan atau tidak tentang akaun kewangan mereka? Yang berjuta2 dipungut oleh gereja evangelis dan Katholik harus diberi pencerahan juga.


    Tanah wakaf di Pualau Pinang macam mana urusannya?

    Jika nak minta pencerahan lebih baik seimbang. Jangan jolok sarang Islam sahaja.
    Ba_i betul mereka ni.

    Zairil Khir Johari bising2 apa lagi? Tak puas dapat setelah dapat nikmat tanah “golden triangle” Melayu ?

  5. Let’s put it this way, 1MDB bought a large chunk of land at RM60 per sq ft and sold it off to TH at RM 2,860 sq ft. (another alleged piece at RM3,900 per sq ft). Factor in the construction cost etc, how much per sq ft I wonder will they price it at the end of the day?

    1MDB made almost 5000% profit in the sale of land alone. Question to ask is, were there any other strong contenders waiting to bid for that land, that TH board find the amount paid justified?

  6. From Wikipedia:-
    Dato’ Sri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim (born 19 November 1966) is the Member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the seat of Baling in the state of Kedah. His real name is Kalimuthu a/l Paddiyappa. He passed Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with grade 2.

    Err.. that’s all folks, really.

    Eyebrows were raised when he was appointed Chairman of TH in early July 2013 to replace Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Abi Musa Asa’ari Bin Mohamed Nor, who holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Malaya and also received a Diploma in Development Administration (1980) and an MBA (1987) from University of Birmingham, U.K.

    I will not speculate why he kissed Rosmah’s hand at an official function (its taboo because non-muhrims arent allowed to do so, unless you are related).

    Soon after, 1MDB approaches TH for talks over TRX and the rest is history.

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