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I’m taking tebing tinggi’s advice

tebing tinggi commented @ 2015/05/23 at 1:54 pm, “Biarkan si Lunchai terjun dengan labu-labu nya, biarkan biarkan.”

Surf the clouds, race the dark
It feeds from the runs undone
Meet me where the cliff greets the sea

The answer to the riddle before your eyes
Is in dead leaves and fleeting skies

(Nightwish song lyrics)
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Briefly, my thoughts

1. I don’t want to see DAP sit in Putrajaya. This needs no further explanation.

2. Umno is too volatile at the moment to forecast.

(a) Tun will not desist as long as there’s breath in his body.

He’s immortal but I still disagree with his defence of The Malaysian Insider TMI perangai macam setan. By the way, what’s the status update on the police investigation of the TMI editors, and when will the authorities shut down the portal?

(b) Najib will not retreat as long as Rosmah is by his side.

He’s genuinely moderate but I disagree that moderation is the best political approach to govern our country at the moment. I maintain that Najib needs to be a war general. And by the way, please Sir pluck out that pair of poison-tipped J-scissors (Gunting Dalam Lipatan) stuck in your back. You don’t have an endless supply of blood, you know, to afford that long bleed into the night.

3. Isma is the game changer.

(a) I believe that Isma is more ideologically comfortable with PAS.

(b) Between Umno’s M and N factions, it looks like Isma is more sympathetic to M. But whatever the outcome, their path is Tanah Melayu, Bumi Islam.

4. Some of the PM’s men have got a sensible head on their shoulders, such as Rahman Dahlan and Salleh Said Keruak (coincidentally or not, both are Sabahans). And reasonable too. Fighting fire with fire is the way to go.

There’s no need for us to pin our hopes on youthful politicians to bring about New Politics. The high flier of harmonious multicultural politics is Adenan Satem. He’s 71 years old and has a heart ailment.

5. No, no, no, no, no to KJ. Never!

6. Bye-bye to MCA. Scat.

7. You all can get your news about the evangelistas from the Muslim NGOs. They’re on the ball.

Lemme know if there’s anybody I’ve forgotten.


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8 thoughts on “I’m taking tebing tinggi’s advice

    1. I shouldn’t be blogging even. It’s interfering with my paid work and other personal matters I really have to sort out.

      In fact, I should have stopped blogging weeks ago at that time when I announced I needed to do so.

      Now is like Malaysia is at a serious/critical political crossroads. Tun and Najib are at it hammer and tongs. And then there’s Puad Zarkashi attacking Muhyiddin.

      I really don’t see how Najib can fix his image problem and gain/regain voter support through Lim Kok Wing’s blast of rah-rah Rakan Muda. LKW deals with gloss and cosmetics.

      Umno-BN’s problem is rot that goes down to the roots while the tree trunk is being hollowed out by termites.

      My point no.3 “Isma is the game changer” is because they’re the only pro-establishment group of Malays I see that have got their act together. They’re exposed to issues, they’ve got the belief and understanding plus activism and juga memiliki semangat perjuangan yang kental.

      1. Helen,

        many times i reminded my friends in UMNO circle that if UMNO is careless, it too will be booted out.

        It seems that the who’s who in UMNO still cant imagine the depth of anger malays have on Najib and Rosmah. Well. Dream on. If they keep dreaming, UMNO will be relegated to museum on the coming election.

        1. bro shamshul… ada sesetengah orang yang belajar dari kesilapan orang lain.
          ramai orang pula belajar dari kesilapan diri sendiri.
          tetapi, ada orang yang langsung tidak belajar dari kesilapan orang lain mahupun diri sendiri.
          orang sebegini perlu ‘dihantuk (bukan terhantuk) dengan cukup kuat barulah dia terngadah!’

          rasanya apabila gagal dalam PRU14, barulah dia terngadah?

          masa tu, nasi sudah menjadi bubur yang basi!

          tak tahulah apa jenis manusia orang ni…!

          1. En Alwie,

            kalau setakat najib dihumban keluar dalm PRU14 tak apalah. yang saya takut UMNO pun kena hukuman..

            maka berakhirlah kuasa politik Melayu. semua Melayu akan terima kesan termasuk marina, PAS atau Azmin Ali. Kita semua dah jadi tak “relevan”.

            Sebab kita amalkan perangai bodoh tak boleh diajar.

  1. do you always listen Top nightwish and etc . i thought you listen To cantopop more. hehe

  2. Helen dear,

    1. The first 3 PMs had legal academic training. The trained their thoughts on how to achieve freedom and independence from the colonial master, prepare and develop a newly independent nation through practical agendas and programmes and resolve to live together as peaceful malaysians through unity, tolerance and harmony albeit cultural differences, race and religion. All have left us permanently except their great contributions.

    2. The 4th PM was a medical doctor and is still amongst us today. He inherited the country’s leadership and brought great changes and transformed the newly independent nation to a greater height and put the country on the world map with commanding respect by both friends and enemies. A doctor diagnoses any known illnesses and provides medications and or recommends operations if need be.

    3. When the 5th PM was installed, great expectations were high on the list as the incumbent then was chosen for his clean image with islamic background. Unfortunately, after delving too much in his islamic hadhari philosophy, he forgot on the realities of leading the country forward and was later “coaxed” to hand over the hot seat to the present PM on a silver platter.

    4. This time the PM with sound economic and financial academic background, instead of seeing a better malaysia, we are currently looking at a nation going to the dogs. Dogged by controversial issues such as huge debt laden 1MDB, leftover unanswered questions on Altantuya case and many other issues, we are again experiencing a possibility of a fighting PM clinging to his seat purportedly with ‘WE LOVE PM” support…..

    Helen dear, do not stop writing…..let us watch to the end of the story. At least, we can show to our children documentary recordings of what happen to our beloved nation.

    Love you.

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