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This is the kind of people they are

‘They’ have struck again, this time at Rocky’s.

A few days ago I had posted – “11 minutes was all it took for the evangelista stalking me 24/7 to leave his Wormtongue comment at Annie’s blog … . And his is the very first comment too.”

In the latest, the turnaround time was two hours (creepy comment logged in @ 11.06am) following Rocky’s Friday new article at 9.02am – which is still a pretty fast move by the evangelista stalker.

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Fear the crescent, fear the cross

At the intergovernmental meeting in Bangkok yesterday on the boat people crisis, Htin Lynn, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Myanmar director-general told off the UNHCR for politicizing his country’s internal issues.

Htin Lynn was responding to a call for Myanmar to grant citizenship to its Muslim minority – the 1.3 million Rohingya of whom many are stateless – made by the UN’s Asst. High Commissioner for Refugees (Protection). Continue reading “Fear the crescent, fear the cross”