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Council of Churches says govt “inhumane”, wants more “compassion” to be shown

The Council of Churches Malaysia is deeply concerned over the plight of the Rohingya boat people and wants the government to stop its push back of them. “It is inhumane to push their flimsy boats back into the open sea,” the Council chided.

“This only adds to the trauma of their already life-threatening situation,” Council of Churches sec-gen Rev Dr Hermen Shastri said in a statement today.

Rev. Hermen Shastri (middle) in Taman Medan with LGBT activist Azrul Mohd Khalib

“Callous, inhumane and lacking in compassion”

“The churches are calling for a more compassionate response and for showing solidarity with the helpless victims of human trafficking by unscrupulous smuggling syndicates,” said Rev Hermen.

“We call on the government to allow temporary transit of the refugees in our country under the auspices of the UNHCR. In this way, they can receive humanitarian aid.”

He added that the churches are prepared to assist the government by organizing counters to collect “humanitarian relief supplies”.

BELOW: LGBT activist Azrul Mohd Khalib pictured with DAP evangelista MPs Teresa Kok and Lim Lip Eng

Azrul has accused the Malaysian government of “responding to this humanitarian crisis in a way that is callous, inhumane and lacking in compassion and humanity”

Azrul Mohd Khalib

Church embraces Rohingya in compassionate prayers

The Council further wants Malaysia to follow the Geneva Convention of Refugees (even though Malaysia is not a signatory of this convention).

“As we view every picture or report that depicts the desolation of the Rohingyas, we shall embrace them in our prayers, asking that God will work through political leaders that may see an end to their plight,” the churches said.

The prayer by the Council of Churches asking for God to work through political leaders calls to mind a tweet last year by Hannah Yeoh. We’re really not sure what the tweetalot Christian politicians can do to alleviate the plight of the affected groups.


How to make the killing stop? Hannah did not say

Hannah had tweeted most dolefully:

“When will men and nations learn from history? The killing has to stop! Heartache reading and seeing pictures of injured & dead children”

Here is a teary-eyed politician who omitted even to say where the killing took place.

Actually it was in Gaza but perhaps because Hannah was posturing as an Angel of Mercy to her Malay-Muslim Twitter following, she was reluctant to mention “Palestinians” knowing how enthusiastically the Christian Zionists support Israel.

Currently as Malaysian churchgoers view every picture or report that depicts the desolation of the boat people, they embrace the Rohingya in their Christian prayers.

Similarly Hannah suffered such heartache looking at “pictures of injured & dead children” albeit she again omitted to mention who the children were. Answer: Palestinians

The churches are presently offering to collect supplies (presumably Maggi Mee, mineral water, biscuits and second-hand clothes) for the Rohingya. But like Hannah who has no idea how to make “the killing” stop, the churches have no idea – do they? – of what to do with the Rohingya should the government allow them ashore as urged.

Perhaps the refugees can set up camp in the Subang Jaya shoplot churches during their “temporary transit”. And later, our Malaysian evangelistas can help these Rohingya to transfer to third country hosts in the American Bible Belt.

But the evangelical Christians don’t really have to wait for the boats to land to do all this charity. There are reportedly 50,000 Rohingya already in Malaysian camps. Has the Church looked into their plight before?


Rohingya boat people – 60 percent poll respondents don’t want them



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54 thoughts on “Council of Churches says govt “inhumane”, wants more “compassion” to be shown

    1. Hey Rina

      Trying to wriggle out of the wormhole you dig yourself in?

      What happened to the challenge I threw at you in another thread?

      Tick tock, tick tock

    2. The Indians and Chinese migrants have it so good. They are telling the indians back home to come to Malaysia.
      Here in Malaysia Indians from Kerala became Prime Minister, India Ali Abul become Bank Negara Gov, Indian Ali Hamsa become Najib KSN, Indian Zambri become Chief Minister, SPM Indian Azeez Rahim Chairman of Malay tabung Haji, Indian Irwan Srigar in charge of 1MDB 42 billions, Indian Munir Majid chairman of Indian Muamalat, Indian Syed Mokhtar is crony of UMNO Presiden, Indian Naza AP King, Indian Ananda free cellular license, Indian Tony Fernandes free airplanes..
      So why should nt Indian give their lives to come to Malaysia..Land of the UMNO Indians muahaha..

  1. Zionism is infecting the Christians and like a plague. Banana Yeoh is included.

  2. ‘Love thy neighbor ” ,but they want to steel” Allah” from them . Love and hate are their games .

    We have enough of that .

    1. Remember that Jesus Christ was a Jew who was killed by the Italian Pompeii. This is history.
      The Council of Churches pray to the Jew, Jesus Christ!!
      Jesus Christ was the King of the Jew! See the movie exodus

      1. Exodus (movie) is panned as being inaccurate and not following the Bible

        “If you’re a disciple of Yeshua or a Jew, you’ll thank me for the following spoilers. I wish I could say it’s because you’ve probably already read about Exodus: Gods and Kings in the Bible, but here’s the reality: if you haven’t read the Book of Exodus, you’ll hate the movie. If you have read it, you’ll utterly despise it.

        We recently asked a question, Is Hollywood’s Sudden Love of Bible Stories an Evil Deception in Disguise? It was pretty clear based upon the movie Noah that this individual movie was mocking the Bible, but after watching the “exodus movie” as well as Jupiter Ascending, there is no doubt that Hollywood is in full-blown attack mode against the Judeo-Christian faiths.”

        BTW. Exodus (movie) is not shown here. Possibly banned.

        “The film was also scheduled to open in Indonesia and Malaysia two weeks ago, but there are currently no showings listed in those countries either. “

  3. I suggest the church to take care of them. giving maggi mee is not enough. they should offer shelter to these rohingyas.

    Aren’t they so overzealous in converting muslims especially malays. why not take this chance? what? no malaysian identity card thus not worth to convert? because rohingyas cannot vote? nevermind, you can train them to be ghost voters, make sure they vote for you and then put the blame on umno-bn.

    these evangelistas are making me sick day by day.

    1. “Aren’t they so overzealous in converting muslims especially malays”

      This is what I was afraid of when naive people decide to follow Helen’s ramblings. Muslims are not being converted and there is absolutely no threat of them being converted in the near future at least, that’s a FACT!

      Even if they wanted to convert Muslims, tell me how is it possible in Malaysia? Islam is meant to be a religion free of compulsion but not in Malaysia – once you’re in it you can’t leave it even if you wanted to. See Lina Joy. So no need to panic my friend, only the Muslims are free to convert others and not the other way round.

      1. re: “This is what I was afraid of when naive people decide to follow Helen’s ramblings.”

        Helen has only been blogging since July 2011.

        Malays have feared the cross for a very long time. Ask the older generation Malays why so few Malays sent their children to the (then) English schools.

        Helen is not a Muslim community leader of the ummah and she does not command a following, unlike say, Hadi Awang in Rusila.

        Helen is not creating the fear of conversion. She is a writer who is merely reporting on the symptoms visible in society. Firsters are deep in denial and concocting all kinds of outlandish theories instead of owning up.

        1. “Malays have feared the cross for a very long time.

          Why? Like I said earlier, Islam is a protected species in Malaysia. Even if a Muslim wanted to jump ship, they are prohibited from doing so by the laws of the country. So what exactly are they fearing? I am no longer in Malaysia but based on my time growing up there, I honestly was not aware of any of my malay mates feeling threatened by the cross. They came over to my house during Christmas and I visited theirs during Raya. Happy times.

      2. maybe you’re the one who is naïve. what about natrah? and growing numbers of malay renouncing their faith through social media?

        you know what make me sick? It’s the way you people try to downplay the situation whereas it’s already happening.

        it’s better you just shut up because clearly whatever comes from your mouth is nauseating. you clearly don’t understand compulsion of faith in Islam. the ayat are meant for non muslims, not muslims.

        go check with someone who have better understanding of tafsir. not with people or organization who subscribe to the lovey dovey human rights mantra.

        1. “you clearly don’t understand compulsion of faith in Islam.

          Explain it to me then in simple terms.

          Scenario 1: I get married to a Muslim girl in Malaysia, can I retain my religion of Catholicism and let her remain a Muslim? or am I forced to convert to Islam?

          Scenario 2: A Malay Muslim wants to convert to another religion, is that person allowed to by Malaysian law?

          If the answers to both the questions above are no, then am I wrong in stating that there is compulsion in the version of Islam practiced in Malaysia?

            1. I think Islam is not for a lot of people in Malaysia, including many Malays, but they can’t leave it. The poor chaps don’t have a choice in the matter as there is clearly compulsion in your religion or at least in the version of it practiced in Malaysia.

              1. Okay. So apasal pula kau pula yang sakit buntot?? Kau nak berambus dulu ada kami ambik kisah?? BTW IC simpan lagi tak? Kalau masih ada boleh kasi sama Rohingya buat exchange program, boleh? Ala, you people mana-mana pergi pun mesti survive punyalah. Pandai maa!

                1. Read my original post. The reason I am stating that Islam is a religion of compulsion in Malaysia and will continue to do so is to educate some naive and insecure Muslims who are so fearful of their precious brethren being converted to other religions to actually realise that this cannot be the case.

                  If this line of thinking continues, racial disharmony will be magnified even more and none of us want that. Understand?

                  1. Itu kau punya POV maa. Muslims berbondong-bondong tak cakap apa pun? Yang kau nak jadi hero apa pasal? Kau tak sedar ka bila kau buat kenyataan macam tu majoriti Muslim sakit hati, rasa terhina? Kami punya religion, kami manage lor? KAU APA KISAH? ADA AKU MARAH KAU SEMBAH BATU DAN KAYU? tak kan?

          1. Scenario 1: I marry you and I don’t want to become a Catholic. Is it OK?
            Scenario 2: I want to use birth control. I abhor abstinence.
            Scenario 3: I bring along my gay brother and his boyfriend to our church wedding.
            Scenario 4: I ask my gay brother’s LGBT friends to perform at our church wedding. The guys will wear dresses and sing my favourite song YMCA.

              1. The issue at hand is not religious doctrine per se. Individuals should have the liberty to choose if he/she wants to be under that doctrine.

                That is called religious freedom.

                Without separation of state and religion, religious liberty will have to yield to religious compulsion.

        2. He’s just an apologist for unpalatable facts. He being the person who posts under the “jentayu” moniker.

          I asked him questions in other threads and he retreated into discreet silence. Perhaps he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions.

          Vide his latest post where he mentioned “the compulsion of faith….”.

          Where’s the freedom of will if there is “compulsion”?

          It’s as “they” are positing the argument that The Creator doesn’t trust those He created to make the right choice/s. Hence they (“the created”) have to be “compelled” without being allowed a choice.

          That, of course, doesn’t happen in “secular” countries.

          Which, incidentally or otherwise, are right up there in terms of competitiveness, human rights etc etc.

          Unpalatable, maybe, but a fact of life.

          That’s why there are those who condemn Charlie Hebdo, but who are also not willing to countenance the ascendancy of a “nuclear” Iran!

          1. ‘I asked him questions in other threads and he retreated into discreet silence.’

            Dia sedar diri. Unlike some people! Dia tahu tak guna cakap dengan orang jahil takdak ilmu. Dia sedar kau tu tak faham bahasa!

            1. Quote: Dia tahu tak guna cakap dengan orang jahil takdak ilmu. Dia sedar kau tu tak faham Bahasa

              Oh, you mean Jentayu dude don’t understand English? That explains a lot. Thanks for the heads up.

            2. Typical response form you lot when your faith is questioned with reasonable questions- ignore the question. Answer our questions and maybe we can understand where you are coming from. Is there compulsion in the version of Islam practiced in Malaysia? Seems like a definite yes to me.The next question is why would God even bother to create free will if this is the case?

              1. “The next question is why would God even bother to create free will if this is the case?”

                However, free will does not mean that mankind can do anything he pleases. Our choices are limited to what is in keeping with our nature. For example, a man may choose to walk across a bridge or not to walk across it; what he may not choose is to fly over the bridge—his nature prevents him from flying. In a similar way, a man cannot choose to make himself righteous—his (sin) nature prevents him from canceling his guilt (Romans 3:23).

                Read more:

                1. Why scoured the net for the meaning of freewill when you are the epitome of one?

                  Didn’t you admit to being a ‘murtad’ Christian on another thread?

                  So here’s freewill for you in the flesh. lol

                    1. Your persistence asking questions along this line troubled me.

                      Eh, you are not contemplating coming out are you?

                      Either way, I am liberal enough to accept your choices and I won’t think of you any less.

  4. Memebers of the CoC should be given a strong kick on the butts for jumping off their boats (jumping the gun) before even anything happens. The UNHCR says there are onlky 400 Rohingyas among the more than 1000 boat people and the rest, Bangladeshis, can be sent back.

    I suggest the CoC look after the Bangladeshis and add them to the existing bank of 40,000 pengundi hantu they already have.

    Go look at the boat people currently housed in detention centres and see what the government is doing for them. Go help la instead of calling other people inhumane. Really godless these people for spewing lies!

  5. If the churches see this as an opportunity to increase the number of Christians worldwide, will the current Christian followers accept the new Rohingya brethren like all Christians or they will be segregated into a separate church like the Tamils, thus a Tamil Methodist church which is an offshoot of the main church. The attendees of the offshoot are treated as the “estate” offshoot while members of the offshoot aim to leave the church once they improve economically and socially.

    1. Not really. There are many churches in Singapore – Catholic, Anglican and the various Protestant denominations – where church services are conducted in Mandarin, Tagalog, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia, Malayalam, Korean and Japanese, besides French, German, Spanish and English.

      Segregation? I don’t think so.

      1. ‘Segregation? I don’t think so.’

        Ye ke?

        ‘I used to believe that my culture is inferior and “weak” as compared to the chinese culture after decades of living in Singapore. Not that I couldn’t help it, I was brought up in an education system and environment (tv, newspapers, social interactions) that shaped my mentality that way. That everything about the chinese is excellent and flawless. That they are respected everywhere they go. That they have superb manners as compared to any other non-chinese human being on Earth.’

        ‘I began to see how the chinese are REALLY viewed and treated outside the confines of this tiny island called “Singapore”.’

        1. We are talking about churches in Singapore. Reread my post.

          Somehow, you have expanded that into a commentary about Singaporean Chinese and how they view the Chinese from China.

          Like that, how?

          1. News from our favourite Singapore evangelist Sun Ho.

            “SINGAPORE — Taking the witness stand for the first time today (May 19) in the high-profile trial involving City Harvest Church (CHC) leaders, church co-founder and pop singer Ho Yeow Sun told the court that she had always been under the impression that her music would be a hit in the United States given that A-list producers were involved in producing her first US album.

            And while she testified that she was not involved in the budgeting for the album, she recalled that the projected marketing expenses were to be “in line with those of (Colombian singer) Shakira’s”.

            She dreamed to be become a Shakira who is not Arab and holier. But dreams do not come true in Singapore.

              1. Illuminati tatak tolong dia meh? Nama, gaya, music videos sudah cukup ‘dajjal’ maa??

                ‘She dreamed to be become a Shakira who is not Arab and holier’

                Ingat Muslims saja nak jadi Arab? Christians pun ada? Pastor punya bini lagi wor? Wah…HH & Rithmatist komen sikit? ACDC pun boleh tumpang sekaki kalau mau…

                Dandy where art thou? Kena makan Bujang Senang ke kau?

          2. ‘Somehow, you have expanded that into a commentary about Singaporean Chinese and how they view the Chinese from China.’

            Haiya. Sure or not lu punya english first class?

            Itu olang komen saya copy paste is a non Chinese Singaporean la. Lu baca ke tak baca? Lagi mau suluh olang reread lu punya post.

            Wa expand the idea of kononnya tak ada segregation maa…letih la semua mau kasi makan suap, sendiri baca la..meritocracy apa ini macam?!

            1. Nampak sangat Rithmatist pemalas baca, tapi cukup perasan macam dia tau segalanya terutama on Islam dan Muslim the world.

              Macam dai dah habis baca dan hafal Al Quran dan siap khatam 10 kali.

  6. Tu la HH, kerja dok cari cacing aje, dapat sijil sekadar gantung kat dinding .. melalak tak renti merely to gain public attention, why don’t u people open your eyes wider?

    Refugees problems cerita berkurun lamanya, hangpa baru kalut nak buka tabung? Anyway Alhamdulillah syukur dah tergeraq hati nak mula bantu membantu, bersedekah, biar lambat asalkan belajar. Don’t waste your precious time sekadar watching cacing wriggling out of a hole hole.. (just tuang coke atas fresh daging oink oink, you can see more cacing ma!)

    HH please ask the Council of Churches to do more to help out;

    1. Exactly.

      Good of you to acknowledge the crucial roles churches ought to play.

      It is indeed encouraging to see a Muslim (i presumed you are) setting aside her differences for the sake of the poor Rohingyas.

      1. ‘It is indeed encouraging to see a Muslim (i presumed you are) setting aside her differences for the sake of the poor Rohingyas.’

        BARU PERASAN KE? YANG SELAMA INI ORANG BUAT BAIK, TAK NAMPAK?? Anak Cina, Anak India, pun Melayu ambik!

  7. Get someone to have a look at your keyboard. Characters are appearing in all caps. People might think less of you if they thought you were shouting all the time.

  8. People who are for taking these refugees into Malaysia should show leadership and responsibility by donating their money, time, effort and shelter instead of petitioning government to provide for them.

  9. Seems like the evangelicals are slowly evolving into christian apologists. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Have to wait and see…..

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