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Umno white areas have become shades of gray

Time to stop living in denial!

What the results show

(a) One out of every five Rompin voter who supported BN in May 2013 no longer does so in May 2015. BN lost 20 percent in total votes.

(b) Permatang Pauh voters still have not abandoned the Pakatan objective – ABU ABU ABU – despite the obvious disarray in the opposition bloc.

Pakatan people only want blood, is what Shamshul Anuar, a regular commenter in this blog said looking at the P44 results last night, and he is absolutely correct. They see red.

“See red” is an idiom meaning the person is enraged. Isn’t that what the opposition’s Politics of Hate is all about? Making people angry and resentful. With them, rationality no longer works so please don’t expect them to be reasonable.

Jangan dok bagi alasan lagi

I really don’t see how Najib’s consultants can try to spin even the Melayu totok choosing to turn their back on BN although the talking heads did give it a feeble shot.

(a) BN’s winning majority in Rompin was slashed by 40 percent after losing 6,244 votes. And ‘low turnout’ is not acceptable as the excuse because support for PAS, in comparison, had remained quite intact.

(b) In Permatang Pauh despite all the troubles besetting Pakatan, the status quo was maintained, i.e. PKR and Umno retained their same share of the voter pie as in 2013 albeit the size of both their slices have shrunk.

And in spite that Wan Azizah is an elderly (63 years old) recycled candidate who is uninspiring and not to mention most irritating – with her fluttering geisha fan – she nonetheless obtained a thumping victory.

Know your enemy

This is basic Sun Tzu.

(a) What is the DAP mentality? Ultra kiasu

(b) What is the PKR mentality? Feudalistic

(c) What is the PAS mentality? Taksub, pemimpin diorang maksum (video itu “besi”)

huan dap fanatics christian party

The nature of the beast

(a) Bapa borek anak rintik – Supporters of the ultra kiasu DAP are fanatics who recognize no boundaries of decency in their behaviour.

(b) As for PKR, think all the outrageous omega stories that they’ve created such as Anwar is being poisoned with arsenic, Bangladeshi phantom voters flown in by the plane loads, the Earth is gonna move under your feet on 16 Sept 2009, etc.

(c) PAS followers? Sigh.

Selagi ada bulan dan bintang di langit, they will be staunchly anti-Umno. But hope springs eternal.

It’s beginning to look more and more within the realm of possibility that Umno will capitulate and bribe the Islamists with hudud (a move that Tun is strongly against).

Waiting for Pakatan to break up?

(a) The BN boys are desperately wishing and hoping that PAS can be chiselled away from its two strange bedfellows. That remains to be seen but even if PAS did break away, they’re still not gonna be joining the BN.

After all, PAS put up a jolly good fight against Umno in Rompin which is a BN blue ribbon seat. And PAS people still voted Pakatan in Permatang Pauh, all the opposition fratricide notwithstanding.

(b) The BN boys are also banking that with Anwar now locked up, Pakatan will be leaderless.

What Permatang Pauh showed last night is that even with Anwar out of sight, Umno failed to capitalize and make inroads on voter confidence.

BN is backsliding, Pakatan moving its chess pieces

Wan Azizah’s win yesterday was emphatic and Pakatan will be celebrating their bragging rights for a long time to come (just like how they kept going on and on and on about Chua Soi Lek’s sex video). They’re ultra kiasu, remember.

The Pakatan supporters have returned Wan Azizah to Parliament in order for the missus to be her hubby’s proxy.

Former Info Minister Zam has warned that if Pakatan come to power, the first thing they will do is spring Anwar from jail. Then they will stuff Dr Mahathir and Najib into Anwar’s cell.

Malays distancing themselves from Umno

Pakatan is admittedly weakened without Anwar at the helm but nevertheless, Anwar’s absence has not made BN any more popular with the electorate.

You can’t get away from the fact that BN lost close to four thousand (3,894) votes yesterday compared to what it got in the 2013 general election.

The previously white areas for BN both in Rompin and Permatang Pauh have turned gray due to the ambivalence of the Malays over the present Umno leadership.

Meanwhile, the last shadow of a doubt has been removed that the Chinese have truly burned their bridges with BN.

huan dap run by fanatics christian

What now?

Stop squawking like so many headless chickens and giving all kinds of spin for the two by-election results. Just man up and admit that BN gave a poor showing.

The ‘in denial approach’ no longer cuts any ice.

BN voters want the BN chairman to step up to the plate and take charge. This means declare war. He has to be a war general and lead the troops.

What we want to hear is that the current Umno leadership has got enough spine and the iron will to defend Putrajaya and more importantly, the wiles for the job.

Show firm leadership, please!


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47 thoughts on “Umno white areas have become shades of gray

  1. The job functions of DAP and MCA have clearly be drawn by the Chinese
    DAP is a political party while MCA is a social party – i.e. to deal with Chinese waywards, drunks, prostitutes and children from one night stands.

    1. to expect arghhjeebngok to be a war general is akin to ask hippo to lose weight so it would fit bangau’s dress. Not gonna happen.

      people really hate his glutton wife. berundur now. that would ensure bn survival in pru14.

      1. I wouldn’t be too sure. Najib successfully removed Ahmad Said as Terengganu MB.

        He’s also refusing to knuckle down to the Tun’s demands. Air tenang jangan disangka tidak ada buaya.

    1. To be replaced by whom?

      Is any of his potential replacement a war general?

  2. My take on PP result is different.

    1. If we look at the overall percentage of votes gained, actually they are very much same as in the 2013 GE. In fact there is small drop for PKR (58 vs 59.2) and a small increase in BN’s votes (41.1 vs 40.5). Statistically and practically these are not significant enough.

    2. Looking at the voters’ turnout it was 74% which is way lower than the GE’s number but not unusual for a by-election. Without detailed data it is hard to interpret who stayed home but most likely it is mixed.

    3. If I am to interpret the result, I would say that the result is bad for both parties. PR should have gotten far more votes due to sympathies to Anwar, GST,1MDB, Tun Mahatir’s attacks, Najib/Rosmah factor and the turmoil & disunity in UMNO. However there is no real gains made by PR despite the relentless attacks and demos.

    On the other hand, BN should have exploited the hudud issues and the resulting DAP/PAS friction to gain more Chinese and PAS conservatives votes. However the results indicate that the Chinese still voted overwhelmingly for PR and PAS somehow managed to get most its supporters in Pematang Pasir to come out and vote.

    However on the balance of things and based on the prevailing political condition, I think BN will be happier with the result as the voters’ support has not dropped significantly as they feared. It is a Pyrrhic victor but nevertheless it should come as a relief. Had PR done better, Najib and BN would have been under far more pressure.

    And it is stupid of HY to claim the result is an affirmation of voters’ unhappiness with Anwar’s sodomy conviction – in fact it could be interpreted otherwise due to drop in turnout and majority.

    1. Calvin,

      No. BN or UMNO will not get Chinese votes anymore. Let UMNO above all get this message.

      You can organise a Chinese mega dinner . Come they will. Taking picture with Najib they will do They will come full force on UMNO Hari raya annual functions and they will eat with gusto. BUT THEY WILL NOT VOTE BN OR UMNO.

      So Najib better not waste time on them. It is something called “Return of investment”.

      The crux of problem is Najib and his irritating attitude. Najib seems “detaches” as he is really detach from reality. He seems confuse to know where is his base of power.


      What is this the Global moderation led by Saifudin. Saifudin is rejected by UMNO Temerloh itself. Now Najib angers UMNO Temerloh by promoting this guy whose attitude often in conflict with UMNO.

  3. Helen ,
    saya harap ada pemimpin BN baca apa yang kamu tulis , saya salah seorang pengundi atas pagar di P44 , kelmarin hari pengundian , nampak jelas kemenangan PKR adalah atas dasar undi protes , protes datang dari undi atas pagar dan orang Bn sendiri yang tidak keluar undi , sepatutnya BN boleh menang tipis di P44 kelmarin sebab calon lebih baik dan boleh harap berbanding kak wan , tapi malag nya PKR cukup bijak pada saat saat akhir telah memainkan sentimen najib dan rosmah memboros dan hidup mewah dan rakyat di paksa bayar cukai dengan hidup yang semakin menekan , BN langsung tak guna poster najib di P44 ini pada mulanya satu cara yang baik dan tumpuan kepada calon ini pada awalnya membuah hasil tapi PKR lagi cerdik dia keluar poster najib dengan kata kata yang boleh mempengaruhi org ramai yang memang marah dengan GST pada saat akhir , jangan kata org PAS yang bergaduh dengan PKR akan undi saya yang selalu undi BN pun boleh benci dengan najib dan rosmah yang amat sangat , Jadi saya sangat sangat berharap pihak BN tolong jangan nafi apa yang dirasa oleh kebanyakan pengundi di sini dan rompin , sesungguh nya sekarang ini orang ramai sangat benci pada Najib dan Rosmah dan GST adalah penutupnya , jadi faktor BN kalah di P44 adalah kerana Najib + Rosmah + GST , bukan orang minat kak jijah sebenarnya pengundi atas pagar dah jemu tapi , Najib + Rosmah + GST paling dibenci saya amat sempati dengan calon BN terpaksa tanggung kekecewaan ini.

      1. Helen, lepas gst, 1mdb + tabung haji pon buat melayu marah juga. 1mdb, melayu town bising, melayu kampung xbising sgt. Tabung haji? Tu semua jadi panas~

      2. Are you sure?
        Teoh Beng Hock has been dead for years and yet the DAP plays his story like a broken record.

        Knowing the Pakatan, they will harp on the GST for years even decades to come.

        Another Pakatan issue. Anwar’s sacking started in 1997. This is 2015 and it is still being discussed. A kid born on the day Anwar was sacked is now in Form 6. That long!

        As long as the current Pakatan leaders are around, Rosmah, GST etc jokes will be around – perhaps a decade or two. You know the Pakatan people!

  4. “…Wan Azizah is an elderly (63 years old) recycled candidate who is uninspiring and not to mention most irritating – with her fluttering geisha fan….” :-

  5. If I am a pakatan strategist I would really love Najib now. Yes I want him to go but not now like TDM. I want him to go right after PRU 14 when he and his Umno/BN got kicked out of Putrajaya. Right now, I will cucuk him once in a while but not too much till he feels hopeless. Just enough to trouble him. But at the same time I will also encourage those who continue to give him support so as to lull him into thinking that he is still good an people still loves him.

    This is precisely what is happening now and if I am a pakatan strategist l am already drooling for PRU 14. The Rompin result is especially ominous. How many of the current 88 Umno seats will fall? If the Umno warlords cannot see this, then its really their own fault if they lose it all in PRU14.

  6. Forget about pas abandoning pr.just revitalise umno n bn through young blood.but by when?

    1. Young blood? with KJ heading?

      Kj has been making the right noises re: 1MDB, the young pedophile, the recent TH/1MDB development. But making statements that are people want to hear does not translate into more youth (especially Malay) registering as Umno members or even as voters. He has a lot of budget to do what the old malays would call hoo-hah functions that does not turn into votes for umno.

      Umno needs to get its head out of the sand and figure out some strategies to win back the young malays. Forget about the Cinas. As discussed in this blog many times over, their votes are forever gone.

      The ABU spirit is really strong. For example, Anifah Aman made an official statement on his stand on the pedophile issue. Here’s some comments from his FB –
      Marjorie – Damage control
      Elango – The con is on….
      B.h. – Well spoken, but being bn minister….poor track record of walking the talk….
      Patrick – what u say and what is said in Malaysia is complete opposite. But good try.

      Anifah did right and still they look for faults.

      1. The committed young Malays are the Nik Abduh or the Isma types.

        KJ however tweeted, “Their methods may differ but Boko Haram and Isma occupy the same ideological spectrum”.

        His press secretary is a Dapster Scissorati. You’re right. KJ’s not bringing the youth to Umno. His own personal Malaysian Firstness occupies the same ideological spectrum as the DAP.

        1. Helen,

          Precisely. KJ is not bringing Malay youths to UMNO. In fact, KJ trying to redefine UMNO. Unfortunately, it is like “tikus baiki labu”.

          KJ despite winning UMNO Youth chief post on UMNO ticket still could not be bothered to appoint one UMNO Youth as his political secretary. It speaks volume on what is his perception on UMNO.

          I said it many times that had not for quite a number of good politicians in UMNO, UMNO is likely to collapse by now. Politicians like Mustapha Muhammad, Mohd Hassan, Ehsanuddin( MP for Kota Tinggi) or Azalina are the one bringing dignity to UMNO.

          Tun Dr mahathir is right. Najib partyly due to his refusal to act has a very bad image. and he too cant be bothered.

          Najib must go.

    1. Agreed. Mahathir escalated the conflict within Umno. His supporters versus Najib’s supporters.

    1. Clint Eastwood: “There’s two kinds of people: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”


  7. Helen, your last sentences is, “Show firm leadership, please”!

    Tapi kan, kalau dah semua pemimpin UMNO yang senior menyatakan sokongan penuh kepada PM Najib, tidakkah itu menunjukkan mereka semua samada sama atau lebih lemah kepimpinannya?

    Mana dia pemimpin UMNO yang betul-betul ‘firm’ sekarang ini?

    Tidak kira apapun alasan, UMNO sememangnya mengundang musibah dengan cara mereka mentadbir diri dan negara.

    Orang kampung di Rompin dan Permatang Pauh tidak pedulipun dengan pemberian BRIM….

    Tak kira siapapun, kalau duit masuk akaun, memang semua nak tapi bila nak keluar duit untuk bayar atau beli sesuatu, mereka akan fikir dan fikir. Lebih teruk bila beli apapun kena cukai…. sudah tentu hati sakit dan bila hati sudah sakit, tentu berlaku undi protes dan ayat yang akan keluar ialah….:


  8. Ms H. For our political edification and through your intelligent due diligence. why don’t you kindly produce a map of Malaysia showing who won seats base on the extrapolation of the voting trends which occurred in Rompin and Permatang Pauh. Your handiwork will definitely do our Nation a great service and no more Malaysian ostriches in the sand. Acheh !

    1. What pattern are you looking to find and when you say “the voting trends which occurred in Rompin and Permatang Pauh”, what premise do you suggest we use? Ethnicity?

  9. Ms H. No ethnicity. Just the trend based on the results arising from the Rompin and Permatang Pauh returns. BN = Blue. Opposition = RED. The swing in the votes, for or against, compared with the 13th General Election as the base figures. We should derive an interesting picture of the current Malaysian electorate.

  10. Ms H. To save work, you just apply the Rompin/Permatang Pau formula to all the existing BN seats in West Malaysia only and without Sabah and Sarawak, we can view the future to come.

    1. BN lost 20 percent of its voters in Rompin.

      Assuming five percent of the Malays – we’re making a supposition – shift their allegiance from BN to Pakatan and with all other things being equal, then based on the 2013 voter demography, BN will lose 30 Parliament seats to the opposition.

      The simulated score card: BN 103 seats, Pakatan 119 seats

      The seats that will change hands are:

      P78 – Cameron Highlands
      P142 – Labis
      P140 – Segamat
      P89 – Bentong
      P158 – Tebrau
      P161 – Pulai
      P159 – Pasir Gudang
      P144 – Ledang
      P118 – Setiawangsa
      P94 – Ulu Selangor
      P90 – Bera
      P146 – Muar
      P53 – Balik Pulau
      P96 – Kuala Selangor
      P14 – Merbok
      P93 – Sungai Besar
      P18 – Kulim Bandar Baharu
      P119 – Titiwangsa
      P67 – Kuala Kangsar
      P58 – Bagan Serai
      P42 – Tasek Gelugor
      P12 – Jerai
      P92 – Sabak Bernam
      P3 – Arau
      P11 – Pendang
      P16 – Baling
      P5 – Jerlun
      P13 – Sik
      P29 – Machang
      P26 – Ketereh

      1. Helen,

        Some seats will likely be lost as the number of non Malays increase significantly. Not surprising due to habit of buildings houses beyond the reach of Malays and other Malaysians too.

        Just look at Lembah Pantai. UMNO got the malay votes but totally rejected in Bangsar where non muslims reside. Massive development in Hulu kelang and Balik Pulau will make them both are non malay majority I believe in less than 10 years.

        Malays are led into thinking anything is OK except UMNO. And Najib’s could not care less attitude is making it worse. Malays are upset with him, not UMNO mainly. But the result would be the same. UMNO will be rejected.

        As for Muhyidin, if he too wants to retain his Pagoh seat, he better leads the change of UMNO leadership. Only he by virtue being the most senior man after Najib can do it. send a clear signal for UMNO Ketua Bahagians to follow.

        I understand why these Ketua Bahagians are hesitant. It would be damaging if they start the call for Najib to resign and suddenly Muhyidin backs Najib

        Obviously najib is a liability. With Najib gone, Malay angers will recede

        SHOULD MUHYIDIN refuse to lead the change, he too will be “CHANGED”

        I mentioned many times that in Islam and malay culture, only Prophet can claim and expect absolute loyalty.

        Muhyidin , all these Vice presidents together with “good looking” Ketua Pemuda will be booted out if they refuse to make Najib resign. The choice is in their hand.

        Change the leader or the malays will reject UMNO in next election.

        1. re: “With Najib gone, Malay anger will recede”

          With Najib gone, will the Umno culture change?

          Will any of the other Umno leaders be able to change the culture of the party for the better?

          Is someone like Khairy better for the culture of Umno than Najib?

          1. Helen,

            “with najib gone, will the UMNO culture change?

            One President resign will not change UMNO completely. But it will take out the momentum built up by PR. Besides, the image of often out of place Rosmah is getting on nerves of many.

            People perceive 1MDb as Najib’s own creation. Najib has the habit of creating problem out of nothing. So far UMNO was saved as Malays out of fear to DAP voted UMNO in.

            But when they put UMNO into power, they expect UMNO to care for them. Najib’s underestimation of Malay aspiration is a big let down.

            Helen, if you want to understand how angry Malays are toward Najib or his brother, Nazir, try talking to Malay staff of CIMB or Petronas Malay staff.

            I often told my UMNO friends that problems facing UMNO are not difficult to solve. Understand the facts. The fact is that both Najib and wife are hated. At height of PR move to bring down Pak Lah, they still spared his wife, Endon.

            As far as memories serve me, nobody insulted wives of previous PM. Tun Sharifah Rodziah, Toh Puan Rahah, Toh Puan Suhaila, Datin Hasmah and Datin Endon though in news for being wives of head of governments, maintained a respectful and dignified position.

            Even wife of Muhyidin, Noraini is respected. Why? Why is it that the other side of divides said Dr M is “Mahafiraun” but spared his wife. Why PAS still accord respect to Noraini, Muhyidin’s wife?

            Why is that Mukhriz is insulted by PAS but his wife spared? Why other MB’s wives are spared too?

            Maybe because people know these are the politicians wife, not the politician. And there is a culture “tak jantan, lah attack bini orang”.

            Rosmah often said she could not be bothered with what people say about her. That maybe fine if UMNO is a family business. But UMNO belongs to Malays. With UMNO gone, so too the Malay supremacy in politics.

            1. re: “One President resign will not change UMNO completely.”

              (a) Tun comes across as lukewarm about TSMY, don’t you think?

              (b) What if selang sikit masa, TSMY pun tidak memenuhi citarasa Dr M juga?

              Track record:

              (i) Dr Mahathir had a falling-out with Musa Hitam

              (ii) He gave the nod to his protege Anwar over Ghafar Baba, and the older man quietly withdrew

              (iii) He ousted Dollah Badawi

              (iv) Now he wants to oust Najib

              (v) Will he stop afterwards post-Najib? He’s immortal you know and forever young and energetic

              In all the four cases above, Tun had one opinion about his deputies and successors but later changed his mind.

              re: “But it will take out the momentum built up by PR.”

              True. The momentum is great. However the Pakatan followers – as you yourself have said – only want blood.

              Should TSMY or any other Umno leader be at the forefront, all the attacks and fitnah by the opposition will not stop either. Pakatan will still create issues when there is none or there is no basis. Look at how the Dapsters attached the “Melayu First” label on TSMY. Then from their straw man that they themselves build, they flog the fallacy.

              re: “Najib has the habit of creating problem out of nothing.”

              Lain pemimpin Umno pun terlepas cakap.

              re: “So far UMNO was saved as Malays out of fear to DAP voted UMNO in.”

              Yes, Malays fear DAP. But the only Umno minister to address this fear and actively combat the DAP is Rahman Dahlan. Other Umno ministers like KJ even said they don’t mind hiring opposition supporters to be their staff. Think Regina Lee.

              re: “But when they put UMNO into power, they expect UMNO to care for them. Najib’s underestimation of Malay aspiration is a big let down.”

              Malays are worried about Christianization and hence we see the protest against the church cross in Taman Medan. None of the Umno ministers are tackling this issue of proselytization.

              re: “Helen, if you want to understand how angry Malays are toward Najib or his brother, Nazir, try talking to Malay staff of CIMB or Petronas Malay staff.”

              Point taken on CIMB and Petronas. However, none of the Umno ministers have questioned the nexus between party and GLCs, crony companies. Maybe only Nur Jazlan has. But he’s perceived as a renegade having an opposition bent.

              re: “I often told my UMNO friends that problems facing UMNO are not difficult to solve. Understand the facts. The fact is that both Najib and wife are hated.”

              But Najib obtained the biggest Parliamentary majority among all the Barisan MPs in the last election. He had a majority of 35,613 votes in Pekan.

              Even the hugely popularly JJ only had 15,114. Muhyiddin had 12,842, Hisham had 10,631, Shafie Apdal had 20,905 while KJ had 18,357.

              1. AMEND – five cases

                Track record:

                (i) Dr Mahathir had a falling-out with Musa Hitam

                (ii) He gave the nod to his protege Anwar over Ghafar Baba, and the older man quietly withdrew

                (iii) He sacked Anwar

                (iv) He ousted Dollah Badawi

                (v) Now he wants to oust Najib

                (vi) Will he stop afterwards post-Najib? He’s immortal you know and forever young and energetic

                In all the four FIVE cases above, Tun had one opinion about his deputies and successors but later changed his mind.

              2. Helen,

                why is it that Tun’s remark has considerable effect on Najib and UMNO?

                Because Tun just articulates what the Malays feel about Najib. Tun, being PM for 22 years, is a force to reckon with. His views are sought after.

                Tun did mention Muhyidin’s name twice. Not out of love but by virtue Muhyidin holds the most senior post after Najib.

                The truth is that there are many passengers in UMNO. KJ is one of them. He won in Rembau, UMNO stronghold. If for example I contest under UMNO’s flag in Rembau , and Khairi as independent, I am sure I can win. People chose UMNO, not him.

                Yet when he won he ignored Pemuda UMNO and chose Regina instead. He is loved by PR. Loved but not respected.

                Making Muhyidin as PM will not solve UMNO’s total problem. But Najib is viewed as a liability even among UMNO circle. 1MDB is a problem oh his creation. as such, he should take responsibility and not dragging UMNO down due to his failure,

                AS FOR Tun, he of course made quite a number of mistakes. But one thing for sure, he did not tolerate slandering. He is firm yet merciful. The biggest mistake Tun made was giving Anwar a royal treatment. I say with confidence that Tun at the most defining moment of UMNO’s history let Tun Ghaffar down.

                many in UMNO confused humility with weaknesses. why on earth politician like Tun Ghaffar is revered. Because people can relate to him.

                1. re: “Tun did mention Muhyidin’s name twice.”

                  Correct. Pro forma and respect for hierarchy.

                  re: “Not out of love but by virtue Muhyidin holds the most senior post after Najib”

                  But Tun did not directly endorse Muhyiddin. He did not say either that Muhyiddin will make a better PM.

                  He’s unhappy with Najib but has yet to pull out from his hat a name that he will be happy with.

                  Why don’t Tun properly and explicitly endorse Muhyiddin by saying “TSMY is my pick, the best choice” rather than leaving it to auto succession?

                  1. Helen,

                    UMNO does not need Tun’s endorsement on Muhyiddin. What tun wants( and i believe what UMNO members are hoping too) is for Najib to resign and paving way for his deputy to take over. Tradition dictates that the deputy takes over. The beauty of Tun’s style is that he knows where to pull and when to stop . Tun would not openly endorse Muhyiddin in order not to give impression he favours Muhyiddin. But he mentioned only Muhyiddin again due to Muhyiddin’s position as the No 2 man in UMNO.

                    No body knows whether Muhyiddin or practically anyone will make a better PM. But jugding on Najib’s poor record, it should not be too hard on Muhyiddin to perform better.

                    Tun is in his element by attacking Najib. Despite the uneasiness among UMNO as they are at loss on how to reply to Tun simply due to his credential, they are thankful to him. THANKFUL for ma king sure UMNO itself leads the way for Najib to resign. Thankful for saying things that are too difficult for them to say. tun can get away simply because of his stature. UMNO learnt the lesson the hard way. They remember UMNO lost kedah when someone in UMNO treated Tun shabbily.

                    In crude language, Tun is forcing UMNO to face reality. Face it now before facing rakyat on 2018.

                    You may notice that my tone is increasingly cold towards Najib’s premiership. Many UMNO members are in same predicaments. we have been supporting UMNO, defending Najib. But for how long we can defend when Najib continue to make mistakes at every turning.

                    1MDB is out of control. Rosmah becomes the talk of the town . and the talk are all negatives.

                    By resigning, Najib is taking out UMNO from being blamed on 1MDB. Besides, rakyat seem to respect Noraini, Muhyiddin’s wive more than Rosmah.

                    that alone is a plus point.

            1. The MCA seats that will be lost with a five percent Malay vote swing are:

              P142 – Labis
              P89 – Bentong
              P158 – Tebrau

              1. Helen,

                UMNO must contest on these seats. obviously letting MCA to contest is tantamount to making DAP as representative on the seats.

      2. Ms H. My deepest thanks and appreciation for your statistical masterpiece on the Malaysian political landscape to come. Well-done !

        For the very first time, all of us Rakyat can see for ourselves how Free Malaysian Style Democracy with its Open Capitlaistic Characteristics works as opposed to the late Ruler’s (1959-2015) Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System imposed on his hapless citizens by Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats.

        This system is also known as the Singapore Model or authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (no such thing) or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas !

        Your wonderful political map which peers into the future also illustrates how dangerous it is for a Government without study to adop elements of a failed Ultra Communist System like the failed Money Money Money Policies of this failed State eg. the GLCS, GST etc.

        The former is micro-managed by the late Ruler to the last cent. The latter is only applicable to a highly urbanised and tiny place which can be easily wired for educated folks.

        And for those who don’t like the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP to sit on them, they jolly well stop having fun and games !

        1. re: “your statistical masterpiece on the Malaysian political landscape to come”

          The software is already created by

          Just input the hypothetical swing you want to test into their analysis tool to get a simulation.

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