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Malays play football, Chinese play Facebook

orangkampung commented @ 2015/05/15 at 9:50 am

“Never let it be said that people can’t learn from history. Dapsters have learned their lesson. They got smart. See how they are attacking Umno and BN with their ABU and UBAH. They keep their thoughts on the Malay race itself on the quiet, although of course once in a while they do surface.

“With all the problems that Umno is facing now, you can see how fragmented the Malays are. So maybe we will not come to another May 13 if BN loses and I’m sure the Dapsters have learned how to make the Malays toe the line.”

orangkampung says above that the Dapsters are attacking Umno and BN with their ABU and UBAH.




Very true. DAP wants to destroy Umno (ABU) and change the government (UBAH) so that they can change the shape of the country.

At the vanguard of the attack is the Dapster family.

Mama Dapster aka Hannah Yeoh very recently attacked Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low in her tweet (see below) saying, “Please don’t waste time trying to change from within BN. They changed u instead. What a disappointment!”.

At the same time, she slagged BN folks who still support “race-based parties” as a “backward thinking” and “pathetic” lot that are “not capable of reforms” see @hannahyeoh tweet.

They changed u instead hannahyeoh paul low

Malays are fragmented, Chinese are united

Malays are broken up into PAS, PKR, UmnoM and UmnoN. The Chinese are not broken up into DAP, MCA, Gerakan and SUPP. Instead the Chinese are almost all DAP, DAP, DAP.

I’ve complained before that the Chinese and Christians have got a stranglehold on the social media, and their Dapsters and evangelistas are the Super CyberBullies terrorizing and character assassinating dissidents with their endless bohong, putar-belit and fitnah.

Pakatan, of whom Chinese and Christians make up the backbone, have a thorough control the Chinese and English-language media as well dominate in Twitterjaya, Facebook and other forms of digital mass communication.

The Chinese are Facebook masters, i.e. spending 24/7 behind the computer screen or on electronic gadgets. Nonetheless, Facebookers should never underestimate footballers, to put it metaphorically.

Hannah Yeoh using her Facebook to tweet when the Selangor Dewan was in session

azizisafar blocked

ABOVE: Azizi Safar is the Penang BN executive secretary

Even in the era before DAP SuperCyber Bullies

In May 1969, the Chinese were

  • “noisy, racially provocative and intimidating”, according to the NOC White Paper on the race riots
  • responsible for “insults and abuse hurled at Umno and the Malays”, according to Goh Cheng Teik
  • “throwing insults at the Malays”, according to Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • “went on a rampage of insults and obscenities”, according to Tun Razak
  • “taunted the Kampung Baru Malays with cries such as ‘Melayu balik kampung’ and ‘This is our country now’,” according to Dr Mahathir

The Chinese were (and still are) Masters of the Mouth. They are verbally vicious, and unmatched in their viciousness.

BELOW: Hannah prioritizing her Twitter over state assembly matters


official fb page linked to twitter hannah najib

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh pulling a ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ stunt and tried to tai chi her own fault to Najib for blame

The lesson from past Sino-Malay conflicts

The Malays are definitely losers in any war of words. They are, however, the more physical people and make up the bulk of the recruits to the police, army and other uniformed and defence forces.

Malays also do a lot of team activities that are physical, such as football.

Currently, our national football team comprises almost all Malays with a sprinkling of Indians and others. There is not a single Chinese player despite the Chinese making up a quarter of the Malaysian population.

So what will happen in a real fight between the Chinese and the Malay?

Pejuang wanita

Answer in the House of Commons, UK

There is an interesting episode from late 1945, around the period that Kiyai Salleh and his Tentera Selempang Merah mengamok in Batu Pahat, Johor. This particular Sino-Malay conflict – highlighted in a debate in the British Parliament (see below) – took place in Teluk Anson, Perak on 30 Dec 1945.

About 100 Chinese attacked a kampung called Lambor Kanan, injuring 14 Malays. The Chinese also succeeded in murdering three Malay villagers of Kg Lambor Kanan. Nonetheless, some 25 Chinese from the raiding party were themselves killed.

When Chinese attack Malays in their kampung homes, they (the Chinese) get themselves killed in a bigger number than the people they attacked. That’s because Malays are more physical.

Double click to enlarge

Racial Disturbances Hansard UK


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

42 thoughts on “Malays play football, Chinese play Facebook

  1. re,
    Malays are broken up , into PKR , PAS , Umno M and Umno N. The Chinese are not broken up into MCA , Gerakan ,SUPP ,DAP. Instead all the Chinese are almost all DAP , DAP , DAP ,DAP’s.

    I like that Helen ,how I wish all those Chinese base political parties to be officially ‘dibubarkan’ and let only one Chinese base party officially remain , that is DAP.

    It’s will more easy for UMNO to handle .

  2. The thing is the Chinese based parties in BN aren’t doing enough to explain this to the Chinese. Instead they are converging and becoming more like what they are not supposed to be i.e DAP.

    From the way things are unfolding now unfortunately it’s like a matter of time before things really get out of control. I really hope Helen is wrong about this but it’s really history repeating itself here.

    1. One,

      “…the thing is the Chinese based….|

      ON THE CONTRARY they secretly incite the Chinese by keeping quiet when DAP throws in ridicolous statements day in day out.

      Helen is absolutely right. They cry out ABU, UBAH in order to destroy UMNO, the only party that is standing on their way to the realisation of Lim Dynasty.

      Yet Najib is sleeping. he refused advice from UMNO delegates who reminded him above all that expecting Chinese support is like expecting rain in rainless summer. He insulted Tun by reminding tun that Tun lost in 1969 due to rejection by chinese. He conveniently ignores that he too was totraly rejected by chinese after fulfilling all their requests.

  3. Quote orangkampung: “Never let it be said that people can’t learn from history. Dapsters have learned their lesson. They got smart. See how they are attacking Umno and BN with their ABU and UBAH. ….”

    Nobody, certainly not political parties, goes into an election harping on the same promises, same policies as the incumbent govt in hope of getting elected. An alternative proposal/choice is the key to garner dissident voters. So the question is, are there enough unhappy voters to see them through?

    ABU and UBAH are nothing more than rhetorics targetted at their audience, the dissenters. No different from UMNO tuning their rhetorics to the tune of their targetted supporters.

    No point holding that against them, because basically that is what good political parties do.

  4. Saya ingin bertanya kepada Helen, adakah sifat semula jadi orang orang Cina mengambill kesempatan bila mereka merasa diri mereka kuat dan ‘musuh’ ( tidak tahu hendak guna istilah apa ) lemah dan seolah olah boleh diperkota katikan?

    Peristiwa yang Helen paparkan di atas merupakan antara contohnya, peristiwa tercetus 13 Mei dan Kiyai Salleh Selempang Merah.

    Satu lagi contoh lebih merupakan pandangan peribadi dan tidak pun mencetuskan peristiwa besar. Saya teringat peristiwa selepas Tun Razak (TR ) meninggal dunia dan Hussien Onn (HO) menjadi pengganti. HO ketika dilantik sebagi TPM hanyalah ahli biasa UMNO dan tidak aktif pun dalam urusan parti atau kerajaan.

    Melihat keperibadian HO yang kelihatan lembut, orang orang Cina mula mengambil kesempatan. Situasi ketika itu samalah keadaan seperti sekarang dan era pra Tragedi 13 Mei. Mereka mula menunjukkan belang dan menuduh mereka dilayan seperti warganegara kelas dua walaupun ekonomi negara mereka yang kuasai.

    Warganegara kelas dua menjadi mantra mereka untuk menaikan emosi masyarakat Cina!

    Mereka mungkin tidak tahu latar belakang HO dari keturunan Onn Jaafar yang hebat. Beliau pernah menjadi tentera berjuang di India semasa Perang Dunia Kedua ( tidak dapat pastikan bila ).

    Bila keadaan makin menjadi jadi dan HO tidak boleh lagi bersabar, dia telah menyelar hebat sikap buruk orang orang Cina ini dengan berkata,

    ‘Dia rela menjadi warganegara kelas dua, sekiranya dia boleh mempunyai harta kekayaan seperti orang orang Cina’

    Selepas itu keadaan menjadi reda. Tidak dapat dipastikan sama ada kata kata HO sahaja yang meredakan keadaan atau ada peristiwa lain yang terjadi tetapi tidak diketahui.

    Saya menganggap HO pemimpin yang tahu kekuatan dan kelemahannya dan bertindak atas kepentingan agama, bangsa dan negara.

    Dia melepaskan jawatannya kerana masalah kesihatan. TDM ketika itu memujuknya meneruskan tugas sebagai PM dan beliau sanggup membantu terutama hal hal yang berat.!

    As a true soldier, beliau menolak!

    Alangkah bahagianya kalau Najib mempunyai sikap hebat seperti HO, tahu kekuatan dan kelemahan sendiri!

    Keadaan negara sekarang sudah mulai meruncing dan hutang negara kalau kes 1MDB dan bank bank di Singapura benar, bakal menjadikan negara muflis!

    Kenapa Najib tidak berjiwa besar dengan meletakkan jawatan kadar segera? DEMI NEGARA! . Saya yakin ada calon PM yang berwibawa yang boleh mengatasi masalah masalah yang terjadi dan memacu UMNO/BN untuk memenangi PRU 2018.

    Jangan biarkan masa menjadi ‘musuh’ pemulihan. In Sha Allah dengan masa yang masih berbaki hampir 3 tahun, misi pemulihan masih boleh dilakukan!

    1. Hussein Onn berpangkat Kapten dengan regimen Hyderabad dan berkhidmat di Mesir, Syria, Palestin dan Iraq.

      Memang keturunan Jaafar Muhammad hebat belaka tetapi mungkin kehebatan tersebut telah melepasi satu generasi (skip a generation) lalu melangkaui cicitnya seorang itu yang kawan akrab KJ.

  5. Are you commenting on the Chinese in Malaysia or the Chinese in China?

    The latter built the second largest economy in the world (the largest economy in the world is a dollar-printing “crusader Mat Salleh” nation – hahaha), made their country into a “superpower” of sorts), founded companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Xiaomi etc while being reasonably good at badminton and table tennis.

    Oh, yes let’s not forget that they are excellent in all things digital and cyber, including (as some countries believe) cyber security and cyber warfare.

    So, if the Chinese in Malaysia are learning these things, they have excellent role models to look at, study and emulate.

    Do the Malays in Malaysia have similar role models of excellence or power?

    Because if you take the “crusader Mat Salleh” countries, China, India and Japan out of the mix, what’s left?

    1. So you are saying you identify yourself with China because of your ethnicity?

      Since China is building itself into a great nation, therefore you are too? Because we are malays, we shouldn’t be learning from the Europeans, Chinese, Koreans, Japans and others. So in your thinking, role models come in your own ethnic colours.

      I learn something new everyday about the Cina Malaysia, thank you.

      1. Really – you are wanting to learn from the “crusader mat salleh” (not my words, mind you) nations like the US, Britain, France, Germany etc?

        What are you hoping to learn? Free market capitalism (US)? Strict fiscal discipline (Germany)? Secularism and freedom of speech (US, France etc)? Internet expertise (US)? And the list goes on…..

        In this region, it is China. Maybe with India, Japan and South Korea getting a look in, if China is so inclined.

        What other “role models” do you have in mind, pray tell?

        1. If your remark was addressed to me, I think you’re missing the point.

          The Rithmatist wrote “So, if the Chinese in Malaysia are learning these things, they have excellent role models to look at, study and emulate. Do the Malays in Malaysia have similar role models of excellence or power?”

          That I read as him saying that the Chinese are great since they have China to look up to. The Malays … meh. I’m not saying you can’t look to China as a role model, just that I took issue with that because role models are not based on the race.

    2. Well, it was Chairman Mao Tze Tung who said – “Political power grows through the barrel of the gun” and where some may be be more inclined towards intellectual matters at the end of the day, the more physically and group/team inclined will prevail.

      That said, I would agree that Malaysia is lagging in many areas of industrial and technological developments, innovations and invention but instead are great and sophisticated consumers of foreign technological products. For example, Indonesia has produced quite a number of home grown Linux distributions, and to a lesser extent Philippines, Thailand and even Cambodia but WTF Linux Distribution does Malaysia or Singapore have to show others. Instead IT savvy Malaysian and SIngaporean users take more pride in being able to obtain a cracked copy of some foreign proprietary software.

      Like why didn’t Malaysia develop an educational Linux distribution for use in Malaysian schools, the 1Malaysia netbook, etc.

      Why does it take a development team based in France to come up with a Linux distro for young children in Bahasa Malaysia?
      (The website was down at time of writing but it may be up later.)

      Of course, having said all that, countries with a huge population have the advantage of a home market for services and facilities such as Alibaba, Huawei, China and the “Bollywood” movie industry in India and this is something which Malaysian economic and industry planners tend to overlook in their plans to make Malaysia this or that hub of goodness knows what, when Malaysia does not have the population to support such industries in any big way.

      It was interesting to hear from a Malaysian multimedia and video content company that had ventured into China, that a movie star in Beijing is an unknown in Shanghai and vice versa, and ditto for Taiwan celebrities in Hongkong, Hongkong celebrities in Taiwan, China celebrities in Taiwan, Taiwan celebrities in China and so forth.

      Also, I have no love for the predatory foreign imperialist warmongers who cannot leave other people and countries alone to get on with their own affairs.

      Thus it is good that more there are more competing economic and military powers rise to challenge the dominance of U.S. imperialism.

      BTW. Are you the same “The Rithmatist” I knew from some Malaysian open source communities or groups, government agency/department, etc?

      I guess things were more go-go for those of us involved in IT during the time of Tun Dr. Mahathir.

      1. re: “at the end of the day, the more physically and group/team inclined will prevail”

        In Malaysia, the more physical group is also the one holding the gun (police, army).

        The most verbal group (loudest, noisiest, rudest) should really be more circumspect about calling PDRM “anjing Umno” or mocking our soldiers.

        1. Not really, Helen. The real power is held by those who control the financial levers and who can “sanction” a country into economic and financial ruin.

          I mentioned in another thread that US financial and trade sanctions on Iran & Russia had (and still have) considerable negative effects on their economies.

          What good are guns when your banking system is cut off from the rest of the world, your imports and exports are sanctioned and your people are placed on travel blacklists?

          Which is why the more saner and sober voices in Malaysia, be they in the government or the opposition, know that the country cannot disengage from the rest of the world.

          Unlike, say, the more extremist and lunatic fringes…

          1. re: “The real power is held by those who control the financial levers”

            So the Chinese are the ones holding real power in Malaysia?

            1. You wrote that, not me!

              An attempt to find other scapegoats, perhaps? Or easily bullied targets?

              Why don’t you take on the US government and the Federal Reserve for initiating the financial and trade sanctions on Iran?

              A move that’s supported strongly by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Gulf states, among others.

              Islam versus Islam, with one side looking to the archetype “crusader mat salleh nation” for support?

              So, if the US government and the Fed focus their attention on Malaysia, there’s not much that Malaysia can do about it.

              Just ask Iran!

              1. You wrote (!!) “The real power is held by those who control the financial levers and who can ‘sanction’ a country into economic and financial ruin.”

                Following your logic, I asked with a question mark, “So the Chinese are the ones holding real power in Malaysia?”

                If the Chinese are so hebat as you keep implying with your worship of Singapore which has a number of Malaysian Chinese, then what makes you think the Chinese (in Malaysia) can be “easily bullied targets” or made “scapegoats”?

                The consensus from the May 13 ‘postmortem’ is that the bullying by the Chinese sparked the amok.

                In our time, there are the “DAP Super CyberBullies”.

                1. Ducking the hard questions are you, Helen? That’s par for your modus operandi.

                  Why switch the focus to the Chinese in Malaysia?

                  Why don’t you ask the good folks in Bank Negara just who wields the strongest “levers” in international banking and finance?

                  China with US$2.3 trillion in foreign reserves? The dollar-printing US Federal Reserve? A global financial system where 60% of a assets are denominated in US Dollars?

                  Where does the “real power” reside?

                  Which is why Malaysia has to stay on the “good side” of the US and China.

                  Realpolitik, remember?

                  1. re: “Ducking the hard questions are you, Helen? That’s par for your modus operandi. Why switch the focus to the Chinese in Malaysia?”

                    You’re the one ducking my question and I’m still awaiting your answer, “So the Chinese are the ones holding real power in Malaysia?”

                    1. How do you define “real power”? Economic and financial strength or the “power of the gun”?

                      Are you saying that the Malaysian government and Bank Negara are “clueless” about where this “real power” really resides?

                      Bank Negara, for one, is remarkably sanguine about the state of the Malaysian economy. It has even opined that the Ringgit is “undervalued” and that the economic fundamentals are sound.

                      So, if BN, as the steward and policeman over the country’s banking and financial system, is not pressing the alarm bell and reaching for life jackets, is it being complacent or feckless?

                      So, to answer your question, define “real power” first. Then we can take it from there.

          2. “The real power is held by those who control the financial levers and who can “sanction” a country into economic and financial ruin.”

            I guess that is what many said about Weimar Germany after World War I until crushed by economic hardships, the German people voted in the Nazis and that ended the dominance of finance capital.

            The three countries which thrived during the global great depression of the 1930s were the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, Germany under Hitler and Italy under Mussolini. because in different ways, they were disconnected from domination by the global, finance capitalist and imperialist system. In the case of the Soviet Union, it was a socialist economy whilst in Germany and Italy, it was a tightly regulated and protected capitalist economy.

            When the pris’ners of starvation arise and string the banksters from the lamp posts. despatch them before a firing squads or perhaps even the guillotine, nullify all debts, invalidate the old currency and replace it with a new currency, the power of the finance capitalists will be smashed.

            The world’s people have suffered for too long under the dictates of von Hayekist, Chicago School style neo-liberal capitalism since the time of Thatcher and Reagan and the tide is turning and when conditions are ripe there will be drastic radical changes.

            Economic theories are not cast in stone, my friend but change in cyclical fashion from unfettered free market to regulated back to unfettered free market and this can be seen in practice in the dance between Keynesian economics which requires much government intervention and von Hayekist Chicago school economics which advocates minimalist government intervention.

            Meanwhile, slowly, the BRICS nations are evolving an alternative financial system to the U.S. dominated one and as the U.S. slowly declines into the pit of decay and obscurity as it guts its manufacturing industries, the sun will rise higher in those countries which are industrialising, whilst it sets in countries like the United States which have been chasing the chimera of an “information and services economy”, “post industrial society”, “third wave”, “knowledge-based economy” and so forth.

            I have heard too much of that empty rhetorical crap farted through mouths of management types, government ministers and even the prime minister at press conferences and events in my 20 years of writing about the ICT industry in Malaysia but look at where Malaysia is today after chasing the same chimera.

            1. Really? In a world where 60% or more of assets globally are denominated in US Dollars?

              And are the US manufacturing and services sectors in terminal decline?

              From my perspective, Boeing, GM, Ford, GE, US Big Pharma and the US ICT industry is still doing pretty ok.

              Where is Linux, for example, compared with Android, Windows and iOS? All of which started in the US, as you may recall.

              If Malaysia is “chasing the same chimera”, who is to blame? Clueless politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats? Or the rakyat who happily queue up for the latest products from Apple?

      2. I was present at the official launch of the Multimedia Super Corridor many years ago.

        There was much hope and hype for the “MSC”, with a whole bunch of tax incentives and very liberal employment policies thrown in to attract the big IT companies to set up shop in the Corridor.

        Fast forward to now and what is the “state of play” in the MSC?

        Have the big IT companies made substantial investments in Malaysia? Have they located their key personnel and regional HQs in the MSC zones, or are they hedging their bets by maintaining a sizeable presence in Singapore?

        Even for the IT start-up scene, the pace of activity, innovation and funding in Malaysia pales in comparison to what is available in Singapore.

        If Malaysia doesn’t have a “huge population” (like, say, China or India), Singapore’s population is arguably “miniscule”.

        Yet the latter manages to “punch above it’s weight” in becoming a hub.

        Now, why do you suppose that is?

  6. !slam 1st, I think you will like this article. About rasuah di SRJC

    “By his own estimates, politician Tony Pua reckons the headmaster of a school with 1,000 students stands to take home about RM150,000 a year just from rebates offered by suppliers of workbooks, textbooks, reading material and stationery, as well as fees collected for tuition and computer classes and recreational activities.
    Pua, the national publicity secretary of the DAP and MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, alleges in his blog that some school headmasters take cuts of up to 30% of the annual expenditure of RM780 per student. ”

    Ini kali gua LIKE Tony Pua.

    1. And what’s the MACC being doing about this?

      Have they called up Tony Pua to give a statement?

      Or do they simply have too many things on their plate? Too many whistleblowers, too many leads to follow up, too many conflicting priorities?

      So, if you are wont to making cheap comments and snide remarks, why not address the same to the MACC?

      But that would be too much like actual work, wouldn’t it?

      1. Yeah. Chinese school headmaster behind bars.
        Then the colorless DAP supporters will scream racism at MACC.
        This is just DAPs smoke but no fire.
        Let us pressure for a follow up.

      1. He should, if he hasn’t already done so.

        Has anyone asked him?

        Or the MACC?

  7. Agree with the statement that the pap-subsidiary has learnt from history & now changing its tactics but its objectives remain the same.

    Back then, the malays when angered.. ”marahkan nyamuk, bakar kelambu”.

    However, malays nowadays when angered.. ”marahkan nyamuk, bakar rumah sendiri”.

    You see, for every action, there’s an equal & opposite reaction.

    Status quo. Your move pap-subsidiary.

    1. I thought that the PAP government is doing pretty ok in Singapore?

      The competitiveness rankings don’t lie, do they?

      And aren’t you being a tad presumptuous in speaking for the Malaysian Malays? How do you know what their hopes, dreams and aspirations are?

  8. Well, they played badminton instead. To this day we still have no replacement for aging Lee Chong Wei. There’s a potential replacement, Chong Wei Feng but he’s treated a BAM’s bastard child.

    1. Ms H. I was there. The riots of May 13 1969 erupted in a background of the perceived loss of Malay political power, the raw political adventurism of the DAP and the poor response by the MCA leadership. The latter withdrew from the Alliance in a pique at 2.30 pm that day and re-joined at 10 pm the same night. This was a foolish move which cost much in human terms. That was the political background. But the reality was that by 1969 after 12 years of Merdeka, the Malays still had only 2% of the assets of the country, the British 70% of the best assets and the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate assets. The real reason was the Government practised Currency Board economics even though we had the Bank Negara Malaysia. This entailed the practice that the Government could only spend what the country earned. Currency Boards were the keystone of the economic control by the British in all their colonies. In practice, the rich stayed rich. The poor remained poor. Business was very slow moving. There was no help from the banking system for the disadvantaged. My newly graduated Malay friends found it tough going in this colonial contrived world of socio-economics. It was impossible to get credit. The PAP argued for the retention of the Currency Board in the Dewan Rakyat in 1964/65. Vide The Hansard.
      Therefore, the events which led up to May 13 1969 cannot be adopted ever again. Then, there was no Malay Middle Income Group which was created by our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad – 3 million famillies – during his 22 year Administration without strife or rancour. This 3 million famillies of the Malay Middle Income Group up-lifted the 3 million famillies of the non-Malay Middle Income Group by the purchase of the latter’s goods and services by the former.
      Today, there is no cogent reason for racial strife because Malaysia has achieved what other countries could not. And during the same period, the Ruler (1959-2015) or Dictator screwed down the citizens from 100% (1959) to 62% (2010). 300,000 of his supporters emigrated. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2011. During the same period, we had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers.
      It was because of the poor Malay representation in the assets of the general economy before the NEP that I developed the concept to buy up British assets at market prices beginning with Sime Darby in 1972. Both our wise Tun Abdul Razak and his dynamic confidant Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah supported this concept which led to the rise of Malay business enterprise from 1976 without impinging on the assets of the other communities.
      Our problem today is not because of the different communities. It is the adoption of the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY policies of the failed State of Singapore into our Free Malaysian Style Democracy with its Open Capitalistic Characteristics, like the GLCs etc which had turned into a seven headed serpent ! The Singapore Model or authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (no such thing0 or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas was the sole creation by the Ruler or Dictator to maintain his POWER and emasculate the citizens so that financially they have no wherewithal to robustly resist him.

      1. “the failed state of Singapore”?

        All the rankings vis-a-vis Malaysia say otherwise.

        Methinks it is more “sour grapes”.

        Perhaps you are one of those who believed, as an article of faith, that Singapore would come back abjectly crawling after being ejected from Malaysia.

        Well, that didn’t happen, did it?

        Cue the grinding and gnashing of teeth from the Umno “ultranationalists”!


  9. Hey, remember this guy who said arms could be purchased by The Chinee from our neighbour? The one who said “Bring it on” as per perceived Malay threats against the Chinese?

    So Helen, the Malays are not the only ones “officially” armed but the Chinese also have access to sophisticated arms. They are not afraid so they can go on and on to provoke the Malays. If the Malays decide to mengamuk, the Chinese can easily retaliate and overcome the Malays. They are just playing and waiting, waiting, waiting.

    Right thesis?

    1. AYAH. Those Chinese who provoke the Malays are not real Chinese. These are 3rd generation people who look like Chinese but are hollow and detribalised by Christianity like those in Hong Kong with names like Ramsbotham, etc. The real Chinese around the World are law-abiding and serve the countries in which they are present, well. The favourite subject of Ms H, has a big inferiority complex. First, this is because of her own personal problems. Second, by aping the late Ruler (1959-2015) who conned two generations of insiders and outsiders, this ordinary person who would not figure anywhere outside Malaysia, will achieve nothing. As it is, the non-entity is already out of synch with the real World. This has something to do with the DNA.

      1. ‘These are 3rd generation people who look like Chinese but are hollow and detribalised by Christianity like those in Hong Kong with names like Ramsbotham, etc.’

        Insaflah wahai manusia… [YouTube]

      2. The “Rapture” they’re awaiting is not going to come – none of them is going to be swept up to heaven in a jiffy – so no point in partying profusely in the thin air of triumphalism!

        Below is verse 3 of the Gospel of Thomas (which was excluded from Emperor Constantine’s New Testament):

        Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.”

      3. Truth be told most of these people we call Malaysian Chinese are not Chinese. The worst of the lot are those from the post independence era, the post 1957 generation. Look at them. Most of them look down on the Malays, saying Malays are lazy and lack initiatives yet they themselves behave in the manner they accused the Malays of.

        Most of these 3rd generation as you call them subscribed to a bastardized culture that is neither Chinese nor western nor anything that we could call culture. Calling them hybrid is also wrong. More accurately they are the deluded lot. A culture of hysterical delusion.

      4. Maybe that is why China is playing games in the South China Sea.

        What is Malaysia doing about it?

        Sweet ****all!

  10. re: “The real power is held by those who control the financial levers”

    I’m not touching that statement. Just using it as an example. Been reading about the Speaker vs TDM and came across this –

    Nothing special, just someone commenting on the “rubbish that is becoming the hallmark of the Najib administration.” But what I find offensive in his letter was this comment – “Things cannot be left in the hearts of the rural voters. The learned, the professionals, the principled civil servants, heads of religions, civil society leaders – all of us who uphold the moral and ethical principle of good governance – must remove this yoke …”

    And I wonder if that is the way these people think, that the rural folks know no better and should have decisions made for them?

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