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The evangelista bully pulpit

Even if you’re the majority in numbers, the aggressive minority are very capable of bullying you.

Background story – ‘Is this Casey creepy or what?


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17 thoughts on “The evangelista bully pulpit

  1. I suspect these are all generic names because at times they’ll use the same name but the style of writing and grammar is different.

    I don’t mind if there are strong opposing comments but I despise the foul language. As the saying goes (or somewhat like it), those who resort to foul language have immediately lost the argument.

    Anyway, Helen, you’re obviously doing something right by their response. Keep it up! You frequently unearth stuff that I didn’t know.

    I think they hate you is because they cannot fathom that a Chinese refuses to think like a DAPster. You know, the Tong yan must support Tong yan crap. I get that a lot from my Chinese side.

    1. The problem with the DAPster crowd is that if we are TongYan we should not have “free will” (as in the Bible) to think who we want to support. If all support Gerakan like in the past (Chong Eu’s time), any supporter of DAP is considered a traitor. Now since most Tong Yan support DAP, then any BN supporter is a racist cow.

      Does it mean when we are born TongYan we must follow blindly like a dumb cow? If liberal crowd supports free speech and thought then we are free to support who we like. But no. We are now suppose to be anti UMNO because everyone does this. Humbug.

  2. Partisan blogs/bloggers stood by their party/causes with emotional biased allegiance. It has little to do with justice or truth.

    Personally I am fine with partisanship. To each their own.

    But partisan bloggers (especially those who chose not to blog in annonymity) should know their views are an extension of themselves, extending far beyond the safe confines of their blogs.

    Rather pointless to cry foul mid game when there is no honor in partisanship to begin with.

    1. Still, being partisan doesn’t mean that you’re wearing a bullseye for fitnah open season.

  3. re, Even if you are the majority in numbers ,the aggressive minority are very capable of bullying you.

    True enough , we have seen it’s and we are experiencing it ,even the the leader and the government of the days is being seen as being dictated by them.

  4. Helen supports institutionalized racism, and hence she supports BN. Trying to paint the Christians and other minorities will only fool some of the gullible UMNO lackeys, not the vast majority of logical minded people. 30% reserved Bumi land, business and govt contracts reserved only for them and the old 7% discount on houses etc. I can only see one bigoted party, and it’s certainly not the opposition.

    1. re: “30% reserved Bumi land”

      If it were not reserved, don’t you think the Malays would be driven to the sea?

      Remember also that Article 153 – which enables quotas for the Malays – had to be included in the Federal Constitution for the protection of the Malays,

      Now who do you think the Malays need to be protected from?

      re: “I can only see one bigoted party, and it’s certainly not the opposition.”

      The evangelical DAP will very soon become the ruling party in Putrajaya if Umno still cannot get its act together. This is Tun Mahathir’s primary fear that’s prompting him to try to oust the current Umno president.

      1. Native reserve land is not something unique to Malaysia. Even in Hong Kong China, native reserve land is there.

        It is called Small House Policy. The Policy allows an indigenous male villager who is 18 years old and is descended through the male line from a resident in 1898 of a recognized village in the New Territories, an entitlement to one concessionary grant during his lifetime to build one small house.

    2. re: “Helen supports institutionalized racism, and hence she supports BN.”

      On the contrary.

      I believe that if DAP had successfully formed the Selangor government in May 1969, Malaysia would today be an apartheid. (Federal Territory of KL was not yet carved out as a separate state back then, and the opposition had also won Perak and Penang in 1969.)

      DAP are the bullies in politics. The party has only 37 seats in Parliament but with his number of seats, it already behaves like a taiko (Dapster gangster).

      Umno has 88 seats in the current Parliament but looking at the relationship – DAP the aggressor, Umno on the backfoot and pushed into a corner – you wouldn’t guess that Umno has more than double the number of MPs that the DAP has.

      The evangelical party are the bullies alright. Pro-establishment Malays experience this bullying on a daily basis but you wouldn’t know.

      1. You lot should live in a western democracy for a period of time and only then will you learn the true meaning of the word, “democracy”. Defending blatant and institutionalized racism is beyond laughable.

        1. Are you saying that the Malay bureaucrats act on the belief that their own race is “superior” (operative word) to the Chinese, Indian, etc when they (Malays) formulate and carry out government/national policies?

        2. ‘You lot should live in a western democracy for a period of time and only then will you learn the true meaning of the word, “democracy”.’

          Glad kau dah berambus kan. Baguslah. The feeling is mutual brader. BTW, IC masih simpan ke Jeff, macam seekor kaki jilat buntot LKY kat sini?

    3. The percentage should at least 60%.
      Tamak, greedy even @30% they still are not satisfied.

      Properties in Tanjung are difficult to get. Price? Maybe so. So who owns these properties? Locals? Malaysians? Why sell to foreigners? Because they fly in, don’t come in boats. Can make tons of profit ma. Tamak. Greedy. That’s all that matters to these stupid good for nothing opportunists.

      Heard many locals are moving to Seberang as prices are cheaper there. Heard too tanah2 bendang dah banyak dijadikan housing estates.

      30% protected also may kacau? Memang taraq otak punya manusia. Tamak and greedy.

        1. Memanglah. Bukan saja kerja pun kena permit wor. Mainland punya orang takdak permit tak boleh bermastautin dekat sana wor. Ramai lelaki bujang susah mau kahwin pasal mak anak dara nak yang pemastautin saja wor. Bukan Mainland mali!

          Itu sama-sama China. Patut sini pun buat itu macam. Balu besh wor!

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