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‘I love PM’ pusingan ke-2

The Prime Minister is embarking on another “desperate times, desperate measures” of desperate public relations.

Below is Najib Razak with Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology students.

Prepare for Round #2, folks, Coming Soon to a cinema near you.


Trip down memory lane

Yup, “Transformation” and “Inspiration” are the words.

Below are Round #1 photos of the ‘I love PM’ love boat cruise.

Students of the MCA university Utar truly ‘heart’ and are inspired by their Ah Jib Gor.

Ah Jib Gor

Ah Jib Gor inspiration

AhJibGorWelove you

AhJibGorWelove you2

Ah Jib Gor

Lim Kok Wing University of CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY

Below are some photos of Hannah Yeoh’s visit to Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology not too long ago.

(1) Hannah with Lim Kok Wing University founder – the eponymous Tan Sri; (2) Madame speaking to a packed hall in the uni; (3) the Speaker given a rapturous welcome by Lim Kok Wing people

I’m certain nobody paid them to greet the Selangor MB (Mem Besar) so enthusiastically. It surely comes from the bottom of their big hearts. After all, KL is staunchly pro-opposition.

The difference is that while the Utar undergrads love and are inspired by Najib, nonetheless the youth segment, by and large, voted more for Pakatan in the last election.

The Lim Kok Wing undergrads love and are inspired by Hannah too and Pakatan swept four-fifths (4/5) of the Selangor state assembly seats in GE13.


hannah at limkokwing

hannah at limkokwing2

COMING SOON: More young people who love Ah Jib Gor?

Lim Kok Wing authored the coffee table book (below) about our beloved PM.

Najib book by Lim Kok WingApparently Lim Kok Wing has been brought into Najib’s inner circle of advisors and given the job title of “special programme coordinator”.

Lim Kok Wing is best remembered for the Rakan Muda ad campaign and its catchy theme song that was played on an endless loop over TV.

More recently, Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology was responsible for the 1Malaysia Perpaduan – Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara song. Their “seiya, sekata, sehati, sejiwa” music video can be viewed on YouTube.

So what can we expect in the near future from the Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology boys and girls? Will they express I ♥ PM more effusively than even the Utarians?

But I’m crediting that we can rely on the Lim Kok Wingians to do it more “creatively” lah. Those old ‘heart’ placards have become passe.

Najib Lim Kok Wing transformation

BELOW: The company and consultants that Najib keeps

(1) Najib with Datuk Timothy Lim Kok Wing Jr and Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing Sr; (2) Najib reads but unlike Tun, doesn’t write; (3) Najib with the smarmy advertising man; (4) Najib with the smarmy newspaper man, dan YAB kita ni masih tak serik-serik lagi

The 48 percent and fast dwindling BN voters look forward to observing and assessing our coalition chairman’s Part 2 political campaign. We’re the silent majority remember … Tick tock tick tock …

Najib Timothy Lim Kok Wing Jr

Najib Lim Kok Wing book launch

Najib LKW



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15 thoughts on “‘I love PM’ pusingan ke-2

  1. If I were the opposition I will volunteer to print these I love PM placards and banners for free! I am not being hypocritical here. I really love him. His is our best chance to get into Putrajaya! Let the infighting in UMNO drag on and on till PRU 14.

  2. Ms H. This is a fact. Fast trek back to 1984, at the launch of the new Mercedes Benz 220 Series in a Glenmarie hotel, I walked up to this PR man standing by the car and said, ‘Hello ! How are you /’ Arrogantly and without a word, he turned his face pointedly and walked away. A shortwhile later, another advertising group wanted to grab his portfolio. They approached me for assistance as they knew I had the power to do so. I did not help because I thought it was not fair that the incumbent lost the portfolio without a good reason. This was his turning point. A quick turn of the screw, this PR man was doing great things for Nelson Mandela courtesy Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. This is gratitude for you and me.

    1. Are you going to do anything about it, Uncle Ed, aside from griping in my blog?

  3. Based on a much older news:
    1. “It was then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who recommended to Mandela to hire Lim for the massive exercise … ”
    I’m pretty sure that Tun M did not recommend LKW to DSN, this time around.
    2. ” … Lim’s lasting contributions to South Africa’s first democratic election was when Mandela tasked him with giving ANC’s election slogan, A Better Life for All, a powerful visual message.”
    Will ‘a better slogan’ works for DSN this time? LKW will surely need a new magic wand …
    3. ” … a man who helped craft a most successful voter registration exercise in South Africa’s first free and all-inclusive election held in 1994 which Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) won overwhelmingly.”
    UMNO/BN election machinery cannot be trusted or has broken down.
    4. “Lim and his creative team criss-crossed the country with Mandela and other leaders for weeks during the election campaign, putting up billboards, buntings and organising public rallies”
    We’ll start seeing ‘halal’ black-shirt rallies or maybe LKW will choose a different colour.
    5. “Just as Dr Mahathir was about to introduce Lim as part of the Malaysian delegation, Mandela stopped him and said with a smile ‘let me introduce you to a South African’.”
    Off you go Mr British Consultant … and here comes a ‘South African’. Hi hi hi

    Best of luck to you, Mr LKW.

      1. Local talent or not, DSN’s current issues are overwhelming.
        1. Based on HZ’s article, it might only work in a different lifetime.
        a. if DSN had responded timely on the Rohingya issue, it may only improved his image internationally. You see, on the ground over here … pro-gov/Najib(news,blogs)tried with PR1MA, RMK11 and whatever positive, and whatever negative on the opposition … things remain quiet or met with little response. The mention of 1MDB related news and throw Tun M in … the chattering will start again.
        b. Modus operandi for Sabah(let’s say it is true) can never be repeated(using Rohingya). The Southern Thai issue would be a better choice. But then, PAS might had gain more than Umno.
        c. Using Rohingya to increase voters base … he’ll even lose more of Umno votes than current. Even Malay-Mamak thing still exist till today.

        2. Before I forget, I had remembered while going through the news for ‘the assignment’; I came across a report in 2013 mentioning a group of refugees that had stranded in Indonesia, that were turned away by Malaysia. So it had happened before, but back then … the NGO’s and ‘samaritans’ whatever, might be too busy with pre or post GE13 issues … I guess.

        Note: I had also made a list of ‘desperate measures’ for him/his survival. I could not put it together in a much safer way and so I had decided to do a self-censorship. I think it will do ‘no good’ for you and me. Need to keep my darker thoughts at bay …

  4. Helen,

    Sebenarnya Najib ni tahu yang dia diperlikan oleh orang2 cina, tetapi saje dia buat-buat tak tahu dan tak kisah kerana hendak mengemis undi. Kerana undi, dia tak kisah maruah dia diperlekehkan, atau dia memang sudah tak ada maruah kerana nak mengemis undi.

    Dari dulu lagi sejak di diketengahkan oleh umno ke dalam pergerakan pemuda, saya nampak dia tidak mempunyai kualiti seorang pemimpin. Dia naik sebagai Ketua Pemuda adalah kerana umno kenang jasa Tun Razak dan jangka dia akan berkaliber macam arwah bapanya. Tapi sayang dia ni pemimpin yang syiok sendiri jika dipuji2.

    Sekarang dah sampai masa dia akan kena berundur dan letak jawatan sebagai presiden umno dan pm. Dia telah bawa banyak kegagalan dalam pentadbirannya.
    Jadi kita tunggulah beberapa hari lagi untuk dia undur. Bagilah peluang kat dia membuat ucapan persembahan terakhir pada Hari Keputraan Yang Di Pertuan Agong bulan Jun ini.

    Selamat jalan dan salam perpisahan DS Najib.

    1. Sabbas48, Najib maaf kalau saya katakan akan sebabkan orang melayu tolak UMNO.

      najib ada budaya suka cari masalah. 1mdb adalah ciptaannya. UMNO tak tahu pun operasi 1mdb. Kini UMNO yg tanggung beban.

      Dan sebenarnya najib lebih sesuai sertai DAP. Jiwanya jiwa DAP. Cukup tak suka dengan Melayu. Lebih percayakan orang yg mahukan UMNO berkubur.

      Enggan terima nasihat Melayu.

  5. when you keep doing the same thing, the outcome will still be the same…

    PM yang dikasihi kununnya…!
    Takkanlah masih buta sejarah yang baru saja berlalu.
    Takkanlah tak nampak langsung betapa Lim Kok Wing ini seorang peniaga….yang setiap usahanya ialah mencari duit.
    Takkanlah tak sedar bahawa melantiknya sebagai konsultan bermakna kena bayar tetapi samada memang atau kalah PRU14, kerjanya tetap kena bayar….

    entahlah, setiap kali membaca dan mendengar berita akan tindak-tanduk PM kita ni, semakin tidak yakin kita akan kepimpinannya.

    saya tak percaya rasa tidak yakin ini cuma saya seorang sebab rata-rata individu dalam masyarakat saya pun menyuarakan rasa hati yang sama.

    plakad ‘i love PM’…tidak ada maknanya kerana mereka yang membuat dan mereka yang mengibar semuanya boleh dibayar…

    undi untuk PM atau mana-mana parti datangnya dari hati yang yakin..bukan yang diiklankan….!

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