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Foreign NGOs criticize Malaysia’s Rohingya policy

Human Rights Watch deputy Asia director Phil Robertson has criticized Malaysia for its “cold-hearted policies”, according to Global Voices Online.

Meanwhile the NGOs are defiant. Eric Paulsen warned that it would be “extremely foolish for authorities to act against aid workers”.


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23 thoughts on “Foreign NGOs criticize Malaysia’s Rohingya policy

  1. Hypothetically , if we were to tow the boats further down south to the richest country in Asean, how do you think the PAP will react?

    Since to the eyes of some Malaysians, Singapore is the most perfect country in the world . …

  2. HRW, they should criticize Myanmar first. But this Eric Paulsen, he should just shut up. He’s a hypocritical animal playing the issue for political gain, just like Hannah Yeoh and the likes of DAP.

      1. In the Danish and Norwegian naming tradition, ‘sen’ is “son of”. Paulsen is son of Paul (or Petersen is son of Peter, Johansen is son of Johan, Thomsen is son of Thomas, etc)

        Eric seems to have wondered away from the “cool” climes up north (latitude 58 degrees-plus) to down here in our tropical belt. Many equatorial natives think the poor chap is lost.

          1. I was wondering if it’s at all possible that EP could be persuaded to temper somewhat (even a little bit) his anti-establishment stance if it were pointed out to him why and where Pakatan is not all Goodness & Light as the deluded oppo supporters believe.

            I’m very rare in being an oppo voter who’s willing to reappraise.

            I’m now convinced that radical oppo people do not have the capacity to reevaluate and BN can kiss goodbye to any Chinese support exceeding the GE13 level.

  3. Beberapa keluarga Rohingya pernah menyewa disebelah rumah kami.

    Berugama Islam ? Kami pernah jumpa beberapa botol arak berselerak dikawasan rumah mereka.

    Puasa dibulan Ramadhan ? Mereka selalu bermain sepaktakraw lepas pukul 5pm dibulan Ramadhan.

    Minum arak itu biasa ? Jiran pernah tegur mereka kerana minum arak selepas majlis kenduri kahwin dan memberi jawapan “Biasalah minum arak bila ada orang kahwin”

    Kalau nak dituliskan memang panjang lagi.

    Cukuplah pengalaman kami dengan orang yang tidak mahu berterima kasih diberi bantuan dan tinggal disini.

    Bagi kami orang yang macam ni TIDAK patut diberi masuk dan tinggal di Malaysia.

  4. Mengata dulang paku serpih , mengata orang dia yg lebih.

    Criminalizing Palestinian Resistance

    Amnesty International: Whitewashing Another Massacre

    by PAUL de ROOIJ

    Amnesty International has issued four reports on the Massacre in Gaza in 2014 [1]. Given the scale of the destruction and the number of fatalities, any attempt to document the crimes committed should be welcomed. But these reports are problematic, and raise questions about this organization [2], including why they were written at all. It also raises questions about the broader human rights industry that are worth considering.

    Helen’s note:

    The rest of Amir’s Cut & Paste can be read @

  5. Hahaha!

    Mahathir said this during the launch of his book – a second collection of his letters to world leaders – in Putrajaya.

    He was asked by DAP’s Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim what he would state if he were to write a letter to Lim and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    “I would say, resign, both of you,” Mahathir replied, leaving his audience in stitches.

  6. We need to talk about the oppression of Muslims by Israel, which is so unfair and nothing like our willingness to let thousands of fellow Muslims die at sea rather than round them up and deport them back home. As HA says, we have given them some biscuits and water, what else do they need?

    1. re: “rather than round them up and deport them back home”

      (1) Are you asking Malaysia to take responsibility for Myanmar’s problem?

      We were stuck with the Vietnamese boat people for a quarter of a century (25 years), if you’re too young to recall. We operate the camps from 1975 (first landing) until 1990 when Pulau Bidong was finally closed.

      And the Vietnamese (ethnic Chinese) did not even want to remain in Malaysia in the first place. (Like Hannah Yeoh), they were eyeing placement in Australia and other Western countries. Malaysia only served as a transit for them.

      (2) What do you mean by “home”? The Rohingya do not want to be there (home/Rakhine state). They’ve run away from home, remember?

      (3) Deporting them is presuming that the Myanmar is willing to let them in and take them back. From the sounds of it, the answer is ‘No’.

      (4) When you engage in risk, what do you expect? Sailing out to see in human trafficking trawlers is a risk. If what Marina Mahathir says is true and there are pregnant women on board, then it is those mothers-to-be who have put their unborn baby at risk.

      If you do illegal racing along the Duke Expressway, you’re engaging in risky behaviour and endangering your own life.

      These people are ILLEGAL immigrants. Yes, it’s quite correct that they’re at risk. They put themselves in this situation of risk by conscious choice. They paid the human traffickers RM8,000-RM10,000 in order to board the boat.

      1. Grammar mistake – We OPERATED the camps from 1975

        Spelling mistake – Sailing out to SEA

  7. Let them criticize for all we care. We shld learn from mistakes, 50yrs dulu British lambak all their problems and today, we are still gasping tercungap2 to clear their mess.

    Replenish their boats with sufficient food, medicine and fuel so they can set sail comfortably either to Australia or better still, Britain or US (sibuk sangat dgn Suu Kyi, also get Ambiga to prove her sijil worth). Why lump these problems to us Malaysians.

    HH hang personally get in touch with the top rich Malaysians yg kaya2, or Singapore, Britian and US, minta replace the boats with better equipd ships. Buat apa sekadar hang dok puja2 nganga meleleh ayaq lioq tak habis2 dok puji mereka sja.. now go and prove to us these countries r the best in everything.

    1. Rina,

      Your constant call-outs are getting stale. The first few times I was inclined to let it go. But this is getting tiresome.

      It wouldn’t be half as bad had I actually said the things you said I did. To my recollection I said no such thing,

      So, maybe you tunjuk where I puja-puja Singapore and US?

  8. Ask these Foreign NGO please state which western countries are willing to accept them and be specific.

    If they can , i am sure the malaysian government would be more then
    happy to accept them on transit and deliver them safely to their doorstep with our naval vessels as soon as possible.

    Why must Malaysia to put on the defensive, why not question Thailand about the trafficking issue there , or Indonesia.

    Does Asean have any balls to undertake this issue or UN for that matter.

    The most ironic of them all, when the Rakhine riots and killings were happening the ever popular nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kii was visiting Europe & US. Not once in all her speeches did she mention anything about the killing there.

    The whole world knew about it no one asked no one questioned, hell the whole of the UN stood up when she was there. Yet no country questioned.

    Nobel Peace Prize My Foot !

    1. Beastofburden,

      Even without these rohingyas issue, Malaysia is already “flooded” with foreigners.

      Pasar Borong Selayang is an example situation is out of control. Myanmar gangsters are in full control.

      Why on earth we still allow foreign workers to come here. Is it the truth that locals refuse to work OR is it because the wage offered is way too low.

      1. Tauke sayur dan ikan, mentaliti subsidi, tak mahu bayar gaji mahal so depa guna khidmat cheap labour ie, pendatang tanpa izin atau pelarian macam orang Rohingya. Depa belajar daripada Penjajah British!

  9. Our governments lackadaisical attitude is one of the reason for this, We have the customs ,police,immigration,KDN to handle these issues but from what we see is to much cakap and less bikin from them.No check and balance put in place ,and no vetting of their status.If KDN say no manpower for this,then enlist the army help.Our camps are full of under utilized soldiers.

    Another fact is foreign workers means $$$ to a lot of ppl here.
    In Bangsar some foreign kitchen staff are being paid RM2200.of which only $800-$1000 is being given to the worker the balance taken by the local agent here.Which also give kickbacks to certain individuals who employ these foreigners, It is a clear cut case exploitation,.

    Its hard to say that locals refuse to work , but if given a fair deal lets say for example in F@B a Rm1500 pay,hostel and a meal provided many will give it a try.Before we say maybe these youths lack english language skills this is where our Sumber Manusia should be assisting to provide basic language skills,Also go on a road show all over, a lot of ppl out there want a decent job i believe



  10. 1. We already accepted immigrants and granted them citizenship.. but they make Tunku to let go Singapore.

    2. Now, what do we get? We have their children and children’s children so actively propagate UBAH and ABU. How they wish to change the constitution which is our highest law reasoning that they also have rights because they are the loyal rakyat that love this country tapi serve dalam army takmau, cakap melayu takmau, hormat Raja-Raja pun takmau.

    3. We already have PATI.. that we can see them almost everyday and everywhere. Go to our capital Kuala Lumpur especially during long festive holidays…we will only find foreigners…!

    4. Before, we have Vietnamese (yes, they are victims of war) and we placed them at Pulau Bidong for many years until it is the time to send them to other country or back to their own when the war is over. But what do we get? Now we got many viet girls with social visit visa working here as GRO and even prostitute. Many also are illegal immigrants.

    5. Now, here come Rakhine/Rohingyas/ or actually Banghingyas….and they come in a boat. Accept them and later they come in droves!

    Malaysia…our beautiful country surrounded by seas…which is fragile in nature has long been govern by the authority who are rich with tidak apa attitude and use to practise the so-called ‘budi-bicara’ that later become ‘rasuah’.

    Can someone tell how long further this country is going to be govern that way?

    Worry not about us, but worry most for our children’s future.

  11. Teringat kata-kata abang saya siang tadi. “Mentang-mentanglah para pelarian Rohingya itu bukan orang yang cantik-cantik,comel-comel, hensem-hensem, takde siapa pun yang sudi menerima mereka. Dulu ketika tragedi di Bosnia, kita menerima mereka dengan tangan terbuka. Ada yang sudi mengambil menjadi anak angkat, keluarga angkat etc sebab mereka lawa-lawa, putih gebu agaknya.Isunya di sini tetap sama iaitu penyembelihan beramai-ramai. Nampak sangat kemanusiaan berpilih-pilih”

    1. Kata-kata ni sama macam Wong Chin Huat dan kawan-kawan dia kat sini cakap 4-5 hari lalu. Kebetulan kan ciksiti…ish, ish…

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