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  1. Meaning of MalaysianWikipedia terms:

    Conflict of Interest:

    1. Selagi tak kena tangkap, kira ok lah.

    2. Kalau aku tak tolong saudara mara aku, siapa pulak nak tolong?

    3. Siapa Boss? Tak payah pandai-pandai tanya banyak sangat.

    4. Tak ada pun dalam kamus DBP?

      1. Why should Saifuddin Abdullah be considered a Trojan Horse, yet when Mahathir and his supporters forment rebellion, it is all right?

        Double standards?

        Mahathir is a greater danger to Najib and Umno than Saifuddin Abdullah.

        1. re: “Mahathir is a greater danger to Najib and Umno than Saifuddin Abdullah.”

          There’s a difference. M is the clear and present danger to N but who’s in front. SA is the one at the back. His series of tweets on 1MDB was nauseating.

          I’m not saying SA should resign from Umno (b’cos party and its current president can be separated) but he should resign the appointments he got on account of Najib’s goodwill, like being made GMM boss to promote ‘Moderation’.

          SA is not moderate. He’s Dapsterish and veering close to extremism.

          1. So commenting on a bad deal is tantamount to treason and backstabbing? What should he do? Cover-up and justify the land deal and bailout? Become a yes-man?

            1. He’s in the Prime Minister’s own Department. It’s different from say Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang commenting on it.

              And if Wee must comment on it, then make sensible comments instead of just adding to the opposition noise.

              (1) It was not a bad purchase per se for Tabung Haji in terms of commmercial viability.

              (2) Market price if sold to Ananda Krishnan or YTL (katakan lah), would fetch more than the price that TH paid. But with TH as buyer, the land is kept in Malay hands instead of slipping to Chinese or Indian ownership.

              1. In other words, become a yes-man.

                Number’s 1 and 2 seem unconvincing to the upset people on both sides.

                1. Tabung Haji fund is emotive b’cos it’s the savings of the ordinary Muslim. I can understand their being upset.

                  re: Becoming a ‘Yes’ man

                  He’s a minister in Najib’s own office. He can say something as I’ve outlined above which is quite correct (Glass Half Full) or he can make the situation worse for his Boss (Glass Half Empty).

                  Of course Wee is entitled to his own opinion but as SSK said, if the minister does not have confidence in the PM, then the honorable thing to do is to resign. Zaid and Waytha did.

                  Obviously the Chinaman minister is not like the Malay (Z) or the Indian (W). So I’ve proposed that since Wee’s not likely to resign, he should be removed in a next Cabinet reshuffle.

  2. Let me share with you a conversation between 2 elderly Chinese men at a seminar in Penang today. The conversation is in Hockien of course.

    Uncle 1:
    I have not seen for sometime. How are you? Heard you are migrating.
    Uncle 2:
    Yes. We plan to. Malaysia is such an unbearable country. But since (Per)Matang Pauh win at least we Chinese got hope. How is your son?
    Uncle 1:
    Doing his housemanship. But you know, working with those Malays in the hospital. He says after he finishes, he will move to Singapore. It is better to serve Singaporeans because there is no hope for this country.
    Your Mrs, how?
    Uncle 2:
    Waiting for 60. You know, she says it is very difficult to work in a school with all those Malays. Now that the retirement age has been extended, she has to slave for them for a few more years.
    Uncle 1:
    So pitiful. Luckily we will be migrating soon. Even the Malay can cheat their own people. Like Tabung Haji.
    Uncle 2:
    Aiyo, you know we have to wait for girl to pass out of XXX college (twinning programme). Then hopefully she can work in Australia. At least they got law. Malaysia got Ajib-law. All one person sign.
    Uncle 1:
    Ya-lor. Thanks to Mamakutty. In Malaysia, approvals are very efficient. Proposer, seconder, issuer and receiver all one person sign.
    Uncle 2:
    Ya lor, what a torture to stay here. Lucky our children are all trying to migrate.

    If the MCA is saying that the Chinese are coming back to the MCA, they are bloody wrong. The hate of UMNO is so deep that the ones that are supposed to support BN actually hate BN. Remember, BN bagi makan, kita makan, BN bagi duit kita ambil. Bila mengundi pangkah roket, tak dak roket pangkah mata, tak ada mata pangkah bulan.

    Secondly to these people, Singapore is the land of plenty and everything Singapore is good unlike Malaysia. Migrating out of Malaysia is like running from Egypt in the Prince of Egypt. The hate planted by the opposition is so deep that it is almost impossible for Ajib-ko to be liked at all. Nothing Ajib, Pak Lah, Mahathir etc has done is right in their eyes.

    1. Obviously your Grandmother stories isn’t good enough. Got take video and put on You Tube or not?

      Try again next time. The obvious and deliberate words used are just too coincidental similar to some available posted before.

      So why are you so interested in MCA politiking?

      Why not talk about internal UMNO power grap? That’s more interesting to see the outcome since the life of BN depends very much on the outcome which also determine the fate of all other BN parties.

      Anwar may end up saving UMNO from imploding!.

        1. With the WWW intruding throughout the world, country and borders are just imaginary lines.

          Taking a plane to work, holiday, shopping, rest anywhere is getting more and more common to the younger generations in times to come unless they just don’t have the skills and knowledge to compete against other countries. Those who can and have proven themselves are always respected.

          It’s like it’s no more good to become a Jaguh Kampong but oblivious to competition outside the boundaries. How many young ones still in this age still wants to be farmers, fisherman, labourers, civil servants or jobless? Everyone has dreams and hope to forever make better their own lives as well as for their future generations better.

          Becoming just a champion within one’s own kampong or country by all sorts of means is’nt doing justice for any of it’s country’s citizens. By all sorts of means is meant by examples that is happenning in North Korea and some other dictatorial regimes.

          The Red Indians have given up asking the white men to migrate back to where they came from for centuries. So too the Palestinians, Australian, NZ, Tasmanian Aborigines, Orang Asli in West and East Malaysia.

          Aren’t you proposing something which is way behind others from a historical perspective of course dependent upon how far back in history anyone wishes to take to stake a claim.

          From a point of religion, there were no original inhabitants of any country also and it all belongs to the Almighty, isn’t it so?

        2. Didn’t see the latest competitiveness rankings, did you?

          Oh, well – your ignorance is forgivable.

          So, too, the great disinterest in things happening outside the country’s borders.

          It must be nice to have this stupefying sense of complacency, where there is no competition and stuff gets handed to you on a silver platter. Sila, makan…..


    2. Mulan malaysia,

      Why must UMNO be bothered with what all these people are talking about. after all, UMNO still rules without their support.

      Nak migrate, silakan. Ingat ye. di Australia atau USA atau canada tak ada sekolah Cina. Dan Mat salleh tak akan benarkan “Mandarin is preferred” dan perkara perkara merepek merapu begini.

      1. Yang kelakar, orang ini cakap aje. Yang jadi pergi Australia pula rindu pada Penang. Nak buat kelab kebudayaan Malaysia di sana. Asyik pulang ke Penang bercuti.
        Yang lain pula, asyik komplain, tak jadi migrate.
        Pokoknya, semua Melayu tak betul. Yang betul adalah Melayu moderasi i.e Melayu yang nak jadi bukan Melayu.

        1. Mulan,

          Pada species ini Melayu yg baik adlaah seperti Anwar Ibrahim yg sanggup gadaikan apa saja kepentingan Melayu.

          Saifudin ditolak oleh UMNO dan Melayu Temerloh sendiri. Kenapa? Sebab UMNO pun meluat denagn orang tak sedar diri begini.

          Sama ,macam Mohd sabu. reject item . orang begini dipuja puja.

          Dan species yg asyik merungut soal malaysia (sebab diperintah Melyu) ni bukan hebat sangat. Mereka pun jenis kdecewa sebab tak dpat apa yg diingini sebab kalah bial bersasing.

          Ada seorang “penjual syampo” rakan saya yg tinggal di Cheras yg begitu tak puas hati. dia asyik kata nak hijrah ke Australia. Sentiasa tak puas hati. Bergaduh dengan emak sendiri dan rakan sekerja.

          Saya tanya bila dia nak hijrah sana.

      2. I thought that the Aussie government is encouraging the study of Mandarin?

        Ditto the US and Canada.

        Are they giving the same prominence to BM? I doubt it, from the available evidence.

        As for the oft-repeated “migrate call”, why worry? Skilled and talented people will be welcomed anywhere.

        It’s the monolingual types who will lose out in an interconnected world where a premium is placed on ” knowhow ” and not “know who”.

        So, carry on with the clarion calls to “migrate”. No problem o.

        1. Here is an amusing article from Australia.

          “Teresa Gambaro, a spokeswoman for opposition in the Australian parliament, was showered with criticism for her racist remarks about immigrants. Gambaro particularly stated that many foreign nationals living in Australia were not familiar with elementary rules of hygiene and behavior. The official put forward a suggestion to teach them how to use a deodorant and how to behave in the Australian society. ”

          Look at this.

          “Australia has the reputation of one of the most tolerant countries in the world. The Australians are traditionally tolerant to all. No one stops the Chinese or the Indians from expressing their national identity in Australia. Those who have been to Sidney or Melbourne can say that many street signs in those cities are written in English and Chinese.

          However, many Australians say that the new generations of immigrants are not willing to integrate into the Australian society. Instead, they want to set their own rules.

          The majority of those people, who come to Australia from Asian and African states, live secluded lifestyles. They do not welcome interracial marriages. The birthrate among the white population declines, but the share of the non-white population continues to grow.”

          One day, the postings on Helen Ang could be relevant in an Australian context.

          1. re: “the postings on Helen Ang”

            The postings about Helen Ang (from Dapsters) or the postings by Helen Ang (written by me)?

            1. Postings written by you.
              About lack of assimilation.
              Soon the same story will be Australians.
              Sad isnt it?

          2. re: “the postings on Helen Ang”

            The postings about Helen Ang (from Dapsters) or the postings by Helen Ang (written by me)?

          3. Oh, I say….I believe they were referring to Muslims, calls to introduce syariah law in Australia, the inroads made by ISIS into twisting the minds of gullible Australian Muslims….well, you get the picture.

            Or don’t you?

            I don’t recall Aussies complaining about immigrants from India and China (apart from the latter supposedly driving up property prices!) or about their religions (Australia is famously secular, pro-LGBT rights and proud of it).

            Would you like to comment on how true blue fair dinkum Aussies perceive Muslims and Islam?

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