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Long, bloody history of anti-Indian riots in Burma

Info below covering the years 1930-2007 is sourced from:

Renaud Egreteau, Burma (Myanmar) 1930-2007, Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence, [online], published on 19 October 2009, accessed 29 May 2015, URL :, ISSN 1961-9898

1930; May-June: Several anti-Indian riots exploded in Rangoon and various Burmese cities and ports following a massive Indian coolies strike which began at Rangoon’s harbour on May 8.

1930; May 26: A night-long riot stirred up by ethnic Burmans in Rangoon’s Indian quarters left 120 people of Indian origin dead as well as more than 900 injured, according to British colonial government sources. More recent analyses estimate that more than 200 were killed and 2,000 injured, these figures are likely closer to reality.

1938; July-Aug: New waves of anti-Indian violence (more specifically anti-Muslim) were stirred up by the Burman population in the country’s major cities while general strikes (workers, civil servants and students) paralysed the economy of the province. Riots began on July 26 in Rangoon and lasted for a month, officially causing the death of 204 people and leaving 1,000 injured in the capital.

1942; March-May: Between 500,000 and 600,000 Burmese of Indian, Anglo-Burman and other ethnic origin (Arakanese, Kachins, Chins, Karens…) fled the Japanese invasion of Burma on foot, heading towards India. Their dramatic exodus through western Burma’s dense jungles left tens of thousands of victims.

la-fg-malaysia-rohingyas-20150510-001 Los Angeles Times


Exodus to Cox’s Bazar district, a boat ride away from Rakhine

1978; Feb – June: Villages were burned, ransacked and after four months of repression some 200,000 people had fled to neighbouring Bangladesh (June 1978).

1991; Dec – 1992; March: A massive and widespread police operation targeting Muslim communities (especially the Rohingyas) in Arakan State (now called Rakhine State) is orchestrated by the military authorities. Similar to the 1978 exodus, 250,000 Rohingyas fled to neighbouring Bangladesh by March 1992.

- Early February: Beside 35 drowned, 20 Burmese Muslims were shot by local Nasaka security forces while attempting to cross the Naaf River to Bangladesh.

2001; February: Full-scale riots led by Burman Buddhist and Arakanese mobs targeted Muslim communities – mainly Rohingyas – in Sittwe (in Arakan State, west of Burma). Several dead and injured were reported (20 according to Arakanese activists). Curfew was imposed in the Arakan State neighbouring Bangladesh.

Rohingya fleing exodus


Info from web page ‘The Rohingya: World’s Least Wanted People’ @

The Rohingya have been leaving Burma and heading mainly into impoverished Bangladesh since the late 1970s.

In 1992, 250,000 Rohingya, around one-third of their total population, fled over Burma’s border into Bangladesh, citing persecution in Burma.

Rights advocates estimate that the number of Rohingya fleeing the Burma-Bangladesh border area to seek a better life elsewhere has increased from hundreds to thousands over the last five years.

These are the boat people rescued in Langkawi
These are the boat people rescued in Langkawi two weeks ago


Current situation – UNCHR report

Some 30,000 registered refugees are in two government-run camps Kutupalong and Nayapara near Cox’s Bazar.

An estimated 200,000 unregistered Rohingya are living outside the camps.

The UN estimates that 120,000 Rohingya have fled the country during the past three years.

hannahyeoh-fat-gemuk have mercy


Rohingya claim they deserve to be Burmese citizens but over the last 75 years or so, they’ve been fleeing to Bangladesh in waves by the hundreds of thousands.

(The Moro people, on the other hand, have succeeded in getting their own autonomous region in Mindanao.)

What does the Council of Churches and its compassionate Malaysian flock suggest as a solution for the Rohingya?


What has the Church been doing?


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  1. Burma = inner African standard,

    Where genosid done by their own gomen, monk and police.

    ASEAN/ UN should terminate BURMA from the world map. Hard to believe why still become ASEAN.

    Citizenship and humanity is two different thing – Like Anifah aman quoted.

  2. Hellen,

    Sweets talk are better then action ,that what they are being doing things.
    Love thee neighbor’s .

      1. I m not sounding racist but looking at that Joshua boy, in the west white people will not hesitate to call him a chink but of course he’s useful at the moment because they can use him to upset China.

        We of course have our own chinks here and the most disturbing thing is they all look lie primates l o l !

        I m sorry if I’ve offended anyone by using the words chink and primates. l o l !

  3. Here is an article on Joshua Wong. Do you see the parallels with the evangelistas in Malaysia?

    “Some top tier China-watchers –the likes of Gady ‘Shady’ Epstein, Chris ‘Buckfast’ Buckley, and Michael ‘the Knife’ Forsythe, etc.– probably decided that “This Joshua is epic material; we hold him up there against Evil China and the Communist Party.” (They mostly coordinate their output.) Which reminds me of a recent popcorn movie, ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’, in which director Ridley Scott and his writers decided to have Our Lord speak through a boy angel, Malak, who orders Moses to lead God’s favorite people (the Jews) out of Egypt. The name and moniker ‘Joshua’ which Wong Chi-fung goes by in Western media, need I say this, is borrowed from The Book of Joshua of the Hebrew Bible where ‘Joshua’, a former spy for Israel, eventually became the leader of the tribes.

    So there you have it. The “news” of the coming of a new leader, or angel, or God’s messenger (known to Christians as the ‘Trinity’), quickly trickled down to second and third tier media organizations. No investigation, no fact-checking. Just mindless repetition. I know because I see the same stories, translated and paraphrased by the so-called ‘China Experts’, over and over again all over the world. And if some commentators complain about the propaganda, naturally they just add to its publicity. It’s free advertisement.”

    1. “Do you see the parallels …”

      like those nyonya who wanna be more communist than the communist apologist in hk? finally msia turn into a satellite state of the communist after all this years, so when r u nyonya going to start hailing yr chairman xi ah?

        1. laugh my ass la, anti communist n anti china pun tak tahu beza, ini bodoh sekolah mana? kualiti macam ni patut baca diam diam, jangan hina bangsa dan negara.

  4. Ms H. Talk talk talk ! Tic toc tic toc tic toc ! Why does not that woman from Hainan speak up for the Rohingyas. Then, we all know what sort of Book she has been reading. Talk talk talk ! Tic toc tic toc tic toc ! OMG !

  5. US and China are blowing hot air at each other. Not so tense as yet tapi silap langkah datang pula pendatang2, this time naik tongkang all over again.

    Rohingyas history is nothing new very familiar to many of the penjelmas in Malaysia. All have their own sad origins.

    History, tenyeh macam mana pun tak boleh di UBAH. So ayuh kita semua beli cermin sorang satu agar dapat permudahkan kita semua supaya rajin cerminkan diri dan belajar bersyukur.

    1. Ada orang cemin letak depan rumah mau kasi hantu tengok muka saja. Tapi sendiri sudah jadi hantu, tak tau sebab dah lama tak cermin diri.

  6. if given the chance and authority, the church will give shelter and food, and it has always been doing…….no doubt about it…..But then, the church might be blamed for proselyting to muslims…..and chances of umno hijacking this issue to dampen 1mdb fiasco is there …..end of the day, malaysian politicians are bunch of munafiqs, hoo-hah2 about palestinians, but it comes to fellow muslims on boats heading to our shore, we want to chase them away…..correct actions are only taken upon external pressure….bunch of munafiqs…..

    1. What about DAP’s Penang? Talk cock and blame the BN govt, but when asked to help the Rohingya, they refused.

      1. tbs tak payah tanya mamat kat atas tu, dia tu Penang Institute hantar sebab tu dok nyanyi FITNAH DAJJAL tak habis2… takkan dia nak komen ‘tangan yang memberi dia makan’ pulak?

      2. the call comes from kerajaan persekutuan, home ministry and all relevant and authorized parties – which of course is headed by the said munafiqs…..Penang must be stupid to take in the immigrants, if Home Ministry has not given the green light…..

    1. Buddhist Thailand has a Muslim minority along its southern border with Malaysia. The Thai Malays are fighting for their provinces’ autonomy from Bangkok.

      Christian Philippines has a Muslim minority along its southern sea border with Malaysia (Sabah). The bangsa Moro have succeeded in obtaining Mindanao’s autonomy from Manila.

      The Rohingya are a minority in Buddhist Myanmar. Do they want to continue living in Rakhine or not? It appears that they desire to emigrate. The bulk of the Rohingya boat people are working-age men. In the past, they’ve mass emigrated back to Bangladesh.

      Nobody’s heard the Vietnamese boat people who are of Chinese descent desiring to return to Vietnam. The ones who rioted in the Hong Kong camps did not desire to be citizens of China. They had wanted to go to the USA.

    2. Indeed, it is the Myanmar government’s oppression and discriminative policies towards the Rohingya’s that is the cause of the boat crisis. At the same time, militant factions among the Rohingya have also contributed to the conflict. If the Rakhine crisis can be abated, then the refugee flow may be stopped.

      “Do they want to continue living in Rakhine or not? It appears that they desire to emigrate.”

      This sounds quite condescending, especially since the Rohingyas are undergoing strong discrimination and persecution from the Myanmar government.

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