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Did Marina Mahathir have a facelift?

Our government seems quite happy to let people die of starvation and exposure out in the open sea because apparently that’s what we Malaysians want,” Marina Mahathir wrote in her JStar column on Thursday.

The fact that so many Malaysians are appalled by this, and are mobilising to help them, shows how untrue this assertion is,” she continued.

For context, refer to the statement by Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jaafar that “the sentiment of the people [Malaysians] is completely against immigrants”, as reported by CNN.

What I gather from Marina’s sentence above is that Malaysians with humanity and heart (such as her good self) are appalled by the thought that those Rohingya and Bangladeshi boat people risk dying of starvation and exposure out in the open sea.

Marina insinuates that it is untrue to say that Malaysians want a ‘not-in-our-backyard’ approach/policy because Malaysians have acted to the contrary – by mobilizing to help the refugees.

Marina: “Floating boats of dead people”

The above caveats aside, Marina’s sentence penned in her J-Star column nonetheless still reads, “Our government seems quite happy to let people die of starvation and exposure out in the open sea …”.

Reading what she wrote, her convoluted sentence notwithstanding, you can’t get away from the negative imputation and subtle aspersions cast by Marina on our government.

A short status update separately in Marina’s Facebook garnered close to 7,000 likes. Among other things, Marina posted the following rhetorical question: “Do we want floating boats of dead people on our conscience?”

Marina: “Simplistic” to claim that they will keep coming

Next she wrote in her May 21 J-Star column, “Saying that they will keep coming if we feed and shelter them is being simplistic“.

For context, refer to Wan Junaidi’s further statement on CNN, “If we continue to welcome them, then hundreds of thousands will come from Myanmar and Bangladesh”.

Going by Marina’s superior intellect, it would seem that Malaysia has really quite a number of “simplistic” people (they must be the BN voters, eh?).

This is because the “simplistic” reasoning – i.e. if Malaysians open our doors, more will soon flood our shores – that she cited is rather a one that is popular among those who object to the government being lax on illegal immigration.

It is also the same “simplistic” reasoning put forth by the Deputy Home Minister. But of course liberal NGO activists are always cleverer than simplistic Umno officials.

The concluding sentence in Marina’s article however contains no ambiguity. She wrote unequivocally: “So if we’re happy to have dead bodies constantly wash up on our beaches, then we can keep turning our heads the other way.”

I would read Marina’s conclusion as implying that those who object to Malaysia granting the boat people asylum (i.e. those who turn their heads the other way) will be indirectly responsible for dead bodies “constantly” washing up on our beaches.

@netraKL obefiend

Hafiz Marina racists

Marina: So many bigots and racists

Isn’t Marina demonizing a whole lot of silent majority Malaysians merely because they’re not on the same wavelength as her?

She had retweeted, “Nampak sangat kompas moral dan empati sesetengah Muslim sekarang senget. Kalau tak guna angle agama tak mahu tolong. Bigot betul hatinya.”

(Side note: Marina’s retweet above is a bahasa Melayu sentence but borrowing heavily from English construction – “moral compass”, “empathy”, “angle”, “bigot”.)

Marina also retweeted another observation, “So many racists in the comment section”.


Compare with what Australia’s Foreign Minister said

Below are excerpts taken from an ABC News report yesterday headlined ‘South-East Asia migrant crisis: Julie Bishop told by Indonesia most of 7,000 people stranded are illegal labourers, not refugees’

  • “[Australia] Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Indonesian officials have told her most of the 7,000 people stranded in the South-East Asia boat crisis are illegal labourers, not refugees.”.
  • “‘They (Indonesia) believe there are about 7,000 people at sea [and] they think about 30 to 40 percent are Rohingya, the rest are Bangladeshi,’ Ms Bishop said. “They are not, in Indonesia’s words, asylum seekers, they are not refugees — they are illegal labourers. They’ve been promised or are seeking jobs in Malaysia.”

The ABC News report also said,

“They said the Rohingya have gone to Bangladesh and have mixed up with the Bangladeshis who are coming to Malaysia in particular for jobs.”

Ms Bishop said Indonesia’s director-general of multilateral affairs, Hasan Kleib, told her one boat carrying 600 people had 400 Bangladeshis aboard.

She described Indonesia’s comments as ‘very pointed … they said that’s what their intelligence had informed them’.”

Australia is giving one story while Malaysian NGOs and NGIs like Marina are providing a somewhat different take to the narrative.

Latest, Marina’s face is smooth and the facial skin taut, compared to her neck which displays many wrinkles. Her new trim hairdo in the Malay Mail photo below – taken from an interview yesterday headlined ‘Marina Mahathir says will leave Malaysia if hudud arrives‘ – is also different from her previous looks.


Not barefoot in the kitchen

Marina certainly looks most well groomed and expensively turned out. That The J-Star columnist had a stylish makeover is obvious but we’re also wondering if any cosmetic procedures had ever been done to her 58-year-old face.

The Bangsar socialite image projected by this Mak Datin activist is a contrast to the bedraggled Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants whose cause she is championing.


Myanmar exodus AFP Rakhine

The “pregnant women”

In her May 21 J-Star column, Marina made yet another mention of “pregnant women”. She wrote, “Pregnant refugee women ­cannot go to our hospitals to deliver their babies safely because they face arrest.”

It is logical to infer from Marina’s sentence above that if the pregnant refugee women fear arrest, then they must be illegals. And they must be in hiding underground. If they had been sheltered in the camps or transit centres, they would not be fearing arrest; the staff at the camps or transit centres would surely have arranged the transfer to a medical facility for a woman about to deliver her baby.

Our public health system, transportation (buses, LRT) and other infrastructure and subsidized services are already stretched. These will be further stretched with pregnant PATI women giving birth in our government hospitals.

For context, refer to  Marina’s tweet demanding that “our govt do the humanitarian thing” by at least getting “pregnant women, kids, old and sick off the boats”.

Through her loaded words and language, Marina is making a play at tugging the heartstrings by invoking “pregnant women” and the “old and sick”. Are the “pregnant women” really as many as has been implied by the various writers in online and social media?

Where are all those pregnant women?

On one hand, we have Marina saying ­they “cannot go to our hospitals to deliver their babies safely because they face arrest” and on the other hand, it’s very difficult to spot them in the news report photos.

Just where are all those pregnant women?

Rohingya Australai

One reader of my blog “jumped straightaway into this ‘assignment’” to look for the pregnant Rohingya women. For hours EVLee scoured the news photos and videos.

Commenting @ 2015/05/23 at 3:09 am, EVLee said, “Found none … nil, zip, yillek! Something is wrong. Went through the ‘question’ again … repeated the process, still got nothing. Again … and again.”

EVLee continued:

“Well … two videos had Malay speaking migrants and their reasons for being at sea were to make it to Malaysia, having relatives here and for money (to work). Considering ‘The PERILOUS JOURNEY that they had to go through’ plus ‘coming over TO WORK’ … I’ll have to take ‘old folks’ out from the equation. I’ll close my file on this.

“[As] for the ‘pregnant women’ thing … no luck with photos nor videos. Hey … I did try very very hard looking for mounds or bumps on their tummies, you know.”

You all would be similarly hard-pressed to come across any photos or interviews with the “pregnant women” or of sickly old people whom the activists are highlighting in order to elicit your sympathy and knee-jerk response.

My curious question – How come the fresh-off-the-boat Rohingya/Bangladeshi are able to speak BM when they’re supposed to be new migrants? Were they taught the language by their relatives in preparation for their migration here?

Meanwhile, the giler publisiti Hannah Yeoh has not made a single further tweet about the Rohingya since her “have mercy” plea to Najib Razak more than 10 days ago.

At least the activists like Marina and Eric Paulsen show a sustained interest in the issue.

In comparison, evangelista politicians like Hannah only seek to milk the plight of impoverished people for their own self-glorifying promotion (see, see look at the glowing heart on my sleeve) when the issue is hot in the news headlines.

After that, it’s a cynical ‘Next’ … moving on to whatever tragedy from which they can scrounge political mileage.

Hannah’s heart – perpetually troubled, aching and breaking

Oooops! I did it again …

Has Hannah forgotten about the MH370 families already? Oh, that was yesterday’s news is it?

Hannah Yeoh My heart is so troubled

The victims of the Duke Expressway accident seem to have faded from Hannah’s mind too.

Cheap publicity


As well Hannah appears to have lost interest in pondering why “men and nations” fail to learn from history and don’t want to stop the killing.

And not eavesdropping anymore on her daughter’s conversations to tweet about?

hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter

Are the pictures of the (dunno who) “injured & dead children” (dunno where) no longer crossing her teary eyes?

Is Shay Shay no longer watching the news? If she were, she’d be asking Popo why so people are sitting in boats.


Anwar prison meals

Dunno what to do except tweet-tweet-tweet about the state of Hannah’s neverending troubled, aching and breaking heart over the tragic fate of virtual strangers?

And generously conferring God’s comfort and blessings on them.

Attending 3 funerals hannahyeoh

“Attending 3 funerals in a week did something good to my soul”

Since “attending 3 funerals in a week did something good” to Hannah Yeoh’s precious “soul”, the Selangor Madame Speaker should at least show lah some ghoulish interest in what Marina terms the possibility of “dead bodies constantly wash[ing] up on our beaches”.

After all, the @hannahyeoh Twitter timeline has 109,000 followers invested in the state of Hannah’s heart. “You cry, I cry”.

you jump first


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

41 thoughts on “Did Marina Mahathir have a facelift?

  1. What she herself ,had done for the good of this nation and it’s people ?.
    What we had been hearing that’s ,she only goods ,checking on others .

    1. Her grandfather is from Kerala bangladesh…that prove the theory they keep coming as true…

  2. Yes the old harelip squashed broad nose (no fault of hers) has been under a surgeons grinder to ready her to [deleted].

    For those of us waiting for one of the Mahathir boys to regain the father’s mantle at UMNO they have managed to distract us from the real dark horse in this race. And her facelift is it.

    She has the support of the west at many levels as she has enjoyed for sometime. The entire western feminist lobbies and Hillary the wannabe president of the US have all endorsed Marina. Marina is known to have had a great rapport with [deleted].

    Moreover they love a “woman” in places like Asia. Just waiting for Gloria Steinem to come out of the woodwork. This represents a generational change which is in truth no change at all. It is simply a mish mash of elites with a new coat of paint.

    1. Dear GR Kumar,

      I’ve deleted one bit as MM is known to be trigger happy on the ‘saman’ button and I don’t know/am unable to check whether your insider info is true.

      As for the “squashed broad nose”, hmmm, you’re right. I just Googled her old photos.

      urm, did she go for a nose job (rhinoplasty), you think?

    2. Tell this fat ass lady, its not her government. She never voted for UMNO..muahaha… UMNO is the government voted by the malays..

  3. Hmm, me do sense insincerity in her twits. Too melodramatic. Oh well, politicians will be politicians.

  4. While Hannah weeps for the Rohingya, Tokong cant wait to put them back in the sea.

    GEORGE TOWN: The Penang government wants Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants to be placed on land owned by the Federal Government.

    The state faced the pressure of space, on both the island and mainland, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told The Star when contacted yesterday.

    Please Penang is very good at double talk. Hey, place the Rohingya in Puchong. Nice place.

    Miss Mulan is now in Puchong @Majlis Perbandaran Jerusubang

    1. re: “Miss Mulan is now in Puchong @Majlis Perbandaran Jerusubang”

      Err, anything wrong with living in Penang or are you just visiting Puchong (if you don’t mind me asking)?

            1. Are the services in Mandarin / Cantonese / Hokkien / other dialects or English, would you know?

              1. What is the word for Yahudi , JesusChrist in Mandarin/Cantones/Hokkien/othre dialects I would like to know…

  5. The way Marina argue made me think that “other” illegal immigrant coming to Malaysia were assisted by the Government.

    Illegal immigrant don’t want. But being tough on them don’t want. So how?

    1. There are i billion Indians in the sub indian continent wanting the wealth in the Malay peninsula.
      Its all arrang by their brothers the mamak shops. They said their brethren from bangla is welcome to serve the malays in their mamak teh tarik shops..

      1. “She has backpedalled.”
        Really …? She cannot do that on a fixie on land … so she must be in a boat, somewhere …

      2. You should write about Marina and Hudud. There is now Mahathir Hudud copied from Pakistan that allows Malay women to be qazafed if they accused a man of rape without bringing 4 male witnesesses. Malay men are jailed if they dont listen to Friday prayers. This is the Hudud slowly copied by IS in the states.

        Hudud is here now introduced by her own Indian Father.

        Why? Because as in Pakistan its a sop to the masses while the UMNO Presidents and his sons take on businessess.

        That is the purposes of religion throught the ages. The proposer get to have the power and wealth. IF you a downliner you get pittance..and syurga of course…

  6. I’m all for saving the boatpeople.

    What bothers me the most is that those who are crying mercy for the boatpeople are also the ones who are the loudest in decrying the immigrants in our country, calling them ‘banglas’, accusing the gov of letting them in the country in order to get votes, and making videos of these immigrants in pasar sentral in a generally ‘make them look bad’ propaganda to spread among the public in the last general election.

    That’s what bothers me. The hypocrisy.

    1. Not only that, they even called Malaysia “Banglasia” at the height of their phantom voter hysteria during GE13.

      Bloody hypocrites. It’s the same as supporters of ‘Yes’ (let them stay) calling me “Ms Cinapiggie” and mocking the pelat Cina.

      The ‘Yes’ sayers may be angry at me b’cos I’m advocating ‘No’. But to resort to “Babi” slurs and talking yellow face shows their racism, for all that they’re portray themselves as Colour Blind, Beyond Race. “Babi” & sindir pelat is a blanket attack on Chinese and not impacting on me personally (since I actually speak fluent Malay).

      Btw, the Vietnamese boat people rioted in the Hong Kong camps when they got the news that Uncle Sam was shutting his doors on them. It’s not just a matter of taking in a few hundred or a few thousand people and providing them one container donation of mineral water and Maggi Mee.

      It’s a burden that can’t be shaken off for decades to come.

      And I’ve not heard the Vietnamese boat people thank and be grateful to Malaysia and Malaysians for our kind deed in transiting and processing them for third/recipient countries.


      1. ‘And I’ve not heard the Vietnamese boat people thank and be grateful to Malaysia and Malaysians for our kind deed in transiting and processing them for third/recipient countries.’

        Kena fitnah lagi ada la!

        Turtle Beach plot summary

        ‘Reporter Judith Wilkes leaves her husband and two sons in Sydney and goes to Malaysia to cover the story of the Vietnamese boat people. She becomes romantically involved with Kanan, and strikes up a friendship with Lady Minou Hobday, who keeps a regular vigil at “Turtle Beach” where the refugees try to land secretly in the hope that one day her own children will arrive. Accompanying Minou one night, Judith witnesses a brutal massacre by the Malaysians which spurs her on to expose the horrors of the internment camps at Bidong’

      2. who has been calling you Ms Cinapiggie, Helen??? Jom kita ramai-ramai babap dia >.< So kurang ajar!

        I'm aware of the very complex situation of the refugees, and how it is not just a simple case of feeding them and off they go. If anything, I'm for saving them out of the naivety of my heart. It's just that – when this thing came out in the news – and there were all these people calling for mercy on them – were also the very same people who have been so hellbent against the immigrants during the GE13 to the point of harrasing them (and Malaysians who supposedly look like them) on the election day.,, I must say I had serious cognitive dissonance.
        It's like – 'yay, ok u guys are with me.. but I thought you guys hate them???!'

        If anything, I feel like those hypocrites leaned towards 'save the boatpeople' just because Putrajaya had the opposite stance (not without good reasons, as callous as it may seem), or because they feel 'ashamed' that Western media broke the news about it too (we know how these people kowtow to anything US/ Australian and are quick to slap Malaysia on the wrist for any 'bad' news coming from that end.

      1. Selangor pun ada banyak pulau. Pulau Angsa, Pulau Terkukur, Pulau Tengah dan banyak lagi. Closer for the dapsters of Selangor to do their good deeds. Nak pi Penang jauh. Mana tahu kalau HY nak bergambar peluk refugee dengan penuh simpati.

    2. I am sure these are the 40 000 banglas that they said were coming for PRU 14….now najib dont do things small…he is ensuring victory by bringing 400,000 banglas muahaha…

  7. had Putrajaya’s stance is to rescue and shelter the boatpeople from the get go, I bet my nose these people would be the first to protest against it.

    1. “Our government seems quite happy to let people die of starvation and exposure out in the open sea because apparently that’s what we Malaysians want,”

      That’s playing loose with words and simplifying a complex situation for obvious moral grandstanding.

      That’s truth and justice? More like malice.

      1. Specify government.

        The wrangling of who takes care of the Rohingyas in Penang between Putrajaya and Tokong is the best way to kill all the boat people.

        The two sides with push fingers and the boat starve to death.

        And Hannah and her supporters with tears will say it is Ajib’s fault and not Tokong’s.

        In Hockien, both side cannot lose. Kiasu and Kiasi ma?

        Btw. We Penang lang consider non Penang Hockiens like Klang as Hockchew, somewhat a lower class one. So JSubang migrant Hockiens are certainly more high class thsn the Klang and Johor variants. Hockchew are normally Ah Sam compared to Penang Hockien who are Ah Sou.

  8. Helen , Why you feel so jerk about the rohingya?
    Is that bcos you are Buddhist that make you inclined with your brethren in Myanmar who persecuted those Rohingyas, killing their families and drive them away from their village? Do you agree the Buddhist killing and slicing flesh of other human being which in this case the ronhingya? You can google more about those reported in online news.
    Dont you have humanity?

    Just imagine what will happen if chinese and indian and those people who migrated to malaysia seeking new greenfield and business opportunity and new life were driven out from malayisa and deny citizenship in 1957 by the malaysa gomen???? One can imagine the same thing would happen like the rohingyas

    1. re: “Helen, why you feel so jerk about the Rohingya?”

      Don’t import the blood feud and religious wars of other countries into Malaysia. As if we don’t have enough problems of our own.

      re: “Is that bcos you are Buddhist that make you inclined with your brethren in Myanmar who persecuted those Rohingyas, killing their families and drive them away from their village?”

      I do not blog about the ISIS beheadings, killings and other atrocities in the Levant. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what the Syrian Muslims do. It’s not what the Malay Muslims do here. Similarly what the Myanmar Buddhists do is not what the Malaysian Buddhists do here.

      re: “Do you agree the Buddhist killing and slicing flesh of other human being which in this case the Rohingya?”

      Both sides are violent. In Penang, Buddhist Myanmar nationals have been murdered and the suspected killers are Muslim Myanmar nationals. There were 52 murder victims last year in Penang and 18 among them were identified as Myanmar nationals. That’s a disproportionately big number of Myanmar nationals among the murder victims – more than one-third.

      re: “You can google more about those reported in online news.”

      Violence was similarly perpetrated against the Buddhists in Myanmar. You can Google that too. And they’ve brought their violent culture here to Malaysia. Among the Buddhist Burmese murder victims in Penang were those killed who had their throats slit, and head and limbs chopped off.

      re: “Don’t you have humanity?”

      Why do you want to allow illegal immigrants to further add social and religious stresses to our society? Can you vouch for the Rohingyans? You kenal ke bapa atuk moyang mereka? Do you know their family background and that they’re good family? Do you know if they’re orang beriman?

      Read Lily’s comment @

      “Beberapa keluarga Rohingya pernah menyewa disebelah rumah kami.

      Berugama Islam ? Kami pernah jumpa beberapa botol arak berselerak dikawasan rumah mereka.

      Puasa dibulan Ramadhan ? Mereka selalu bermain sepaktakraw lepas pukul 5pm dibulan Ramadhan.

      Minum arak itu biasa ? Jiran pernah tegur mereka kerana minum arak selepas majlis kenduri kahwin dan memberi jawapan “Biasalah minum arak bila ada orang kahwin”

      Kalau nak dituliskan memang panjang lagi.”

      re: “Just imagine what will happen if chinese and indian and those people who migrated to malaysia seeking new greenfield and business opportunity and new life were driven out from malayisa and deny citizenship in 1957 by the malaysa gomen???? One can imagine the same thing would happen like the rohingyas”

      Correct. I’ve already said so in my blog. I wrote, “Burma achieved independence from British rule in January 1948. Unlike Malaya that granted Chinese and Indians citizenship, Burma did not grant citizenship to the Bengalis.” See my May 16, 2015 at 5:29 am article.

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