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We’re like Australia

Excerpt from a report in The Sydney Morning Herald on 8 Jan 2014:

“Most Australians think asylum seekers who arrive by boat are not genuine refugees and there is strong support for the Abbott government to treat boat arrivals more harshly.

“A nationwide opinion poll by UMR Research shows that 59 per cent of people think most boat arrivals are not genuine refugees.

“The poll, based on a nationally representative sample of 1000 online interviews, shows only 30 per cent of Australians believe that most asylum seekers are genuine refugees while 12 per cent are unsure.

“A strong majority of Australians, 60 per cent, also want the Abbott government to ‘increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers’.” (Source: ‘Australians want boat arrivals treated more harshly: poll‘)

To summarize

The Aussie poll, which sampled 1,000 online interviewees, found that 59 percent did not believe the boat people were genuine refugees. Only 30 percent believed that the asylum seekers are genuine refugees.

Guess what?

The results of my poll replicates Australian public opinion – see above. It’s almost identical percentages – 60.5 percent vs 30.2 percent (my poll).

This is how really the majority think.

But anyway, here is some good news.

rohingya open boat

Do they want to go to Gambia?

Gambia has offered to take in all the Rohingya boat people.

So the question now becomes – Are the Rohingya prepared to go to Gambia?

We’re been told that the boat people were in a “life-or-death” situation. And that the humanitarian crisis was so severe that they were on the verge of starvation to the point that they were “drinking their own urine”.

This drinking urine story has been widely spread, including by NUCC consultant Wardina Safiyyah @

Another popular story going around is that there are pregnant women and elderly sick women in the boats. However, most of the photos I’ve seen show the illegal immigrants to be mostly men in their 20s to 40s – as reproduced on this page.

Rohingya Aceh

Rohingya au

Rohingya migrants who arrived by boat, take a bath in a temporary shelter at the port of Julok village in Kuta Binje, Indonesia's Aceh Province, May 20, 2015. REUTERS/Beawiharta

Ethnic Rohingya refugees from Myanmar sit on a wooden boat as they wait for transportation to a temporary shelter in Aceh Besar after arriving at Lampulo habour April 8, 2013. About 74 Rohingya refugees, who were heading for Australia, were found stranded on Aceh island by Indonesian fishermen on Sunday, a police official said on Monday. REUTERS/Junaidi Hanafiah  (INDONESIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) - RTXYD3G

rohingya open boat3

Gambia – the Good Samaritan

There are indeed women and children among the boat people as can be seen in the photo above. However the heavy emphasis in the social media on pregnant women and old, sick women is disproportionate.

Nevertheless, if anyone has seen boat people pictures of the pregnant and elderly sick Rohingya women, do please share the link (url) with us here.

If the Rohingya boat people are at grave risk of death or drowning as reported by the Malaysian English mainstream, online and social media, then they should certainly grab the lifeline thrown to them by Gambia.

The population of Gambia is 90 percent Muslim.

Let’s keep updated on the generous offer of repatriation by Gambia.


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14 thoughts on “We’re like Australia

  1. Berkokok sedunia because they are not handsome, not cute or comel, very poor, chased out fm Myanmar, did not sail on titanic or came in by flight or because they are Muslims?

    HH and Rithamist belajar bawa banyak bersyukur. Still wondering why sejak zaman tok kaduk lagi why so ramai choose Malaysia?

    1. Ooh, got your knickers in a twist, eh?

      I thought I’d rubbished your views pretty thoroughly. Yet, here you are, posting more inanities.

      Are you denying that the Myanmar government is ill-treating the Rohingyas? Are you denying the statements made by the powerful Buddhist clergy in Myanmar expressing fears about the “creeping Islamicization” of the country?

      Or what about the views expressed by the hard-line Thai Prime Minister?

      No acerbic comments with regard to the above?

  2. Abbot is not actually conceding to public opinion since turning back refugees has always been his stand. If we go on that basis then Najib is also standing on his principle of listening and conceding to the NUCC group.

    The Gambia (as it is officially named – I learn something new everyday) is a far, far away land. Generous of them considering they have prevailing migration concerns, coming from conflicted areas in Africa.

    1. It is nonetheless a generous offer from His Excellency the Sheikh Professor Doctor President, nonetheless.

      1. This is one of the better documentaries about the British Empire.

        The series is worth a watch.

  3. Did you notice that the Tokong, for once, fully supported Najib in rejecting the refugees, citing national security concerns. This was of course before Malaysia agreed to accept them temporarily. I wonder if the Tokong would have the same opinion had the refugees were Christians….mmmm

    1. The Christians are fleeing the depredations of Boko Haram and ISIS/IS, as has been documented in the press.

      I am glad that you think it is a risible matter, deserving of much hilarity and back-slapping.

      1. Haiya.. Sibuk LA kamu. 50 million overseas Chinese you ingat tak pernah kasi kacau satu dunia ke? Just Google Chinese racial riots worldwide.. macam2 cerita. Lagi pening kepla semua orang ma..

        Malaysia dah berkurun lama terpaksa berdepan dgn masalah serupa Rohinya boat people. Zaman tok kaduk nenek moyang kami lagi, tak kira bangsa, agama huduh atau comel. You ingat Thais, Filipinos and Viet’s besides the Chinese and Indians who came to this land are all Muslims orh?

        Haiyaa, so many people want to come here, donno why wan. Tak renti2 they creep in by land, sea, air and some even jump out from langit.

        Ringgit down also they want to come here. Must be something very special about the Malay Muslims and the Bumiputras here.

        I read wiki someone born in British Malaya kat Johore. Dulu Surat beranak dia ada tulis macam tu ke atau sendiri taroh macam tu nak habaq kat oghang dia tu British subject? Habis Rohinyas ni semua bukankah born in British Burma, pasai apa Britain senyap sepi aje pasai subject mereka?

        1. re: “Tak renti2 they creep in by land, sea, air and some even jump out from langit.”

          Some menjelma from thin air.

        2. And that is the sum total of your arguments and rebuttals?

          I note that you have systematically evaded rebutting every point that I raised in different threads in this blog.

          Surely it’s not because of a lack of acumen or intellectual prowess on your part, is it?

          1. What points to answer to?

            I tot you are talking to yourself all the while?

            You banyak sangat berangan.

  4. Rohingyas … Rohingyas …

    1. The Kameins and other Muslim minorities in Rakhine who are officially recognized as indigenous ethnic groups, have citizenship but not the Rohingyas(also called Bengali Muslims). Looking back into history:

    a. The Bengalis helped the exiled King of Mrauk U to regain control of Arakan(Rakhine). The Bengalis then formed their own settlements in the region.

    b. More Bengalis arrived during BRITISH Colonial Rule, as farm labourers and some to serve under the British V-Force. Others arrived after Burmese Independence in 1948.

    c. Inter-communal violence broke out during WWII and 2012.

    d. The point of contention(citizenship perspective) would be whether they are descendents from 1a or 1b, while the incidents in 1c made matters worse.
    But then, there are also MORE Rohingyas in Mynmar(almost 2X) compared to those that are currently living in Bangladesh.

    Aiiyaa yaaiii … looks like this is ‘beyond my pay-grade’. What say you Mr Waytha … any chance of helping those Rohingyas(esp.) that came with the British?

    2. Well … true, Gambia(is like Kedah and Penang added together, in terms of size) has one river running along it’s centre, from one end to the other. Maybe there are opportunities if Gambia needs to go industrial. Or stay(get involved in the agriculture sectors) in the upper river region; less chance of drinking urine concentrated river water.

    I’m sorry to say that I can only welcome a ‘temporary stay’, because we have yet to resolve problems amongst our own people, here. And we definitely have enough problems from other migrants that came before you(menjelma from thin air??? hi hi hi)

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