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Oh look who Najib has taken on board

Lim Kok Wing is in the PMO as “special programme coordinator” to the Prime Minister – see the Tan Sri’s purported (if we credit this Insider news report) call card.


Lim (pictured below with Najib) is the jingoistic advertising man cum flashy public relations mogul.

Perhaps it is hoped that he can add a new shine to the PM’s image.

Najib LKW


BELOW: Lim Kok Wing hosted Hannah Yeoh at an event in his university



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22 thoughts on “Oh look who Najib has taken on board

  1. He looked like he had bad plastic surgery. Again wrong choice Mr Prime Minister.

  2. This Ah Jib Gor the Bugis warrior is cunning! Instead of looking for the lost BILLIONS of the1MDB,he is looking to a image consultant to help him be a better liar!

    Bahaya,bahaya! Tak boleh cari duit yang hilang,cari ilmu macam mana nak BOHONG lagi convincing!

      1. What to expect ? she is a queen cobra ( a subspecies of King Cobra) latin name Ophiophagus hannah yeoh

  3. You should read the PR on LKW’s daughter . .. If that is any indication of what’s to come, I’m stocking up on anti – nausea pills.

  4. Isn’t it ,curious that Najib moving around ,and being circulated by DAP’s sympathizer ?.

    OOp’s I forget ,he is the PM of 1 Malaysia , but he needs UMNO to retain his position ,and power .

      1. Yup. Tapi bukan setakat UMNO/BN saja, tetapi jugak Melayu/Islam. Elok di******** dia ni dulu sebelum UMNO/BN dan Melayu/Islam dapat mudarat yang tak terubat.

        1. Dear Qalam Qabut,

          I’ve asterisked just in case the new Communication Chiefs in the PMO sengaja nak cari pasal dan buat-buat as if you uttered a ‘real’ threat instead of just speaking metaphorically. The people in that famous green dome administrative building bak sudah hilang pedoman lately.

  5. I thought there’s a whole lot bunch of manpower in his office including advisors, political secretary, chief private secretary, private secretary, admin and finance officer, operation and finance assistant, chief clerk, office boy and driver.

    Isn’t their job is to coordinate your programme mr PM? The funny part is these so called consultant, businessman and private sector are more interested in the financial and perks. While at the same time are not bound by rules and regulations that binds a public officer.

    No wonder pakatan have put ‘giving back the power to the public servant’ as one of their factor. They know perception of public servant towards their current boss is dwindling down real hard. And najib as always remains clueless.

    1. re: “these so called consultant, businessman and private sector are more interested in the financial and perks”

      Maybe Tan Sri Lim is like Paul Stadlen and working “for free” (national service, konon).

  6. Lee Teng Hui, the former Taiwan President from Kuomintang, single handedly surrendered the Kuomintang-held government to Democratic Progressive Party.

    Before he did that, he had shown telltale signs including being sympathetic to the political ideas of the DPP. Many in Kuomintang and its supporters saw that and gave out warnings, but no one did anything significant to stop that. Perhaps many too within the Kuomintang ranks were equally sick of Kuomintang and anything that it represented, and would be happy to see the ‘ubah’ happened.

    Then of course DPP took over and the rest is history. Lee Teng Hui is not dead yet, occasionally still spewing venom on Kuomintang and openly declared that he is more Bugis, sorry Japanese, than Chinese.

    Now, DPP is the alma mater of DAP, or the other way round. What we see today of the ways of the Ayam is not unlike that in Taiwan some time ago.

    But Malaysia is different. Malaysia ada Raja Raja, the quarrels are not amongst the same race but between races, troops are not under the command of the Government of the people .

    Amongst the worst that had been shown by some biadap people in Malaysia, they no longer respect the Raja Raja like they used to be during Yap Ah Loy or Wong Ah Fook’s time. Now they even talk about going Republic.

    So although there might be a change of government like the way happened in Taiwan before, but the result would be very different.

    I fear the worst for Malaysia, but that’s one way for a re-written constitution.

    1. So when the Biadap Ubahans cried for acceptance of the Rohingyas, it’s understandable, because one day they, too, may have to sail out to sea like the Rohingyas.

      When that happens, some may get absolved by USA upon the pleas of ‘I’m-Bigga’ (if Hillary Clinton becomes the President), some Penangites can go to Taiwan following their tokong, but the rest may have to find a new unchartered island somewhere near where MH370 lost its trails.

      That is because while as teruk as Rohingyas still have countries which would accommodate one way or another, but the biadap ubahans, after showing to the world how they could be treacherous to their own country, will not find any place to land.

      Forget Singapore.

  7. If thats the prime minister’s idea of a PR man and a communicator (on his behalf) I rest my case and return to the prayer mat to help him solve his problems

  8. getting the feller who had his institute becoming a university and then getting that university to give him a phd and then given title prof. what a joke! before he always menempek Tun Mahathir and now that TM is no more in power dia dah menempek dgn Najib pula. dan dalam pada tu anehnya diterima pula oleh pimpinan sekarang ni.

  9. Ms H. Here is a fact. At the launch of the new Mercedes Benz 200 Series at Glenmarie in 1984 by Cycle & Carriage Bintang, I walked up to this PR person standing by the car and said, ‘Hello ! How are you.’ Arrogantly, he turned his face and walked away. Later, another advertising group approached me to grab his portfolio as I had the power to give it to them. I did not assist as I thought it was not fair that the incumbent loses his portfolio without a good reason. This was his turning point. At the next turn of the screw, this PR man was doing great things for Nelson Mandela courtesy our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Now a picture is worth a thousand words. This is gratitude for you and me.

  10. Tak habis-habis membazir…. apa guna nak pulih imej yang sudah teruk?

    bukanke lebih baik duduk rumah diam-diam.

    Yang saya nampak dah macam tikus membaiki labu… makin lama makin hampeh!

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