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Is Saifuddin Abdullah badmouthing his boss?

Giving his Malaysian Firster speech at a J-Star ‘Voices of Moderation’ event on 5 Feb 2015, Saifuddin Abdullah said:

“I just want to send the message that nothing is really that sensitive anymore that Malaysians can’t discuss in the most civil manner”. The J-Star Internet TV uploaded the above video clip under the blurb “Sensitive issues, including those related to special privileges for bumiputras, should be discussed instead of being swept under the carpet”.

Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malay

Said Saifuddin:

0:19 – “Malays and native of Sabah and Sarawak or the bumiputera, to him it is only about affirmative action and this is a legacy that we have to live with, at least for now. But what is even more important is a proper understanding with what this means and a serious debate – I agree with both the speakers earlier – that we have to look at this. It is not really a sensitive issue that cannot be discussed. Nothing is so sensitive that reasonable Malaysian cannot discuss. Malaysians are very reasonable people, they can discuss the most [Saifuddin pauses] – in the first place who is giving this label ‘sensitive’ anyway? [applause from audience]


Saifuddin: “Nothing is really that sensitive anymore that Malaysians can’t discuss”

@saifuddinab tweeted: “Ada orang tak faham apa itu conflict of interest. Dasar perasuah!” @bloimey replied: “Dato refer to TH CEO or PM? PM is advising both TH & 1MDB” PM is advising both TH & 1MDB


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28 thoughts on “Is Saifuddin Abdullah badmouthing his boss?

  1. Melayu mcm pudin ni, dpt tepukkan gemuruh audience cina, dia kembang idung abis. Dia ingat cina2 tu akan undi dia ke jika dia tanding di kwsn majoriti cina ? Sama bodoh mcm ajeebngok, kena tipu dgn banner i luv pm.

  2. First of all, who is this Saifudin claiming to speak of moderation by putting on the table to ‘discuss’ the special rights of the Malays and Bumiputera? He is no one. Just like Zaid Ibrahim. A tool of the Chinese DAP and the likes.

    And since we’re discussing everything just for the sake of opening their mouth which is a nonsense notion to me because you don’t discuss about anything or everything unless you have an agenda, shall we also open the book on why the Malays and Bumiputera grant the Chinese citizenship when their own motherland do not want them.

    Yes, this is a good idea saifudin. what an idiot.

      1. Please don’t miss out reconsidering citizenship for those who unable to speak bahasa kebangsaan. Don’t they want to uphold the 152 of the Federal Consti?

        1. Why? Want to discuss amending article 152 clause 1a is it? The one that talks about not prohibiting individuals from using their own language? (with exception for official purposes)

          Gee, why not?

          1. Therefore Malaysian citizens could sing NEGARAKU well and they really know ‘when you are in ROME, do as ROMANS do.

            1. Everyone should know their National Anthem, no doubt. If they don’t, it reflects badly on them.

              Revoke their citizenship? I dun think so.

              Especially not when disgracing the good name of the country with child porn warrants nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    1. Balek kampung? Sure thing. Why don’t you make the call and get the social media to pick it up?

      Hey, maybe you can even call a press conference and mouth off that all of these ingrates need to be expelled back to their “motherland”.

      We are discussing “everything”, right?

  3. If the special rights of the Bumi can be discussed openly as this moderates say, then proposals to close the vernacular schools are welcomed because we have become so matured that anything can be discussed.
    Moderates care to comment.

    1. What about English-medium schools? True freedom of religion, with no restrictions? Meritocracy?

      Can also put these on the table?

      1. Of course. If UiTM is opened, then merge it with UTAR. You don’t need both. If you don’t need need Pusat Kemahiran MARA, surely KTAR is a waste of money.
        Can the people handle it?

        You don’t need United Hockien Cemeteries in Penang. You open to all Chinese clans. Surely no Chinese Recreational Club. Make it for all.
        Can the people handle it?

        1. Buddhist monks can also go to Christian homes to preach. Can the people handle it?

          1. Quote: You don’t need United Hockien Cemeteries in Penang. You open to all Chinese clans.

            Why? Is the Hokkien burial land purchased with public fund?

            BTW, nobody, Christians included, are stopping Buddhist monks from adopting active recruitment drives.

    1. It takes one to know one, brudder.

      Or are you splendidly alone in your own little eyrie of supposed “superiority”?

      That’s rich seeing as investments from the “crusader” nations and the Big Gorilla of the East are still avidly sought after.

      Where’s the “dignity” in that, brudder?

      More “pimping” down the line?

  4. Haiyaa what is there to discuss about being Bumiputras? Siapa yg sensitive ni? Cuba la discuss and sentiasa beri kesedaran how lucky anyone can be given flee citizenship by any country.. Tanamkan sifat kesyukuran kepada mereka2 tu sikit! Top 50 richest men in this country pun dah bolot, apa lagi yang dok kalut sangat2 ni? Hak Bumiputra pun nak sapu sampai licin ke? Haiyaa jangan le greedy sangat boleh tak?

    Bayangkan even the late Shamsiah Fakeh while in China , they (including grandchildren born and bred in China) were treated as “foreign guests” and were never granted Chinese citizenship… article ni from WCW paper The Star.

    And the boikot thingy, tepuk dada tanya selera banyak2, ask him to repeat those words depan cermin tiap hari maaa.. mungkin dia baru sedar he is actually advising himself owh. Hehehe

  5. One man’s sensitivity is another man’s definition.

    It’s the easiest way to ensure peace, harmony, stability or is it to make others silent and cow into submitting towards a certain agenda?

    Perhaps Saifuddin is too advance in thinking for Malaysians and the older generations are still stuck in their old mindset.

    The unfortunate thing is, he’s stuck with the ruling party for if he was in any of the opposition parties, it would not be seen as a betrayal?

    1. “the older generations are still stuck in their old mindset

      Lets just look at China today. Rural-urban migration ‘migrants’ in China are commonly members of a floating population. In general, rural-urban migrant workers are most excluded from local educational resources, city-wide social welfare programs and many jobs because of their lack of hukou status… ni I baca dlm wiki and many other articles.

      India pun apa kurangnya. Bila baca pasai caste system mereka boleh tadah setimba air mata.. punya ka sedih.

      Kalau asal usul hangpa dari Negara kayangan, what you people try to impess the majority here to UBAH maybe boleh masuk akal sikit. Banyak2 belajar bersyukur maa jangan asyik dok berhayal asal usul kamu dari Negara Kayangan bole tak?

      1. Quote: Kalau asal usul hangpa dari Negara kayangan, what you people try to impess the majority here to UBAH maybe boleh masuk akal sikit

        You might want to rephrase that. During the last election it was the UBAH supporters that garner the popular votes. Had to break it to you, those who shared your sentiments are in essence the minority.

        1. No wonder Black 505 demos and 20k Banglas become crazy for popularity votes.

        2. Haiyaa.. look at those so desperately want to UBAH. Semua tu terpesona dan kena kelentong kaw kaw dgn Oppa siKipas.

    2. Stuck with the ruling party? What are you smoking man. He can always de-register himself from the ruling party any time he wants. I believe the member of the ruling party will always welcome that decision. If an MP or adun can jump shit to PR, BN or even independent and still retain his seat, whats the problem with a normal party member like him. The most is he can lose the post in GMM and NUCC which nobody take port anyway.

  6. quote , Nothing so sensitive ,

    They want’s to share Allah , Malays diam.
    They question and want’s to revoke article 153 , Malay diam.
    They say Malay also pendatang ,jut like them , Malay diam .
    They question the existence of Malay Sultan , Malay diam .
    They dominate all the economy , Malay diam jee.

    I may agreed with Pidin ,that nothing is so sensitive .

  7. Bahlol ni Ingat dia hebat! Tanya dia dia praktis dia punya legal ke tidak? Ada Cina Bantu tak? Berjaya ke tidak. Satu karpal ngan Zaid dan mangkok yang belia anjing tempoh hari!

  8. Apa Nama dia?
    HH – Hang Hampeh, Hang Haprak….
    Enlightened me please.

    1. Why?

      If you must know, it is Harlequin.

      You on the market for a better name? Good move.

      Perhaps you should opt for something that is not predominantly found in cat food the next time. Chinese names are tricky.

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