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Leave your Prada at home, Hannah, and volunteer to cook a meal for the Rohingyas

Shamshul Anuar commented, “Hannah talks about mercy, a quality that is alien to her. Of course, mere suggestion is very easy. Try accommodating them in Selangor.”

Shamshul has a piece of advice for Madame Speaker, “Go to the shelter for Rohingyas and start cooking for them. Leave your Prada and handphone home. Maybe then you will understand what is reality”.

Well, why not? She can follow in the footsteps of her fellow evangelista YB Ong Kian Ming (picture below). I’m giving Hannah a virtual test run at stirring a [communal] cooking pot – a concept that’s almost as alien to her since her maid does the job.

Photo ops – simulation

Hannah cooking

Being realistic about ethnicity

The whites called them “Red Indians” but needless to say the native Americans never self-identified as such, which is a derogatory term. Their identity is tribal, for example Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chinook and Chesapeake, etc.

Another “First People” was known to the whites in Canada as “Eskimo” but their self-identification is Inuit.

Who wants to be known as ‘pariah’, right? The term “untouchable” has also been outlawed by the Indian government.

A more politically correct reference to the ‘no caste’ (or outcast) group is the term “dalit” which is Hindi for “oppressed people”. There is also the euphemism “harijan” – meaning “Child of God (Vishnu)” and the term popularized by Gandhi.

The examples above are to show that the same group of people can be known by different names. The government of Burma calls them ‘Bengali’ because of their origin from Bengal but the group self-identifies as Rohingya albeit this name is not recognized by the Burmese authorities.

The naming of “Rohingya” seems to have come about not that long ago, i.e. around the beginning of 1950s, see ‘The Rohingya Issue: A Thorny Obstacle between Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh‘.

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Anak Bugis pantang menyerah kalah

Is it Burma or Bangladesh’s problem?

Previously I wrote that the Rohingya are ethnic Bengalis who had emigrated from India into Arakan (or Rakhine state) in droves during British rule in the 19th century. More recently, Bangladeshis have crossed over to Burma and conversely the Rohingya have also fled to Chittagong, Bengal.

The Rohingya live on both sides of the Burma-Bangladesh border. This is a common phenomenon along state lines.

Malays, for example, live on both sides of the Kelantan/Kedah-Thai border and the Johor-Singapore border. There are Minang in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia and in Sumatera, Indonesia, and Bugis in Sulawesi, Indonesia and in Tawau, Sabah.

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Pemerintah dinasti Korea Utara: Kim Il Sung, anaknya Kim Jong Il dan cucunya Kim Jong Un
From left: North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, his late father Kim Il Sung and his late grandfather Kim Jong Il
Lim Kit Siang & his son Lim Guan Eng

Unity and reunification vs partition

People of the same ethnicity have close family ties across borders and there is movement back and forth.

Those belonging to the same ethnic group usually want to unite. The Germans of communist East Germany and democratic West Germany tore down the Berlin Wall and there was a reunification of the two countries. The Viets of communist North Vietnam and democratic South Vietnam also reunited their country into one.

The Koreans under the communist dictatorship of the north and those living in the democratic south of the Korean peninsula are citizens of two separate countries but the connection of blood can never be broken.


Race and religion issues not conjured up by BN

People speaking different languages, on the other hand, usually prefer to separate. Yugoslavia broke into bits and Tito’s federation is no more on the map – see above.

Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Belgian government keeps collapsing because of the “divisiveness” between the two halves of the country – the Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north and French-speaking Wallonia in the south. Intermarriage between the Flemish and the Walloons is neither common nor widespread because they are two different peoples although living in one country Belgium.

The truth is that Race and Religion are universally polarizing factors although some cosmopolitan societies have managed to overcome the divide.

Different race, different religion
Different race, different religion


J-Star moderates consider some “pathetic” (word used by Wong Chun Wai and Hannah Yeoh) Malaysians to be “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

The Firsters pretending that they’re colour blind and beyond creed are just being delusional and ignorant bullies who attempt to impose their own skewed sense of reality on the more sensible half of the Malaysian populace.

Politicians like Hypocrite Hannah who blame Umno as racist, and her rabid fan base that never ceases to fault the BN “race-based parties” for divide and rule are treading on the thin edge of the wedge. Tolerance for their Bangsa Malaysia rants is close to snapping.

It’s just too rich that Hannah Yeoh can preach and pontificate about the Rohingya while at the same time being in denial – ideologically – over the elements of race and religion differences that underline the plight of this minority group in Myanmar.

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12 thoughts on “Leave your Prada at home, Hannah, and volunteer to cook a meal for the Rohingyas

  1. Banjir di negara sendiri pun golongan Developer Above People ni cuma gunakan untuk photo-op. Mungkin sebab yang terjejas majoritinya adalah dari golongan bangsa Melayu.

    Jadi janganlah berharap sangat Hannah Yeoh dan orang-orang DAP akan berbuat apa-apa yang nyata.

    Musibah = twitter-op.

    Lakonan dan moral grandstanding sangat perlu untuk disuapkan kepada pengikut-pengikut mereka.

  2. Politicians like her have a messiah complex;

    A state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that they are, or are destined to become, a savior.

  3. Hannah only wants to score brownie point of umno bashing. she’s so confused between punishing and defending sovereignty. if she’s so bold, then go to Myanmar and speak to the authority there. she’s clearly barking at the wrong tree.

  4. Hannah Yeoh has said enough and done for all one knows ‘nothing’. Stop talking and start acting. For a start perhaps she can use her influence to get the world community to share this burden collectively.

  5. She such a HYPOCRITE like a snake. Talk about snake, do you know the Latin name for king cobra ? ;)

  6. Why is the moderate paper highlighting this?

    “PETALING JAYA: The Opposition can win the next general election (GE), according to former NST editor-in-chief Abdullah Ahmad.

    He said the 1MDB issue raised questions over Najib’s leadership and had pushed him into a “corner”.

    ““To his credit though, he helped hasten the departure of the hapless fifth prime minister,” said a cheeky Abdullah. ”

    Hapless – hmmm. Does not seem like knives on one’s back. Put a couple of parangs there.

    So who are we rooting to be PM? Wan Azizah? I hope it must be someone from PAS. We can’t let a chink like LKS to be PM OK.

    1. re: “We can’t let a chink like LKS to be PM OK.”

      ‘Chink’ is offensive, at least to me.

      1. Ms H. I lived in the United Kingdom for many years. I was called a ‘chink’ only once by an East London Jew barber when I was having a hair-cut. I could’nt respond as it was half-done.

        Those animals who called us the civilised Chinese with 5,000 years of civilised history and were dressed in silks at the same time whilst others were living in the trees, have inferior complex inborn in them. Too bad.

        I do not feel insulted when others called me Chinaman or Chink in the full knowledge of their inborn inferiority complex compared with the civilised Chinese in this World of Globalization, Free Trade and Human Rights where most things are just a click away.

        We must always be humble and helpful to others because of ourselves and in order not to draw out more envy.

  7. Ms H. I would put the blame of the plight of the Rohingyas squarely on Aungsan Suu Kyi, the Junta and the West. This happened with the lifting of the sanctions which were in place for decades.

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