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Papa dan Mama munafik

Penang says ‘No’ to Rohingya.

The DAP-led government wants the boat people to be placed on federal land and proposes that the camp be in a big state like Pahang, according to J-Star – the paper seen by some as the de facto DAP mouthpiece.

Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng said, “Which lands are being suggested to shelter the refugees? Are there enough lands in Penang to house them?” (see ‘Guan Eng’s poser: whose land for Rohingya camps?’ @ FMT)

Penang No Rohingya
In Google News this morning

Talk is cheap, tweet is cheaper

Oooi, Penang! Kan uolz the humane and compassionate DAP state, have mercy lah.

Cakap senang jer like Mama Dapster when you’re able to shove it to other people to carry the can. But when it comes to your own backyqard, you’re quick to UBAH your tune.

Have mercy



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23 thoughts on “Papa dan Mama munafik

  1. Marina pls do something! How could the penang govt react this way to the plight of the rohingyas especially the children and pregnant women.

  2. What Penang? Talk like a fool.

    Penang is part of Kedah. Kedah can take back anytime. There is no need for a separate state of Penang, much less a Ketua Menteri Penang.

    Penang got no land, konon. Talk also like Singapore now.

    Penang is an independent country is it? Stupid moron idiotic republican separatist DAP bigot, Mr. Ketua Menteri.

    1. One bangang pee em and his elephantine scam opens up a field day for the chauvinists’ political manouvering.

    2. Hohoho ini cadangan bagus. Close down P Pinang. Cut down administrative cost. 1 Ketua menteri and 20 exco posts are pure waste of money for such a sekangkang kera island.
      Imagine all the government cars returned. Just an by law can close down Penang I think.
      The Rohingyas have as much right as the Chinese from China to be in Penang.

      1. re: “Ketua menteri and 20 exco posts are pure waste of money”

        You forget the KM alone has more than 20 Special Officers in his Komtar office.

          1. ‘The Rohingyas have as much right as the Chinese from China to be in Penang.’

            So Penang Institute tak nasihatkan KM ke untuk terima Rohingya? Wong Chin Huat, hari tu baik je nak mengajar Kerajaan Persekutuan? Muka tak malu ke? Ke Rohingya tak cukup putih macam itu Mainland amoys?

  3. If the Government wishes to place them in Penang, then do so. Migration is a federal issue. All states should have territories controlled directly by the federal government, not just Selangor and Sabah. This allows the federal government to carry out the necessary actions and federal functions in all states and exert its authority even when state governments are being obstructive.

    1. Aiyaaa CM small fry what can he do? Likes to beat empty drums only. Klo celebrities fm Taiwan lai siap buka botoi beer celebrate lagi, sengeh macam kerang busuk! Kalau taknak tolong go yumseng, go mabuk and party, enjoy yourselves and just shut your mouths. Kasi malu sama Gambia saja.

      Erdogan dah kata, to show compassion you need not have to be a Turkish, just be a human being, thats all it takes. So learn from others if your mama and papa never taught you how to be a human. Turkey dah announce they will take full responsibility and welcome the Rohinyas as guests to their country.

      Chinese, Indians, Viet’s, Filipino, Cambodians, yg linked kat atas plus penjajah, prostitutes, pak hitam, lompat dari langit, penjelma2 from thin air dn all carca merbak keturunan dah berlambak mai sini sejak zaman tok kaduk lagi..

      Yang beranak dalam Negeri British Malaya (ada state or stateless????) melalak, menghina, mempelekeh tuan rumah tak habis2. Rohinya pun ramai born before and zaman British Burma, look how Buddhists Monks and the government treat them? Dah belajar jadi humans lepas tu belajar bersyukur bole tak?

      1. ‘bersyukur’

        Apa tu? Depa ni mana tau bersyukur punya!

        Kita tunggu Hannah Yeoh nak tweet apa pula lepas ni pasal Lim Tokong kata takde tempat.

        Lim sahaja ja buat statement macam tu. So bila Gomen (read Melayu, UMNO) letak juga Rohingya kat Penang, satu pulau yang benci the Gomen sebab layan depa ‘second, third and fourth class’ akan lagi benci sama itu Gomen!

  4. If Penang cannot, I think Selangor and Kelantan can. Mama probably the happiest if gomen can place it @Jerusubang.

    Hope some menteri can troll Mama by suggesting it.

  5. Bukan kah aku dah cakap. THEY talk COCK !

    They create havoc then they blame Gomen and Umno ! Same bullshit political strategy !

    This “pelarian” matter, long before “THEY” existed ie tongkang time, Umno already played the grandmaster of humanity ! Heart of Islam.

    Apa khabar Lim Guan Eng and co. ?

  6. DAP and PKR selalu cakap ada 40,000 pengundi hantu semasa PRU13.

    Ini dia mereka dah sampai tapi untuk PRU14 atas doa DAP and PKR.

    Be careful what you wish for !!!. Greed Glory and Gilababeeee punya evangelistas.

    Now walk the talk lah.


    Hari Wesak merupakan hari terpenting bagi penganut agama Buddha kerana hari Wesak melambangkan Kelahiran, Pencerahan Agung, dan Kewafatan Gautama Buddha. Myanmar.

    Hari Wesak juga merupakan hari memberi makan kepada orang miskin dan sedekah kepada para sami. Hari Wesak dirayakan oleh semua penganut ugama Budha di seluruh dunia.

    Pasai apa depa sanggup buat sampai macam ni kat Rohingya dibulan yang begitu mulia bagi Buddhist? Issh rasa amat terharu.

    Rithmatist dan HH, you tak rasa sedih ke?

  8. I was tasked to look after “federal state relations” while serving in the budget division of the min. of finance so I know a bit on how Penang can revert back to Kedah. I fully agree with the view that the island is slowly becoming a one race enclave either by design or otherwise and it is very unhealthy in view of our collective desire to create a truly Malaysian identity.

    I prepared a short write up on the possibility of Kedah taking back the island and made several visits to Kedah. i have also taken the trouble to meet Dato Dr Shad Faruki ( constitutional expert )several times to discuss about this.

    all these were done on my own initiative.

    I can only say that at this particular juncture, the possibility of it happening is very slim. I will elaborate at a proper time.

    jadi buat masa sekarang tak payah lah kita hendak lanjut kan usaha ini dengan megeluarkan kenyataan agar Kedah mengambil balik Pulau Pinang.

    1. I saw the Super Rat photo yesterday. Assumed it was Photoshopped by Umno cybertroopers.

      But now @hannahyeoh has tweeted it.

      1. Good food full of protein and fat (aka porky fries) and lots of holy water will make any woman, man, child or Rohingya. Of course the animals will grow fat too.

        If Penang rejects then send to JSubang.

        1. Better check any mineral water contribution coming from the DAP then for its holy essence content.

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